Oral questions for XNK YEAR 2

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ORAL QUESTIONS FOR 2nd – YEAR STUDENTS Unit What are the advantages of exporting? What difficulties does Vietnam face in exporting its products? What is free trade? Say in brief how good it is for both producers and consumers What comparative advantages does Vietnam have? How can Vietnam exploit its comparative advantages? Vietnam has become the second largest rice exporter in the world What should Vietnam to maintain this position? Unit Can you explain the statement: “ Be global think local” What are the advantages and disadvantages of brand name products for customers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of brand name products for producers? In your opinion, what is the best way to have an effective marketing plan? What should be done to make public transport more appealing to people in HCMC? Unit What methods supermarkets use to make customers spend more money? Tell some shopping methods and the advantages of each one Name different kinds of shops/retailers that you know Suppose your store is smaller than others in your area How can you compete with them successfully? What are the advantages & disadvantages of shopping online? Unit How consumers benefit from competition? Why should companies make their products obsolete? What happens to any successful product or service? What you often when you are not satisfied with the quality of a product or service? What will you to turn your company around if your company fails?
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