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Manual relay RE611....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Relion® Protection and Control 611 series Technical Manual Document ID: 1MRS757454 Issued: 2011-11-18 Revision: A Product version: 1.0 © Copyright 2011 ABB All rights reserved Copyright This document and parts thereof must not be reproduced or copied without written permission from ABB, and the contents thereof must not be imparted to a third party, nor used for any unauthorized purpose The software or hardware described in this document is furnished under a license and may be used, copied, or disclosed only in accordance with the terms of such license Trademarks ABB and Relion are registered trademarks of the ABB Group All other brand or product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders Warranty Please inquire about the terms of warranty from your nearest ABB representative Disclaimer The data, examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for the concept or product description and are not to be deemed as a statement of guaranteed properties All persons responsible for applying the equipment addressed in this manual must satisfy themselves that each intended application is suitable and acceptable, including that any applicable safety or other operational requirements are complied with In particular, any risks in applications where a system failure and/ or product failure would create a risk for harm to property or persons (including but not limited to personal injuries or death) shall be the sole responsibility of the person or entity applying the equipment, and those so responsible are hereby requested to ensure that all measures are taken to exclude or mitigate such risks This document has been carefully checked by ABB but deviations cannot be completely ruled out In case any errors are detected, the reader is kindly requested to notify the manufacturer Other than under explicit contractual commitments, in no event shall ABB be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this manual or the application of the equipment Conformity This product complies with the directive of the Council of the European Communities on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Directive 2004/108/EC) and concerning electrical equipment for use within specified voltage limits (Low-voltage directive 2006/95/EC) This conformity is the result of tests conducted by ABB in accordance with the product standards EN 50263 and EN 60255-26 for the EMC directive, and with the product standards EN 60255-1 and EN 60255-27 for the low voltage directive The product is designed in accordance with the international standards of the IEC 60255 series Table of contents Table of contents Section Introduction 11 This manual 11 Intended audience 11 Product documentation 12 Product documentation set 12 Document revision history 13 Related documentation 14 Symbols and conventions .14 Symbols .14 Document conventions 14 Functions, codes and symbols 15 Section 611 series overview 19 Overview 19 Product series version history 19 PCM600 and IED connectivity package version 19 Local HMI .20 Display .20 LEDs 21 Keypad 21 Web HMI 22 Authorization 23 Communication .24 Section Basic functions .27 General parameters 27 Self-supervision 35 Internal faults .36 Warnings 38 LED indication control .39 Time synchronization 39 Parameter setting groups .40 Function block 40 Functionality 41 Fault records 42 Non-volatile memory .45 Binary input .45 Binary input filter time 45 Binary input inversion 46 Oscillation suppression 47 611 series Technical Manual Table of contents GOOSE function blocks 47 GOOSERCV_BIN function block .48 Function block 48 Functionality 48 Signals 48 Logic blocks 48 Minimum pulse timer 48 Minimum pulse timer TPGAPC 48 Minimum second pulse timer TPSGAPC .49 Local/remote control function block CONTROL 51 Function block 51 Functionality 51 Signals 52 Settings 52 Monitored data .53 Factory settings restoration 53 Section Protection functions 55 Three-phase current protection 55 Three-phase non-directional overcurrent protection PHxPTOC 55 Identification 55 Function block 55 Functionality 55 Operation principle .56 Measurement modes 58 Timer characteristics 59 Application 60 Signals 67 Settings 68 Monitored data .71 Technical data 71 Three-phase thermal protection for feeders, cables and distribution transformers T1PTTR .72 Identification 72 Function block 72 Functionality 73 Operation principle .73 Application 76 Signals 76 Settings 77 Monitored data .77 Technical data 78 Motor load jam protection JAMPTOC 78 611 series Technical Manual Table of contents Identification 78 Function block 78 Functionality 78 Operation principle .79 Application 80 Signals 80 Settings 81 Monitored data .81 Technical data 81 Loss of load supervision LOFLPTUC 81 Identification 81 Function block 82 Functionality 82 Operation principle .82 Application 83 Signals 84 Settings 84 Monitored data .84 Technical data 85 Thermal overload protection for motors MPTTR .85 Identification 85 Function block 85 Functionality 85 Operation principle .86 Application 94 Signals 98 Settings 98 Monitored data .99 Technical data 100 Earth-fault protection 100 Non-directional earth-fault protection EFxPTOC .100 Identification .100 Function block 100 Functionality .100 Operation principle .101 Measurement modes 103 Timer characteristics 103 Application 105 Signals 105 Settings 106 Monitored data 108 Technical data 109 Directional earth-fault protection DEFxPDEF 110 611 series Technical Manual Table of contents Identification .110 Function block 110 Functionality .110 Operation principle .111 Directional earth-fault principles 115 Measurement modes 121 Timer characteristics 122 Directional earth-fault characteristics 123 Application 131 Signals 133 Settings 134 Monitored data 137 Technical data 138 Transient/intermittent earth-fault protection INTRPTEF 139 Identification .139 Function block 139 Functionality .139 Operation principle .140 Application 142 Signals 143 Settings 144 Monitored data 144 Technical data 144 Differential protection 145 High-impedance differential protection HIPDIF .145 Identification .145 Function block 145 Functionality .145 Operation principle .145 Application 147 Example calculations for busbar high-impedance differential protection 153 Signals 156 Settings 156 Monitored data 157 Technical data 157 Unbalance protection 158 Negative-sequence overcurrent protection NSPTOC 158 Identification .158 Function block 158 Functionality .158 Operation principle .158 Application 160 611 series Technical Manual 360 Section 13 IED and functionality tests 1MRS757454 A Section 13 IED and functionality tests Table 282: Electromagnetic compatibility tests Description Type test value MHz/100 kHz burst disturbance test: • Common mode • Differential mode IEC 61000-4-18 IEC 60255-22-1, class III IEEE C37.90.1-2002 2.5 kV 2.5 kV 3/10/30 MHz burst disturbance test: • Common mode IEC 61000-4-18 kV Electrostatic discharge test: • Contact discharge • Air discharge Reference IEC 61000-4-2 IEC 60255-22-2 IEEE C37.90.3-2001 kV 15 kV Radio frequency interference tests: 10 V (rms) f=150 kHz 80 MHz IEC 61000-4-6 IEC 60255-22-6, class III 10 V/m (rms) f=80 2700 MHz IEC 61000-4-3 IEC 60255-22-3, class III 10 V/m f=900 MHz ENV 50204 IEC 60255-22-3, class III 20 V/m (rms) f=80 1000 MHz IEEE C37.90.2-2004 Fast transient disturbance tests: • All ports IEC 61000-4-4 IEC 60255-22-4 IEEE C37.90.1-2002 kV Surge immunity test: IEC 61000-4-5 IEC 60255-22-5 • Communication kV, line-to-earth • Other ports kV, line-to-earth kV, line-to-line Power frequency (50 Hz) magnetic field: • • Continuous s IEC 61000-4-8 300 A/m 1000 A/m Table continues on next page 611 series Technical Manual 361 Section 13 IED and functionality tests 1MRS757454 A Description Type test value Pulse magnetic field immunity test 1000 A/m Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity test 100 A/m IEC 61000-4-9 IEC 61000-4-10 Voltage dips and short interruptions 30%/10 ms 60%/100 ms 60%/1000 ms > 95%/5000 ms IEC 61000-4-11 Power frequency immunity test: Binary inputs only • Common mode 300 V rms IEC 61000-4-16 IEC 60255-22-7, class A • Differential mode 150 V rms Emission tests: • EN 55011, class A IEC 60255-25 Conducted 0.15 0.50 MHz < 79 dB (µV) quasi peak < 66 dB (µV) average 0.5 30 MHz < 73 dB (àV) quasi peak < 60 dB (àV) average Radiated 30 230 MHz < 40 dB (µV/m) quasi peak, measured at 10 m distance 230 1000 MHz < 47 dB (µV/m) quasi peak, measured at 10 m distance Table 283: Insulation tests Description Type test value Dielectric tests • Test voltage • Test voltage kV, 50 Hz, 500 V, 50 Hz, min, communication IEC 60255-5 and IEC 60255-27 kV, 1.2/50 μs, 0.5 J kV, 1.2/50 μs, 0.5 J, communication Insulation resistance measurements • Isolation resistance IEC 60255-5 and IEC 60255-27 > 100 MΩ, 500 V DC Protective bonding resistance • Resistance Reference IEC 60255-5 and IEC 60255-27 Impulse voltage test 362 Reference IEC 60255-27 < 0.1 Ω, A, 60 s 611 series Technical Manual Section 13 IED and functionality tests 1MRS757454 A Table 284: Mechanical tests Description Reference Vibration tests (sinusoidal) IEC 60068-2-6 (test Fc) IEC 60255-21-1 Class Shock and bump test IEC 60068-2-27 (test Ea shock) IEC 60068-2-29 (test Eb bump) IEC 60255-21-2 Class Seismic test IEC 60255-21-3 Class Table 285: Product safety Description Reference LV directive 2006/95/EC Standard EN 60255-27 (2005) EN 60255-1 (2009) Table 286: Description 611 series Technical Manual Requirement EMC compliance Reference EMC directive 2004/108/EC Standard EN 50263 (2000) EN 60255-26 (2007) 363 364 Section 14 Applicable standards and regulations 1MRS757454 A Section 14 Applicable standards and regulations EN 50263 EN 60255-26 EN 60255-27 EMC council directive 2004/108/EC EU directive 2002/96/EC/175 IEC 60255 Low-voltage directive 2006/95/EC 611 series Technical Manual 365 366 Section 15 Glossary 1MRS757454 A Section 15 611 series Technical Manual Glossary 611 series Series of numerical IEDs for low-end protection and supervision applications of utility substations, and industrial switchgear and equipment CAT A twisted pair cable type designed for high signal integrity CAT 5e An enhanced version of CAT that adds specifications for far end crosstalk CBB Cycle building block CPU Central processing unit CT Current transformer DFT Discrete Fourier transform DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DT Definite time EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory EIA-485 Serial communication standard according to Electronics Industries Association EMC Electromagnetic compatibility Ethernet A standard for connecting a family of frame-based computer networking technologies into a LAN FLC Full load current FPGA Field-programmable gate array GOOSE Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event HMI Human-machine interface IDMT Inverse definite minimum time IEC International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 61850 International standard for substation communication and modeling IED Intelligent electronic device IP Internet protocol IP address A set of four numbers between and 255, separated by periods Each server connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP address that specifies the location for the TCP/ IP protocol IRIG-B Inter-Range Instrumentation Group's time code format B 367 Section 15 Glossary 368 1MRS757454 A LAN Local area network LC Connector type for glass fibre cable LCD Liquid crystal display LED Light-emitting diode LHMI Local human-machine interface Modbus A serial communication protocol developed by the Modicon company in 1979 Originally used for communication in PLCs and RTU devices MV Medium voltage PC Personal computer; Polycarbonate PCM600 Protection and Control IED Manager Peak-to-peak The amplitude of a waveform between its maximum positive value and its maximum negative value; A measurement principle where the measurement quantity is made by calculating the average from the positive and negative peak values without including the DC component The peak-to-peak mode allows considerable CT saturation without impairing the performance of the operation Peak-to-peak with peak backup A measurement principle similar to the peak-to-peak mode but with the function starting on two conditions: the peak-to-peak value is above the set start current or the peak value is above two times the set start value RAM Random access memory RCA Also known as MTA or base angle Characteristic angle RJ-45 Galvanic connector type RMS Root-mean-square (value) ROM Read-only memory RTC Real-time clock SBO Select-before-operate SCL XML-based substation description configuration language defined by IEC 61850 SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol SOTF Switch on to fault SW Software TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCS Trip-circuit supervision WAN Wide area network 611 series Technical Manual Section 15 Glossary 1MRS757454 A WHMI 611 series Technical Manual Web human-machine interface 369 370 371 ABB Oy Distribution Automation P.O Box 699 FI-65101 VAASA, Finland Phone +358 10 22 11 Fax +358 10 22 41094 1MRS757454 A © Copyright 2011 ABB All rights reserved Contact us ... Disturb.rec.trigged Disturb.rec.trigged Trip circuit failure Disturb.rec.trigged Supervision alarm Breaker failure Trip circuit failure Breaker failure Breaker failure REF611 REM611 REB611 GUID-A19C6CFB-EEFD-4FB2-9671-E4C4137550A1... Io In Residual voltage measurement RESVMMXU1 Uo Vn Supervision Measurement 1) In REB611, CMMXU is used for measuring differential phase currents 611 series Technical Manual 17 18 Section 611 series... progress Thermal overload Disturb.rec.trigged AR sequence in progress Trip circuit failure Disturb.rec.trigged Breaker failure Trip circuit failure REF611 REF611 High-impedance operate High-impedance
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