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Final test Unit 7: Career Prospects Situation A – you B – old friend At a party … A: Is this B? (biểu cảm khuôn mặt) B: Yes, I know you? A: I’m A We studied together at high school Do you remember? B: Ahhhh … Long time no see you, you’re changed a lot since I last saw you I can’t recognize you immediately How are you? A: I’m fine, thanks I heard that you were an Accountant at ABC Company Is everything OK? B: Yes, but this job is boring Every day, I usually face to face with the numbers, it makes me tired, so I decided to change my job I have worked at Purchasing Department for six months and this is my business card I feel satisfied with this job My office located on 232 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District A: It sounds good! What is your responsibility for this job? B: I am responsible for checking quality information goods before importing to the company and getting a good price for them I also have to arrange the shipping and make sure that all our records are up to date A: My job is about export – import so it requires me to travel a lot What about you? B: I sometimes that However, I almost stay at my workplace A: I see … Oh, can I have your business card? B: No problem! Here it is A: Thanks It’s my business card Ah, the music performance starts, let’s enjoy it!!! Situation A – you B – Japanese businessperson At a conference in Tokyo … A: Good morning, my name is A and I’m the Finance Director of ABC Company from Vietnam B: It’s nice to meet you My name is B and I’m the Managing Director of Toyota Co.operation (exchange business card) A: I think that there are some differences about the exchange of business card between Vietnam and Japan Can you give me some advice how to exchange business card in your country? B: Firstly, You should make sure that all the details on your card are correctly translated A: Of course! And I think never, ever give someone an old, or out-of-date card B: That’s right! If you use an old card, it’s difficult somebody to contact with you A: So when you present or receive it, what should we do? B: Ah, you should use both hands, don’t forget to bow and to study each one carefully A: I see some people when they receive business card from the others, they treat it without respect What you think about it? B: It’s a big mistake because the card is an extension of the person so don’t write on it or play with it A: In my opinion, it’s a good idea to have a special folder where you can keep them all safe, right? B: Yes (smile), and the Japanese exchange cards much more often than we so you’d better have an extra set printed before the trip just in case you need them A: That’s fine! I realize it is similar in Vietnam Besides, I also learn some new things Thanks for your useful information B: It’s my great pleasure! Situation and A – you B – your partner A: make a call and wait B’s answer B: Good morning This is ABC Company Can I help you? A: Good morning My name is A from XYZ Company I’m calling about our appointment to discuss the sales conference B: OK Would next Monday afternoon suit you? A: Wait a minute, I’ll just check my diary … Oh no, I’m afraid that I can’t make it on Monday afternoon because I have a business trip in Japan from Sunday to Tuesday so can you make it on Thursday? B: That’s OK! Thursday, the twelveth of December, in your office? A: Yes, please B, shall we say after lunch? B: Two o’clock? A: OK Listen, if there’s a problem … like I’m delayed in Japan, I will get back to you on Monday afternoon, all right? B: Yes, sure A, if not, I’ll see you in your office on Thursday at A: Right, see you then B: Goodbye Unit 9: The Customer Situation A – you: one of two branch managers B – the other A: As you know, in recent months, there has been a drop in business and bookings Today, we will discuss together to make appropriate suggestions to react this problem B: Let’s make an idea list First of all, could you explain why this problem happened? A: I think one of the main reasons is our menu is boring We don’t have new dishes Customers want something else Couldn’t we change the menu? B: But our core customers like the old favourite Instead of changing the menu, why don’t we make them more interesting? Besides Vietnamese foods, we should add some Europe, Asian or Chinese foods, it makes our menu more various How you think? A: Good idea! Shall we hire a well-know chef to to that? B: That’s great suggestion The famous chef will make our dishes become international standard Our restaurant will become famous so we can compete with other restaurants A: You’re right! Why don’t we attract customers by giving them some free drinks on special days like on their birthday of holiday … B: I agree Furthermore, we should give loyalty cards for regular customers I think they will be satisfied with our preference A: OK We will conclude: We would make our dishes more interesting, hire a well-know chef, give loyalty card and have free drinks on special days B: That’s right! We will work out the suggestion discussed next month See you next meeting Situation A – you B – your colleague A: As you know, recently, our company is having some problems, some research of customers satisfaction shows that they often have to wait a long time onphone to order goods and all the stores are along way out of town B: For the first problem, I think the reason is that we don’t have enough staffs A: That’s right! What if we recruit one more staff working in the Sales Department, especially, staff who has experience in receiving customers’ call quickly B: Great! Why don’t we make online ordering and receive the customers’ order via email? A: That’s a good idea Doing online business is a development trend nowadays because of its popularization and convenience We can easily keep in touch with customers B: Now, let’s move to the second problem, all the stores are along way out of town A: Shall we make door to door service free a charge in 20 km around? B: OK, but we need to hire a few drivers if not our current drivers will work more hard What about opening some new stores in town to serve customers better? There are many people want to go to the store, choose and buy the goods they like A: It sounds good Besides, how about keeping old customers and attracting new customers by goods care services, for example: adding attached presents, giving a quantity discount, and so on Have you got any idea? B: No, I have no idea A: OK, let’s confirm some solutions we have just mentioned The first, we should hire some staffs to answer customers’ call and make online ordering The second, we also should open some new stores in town as well as improve care services B: Nothing better! We will go ahead with the suggestions discussed soon Thank you A: No problem! See you next meeting Unit 10: Business Online Situation A – you B – your friend A: Hey B, how you go to school? B: I go to school by bus because my home is far away from my school A: Oh! I’ve never tried to go to school by bus How you think about bus? B: Bus is one of the most convenient means of transport to use As you know, the bus’s ticket is very cheap, especially for students, so I can save much money to use for other expenditures A: I agree but you also have to wait a long time to catch the bus and it’s often too crowded, especially in peak time, and you will feel uncomfortable when you’re hustled in the crowd or the bus is getting stuck in the traffic jam You won’t have these disadvantages if you travel by other transports like motorbike This is more convenient to use by yourself, you can be easier to move in the crowd than the bus B: But you can’t deny that the bus is easy to catch because it has many routines, so it is not difficult like you’re just said Moreover, bus will be a good choice to travel without caring about the weather A: You’re rigth, but you can’t travel by bus all the time In my opinion, travelling by motorbike is always better, you can ride motorbike whenever or wherever you want, you needn’t depend on whatever or whoever B: I agree Sometimes, why don’t we use bicycle? It seems interesting A: That’s a good idea! Using bicycle is good for our health and our environment B: Thanks for your opinion, I can see each means of transport has its own convenience Maybe I should consider to use both of transport to travel A: I think so Let’s it! Situation A – you are an online shop owner B – you are an intervieweer B: Hello, can I interview you? I will not take much your time A: Yes, I’m happy B: Let’s begin! Why did you choose business with e-commerce? A: As you know, nowadays, when information technology are developing, customers prefer going shopping online than going supermarket or market It's understandable It's a convenient way for people who don't have enough time to go shopping They just stay at home, go into website of supermarket or shop, choose goods and click "buy" It's very easy and rapid B: Yes, I see … A: Moreover, the overheads for business online is not too high, you don’t have to spend money on such premises, utilities, and so on However, you should hire some staffs to delivery goods for customers B: You’re right! But besides some advantages like you said, you think it has many disadvantages? Take Vietnam as example: not all Vietnamese people know how to use computer let alone how to order online Even some how to use it, but they’re afraid that their personal information is hacked A: Yes, this is one of the most disadvantages, not only my personal business but everyone else who business online may encounter … So I always focus on the secutity services as well as customers information guarantees that the ordering system through our business online is not congested From the ordering, billing invoices to delivery are safe and fast B: Right, but sometimes the network is congested, customers will be difficult to order, and the other drawback is that they can not see with your eyes, touch your hands on the goods they want to buy Furthermore, before buying, customers usually choose and check carefully, looking on the website, that is ok, but looking at the outside, that is not, which makes them feel uncomfortable How you think about that? A: Ehmm … I also have to think about this issue However, not knowing the business services on other networks like, for my business, I make sure that my products are quality with an affordable price The evidence is that in recent months, the number of orders more than twice the same time last year I’m satisfied with your business now (smile) B: It sounds great!! Congratulations! A: Thanks for your interview as well as your comments B: You’re welcome This is just the opinion of an amateur like me (smile) A: Goodbye B: Goodbye Unit 12: Problem - Sloving Situation A – Marketing Manager B – assistant of the Marketing Department B: As you know, now we are having some problems The sale performance of our company was poor in the last quarter and our company has received complaints from customers in recent months So today we meet to discuss about solutions to slove these problem A: OK, let me see … This is too bad In your opinion, what is the reason for this problem? B: I think one of the main reasons is the quality of the products is not good Our clothes are out of fashionable and the color variety is poor A: I see What about doing a market research in order to get a feedback so we know customers’demandation and trend, then we can change both model and color B: That’s great idea! What if we invest in modern technology in production line so as to improve product quality? A: I think it will take a lot of money We must dicuss again with Finance Department B: OK, and what about the price? The customers also complaint about it It’s too high A: Let’s reduce our price as low as our competitors even lower B: Instead of doing that, why don’t we have some quantity discount for customers who have big orders? A: Right! How about advertising our products to attract customers? B: Maybe we could go to trade fair to introduce our products to the potential customers A: It sounds great! I totally agree with you I hope that these solutions will make our customers satisfy B: OK Let’s try it! Situation 10 A – you B – your friend A: My result of speaking exam is not high, I got 4, I feel so bad! What about you? B: Oh What a pity! I got A: Wow! It is an admirable mark Can you tell me how to be good at Speaking? B: I think you must practice more and more, not only at school but also at home A: But I scared of making mistakes during speaking which makes the others can not understand what I say B: Instead of being affair of making mistakes, let be confident A: Yup, I see Do you think it is a good idea to join in English Club? B: Of course! It is a good opportunity to communicate by English with many people And if you like, we can go to Ben Thanh market where have many backpack foreigners on weekend They are friendly, you’ll like to talk with them A: It sounds good Your advice is useful Thanks a lot! B: (thở dài) A: What happened? B: My reading result is bad, I only got I heard that you got Great! Can you give me some advice? A: No problem! For me, vocabulary is very important You should improve your new words more and more B: How can I that? A: It’s a good idea to learn vocabulary in the context, especially don’t try to understand or check up all the new words in the passages B: Oh, I didn’t know that before I wasted of time and it was not effect A: That’s right! Why don’t you have habit reading newspaper in English? B: I’ll try I also usually listen to English music, it’s good, right? A: Of course! I hope your reading skill will improve significantly B: You too Thank you very much Best wishes to our English ... I wasted of time and it was not effect A: That’s right! Why don’t you have habit reading newspaper in English? B: I’ll try I also usually listen to English music, it’s good, right? A: Of course!... opinion, what is the reason for this problem? B: I think one of the main reasons is the quality of the products is not good Our clothes are out of fashionable and the color variety is poor A: I see... school but also at home A: But I scared of making mistakes during speaking which makes the others can not understand what I say B: Instead of being affair of making mistakes, let be confident A:
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