BPTC cho nhà điều khiển hệ thông Than bằng Anh ngữ MS of concrete work for coal hanging control building

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BPTC cho nhà điều khiển hệ thông Than MS of concrete work for coal hanging control building. Tài liệu tham khảo biện pháp thi công nhà công nghiệp, nhà điều hành của hệ thống Than nhà máy nhiệt điện ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh đầy đủ nhất DOCUMENT SUBMISSION STATUS: FOR CONSTRUCTION 05.11.2018 FOR CONSTRUCTION P.Q.PHUC T.Q.KHUONG D.N.BICH 19.03.2018 FOR CONSTRUCTION P.Q.PHUC T.Q.KHUONG D.N.BICH A 23.11.2017 FOR APPROVAL P.Q.PHUC T.Q.KHUONG REV DATE DESCRIPTION PREPARED CHECKED N.D.VIET APPROVED PROJECT TITLE SONG HAU THERMAL POWER PLANT (2x600MW) OWNER OWNER’S CONSULTANT VIETNAM OIL AND GAS GROUP EPC CONTRACTOR (PVN) FICHTNER GmbH & PV ENGINEERING EPC CONTRACTOR’SCONSULTANT VIETNAM MACHINERY INSTALLATION CORPORATION (LILAMA) TOKYO ELECTRIC POWERSERVICES COMPANY LIMITED - TEPSCO CONTRACTOR DATE NAME Prepared 05.11.2018 P.Q.PHUC Checked 05.11.2018 T.Q.KHUONG Approved 05.11.2018 D.N.BICH SIGN DOCUMENT TITLE Method Statement for Concrete work of COAL HANDLIN2G CONTROL BUILDING DOCUMENT NO SH1-HNC-P0100-C-C14-PRO-0042B Rev CONTENTS PURPOSE SCOPE OF WORKS REFERENCE DOCUMENT 3.1 PROJECT DOCUMENT .5 3.2 DESIGN DRAWING .5 3.3 STANDARD AND CODE DEFINITION PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT MOBILIZATION PLAN 5.1 PERSONNEL 5.1.1 Organization Chart .9 5.1.2 Manpower 5.2 EQUIPMENT 10 CONSTRUCTION METHOD 10 6.1 CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE 11 6.2 PREPARATION 12 6.3 SURVEY AND SETTING OUT 12 6.3.1 Benchmark 12 6.3.2 Survey setting out 12 6.3.3 Survey control .12 6.4 FABRICATION AND INSTALLATION OF REBAR 13 6.4.1 Material: 13 6.4.2 Cutting and blending: 13 6.4.3 Installation: 13 6.4.4 Inspection: 14 6.5 FORMWORK 14 6.5.1 Materials: 14 6.5.2 Calculation of formwork 14 6.5.3 Typical formwork: 14 6.5.4 Fabrication: 15 6.5.5 Installation: 15 6.5.6 Requirement of formwork 15 6.5.7 Inspection: 15 6.6 POURING CONCRETE 15 Page | 6.6.1 Preparing before pouring concrete: 15 6.6.2 Testing concrete: 16 6.6.3 Pouring concrete: 16 6.7 PROTECTION AND CURING OF CONCRETE 16 6.7.1 Curing: 16 6.7.2 Protection: 17 6.8 REMOVAL FORMWORK 17 6.8.1 Formwork Removal Time 17 6.8.2 Sequence of removal formwork: 17 6.8.3 Removal formwork notes: 18 6.9 FINISHED SURFACE 18 6.10 CONSTRUCTION JOINT AND EMBEDDED 18 6.10.1 Construction Joint 18 6.10.2 Chamfer .19 6.10.3 Embedded 19 CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE 20 QA/QC 20 HSSE 21 9.1 LEGAL PROCEDURES OF SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM FOR SAFETY AND HEALTH ARE BEING APPLIED 21 9.2 SAFETY CONTROL ORGANIZATION 22 9.2.1 Safety Control Organization 22 9.2.2 Responsibilities 22 9.3 HSSE MANAGEMENT PLAN 24 9.4 THE PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO ENSURE SAFETY DURING CONSTRUCTION 25 9.4.1 Before entering the work area: 25 9.4.2 The safety requirements at work: 25 9.5 PERMIT TO WORK 25 10 APPENDIXES 25 10.1 APPENDIX (Calculation of Formwork) 25 10.2 APPENDIX (Equipment and Manpower Manpower Mobilization Plan) .25 10.3 APPENDIX (Risk Assessment) 25 10.4 APPENDIX (Job Safety and Environment Analysis) 25 Page | 10.5 APPENDIX (Shop Drawing) 25 APPENDIX 26 (Calculation of Formwork) 26 APPENDIX 42 (Equipment and Manpower Manpower Mobilization Plan) 42 APPENDIX 45 (Risk Assessment) 45 APPENDIX 52 (Job Safety and Environment Analysis) .52 APPENDIX 57 (Shop Drawing) 57 Page | PURPOSE The purpose of this Method Statement is to provide a general explanation of the work procedure to be carried out concrete work for Coal Handling Control Building of project SONG HAU THERMAL POWER PLANT - TWO (2) X 600MW SCOPE OF WORKS This method statement also describes the general work methods and materials (including machinery &equipment, manpower), quality control, HSSE necessary for the construction Coal Handling Control Building and to ensure that the entire execution stage of work is met with the Project’s specification and nation code REFERENCE DOCUMENT 3.1 PROJECT DOCUMENT - RFP documents: Appendix 2- section 6: Technical specification for cast in place - concrete Concrete work execution procedure No SH1-LLMP0001-QA-G01-PRO-0003 Inspection and Testing Plan for Concrete work: No SH1-LLMP0001-C-G01ITP-0007 3.2 DESIGN DRAWING No DRAWING NO./TÊNBẢNVẼ Coal handling control building – Pilecap PC-1, PC-2, Tie Beam Details Coal handling control building – Framing Plan, Level EL+3.00, Column Plan Coal handling control building – Structural Plan-Level EL+6.000, Structural Plan-Level EL+11.600 Coal handling control building – Structural Plan-Level EL+8.700, Structural Plan-Level EL+15.600, Structural Roof Plan Coal handling control building – Line Framing Elevation Coal handling control building – Column Detail Coal handling control building – Beam Detail Coal handling control building – Rebar Slab Plan EL+3.000, +8.700 Coal handling control building – DRAWING NO./SỐBẢNVẼ REV STATUS SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DFN-1702 FC SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1701 FC SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1702 2DCN1 FC SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1703 FC 2DCN1 FC FC 2DCN1 FC FC FC SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1704 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1705 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1706 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1707 SH1-VNCC-P0100- Page | 11 Rebar Slab Plan EL+6.000 Coal handling control building – Rebar Slab Plan EL+11.000 Coal handling control building – Rebar Slab Plan EL+15.600, +18.600 Coal Handling Control Building – Slab Section Coal Handling Control Building – 1st Staircase Detail Coal Handling Control Building – 2nd Staircase Detail C-S02.2-DCN-1708 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1709 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1710 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1711 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1712 SH1-VNCC-P0100C-S02.2-DCN-1713 FC FC FC FC FC 3.3 STANDARD AND CODE II INTERNATIONAL CODES AND STANDARDS ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete ACI 304 Measuring, Concrete ACI 117 Specification for Tolerances Construction and Materials ACI 315 Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement ACI 347 Guide to Formwork for Concrete ACI 308 Guide to Curing Concrete ACI 311 Recommended Practice for Concrete Inspection ASTM C150 Standard Specifications for Portland cement ASTM C109 Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars 10 ASTM C191 Standard Test Method for Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle 11 ASTM C115 Standard Test Method for Fineness of Portland Cement 12 ASTM C185 Standard Test Method for A Content of Hydraulic Cement Mortar 13 ASTM C151 Standard Test Method for Autoclave Expansion of Hydraulic Cement Mixing, Transporting and Placing for Concrete Page | 14 ASTM C114 Standard Test Method for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement 15 ASTM C142 Standard Test Method for Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregate 16 ASTM C33 Specifications for Concrete Aggregates 17 ASTM C40 Standard Test Method for Test of Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregates for Concrete 18 ASTM C128 Standard Test Method for Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine Aggregate 19 ASTM C136 Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Fine Coarse Aggregates 20 ASTM CS8 Standard Test Method for Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate 21 ASTM C1260 Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method) 22 ASTM C295 Standard Guide for Petrographic Examination of Aggregate for Concrete 23 ASTM C289 Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Aggregates (Chemical Method) 24 ASTM C1651 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Roll Wave Optical Distortion in Heat-Treated Flat Glass 25 ASTM C370 Standard Test Method for Moisture Expansion of Fired Whiteware Products 26 ASTM C494 Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete 27 ASTM C31 Method of Making and Curing Concrete Compression and Flexural Test Specimens in the Field 28 ASTM C1064 Standard Test Method For Temperature of Freshly Mixed Hydraulic-cement Concrete 29 ASTM C143 Standard Test Method for Slump of Hydrauliccement Concrete 30 ASTM C39 Method of Test for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Page | Specimens III VIETNAM CODES AND STANDARDS TCVN 5574: 2012 Concrete and reinforced concrete - Design standard TCVN 4506: 2012 Water for concrete specification TCVN 8826: 2011 Chemical admixtures for Concrete TCVN 9340:2012 Ready mixed acceptance TCVN 4453 – 1995 TCVN 5724-1993 TCVN 9262: 2012 Tolerances for building - Methods of measurement of buildings and building products TCXDVN 305: 2004 Mass concrete - Code of practice for construction and acceptance TCVN 9343: 2012 Concrete and reinforce concrete structures – Guide to maintenance 10 TCVN 8828: 2011 Concrete – Requirement natural moist curing 11 TCVN 1651: 2008 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete 12 TCVN 4399: 2008 Steel and steel products – General technical delivery requirements 13 TCVN 2337 – 1995 Loads and effects-Design standard and concrete mortar – - Technical Specification and Monolithic concrete and reinforce concrete structures – Code for construction, check, and acceptance Concrete structure and Concrete reinforcement structure – Minimum conditions for construction and acceptance DEFINITION - MS: Method Statement HSSE: Health, Safety, Security, and Environment QA/QC: Quality assurance / Quality control JSEA: Job Safety and Environment Analysis MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet SH1PP: Song Hau Thermal Power Plant LLM: Viet Nam Machinery Installation Corporation PTW: Permit to Work Page | - START: Safety Task Analysis Risk Talk PM: Project Manager SV: Supervisor/foreman SWMS: Safety Work Method Statement PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT MOBILIZATION PLAN 5.1 PERSONNEL 5.1.1 Organization Chart Lilama organization chart VU NHU HUNG CONSTRUCTION DEPT DEPUTY MANAGER LE XUAN BACH CIVIL TEAM LEADER NGUYEN DUC MANH SITE ENGINEER HNC organization chart Rev DAO NGOC BICH SITE MANAGER NGUYEN VAN MANH TONG QUANG KHUONG QS MANAGER QA/QC MANAGER CONSTRUCTION MANAGER HSSE ENGINEER QS ENGINEER QC ENGINEER SITE ENGINEER FORM WORK TEAM REBAR WORK TEAM CONCRETING WORK TEAM SERVICE WORKER TEAM HO QUANG HAI HSSE MANAGER LE TRAN HIEU Page | Site Engineer Tống Quang Khương Team Leader Trịnh Hoàng Phúc Site Engineer Nguyễn Xuân Tuyển Site Engineer 5.1.2 Manpower Manpower mobilization plan as the table: Table – 1: Manpower mobilization Manpower mobilization No 10 TOTAL Category D.P Manager/ Site manager Engineer Survey engineer Welder Rebar worker Worker formwork Scaffolding worker Concrete worker Common worker Skilled masonry Nos Required 10 10 5 47 Remark Page | 10 - Concrete will be placed and drop freely less than 1.5 m In FDNs which the drop - height is more than 1.5 m, we will open some rebar to make available holes for pumping pipes to make drop height less than 1.5 m Rebar will be re-installed before the next layer is placing Placing concrete will be carried out from the inside to outside or from far to near - with the purpose of rainfall or excess water will flow out to avoid stagnant water creates voids in the structure Concrete must be compacted by Concrete (needle) vibrator Discontinuity time for next layer will arrange within 1.5 hours The thickness of - each placing layer is not exceeding 30cm Check temperature of concrete (concrete temperature
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