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_Phân tích đánh giá hội thách thức Công ty du dịch Vietralvel lĩnh vực kinh doanh du lịch Analyze and assess opportunities and challenges for the Vietralvel travel company in the business travel sector, especially for domestic tour TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION RESEARCH OF CONTENT Introduction to products, services of Vietravel Introduction to the business sector of Vietravel .5 Analyzed PEST model of Vietravel for domestic tours 3.1 Analysis of the political situation 3.2 Analysis of the economic situation 3.3 Analysis of the situation technology 3.4 Analysis of the social situation Analysis of model five competitive pressure on domestic tourism tour 4.1 The potential opponents 4.2 The customer .11 4.3 Supplier .11 4.4 Competitors in branch 13 4.5 Substitutes 13 Assessment of SWOT matrix 14 5.1 Opportunities .14 5.2 Challenges 15 5.3 The strengths .15 5.4 The weakness 16 The rating, review the implementation of the business strategy of Vietravel 17 6.1 The results achieved in the implementation of business strategies 17 6.2 Shortcomings in the implementation of business strategies 19 Some solutions contribute to improving the business strategy of the Company 20 7.1 Use of the marketing mix strategy .20 7.2 Strengthening competitiveness strategy 25 7.3 Develop market strategy in sync 26 CONCLUSION 27 LIST OF REFERENCES 28 INTRODUCTION Along with the development of the world economy, Vietnam's economy has also been taking steps to grow, significant development in recent years especially after the economic transition from centralized economy to bureaucratic economy composite goods, operating under the market mechanism is the management of the State socialist orientation Developing economies plus the successful application of scientific and technological progress in the world, has helped increase labor productivity, income, living standards of people increasingly improved level advanced increasingly intellectual When people's lives are stable, they will aim to satisfy the higher demand (needs minor) hierarchical needs A.Maslow, and travel demand is inevitable According to the development trend of world tourism and regional tourism in Vietnam in recent years has moved to a new stage, the stage of growth and gradual integration with tourism in the region and around the world In 2008 also marked a shift in powerful and successful development of the tourism industry The growth of tourism is ranked as one of 10 outstanding events of the country Contributing to the success of the tourism industry in Vietnam, have contributed a lot of travel companies on the country in general and in Hai Phong and Hanoi in particular To operate effectively, requires tourism companies must have the appropriate business strategy and use the proper These are important factors that lead to success in business processes Therefore, my group decided on the theme: " Analyze and assess opportunities and challenges for the Vietralvel travel company in the business travel sector, especially for domestic tour " RESEARCH OF CONTENT Introduction to products, services of Vietravel Products and services of Vietravel Outbound - Pure Tourism - Cultural Tourism Domestic Products selected package - Travel events - Tourist resorts - Medical tourism - Ecotourism Inbound - Travel discover - Sport tourism, - Tours on request - Conference Tourism - Plane ticket - Hotels - Tour guide - Visa - Help airports Other products Green leaf Asian Express VOSC VIMAC The box office - Currency exchange - Caravan tour - Carriage tour - Consultancy study - Labor export - Plane ticket - Train tickets Introduction to the business sector of Vietravel In human history, tourism has been recognized as a hobby, a positive break action of man Today, tourism has become an indispensable demand in cultural life and society in the country In economic terms, tourism has become one of the important economic sector of industrialized countries Tourism Network was set up in most countries around the world The economic benefits from tourism brings is undeniable, through the consumption of visitors for tourism products Needs of tourists besides consumer goods there are other common consumer needs special: the need for improved knowledge, learning, sightseeing, healing, rest, relax,etc, In general, tourism operators work to change the balance of revenue and expenditure of the country International travelers bring foreign currency into the country has tourist destination, increase foreign exchange earner of the country In contrast, the majority of foreign currencies will rise against nation with many people traveling abroad Within the scope of a national tourism activities disturb the circulation of currency and goods, to regulate economic capital from the region to the economic development of less developed, stimulate economic growth in remote, remote,etc, another benefit that bring tourism is contributing to solving the employment problem Because the service sector related to tourism needs a large amount of labor Tourism has generated incomes for workers, solve social problems Traveling Vietnam in recent years has also contributed greatly to the growth and economic development of the country Analyzed PEST model of Vietravel for domestic tours The Politics The Economic - Environmental Law - Interest rates; inflationary - Employment Law - The supply of currency - Commercial Law - Business Cycle - National Policy - World Economic Situation The Social Technological - The growth and restructuring of the - Science and Technology population - Research and new discoveries - Education and culture 3.1 Analysis of the political situation Current economic policy of our country in the direction of increasing the contribution of the services sector, industry and agriculture decreased density mechanisms and procedures for the type of tourism business will better ventilation State policy is the development of infrastructure, creating favorable conditions for development of tourism industry Political regime in our country today is considered relatively stable and steady is the world recognized safety ladiem and friendly Guidelines and policies of the Party and State have increasingly more open The views expressed consistently expand cooperation and exchange friendly countries in the world conform to the trend of globalization and internationalization of the world economy In recent years Vietnam to participate in building international relationships: Join the ASEAN organization, participating Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), especially Vietnam was average cultural relations with the US often The legal system of our country more fully consolidate and close more of the many laws and ordinances, specifically,etc, To strengthen the management of the State to create a legal framework firmly corridor ensuring that enterprises have autonomy in their business activities more In the tourism sector there are now many laws created to cater for the operation of industries such as tourism ordinances, decrees on business travel and tourism guide, Decree on function, tasks and powers, organize tourism and inspection of legal documents related to travel activities and the tourism survey Project construction tourism law was approved by the National Assembly and put on the agenda the elaboration of laws and ordinances of the the National Assembly in the period 3.2 Analysis of the economic situation In some elements of the macroeconomic environment, the economic factor is the most important and decisive to the development of business strategy of the Company Because economic decisions to the solvency of the tourists When economic development, meaning that people's income is higher, life is improved and when finally fulfill all the necessities, people will tend to move to meet today's demanding high rather, it is a secondary need When seize the economic situation development, the Company will proceed to build the tourism program to match with the solvency of the tourists Income: income of Vietnam also constantly increasing People's lives are constantly being improved and enhanced So the human needs are also constantly increased They not only need physical needs but also come with fun activities, other entertainment Movements in exchange rates: money VND devaluation means that foreign tourists will cost less if paid in USD in Vietnam market However, travel agents are listed price in dollars, so the exchange rate increases not affect the profitability of the travel company The money VND devaluation is an opportunity for Vietnam's tourism industry attracting foreign visitors by the cost will be less if paid in USD in Vietnam market 3.3 Analysis of the situation technology Advertising Marketing helps travel companies to change and update the latest pictures of products and services quickly This allows customers to easily access and search information Trends backpacker, backpackers: through the Internet, visitors can come straight service providers roots, find hotels, resorts have deals with promotions for customers This trend makes development of the visitor by tour travel companies reduce many, but this is more reason for the hotel, restaurant, resort necessary to increase internet marketing promotion The development of science - technology appears many new types of services, rather than spend a big budget for travel, people can go to the recreation center, cinemas,etc, In the past few decades, the pace of development of science and technology in the world has made significant progress and could say was developed strongly with the advanced applications in the areas of economic life economic, political, military,etc, When engineering - technology development leading to increased productivity, reduced working time, any technical manipulation is done quickly vadem high economic efficiency When economically efficient means of economic development, people's income increases, and the ability to spend it all strata of increase, all basic needs are met and they tend to requirement is satisfied the needs of secondary (high demand) including travel demand Scientific and technological development will not only promote economic development, but it also impacts on the upgrading and refurbishment of infrastructure engineering companies, travel businesses As has been invested properly, the ability of the company's customer service will be better, the fastest meet all the needs of tourists Because travel demand in high demand, tourists are required to serve in the best way Therefore, the company needs to retool in a uniform from work, material and technical base of the Company until the means of transport Since that would attract tourists to come and consume the products of the company, create credibility and reputation of the company on domestic and international markets When engineering the technology has been applied to promote production and business processes taking place at a rapid pace, sustainable and besides it ensure environmental hygiene 3.4 Analysis of the social situation The core cultural values: + The need for spiritual life of each person is therefore also increasing Festivals like the Hung Temple festival, festivals rain, Do Son Buffalo Festival bare,etc, Every year attracts many tourists from abroad as well as to attend + Personality of Vietnam: Vietnam People hospitality, supervising postopenness, meaning more severe situation,etc, All have created beauty, unique culture of Vietnam Vietnam with 4000 years of history have shaped a culture imbued with national identity A mixed culture of many ethnic groups in the community of the people of Vietnam, with many cultural and historical monuments such as: Hue old capital, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An ancient town, Hoa Binh gong culture, folk festivals,etc, , community Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups, each nation characterize a culture Each ethnic keep themselves separate identities with different customs That creates the diversity of our country's culture All create significant advantages in the development of tourism in Vietnam It is also great resources to promote tourism development to generate income strata of the population, the state budget and create more jobs for people Hanoi is the political and cultural center of the country From centuries ago Hanoi was the capital of many feudal dynasties Therefore, formed many cultures make Hanoi a thousand years of civilization lands with many historical, cultural enormous Nowadays, when it comes to Hanoi is people say to a concentrated area famous celebrity of the nation, people will mention the elegant lifestyle of the people of Ha Thanh, many folk festivals,etc, People of Hanoi had elegant manners, hospitable, friendly, polite communication These characteristics are suitable for tourism development in Hanoi For tourists, while traveling, in addition to the sightseeing purposes, they resort also has another purpose which is proper to learn, explore culture, history, people in countries where they travel to Therefore, Vietnam has all the favorable conditions for tourism development, Vietnam has a long history with a rich culture So, could attract more tourists to visit, tourists bring major source of income for the local and national Analysis of model five competitive pressure on domestic tourism tour The potential opponents Providers The competitors in the sector Providers Alternative products 4.1 The potential opponents - The new companies enter the market price can stimulate price competition canhieu more, or are more interested in making product differentiation to gain market share by all means - The prestige of the brand: a strong brand name is often associated with good service quality, longtime operating experience brings a good impression in the minds of the target audience - Scale of the initial investment involved sizeable tourism industry, due to the formation of connective chain (transport - accommodation – catering,etc, ) On the 10 conducted ecotourism, tourism and resort,etc, would create a huge pressure on existing tourism products the time of the Company This requires the Company to actively research and development of its new products Actively upgrading and completing additional natural products circulating in the market of the Company Only so can reduce the pressure of the replacement products for those products Vietravel Assessment of SWOT matrix After reviewing the current status of business operations and business environment of Vietravel We will assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to build and perfect the business strategy for the company as well as making recommendations to the company To build a business strategy to be feasible, the evaluation is very important It is a condition for the Company to build trading strategies accordingly 5.1 Opportunities - Stemming from economic factors: + Economic growth rate subject to high => infrastructure will develop, life improved + Income gradually improved => demand increased spiritual satisfaction + Exchange rate fluctuations - Stemming from technological factors => renovation and improvement of tourism services - Stemming from Cultural Factors - Society: + Demography: population size increases, the age structure change leads to demand change => increase in the number of tourists + The core cultural values are preserved: the opportunity to develop tourist visiting temples and festivals 5.2 Challenges The tourism business now faced with increasingly fierce competition in the context of Vietnam still difficult restrictions, such as system infrastructure is underdeveloped (lags far behind other countries in the ASEAN), road systems, aviation, ports,etc, are backward, poor quality, despite the interest of the Party and State investment in infrastructure construction, therefore, traffic charges are high Telecommunications systems are not widely developed, limited quality service while 15 prices are much higher than other countries in the region Electricity can not guarantee the demand and the price is too expensive Hotel system, motels, catering facilities needs rest, meals, entertainment, recreation lacking, limited quality Tourism product quality is not high, the less diverse and abundant The legislation on the management of incomplete travel and also many shortcomings for business travel activities 5.3 The strengths Is the best place in terms of business environment have a positive impact to business operations of the Company May provide some opportunity follows: + The need to travel is increasingly becoming necessities and important for all citizens in the country and the world For the people of Vietnam, with the growth rate of the economy (7.04% in 2014), earnings in all segments of the population also increased And while their solvency increased the demand to travel will be met + Tourism has been the concern of the Party and State and was identified as a key economic sector of Vietnam in the coming years + Tourism has been the concern of the Party and State and was identified as a key economic sector of Vietnam in the coming years + The role and position as the country's capital city, is the company economic, political, cultural and major national development strategy and the strategy of socialeconomic development of the Hanoi city, the leaders have advocated the construction to Hanoi will be a great company of the country's tourism and promote tourism development in Hanoi + The traditional villages, the beauty of cultural life, the spirit, the festival, ethnic cuisine is also being restored and exploited for tourists + Thanks to the close collaboration between Tourism - Aviation - valve of Foreign Affairs, the country's image, people and tourism in Vietnam consecutive appearance in months on most key tourist market such as Germany, Belgium, France, Korea, China, Japan, America,etc, through participation in fairs, seminars, forums and organizing promotion events + Relationships international cooperation in tourism is increasingly expanding in the region and beyond hard, both bilaterally and multilaterally, in the national, local and enterprise 16 The tourism industry of Vietnam has participated actively and fully cooperate more content, proactively fulfill the obligations and rights exploited members of international organizations and the region Travel Vietnam has actively participated ASEAN Tourism Forum, the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Tourism Association of Asia - Pacific (PATA), APEC and ASEM cooperation, tourism cooperation Mekong subregion expand,etc, Recently, the Government of countries in the Mekong sub-region have signed on easing the administrative procedures for travelers Tourists just been granted a travel permit that can travel in the countries This will save time and avoid the cumbersome procedures for guests while traveling So the next time traveling the country six Mekong sub-region will be very easy and convenient + Vietnam has a stable political environment 5.4 The weakness For each strategy often unavoidable shortcomings in implementation time Therefore, the remedy and perfected it to develop business and fulfill the set targets is essential and important After evaluation and see what exists, gaps in the process of developing and implementing business strategies These factors are threatening obstruction of the external business environment have negative impact on the business activities of Vietravel May give some threats are as follows: + On the market today, a growing number of companies engaged in the business travel sector, leading to fierce competition between companies Therefore, the business of the Company is increasingly more difficult + The business environment is not stable business activity leading to even more precarious tourism + During this period, tourist business greatly affected by the volatility of the situation in the world and especially affected by the disease spread from the various countries bring Currently, the world has many countries suffer from this disease: South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Canada,etc, and the number of fatalities has increased daily This is a concern for countries with developed tourism industry, because it limits the number of passengers traveling The rating, review the implementation of the business strategy of Vietravel 17 Vietravel operate in market economy with major objectives and through it to constantly improve business efficiency, maximize profitability and optimal satisfaction of all the needs of tourists To achieve these goals, the same with all the other companies operating in the market economy Viettravel to build their own business strategies appropriate to achieve those goals And in the process of developing the strategy will inevitably commit mistakes and omissions Because, not a business strategy always was perfect and without mistakes However, when implementing the strategy in the course of business, the Company has certain success Besides these successes can not not mention the failure to develop a strategy that companies need to overcome in order to improve their business performance in the future 6.1 The results achieved in the implementation of business strategies For each strategy is a good fit or the results that it brings will be great It is the foundation for increasing revenue, profitability, reputation and prestige for the company in particular and the company in general And special it will be good conditions to attract or attract tourists, increase the number of visitors to the company This is demonstrated through the implementation of the strategy: 6.1.1 For marketing mix strategy Any company operating in the market economy are focused on strategic marketing mix Because of this strategy has many important policies and the successful implementation of this policy, the efficiency that it brings to the company will not be small Vietravel in the process of implementing the marketing strategy for using good mix of policies: price, product, promotion and distribution Price policy: Because learn, grasp the needs of consumers in the market is always interested in buying the product or service is the cheapest and best quality requirements And optimized to meet the needs of consumers but still desired profit Together with the company with great financial strength, combined with proper analysis market, the Company has decided to offer the tours sold on the market at prices matching the traveler accepted while prices also afford to compete with other competitors in the market Because appropriate price, so the number of visitors to the company over the years is very large and the revenue earned from this activity is high 18 For tour programs for retail customers, the company has established for each audience with the appropriate rate to achieve the goal of maximizing the number of passengers The Company has the preferential prices for regular delegations east quantities, discount, discount prices for children, creating long-term relationships with suppliers in order to enjoy preferential rates, they spent cooperative prices for companies like the hotel in Halong Bay, Hoi An Product Policy: The company has been promoting good tourism programs as single programs: City Tour, Open tour For City tour, done during the day, while the Open tour, depending on customer needs that time may be extended, various short Promotion policy: In the various forms of advertising on various media, at a reasonable cost and design of promotional ink and rich diversity The company has introduced to visitors at home and abroad known products and its services so that tourists can go sightseeing and tourism in Vietnam through its service Moreover, since the promotional activities of this company has created the image of Vietnam in general and the company in particular on the international stage, while it also creates the prestige and reputation of the company on domestic and foreign markets Distribution policy: The Company has performed its role as a bridge to bring tourists to consumers of tourism products in all over the country and abroad, is the connection of individual products to serve the best needs of the tourists Although the system of affiliates, agents are limited and uneven distribution Anyhow, the Company also get wanted significant advantages in the use of distribution channels 6.1.2 For market strategy Besides going into the market to fully exploit domestic tourists with array of domestic travel business with credibility and its reputation The company also exploiting the market segments in Europe, Asia: United States, France, Germany, Japan, China, Korea 6.1.3 For competitive strategy This is a very important strategy for the company in the seizure and prestige, its reputation in the market Due to acknowledge the importance of this strategy, the efforts tyda lot better in implementing competitive strategies from competitors in the marketplace By using high-cost strategy and business operations with prestige and his 19 fame, Public tydadat significant achievements in traffic, revenues and profits in recent years 6.2 Shortcomings in the implementation of business strategies Paired with the success or upon which the Company achieved during the implementation of the strategy is the difficulty surviving necessitate corrective, resolved quickly and promptly 6.2.1 Mixed Marketing Strategy In product policy, because the characteristics of tourism products are easy to imitate and copy, plus work to build a new product brought into service, the need to spend a high cost And when put into practice product, this product is easily imitated, copied So in the process of business activities, the Company did not build yourself a travel program different than the competitors Here, the company only policy choice of product differentiation is low The evaluation of product differentiation is the quality of the tourism program which the Company offered to guests As for the distribution policy, the Company does not build yourself a network of branches, offices, travel agents in many provinces and cities across the country to be able to help the company more convenient the implementation of the tour 6.2.2 Market Strategy In the segment of international travel, the company has focused too much on the Chinese consumer market, the market is considered to have the largest number of visitors, but low liquidity and promiscuity So when conducting cater to this audience very bats company into disrepute condition for service providers The company focuses on customer China market is because the current number of visitors traveling to Vietnam more, due to geographical location close to Vietnam and the cost of a trip in Vietnam not high and consistent with their ability to pay In addition, because the company is very strong in international travel should businesses although domestic travel was concerned but not yet adequate and proper with its importance Number of employees in the domestic nest less, technical facilities for domestic institutions are limited and it is worth noting that domestic institutions not currently have a team of their own guides 6.2.3 Competitive Strategy 20 In this strategy, the company only uses high-cost strategy and too biased to use the prestige and their reputation in the business So if tourists not know about the reputation of Vietravel it is a great loss for the attraction and increased revenue for the company Some solutions contribute to improving the business strategy of the Company 7.1 Use of the marketing mix strategy Enhanced new vadoi marketing activities in competitive conditions as well as the current long term This requires the Company to build the program establish detailed marketing strategy, in particular, in accordance with the stages of development 7.1.1 Price policy In conditions of fierce competition among travel agents in Hanoi today Then the Company shall use the price policy how is extremely important If the company can offer a price match, the visitors accept than the prices of competitors, the Company will prevail in the war over prices To improve its competitiveness in comparison with competitor company some concern the following issues: + Need to determine accurately Fixed costs, variable costs to determine the cost of travel for the program + Establish, maintain and develop good relationships with providers of travel services To ensure that the products and services that providers supply the company to build the tourism program of quality assurance and the cheapest price Meanwhile the Company will have favorable conditions to reduce prices of its tourism products than competitors + Research thorough prices of competitors on the market This is a very important requirement for improving the competitiveness of Vietravel compared to the competitors, it allows the Company may offer rates that ensure both the existence and development of the company and ensures the company compete with rivals + Be aware of the method of determining the selling price of a tourist program This is important to ensure that companies offer suitable prices and ensure profitability, both have the ability to compete with competitors 21 + Identify different prices in different moments of time travel A very important trait in business tourism is seasonal Company need to identify high price in the main season and low prices at the end of service and outside service + Company should adopt incentives, discounts in the case of large delegations, consumer services, long trip time,etc, Prices should be calculated based on cost analysis and breakeven analysis, customer solvency, prices of competitors + If you maintain a low pricing policy sometimes unfavorable to the Company Because according to the consumer price cadong quality means Therefore, reducing the cost by raising the quality of customer service + Since Company perennial reputable Company should have flexible policies for each different audience + Need emphasis attract the domestic audience as currently domestic tourists has high solvency + Policies should be giauu deals and special concerns with patrons, often buy the travel program of the Company Need to increase commission rates for individuals and units introduce visitors to the Company Pricing policy making should be commensurate with the quality, and at the time crowded should not raise prices too high but just shifted a little, not seem to catch dead guests, it will create a bad impression of the visitors about the Public companies, easily lead to the discrediting of the Company 7.1.2 Product Policy Tourism product is an important element in the marketing of travel companies Because tourism product is the outcome of the study and creation of tour operators in order to meet the travel needs of visitors Tourism products of Company mainly package tour program are construction companies and other organizations serving tourists To enhance the competitiveness of Company compared with competitors in the area of Hanoi Company need to consider a number of issues: + Thoroughly study the psychological characteristics, tourists consumer on each target market to develop tourism programs accordingly, ensuring the service of tourists in the best way 22 + There should be a combination of two types of programs the company now that is all-inclusive tours and tour programs buffet When combining two types of programs will make up the richness and more attractive travel programs which company provides customer service Also when combining the two types of programs will be created for the tour length, longer periods which may increase the Company's revenue + The company always actively, improve quality management and tourism programs During each tour program which company provides the market with different needs than the competitors to make the appeal + For international tourists go out (Outbound) to build the tourism program themed shopping, visiting,etc, + Delve into the life cycle of each product of company so that measures extending the life cycle of the product and have the appropriate marketing impact to enhance the competitiveness of the Company Previously, the company only build the tourism program aimed at serving the target audience is those with high incomes and those with solvency Never are these programs catering to all audiences who have lower average incomes, the audience is students, students So now the company has been built and put into practice prepares a special travel programs can serve all different audience from those who have lower average income levels to those student demographic is consistent with the level of quality at a cost that everyone put in to get a tourist trip, while the Company has guaranteed sufficient revenues and profits to cover expenses money implementing tourism programs This can be regarded as a great progress of the company in attracting more audience and consumers to buy their products Thereby creating credibility and reputation of the company on domestic and international markets For the large number of visitors delegation, the Company should have taken the form of souvenirs for visitors Although small gift (just the shirt and the hat with the name of the company and Corporate Travel), but a lot of sense, on the one hand giving guests a sense of caring attitude, company attentive to tourists, on the other hand it is also a means to help company in promoting the brand, reputation and image of the company in the market of Vietnam and abroad Conduct research and development of new products towards creating different products, combining a variety of purposes in a 23 tourist trip as treatment in combination with tourism with cultural understanding or stays thematic, ecotourism But to create new products Company officials have through research results to study the market properly and updated information directly or indirectly regularly and promptly Staff also have to make tourist destinations to learn the culture, festivals unified customer service procedures, put relations with suppliers,etc, 7.1.3 Distribution Policy Vietravel want to sell their tourism products effectively one must build a system of rational distribution The main distribution channels creating reasonable will create enormous competitive advantage in the battle with rivals of the Company Customers may purchase company's products through the following distribution channels: - Direct Distribution This is the channel that the customer purchase company's products directly For this channel, the need to consider a number of issues: + To build a modern information system with the Internet connection, creating the Company's website,etc, These methods can help companies deal with customer convenience and more effective + The company should have a staff of marketing capable of good communication, good command of foreign languages, understand the advantages of company's products and have the capacity to give, to convince buyers + Company should implement the regime encouraged by higher commission rate for its marketing staff to sell more products - Indirect distribution channel Indirect distribution channels ie company to sell its products through a representative office, intermediary agent,etc, For effective sales through this distribution channel company should perform some of the following: + The company must put the office representatives, sales agents on some of our country's major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Ha Long ,etc, + Implementation of the regime encouraged the commission to the agents and offices to sell more products 24 + Need to have good relationships with the hotels, restaurants to introduce their guests to the Company For this, the company need to ensure their benefits for ice making the company to feed our guests, hotels, restaurants + The company also sent local and international visitors as well as to send principal source for the the company Therefore, the company needs to have a good relationship, to ensure credibility with this company + Company can sell their programs via the Internet Here's how you can create favorable conditions for both customers and the company in the process of buying and selling 7.1.4 Promotion policy The company has been very successful in introducing the tourism product and the name and reputation of the company through various promotional means Realizing the importance of this policy, the company will have to try harder in promoting the power of propaganda, promote product and reputation of the company in general and Viettravel in particular to be able to attract and serve more these different audiences To so the company must: + Increase the cost of advertising and promotion + Every year on holidays company should have a letter of congratulations sent to his regular customers to create long-term relationships between customers and the company + Regularly organize conferences, group conferencing customers to understand the thoughts, their aspirations From there, offering products and services accordingly + Organization leaflets, introducing expedited Co., Company to organs, enterprises are considered potential clients and potential that the Company should be directed to attract For promotional activities effectively, the company should develop advertising content appropriate for each market segment for the market as foreigners go to learn culture, Overseas Vietnamese to advertising content should emphasize traditional festivals, major holidays or tourist agenda duty convenient travel, unique amenities Continue using effective tools in internet advertising and effective, fast and no more expensive than advertising on television and using e-mail, Web pages to reduce costs by telephone 25 7.2 Strengthening competitiveness strategy In recent years, Vietravel new strategy only applies higher costs with higher prices Therefore, the number of tourists coming to Vietravel but many still not diversified in structure So in the future the company will build the tourism program with suitable prices and attract targeted visitors who have inadequate incomes low This means that the company must implement a long to be able to best serve the needs of people traveling, including those with low incomes With its reputation and its reputation, the company can set the price for the product than the industry average high that tourists are willing to pay, because they believe in the quality of tourist programs that the Company is performing on the market Therefore, sometimes not just sell products at lower prices, it sold more Consumers not everyone guess the quality of the program, they claim that if the higher price associated with it will be guaranteed quality good 7.3 Develop market strategy in sync For businesses of international travel, in the long term the company has been building orientation, specific strategies to be able to exploit a market radical groups the US, Japan, France,etc, In particular, special attention to the Japanese market and the French visitors Because, now this number of visitors to Vietnam need a huge tourism, travel between these countries come from Vietnam is very convenient In recent years, Vietnam Airlines has opened direct flights from Vietnam to Japan, France, and vice versa without having to fly territory of any other country before This is a very important condition for the development of the aviation industry in Vietnam, while it also creates favorable conditions for the development of tourism industry in general and the development of Vietravel particular As for business, domestic travel, the Company has and is developing the strategic direction thede specific development of this segment of the tourism program with rich, diverse: Tours of the historic, cultural and on a national scale; relaxation programs, stay at sea; transVietnam tour,etc, The going into mining domestic travel segment is very correct, because the current income of the people of Vietnam have tended to rise, more leisure time and travel demands, resting after the day work stress, create a sense of comfort is increasing In domestic travel segment, the company plans to develop tourism type 26 weekend with the program period lasted for two days: Hanoi - Sam Son, Hanoi - Ha Long, Hanoi - Cat Ba,etc, These programs are being implemented in two weekends 27 CONCLUSION Vietnam tourism industry has been on the rise so quickly, according Congress Resolution National Party the IXth: "Tourism development truly become a key economic sector" This has opened up many opportunities, favorable conditions for companies active in the field of tourism development Besides the favorable conditions that still exist some difficulties in the business environment and in key businesses To grow with the sector's development pace, which requires businesses to have plans, orientations and specific development goals and they will be moved into the business strategy of the business During operation, in addition to success by adopting proper strategies, it would not avoid shortcomings and mistakes in the strategy and requires corrective Before this favorable conditions, Vietravel have measures and orientations for specific activities to keep up with the growth of the industry in general In this topic, my group chose analyze the process of implementing the business strategy of Vietravel through assessing the situation of the company in recent years From there, see the successes and difficulties and shortcomings of the Company in the implementation, to address solutions and proposals, the orientations and objectives in order to improve and enhance business efficiency of the Company in the future 28 LIST OF REFERENCES 1) Lecture courses Strategic Management, Associate Prof Dr Vu Thanh Hung, 2015 2) Develop business strategies, Nguyen Thanh Hai, 2014 3) Managing multinational company, Phan Cuong, 2014 4) Ethical marketing in business, Ngo Thi Le, 2014 5) The relationship between ethics and social responsibility, Le Thanh Nhan, 2014 29 ... (future some businesses to leave the sector and the risk of new business fell => reduced industry capacity close of market demand => prices become stable) In this era, when the economy is more developed... role in their business processes Suppliers ensure inputs for business, it determines the quality of the output of these enterprises Therefore, it contributes to the competitiveness among enterprises... than other countries in the region Electricity can not guarantee the demand and the price is too expensive Hotel system, motels, catering facilities needs rest, meals, entertainment, recreation
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