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IMPORTANCE OF PLANTS Nguyen Khanh Ly & Nguyen Thi Kieu May Importance of plants Importance of plants to humans Importance of plants to nature Importance of plants to humans Food: - The food is in the form of vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, leaves, seeds, mushrooms, etc - They provide the complete food comprising of starch, fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals 2 Clothing: Plants provide for people fabric material These materials are eco-friendly, compatible and less expensive The plant materials like cotton, jute, etc contribute for manufacturing of yarn and other clothing 3 Furniture & living space:  - Plants are the important source of furniture The plant wood is used to build houses and also to make other furniture items - Plants help people to relieve stress We can see many people growing small plants in their house to get fresh air and also give naturalness 4 Flowers:  - They are used for beauty, to convey feelings and also for their fragrance - Some use them to convey their love to their beloved ones - They are also used to produce fragrance, and even their scent is extracted for daily use 5 Medicines:  - Plants are an excellent source of medicine even for life-threatening diseases - Plant medicine is safer due to their lower chances of side effects and also better compatibility with humans Ginseng Saffron Liquorice A source of vitamins:  Plants are the largest source of essential vitamins to the body The body cannot manufacture vitamins on its own for metabolism 7 Natural fertilizes and pesticides: Plants are also the source of fertilizes and pesticides Using artificial pesticides are harmful to the environment They may even enter food causing health issue to human and animals Using these naturally derived pesticides are safe They degrade with time and even not harm the soil 8 Biofuels: Some plants are also grown for the sake of biofuels The plant’s fuel is less toxic since it does not emit harmful gasses and also less expensive 9 Economic contribution: Plants are great contributors to an economy Many countries rely on agriculture as one of the main sources of revenue Plants are responsible for the production of food, cosmetics, drugs, cloth, honey, gum, tannins, essential oils (perfumes), alkaloids, resins, etc which are all money yielding So plants provide a great contribution to economic growth Even now many countries economies are primarily dependent on plant products Thanks!
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