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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh Cơng ty sản xuất nước đóng chai Alpha sản phẩm nước uống đóng chai tinh khiết Alpha “Analyze business strategy of The company produces bottled water Alpha of product purified bottled water Alpha” TABLE OFCONTENT TABLE OFCONTENT INTRODUCTION RESEARCH OF CONTENT About the company produces bottled water Alpha Products business of the Company - bottled water Analysis of the macro environmental factors - PEST model for bottled water products Alpha .6 3.1 Analysis of the political situation - the law 3.2 Analysis of the economic situation .7 3.3 The Sociocultural factors 10 3.4 Situation Analysis Technology 11 Factor analysis five forces competitive products pure bottled water Alpha 13 4.1 Competitors 13 4.2 The buyer 14 4.3 Supplier 16 4.4 Substitutes 17 Evaluate SWOT matrix for bottled water Alpha .18 Evaluate the limit and strategic reasons of pure bottled water Alpha .19 Proposed solutions to improve the efficiency of business strategy for the product of pure bottled water Alpha 20 7.1 Selection of Target Market .20 7.2 Alpha brand positioning 21 7.3 Proposed brand development strategy 22 7.4 Solutions to Alpha develop the brand .23 7.5 Trademark protection 24 CONCLUSION 26 LIST OFREFERENCES .27 INTRODUCTION Alpha Pure bottled water launched near 5years ago, Alpha has long become familiar stuff drinking water to people in the city of Hai Phong, the company has actually affirmed itself on the economic playing field However, Alpha Company is no exception, besides the successes there are dificults in business processes Want to set foot in the bottled water market, manufacturers must consider the following factors: technology, transportation and labor costs and distribution channels Therefore, our group II decided to choose topics: “Analyze business strategy of The company produces bottled water Alpha of product purified bottled water Alpha” RESEARCH OF CONTENT About the company produces bottled water Alpha Alpha bottled water brand was born in November 2011 To meet the standards of measurement quality and food safety, the company has invested more than billion for the construction of production line technology contract and a closed set With the motto of "quality is the top", the company producing bottled water Alpha always comply with the standard manufacturing process is registered.Raw materials are sourced from deeper groundwater 100 meters, through nervous system, filtered, treated with coal chemicals, ultraviolet sterilization.Therefore, bottled water Alpha term use without being precipitated.Production line of bottled water Alphabut not automate 100%, but closed in the secured important stages In 2014, company sales reached billion, up 15% the following year.The main products include: - 500ml bottled water - 330ml bottled water - liter of bottled water Products business of the Company - bottled water Beverage market Vietnam is a potential market and vibrant When turning phase rising living standards, require product changes, consumers are not too concerned about the price that their choice is the brand's reputation and for their convenience, time this competition will become fiercer Currently, beverage products from ASEAN and other countries have Vietnam market penetration,enterprises in Vietnam difficulty more or less, but there are many market segments left open to development, such as soft drinks for children, for women, for office workers, cool water to close boxes,etc, In Vietnam, bottled water has many other names, such as pure water, bottled water, purified water But the fact that bottled water is pure water bottle or plastic bottles Pet, depending on the capacity for users that have different names So what is purified water? Drinking water is pure water have been removed all the impurities in the water component, is chemically almost only H 2O without any other mineral components But in fact the mineral composition of the water remains at a level that would enable health benefit users and minerals that are specified on the type and concentration of tight regulation of the production Health (Vietnam regulations 6-1: 2010/BYT) These indicators are generally manufacturers of bottled water on the label in the form of a summary implies production standards are applied, usually listed in the "quality indicators" Today, standing before the state of well water is contaminated heavily ado, turbid water condition occurs frequently, the product selection of bottled drinking water is the optimal choice for every house in use daily diet RO membrane water filters use the most advanced technology, the most popular in the world today RO membrane filter is 99.9% impurities in the water, including bacteria and ions exist in the form of water-soluble mineral salts, water purification RO one level conductivity is 5-15 microsiemens Filtering drinking water using RO system is very popular in America The company produces bottled water Alpha business specializing in pure bottled water to serve customers in the urban area in Hai Phong.The Company's products targeted at consumers as households, companies, shops,etc, Products of the company are being developed under trends: safety - convenient - reasonable Especially during tough competition today.Companies selected market segments and business strategy so as perfectly reasonable Analysis of the macro environmental factors - PEST model for bottled water products Alpha Political Technological Economic Social 3.1 Analysis of the political situation - the law Political stability in the world situation is more volatile help companies, especially companies in the beverage industry boldly outlined the long-term business strategy Bureaucratic reform are positive, but still cumbersome, overlapping, multiple procedures, some still bureaucratic and authoritarian.Anti-corruption issues are not effective, low transparency indices, policies and decisions of the state is inconsistent, volatile and no long-term vision According to the plan of the Vietnam Wine - Beer - BeverageCorporation, the period from now to 2015, to encourage all economic sectors involved in the production of beverage ingredients from local producers, with priority given to increasing production capacity juice, not investment increase production capacity carbonated beverage prepared from imported flavors Society is growing, increasingly busy lives should demand using canned food, bottled or processed products of people is increasing.One of which is the beverage industry.Today people drink water not only to meet the additional demand of water for the body but also because of the nutritional and organoleptic value, which beverage to meet all the needs that should be the beverage industry indispensable in the present life That is why a growing number of businesses signing up to join, or diverted to the beverage industry business.But also there are few which can remain with the industry Sales in the beverage industry but what advantages and disadvantages, why have things stand now joining the industry, but now there is an increasing revenue through the year Political stability and consistency in policy stance big that investors have a positive view on the market, so this is a factor in attracting a large number of foreign investors in Vietnam On the other hand, political stability and contributing to the production of enterprises.Enterprises not have the pressure of political instability, with the condition basis for production Political stability brought foreign investment flows into the enterprise, businesses can rely on that funding to develop production and business, expand market share.In short political stability created favorable conditions for business The legal system is built to create more complete legal framework for economic activity, forced companies to accept state regulation of market economy of Vietnam today The legal system simultaneously maintains political stability, create confidence for investors as well as business activities of enterprises.Vietnam is considered as a country with a stable political environment, few issues related to religious and ethnic conflict The stability which has always been regarded as favorable opportunities and attractive to strategic activities of investors, manufacturers and foreign business.Party and State of Vietnam always attaches importance to the health of the people, while also offering more support policy development beverage industry, ensuring the autonomy of the business, is the essential condition for implementation Good principles: Equality, mutual respect and healthy competition 3.2 Analysis of the economic situation The growth rate of total gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014 was only about 5.9%, lower than in 2013 While the consumer price index is high CPI, annual inflation up to 18.58% Yet the economy has made positive changes should be recorded In planning approval Industry and Trade Ministry growth targets total production value of beverage ale Vietnam period 2010-2014 reached 12%/year, in 2011-2015 reached 13%/year and the 2016-2025 period to reach 8%/year.In particular, in 2015, production of beverage reach billion liters By 2025, production of beverage was 11 billion liters.According to experts of the Association of Wine - Beer Beverages, Vietnam is one of the market for non-alcoholic beverage with rapid growth.Per year, a Vietnam only drink about liters of bottled non-alcoholic beverage, while the average rate of the Philippines is 50 liters/year Thus, the beverage market in Vietnam is evaluated potential to businesses investing in developing countries.The development of the beverage market unevenly in all product lines Noncarbonated beverages has accelerated strong growth in recent years and will continue to be the trend in manufacturing and consumer mainstream in the future.Prior to changing tastes, the beverage business has changed the structure of production to meet customer demand.Recently, Vietnam has now significantly reduced the production of carbonated beverages, alcoholic;instead, strong drinks natural origin such as green tea, herbal tea, fruit juices.Beverage industry in Vietnam with fast growth, meet in number for consumers, largely replaced imports and enhance the value of the processed food On beverage production: Since 1938 Vinh Hao Mineral Water Factory and in 1952 had Chuong Duong freshwater factory, it now has 204 establishments beverage production, with capacity of 1008 million liters/year In 1999 produced over 460 million liters Average consumption of liters/person/year.Among them:Freshwater mixture was 3.35 liters (mainly Coca - Cola and Pepsi, mineral water and purified water was 1.49 liter and 0.16 liter of juice.Clearly, the rapid development of industry Beer Alcohol Beverages have to meet the requirements of consumers due to economic development and our country has a hot tropical climate.It also repel foreign goods entering, as China's beer and imports, though still but yield less.Branch operations effectively, each year contribution to the State budget on 3000 billion settlement for over thousand people have stable jobs in the manufacturing facility.In addition, thousands of people participate in the provision of supplies and services for product consumption Beer Alcohol Beverages development while contributing to the development of other industries such as agriculture, transport, engineering, packaging Two Central Breweries (Saigon and Hanoi) production has reached 107% capacity is still insufficient to meet the needs of consumers.Many state-owned ale of beverage staple of local development investment rather like beer company in Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Ha Tay, Thai Binh, Dong Xuan Alcohol (Phu Tho), Thang Long Wine Making (Hanoi ),etc, Through the open door policy, again just to take advantage of capital and advanced technology, management of large firms had invested in 27 joint ventures and 100% foreign capital (the brewing has companies, producing wine enterprises and beverage manufacturing business 13) Including large companies like Heineken, Carlsberg, Foster's, Huda, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Hiram Walker Beverage industry in Vietnam are still limited as: + Local beer and economic components of the average only 62% of design capacity Industrial alcohol production capacity utilization is even lower, reaching only 38.45% (state 30%, the economic sector 56%, 4% joint venture) + With a mixture of fresh water only reached 45% and mineral water, purified water to 43% of design capacity, excluding Chuong Duong beverages company and Lavie mineral water reached above 90% The two companies have invested abroad, representing 60% market share carbonated of beverage as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola also only reached 40% of design capacity + Poor product quality, impact on consumer health is worrisome About 400 beer production base of the economy rather nh section, backward technology and equipment, raw materials malt, Houblon, yeast often buy cheap, poor quality water source for brewing not hygienic cooking stages , filtration, fermentation is not ideal, leading to quality draft beer does not guarantee food safety + And the people themselves cooking wine, distilled once, craft backward, so many toxins, impurities Substances Aldehydes (235mg/l), furfurol (3,6mg/l), methanol (0.6% V), higher Alcol are toxic and affect human health.Every year over 200 million liters of wine to cook population (92% share), which should be managed to prevent + The of beverage, to dominate the market, reinforcing how the product sold, two large soft drinks company Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola compete to lower product prices Next is the phenomenon of labels, "counterfeit", what is Lavitel, Laville, Lavide or Lavina, Lavierge Vietnam's economy has experienced steady and solid development in recent times The stability of the economy to create favorable conditions for the development of domestic economic sectors, including beverage industry to serve the needs of people and the increasing demands of society.The official statistics show that up to this point the economy has shown positive signs, expressed through key indicators, such as GDP growth is estimated at months was 6%, the prices of goods CPI accelerated momentum has softened in the second quarter, rising 4.78% estimate than in December 2014 The high growth of the economy led to increases in per capita income, which leads to life of the population of the increasingly high, improved and more advanced Therefore the need for life as well as dietary needs of people are also more demanding Inflation was renewed due to the impact caused by the fundamental and demand pressures According to the investigation team's Economic Research Committee, ANZ Bank, the inflation rate fell from 27.9% peak in September 2013 to 2% in August 2014 However, pressure on prices began escalating, the last months, consumer price index increased from 1.25 to 1.5%, ranging from 5-6%/year.And not just stop, from now until the end of the year, the pressure on prices will continue and entails an increase in inflation, and real interest rates will also decline rapidly 3.3 The Sociocultural factors - Population and urbanization: Vietnam is a developing country with a population of about 90 million people (ranked 13th in the world) Proportion of population growth per year in the period 1999-2014 was 1.22%/year Therefore, this is both a consumer market potential and prospects, both abundant manpower with cheap labor.At the same time, the proportion of young and middle-aged people is quite high, bringing sizable customer base.Thus, our country with a large population, rapid urbanization, large proportion of young people is a good market with abundant customer base - Tastes, trends: Vietnam is still a developing country, so the consumer needs essential for life is still very high proportion of the consumption structure approximately 50% and will also occupy a high proportion in many years when people's lives are improved According to some assessments of investors in bottled water industry, Vietnam currently consumes a large volume of beverage products, approximately about 4.2 billion liters/year and the market is growing very strongly A study of Vietnam AsiaPanel about taking drinks to trend the use of bottled water has health benefits is booming in Vietnam, especially in big cities According AsiaPanel, the number of households entering the high-income group (over 6.5 10 technological advances create new competitive advantages, the stronger the existing advantages Therefore, companies with strong capital can enter on the device, advanced production lines will improve quality and reduce product cost, product design beautiful, bring a competitive advantage Leveraging factors Company Alpha bottled water held perform the unloading of advanced technology, high technology service needs to improve productivity and product quality On the product packaging:the successor in packaging design makes the real difference in this area.Alpha has created all kinds of PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, reusable, paper boxes and cans Tetra Park is very convenient for the consumer Environmental technology increasingly modern and accessible has helped businesses solve environmental issues one of the best The only downside are that these technologies are often quite expensive Currently communications technology of Vietnam has been developing a very powerful way, to help businesses to promote the image of the company an easier way to consumers in various ways: Internet advertising, television, commercials,etc, Alpha did pretty good media campaign and invest no less on the media to advertise to let people know about the benefits of image and product brands Factor analysis five forces competitive products pure bottled water Alpha Sector penetration opponents Supplier Competitors the The buyer sector 4.1 Competitors In 2011, the battle for Alternative market bottled water really only take place between products Aquafina and LaVie, two "giants" are leading the two segments.In 2014, every consumer in Vietnam spent more than 28,100 VNDpurified water and more than 10,200 VND for mineral water, up respectively 3.9% and 4.8% compared with 2013.Forecasting the end of 2014, the bottled water market in Vietnam will reach total sales of about 279 million, an average annual growth of 6%/year over the period 2010-2014, total market volume estimated at over 307 million liters In 2009, according to statistics from Datamonitor Marketing Research company (UK), seized the upper hand in the bottled water market Vietnam is pure water products, with 13 brands Aquafina (PepsiCo), Sapuwa (Saigon pure Water company) and Joy (CocaCola).Occupying the lower level of market share is a trademark of the manufacturing base in the model as Evitan family, Hello, Alive, Aquaquata, Bambi In the segment of bottled mineral water, brand La Vie (now at the Nestlé) continue to occupy the top spot with a market share far exceeding the rate of brand followed by Vital and Vinh Hao This segment also includes more than 20 brands such as Thach Bich, Danh Thanh, Evian, Laska, Dakai, Water Maxx, Vikoda.Entering 2015, the battle for bottled water market is forecast to only really take place between two "giants" are leading two segmentsare Aquafina and LaVie Since its launch in Vietnam in 2015, Aquafina has developed strategic positioning of the brand Premium pure water through the funding of sports, music and fashion PepsiCo also repeatedly bombed advertise their brand with more than half a million dollars of funding within the first year.Along with expanding distribution channels, Aquafina has quick access to consumers Compared with Aquafina, the predominance of LaVie are senior of 10 years in Vietnam (including the time before Nestlé acquired from Berrie Vittel) CEO of LaVie Vietnam Matthias Riehle said each day, over million bottles of LaVie is consumed in the country Beverage market in Vietnam is now quite attractive, attract more businesses, large companies and foreign participants In addition to the aforementioned existing competitors, the company produces bottled water Alpha has many potential competitors other.Many companies in the beverage in South Korea, Japan,etc, Want penetrate the Vietnam market.So, with Vietnam beverage company, they have advantages in capital, technology and unique tradition.Therefore, the penetration of their markets will cause significant impact to the Company's share refreshments Vietnam,including production company Alpha bottled water.Additionally, the reputation and its profits,The company produces bottled water Alpha also faced the counterfeit labels, influencing consumption and reputation of the brand 4.2 The buyer As a developing country, economic growth and sustainable high-ids, expenditure patterns of the people of Vietnam for food and beverages fell but the absolute number for this group has increased spending and the proportion still big, this 14 is very favorable for the development of food products, especially beverage industry Features beverage consumers Vietnam: - Population with 58% of the population younger than 30 years old In particular, in terms of business generation born in 80 people (consumers born in 1980 or later) constitute a target market segment is increasingly attractive to enterprises consumer goods the sector using faster, while beverage industry.Consumers in large cities prefer to use more packaging bottles cans (90%), the utilization rate are 10% cans for higher prices while the equivalent volume - Reasons for the choice of the consumer products today: quality decide to 36%, plus the price is also an important factor in the decision to buy the product In the future, the decisive factor for the purchase and use of consumer products are: product quality (40%) and the reputation of the company (25%).About 50% of consumers surveyed said that the prepared drinks helps save time, 57% chose the beverages packaging handy because you can drink immediately without cups The motivation for consumers to choose a drink are like (20.7%), cheese (19.7%), health and energy euphoria.Customer trends change from the many chemical products create bright beverage products prepared from fresh fruits,keep the flavor, rich in vitamins, without the use of chemical products and other color is to have new taste - Consumers prefer using soft drinks in public places such as restaurants, amusement parks high proportion - Vietnam Consumers are increasingly aware than sanitary issues, food safety, as well as more attention to price games nutrition, health benefits when choosing the beverage product In contrast to demand carbonated soft drinks, beverage needs no gas, particularly in Vietnam juice rose strongly, up approximately 30%/year.Sales results since the period 2010 - 2014 of domestic companies shows that nearly 50% of consumers in the city are turning to beverages containing vitamins, less sweet smell natural pitcher.Statistics of Coop-martin this system 13 supermarkets showed in 10 people choose to buy soft drinks, there are people buy no gas beverage,namely milk, juices, mineral water, purified water.This rate difference with three years ago, when there are 7/10 people choose to buy carbonated soft drinks The customer is the enterprise market, a change in demand, purchasing decisions of customers are now forced to take the positive actions that can adapt They 15 can create pressure on manufacturers to reduce prices or improve service quality and better sp As research on the company producing bottled water Alpha customers are divided into main groups: - Individuals, households and collective purchasing products and services - The system of wholesale and retail distribution, supermarket - International markets: foreign customers - the consumers The influence of corporate customers is expressed through the following factors: - Number of customers: + Buy retail consumers buy: the more crowded the better benefit enterprises that consume so many products, less the cost of consuming more, fast product is known + Distributor: Want to win the battle for market share in the enterprise have to pull consumers toward him.The system stores, sales network is the base of manufacturers and distributors in the battle for the market.No chain enterprise distribution can not even reasonably priced.The distributor can be considered as vital to the success of a new product 4.3 Supplier The Company medium and large soft drinks must be imported from foreign flavors road through official imports, especially those enterprises producing products carbonated soft drinks Companies with foreign investment in Vietnam is often applied manner parent companies sell aromatherapy for its subsidiaries.Through the sale of these flavors, the parent company earned a lot of profits and helped the relay for the subsidiaries in the promotional campaigns, discounts to crush competitors and expand market.In 2003, Japan had a ticketCoca Cola company in this country amount to $ 100 million in transfer pricing fraud, in Vietnam, so far, despite being mentioned a lot on the issue of transfer pricing of multinational companies, but not yet there are effective mechanisms for this problem On the packaging: for glass bottles, companies often imported from abroad: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore The packaging in cans, PET bottles by domestic 16 companies provide Overall, vendors factors for companies in the sector except for the issue price are stable and high quality Suppliers are organizations that provide products, materials and services for business input to ensure the business is the production and business activities Suppliers provide inputs for production and business processes should have considerable influence on the business.Quality and price of supplies affect the quality and price of products.Therefore, the supplier are one important factor affecting the business activities of enterprises Number of suppliers as much now as little pressure from suppliers and vice versa Besides, the proportion of goods purchased from a supplier higher now increasingly come under pressure from suppliers there, especially the pressure on prices.But conversely, if businesses are major customers of suppliers, enterprises have been many advantages.Some suppliers of bottled water manufacturers Alpha Supplier Polymer Asia Malaya VietNamPlastic BJC SCG Chemical Crown Beverage Cans Ha Noi 4.4 Substitutes Products offers Packaging Product plastic Bottle In packaging, label Flavoring, chemicals Wastewater treatment Beverage market has strong competition in gas by alternative products such as non-carbonated soft drinks, milk, juice, purified water, mineral water, energy drinks,etc, Consumers use a variety of non-carbonated drinks are have no interest due to carbonated beverages, besides the media propaganda that fizzy drinks are not good for health, especially for children Statistics from the supermarket and retail stores, 2014, the market only 50 fruit juices.By early 2015, there are over 200 different products for the price of 8.500VND/liter to over 20.000VND/liter Potential opponents: Beverage market not gas: There are too many domestic enterprises participating in the market, the number of firms enter and exit the market is very large, causing market chaos.Products are varied, almost any kind of fruit, flowers, leaves and roots that can make soft drinks businesses are exploiting Product diversity and duplication but not a business separate scoring mark for its specific products in the market.Imported products with declining import duties are a potential 17 rival.Mineral water market - pure water:The period 1994-1997, the mineral water Aqua of Danone imported from Indonesia were up a relatively large market share in Vietnam At the same time, the competition of Aqua, PT Aqua Golden Mississippi has begun to find a joint venture partner in Vietnam Due to the economic crisis the region, the investment plan was postponed.Since 2005, Aqua and Evian (under Danone) have started to return to Vietnam market.With the experience of a second company world of bottled water, the involvement of Danone will make the market increasingly fierce competition Pure water products of the two companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi major impact on the market because most current mineral water and pure water is subject to the distribution by freshwater systems Pure water products of two enterprises segment positioning on, once launched new products with middle and low segments, potential competition is considerable.Product replacement product can be used interchangeably in satisfying a certain need of man.In the case study company produces bottled water Alpha emphasis to the needs refreshing.On the market today, with over 3000 products beverages.Therefore, the ability to replace the Company's production of bottled water is huge Alpha.In addition to the products included in the list of direct competition, there are other alternative products featured: + Water, bottled mineral water + The carbonated beverages + The other type of beverages Evaluate SWOT matrix for bottled water Alpha The external environment The opportunity (O) The environment inside The Strengths (S): Line technology, manufacturing facility The Threat (T) 1.The recovery momentum Inflation tends to increase modern of the economy, the High standards of quality, economic stimulus package food safety Human resources are of high of the government Substitutes rich quality 4.Demanding The WTO customers The competent administration, Tastes, modern consumer high quality, sample code 18 ambition and vision trends The price sensitive The distribution system Traditional customs 6.Pressure from competitors Invest more for research and The large market development of products Unfair Competition Technology development Achieve numerous awards for fast, easy access quality, participated in many Favorable trade position social events Climate characteristic of Occupy large market share to Vietnam market non-carbonated Many suppliers beverage The weakness (W): 10 Material guarantees Based inner city of Hai Phong, no basis in other localities 2.Merely concentrated domestic market, not export the product Evaluate the limit and strategic reasons of pure bottled water Alpha Due to lack of strategic positioning and building from the original image, brand Alpha does not clearly express personality and brand associations for customers Overall, the logo and brand identity system is currently not reflected the strategy, vision and scale new company's operations as well as consistent with the target customers, not shown consistency and create high difference compared to competitors and consequently not create brand associations and image clarity and depth.Brand strength reflected in the level of awareness, use, loyalty, brand associations and brand image is not clear, the coverage of the distribution system relatively "modest" Currently the channels of dialogue and implementation of marketing communications activities, excluding the value added services such as care agents is limited These communication tools have not been used effectively.Media scattered, unclear objectives, lack of direction and focus.Effectiveness of marketing communication is limited, not focus properly target customers, not shown positioning 19 and clear message, consistent (since no brand strategy), so images, and no faint impression deepened customer's mind The restrictions on significantly reduce perceived quality and value from customers Consequently, consumers may not know or did not properly assess the quality of products; or not customers choose to buy the product priority Alpha.Alpha Company should develop marketing communications plan for the year, including clearly defined goals based on brand strategy, target audience, message communication, strategy and tactical action plans specific and resources allocated earlier this year.Improve and enhance the image and style of retail outlets through store design, product display placement, media outlets including the knowledge and skills of sales staff Proposed solutions to improve the efficiency of business strategy for the product of pure bottled water Alpha 7.1 Selection of Target Market With its growth strategy based on product quality good, average prices as a basis, the target customers of Alpha-income group with characteristics quite hard For this target group of customers, price is only one of the problems is concerned, quality is of course, the brand will be the deciding factor.Thus, based on segmentation of customers in recent years, the company needs to continue implementing the business strategy,building construction strategy and brand development, especially brand positioning stages to match the target customer group.In addition to the current segment, the company should be classified into the following market segments: - According to geographical criteria: market urban and rural + Urban markets: including cities, towns and industrial centers in the country.Although the urban population accounted for less than 30% at the total population, but indicators of refreshments every market segment accounted for 65% of the country (according to research by Nestle).However, the market requires highquality, multi-species models, attentive service, dedicated and fast.The living standards of the urban population increasing and tends toward drinking fluids health guarantee + Rural market: including rural, mountainous and midland with 70% of the population This market is less concerned for customs and habit still use natural water 20 resources through self-exploitation Consumer characteristics of this little market, focused on some point in the year (holidays, parties) Currently, businesses often produce only soft drinks market operators neglecting urban rural market accounts for a sizeable and their needs little more strict When the brand has focused on exploiting the urban market, the rural market is a gap for enterprises born late exploit and expand the market, but the key feature of this market is Cheap required - According to demographic criteria: the elderly, young, young team Additionally, the target customer group in future also market the youth group (besides the traditional customer group at present) and the parents remain the final decision.Therefore, the construction of the brand image in their Alpha is still an important factor For parents, the most important thing for their children's health, hygiene and quality thus remains a key factor.Building brand image through programs and events related to youth and the parents will contribute significantly enhance the brand image quickly 7.2 Alpha brand positioning The aim now is to become the industry leader Bottled Water firstly Hai Phong city, and then the area of Vinh Bao and Tien Lang…, but businesses still not have a specific strategy, in trademark issues Therefore, a strategy to build and develop the brand, including brand positioning accuracy is an important issue to now - Identification of the competitive brand: From the above analysis, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, will help Alpha strategically exploit your opponent's weaknesses, but their advantage than competitors like regime customer care, service attitude of staff polite, caring, good distribution channels,etc, and overcome weaknesses compared to competitors - Identification of factors affecting brand: In today's environment, brands have a lot of impact.Some positive effects, others interfere, difficult and may adversely affect the reputation and brand.With its current position as a challenger brand in the entire industry, the company has always been rivals seek and fully exploit the weaknesses.So to pull ahead of the market, a good brand strategy is the inevitable problem.To have a good brand strategy, identifying and analyzing the strengths, 21 weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of rigorous brand is a matter of primary concern The above analysis to help enterprises realize the problems in need of improvement, corrective as brand awareness is not high, the promotions are not good,etc, and promote the strength and credibility, product quality good,etc, or well use the opportunity as more stringent regulations,etc, to increase the competitiveness of the brand in the marketplace With current strengths as superior product quality, brand reputation is increasingly being confirmed, brand strategy to is to strengthen the awareness of consumers through a link with the brand language, select the appropriate advertising channel to make the distinction of the brand, but still maintain the core values of the brand Alpha - Brand Positioning Strategy: As enterprises a pioneer in the field of drinking water in the inner city of Hai Phong, both just first steps against the giants in this industry should now still no well-developed strategy, a strategic positioning no specific effect Although the market segment and target customers are clearly determined, but it is not enough to be able to build and develop the brand leader in the future From the identification of competitive brands, the impact factor, combined with the analysis above, can demonstrate strategic brand positioning statement Alpha through positioning follows: "Alpha always bring peace of mind and create a sense of luxury and best satisfy consumers preferred quality " 7.3 Proposed brand development strategy Based on specific business areas of pure water, and to match the characteristics of the business situation, goals and directions of development, product expansion only in the drinking water sector, as well as vision and the company's mission May notice a brand extension strategy is optimal platform using products Alpha This is the most appropriate strategy development aiming to diversify the types of products Besides, with current capacity, to overtake the other competitors, such as Vinh Hao, Lavie, Aquafina,etc, Companies should choose the link with the famous brands in addition to the development sector.Currently the company is implementing to market products with new labels, link with the product line carbonated drinks Chanh 22 Thang to launch the product line of bottled water and 0.5 liter volume 0.33 liters with product labels are more prominent image 7.4 Solutions to Alpha develop the brand Brand is an intangible asset, but tangible hidden strength, the brand decided the choice of customers for your products and it even affects the success or failure of an operation business To build brand image in customer satisfaction in the long term, the company needs to promote the brand Alpha characteristically to not duplicate with other companies - Solutions for Media, fans + Target Media: The company should strengthen the communication activities in order to promote enterprises image and provide information to the targeted customers * Communications to improve customer perception of the company to facilitate the sale or long-term service provider * Changing the attitudes and perceptions of people about Alpha, giving them peace of mind when choosing products Alpha * Develop a unique brand for the company to distinguish it from competitors is worthy leading manufacturers in the province + Media: In order to achieve these objectives, the company can classify customers into specific objects which give appropriate media + The message communication: - Strengthen the Public Relations (Public Relations - PR) - Financial investments for the development of the brand Currently, the budget for the building, brand promotion (including costs of fairs, advertising and promotions) represents only a small percentage of sales, the highest was 7.5% (in 2011) With the development strategy for the next years as the above, the company must maintain a minimum ratio of 7.5% of revenue In the process of implementation, must reserve a larger budget around this level, because this is the minimum level for the future and will implement programs promoting more expensive In the bottled water industry, competitive brands like Lavie, Aquafina, Vinh Hao constantly increasing frequency of appearance on the advertising media like newspapers, television,etc, 23 This suggests that, compared with competitors, the advertising costs of Alpha 1.081 billion VND (In 2011) would cause difficulty enterprises compete without increasing costs and have appropriate advertising strategies combined with good support strategies in the current period - Staffing for the develop the brand Customers evaluate a brand through their understanding of that brand and under the influence of the surrounding environment.In wherever place of brand exposure with customers either directly as thank the clerk, happy attitude of guardians or indirectly though the footage seen on television customers, an advertising banner hanging on the streets are brought to the customer experience of the brand The company needed a brief training for all officers and employees of the values that the brand offers Thus helping to adjust the behavior, communicating with customers, adjust the action to not adversely affect the Alpha brand And through training courses that can mobilize the active contribution of all the members of the company in the work of the brand 7.5 Trademark protection Pure drinking water is a commodity, easy to produce the Alpha brand is more trusted by consumers, for the protection should always be respected enterprises For over 15 years, all the products that the company produces are registered for protection.In the future, with the diversification and orientation penetrate large markets with high competition, this work must be emphasized even more.Need care brand, reminded about the brand in a consistent manner at each stage of development of the brand within the company and outside the company Great value brand that brings no one can deny Therefore, the brand is a matter of always being at the forefront in all businesses To survive and thrive in fierce competitive market today, building and develop the brand must be focused and always the top priority Although in operation for over 15 years but as a new business in the first period, the brand still have toddlers Life on the path of development Branding issues are concerned but not yet invested properly for various reasons, which mostly lack of funds, manpower and a strategy to build, develop improvement 24 25 CONCLUSION Drinks are a necessary consumer goods for people One of the requirements of product quality assurance is to ensure food safety to protect health.Moreover, consumer demand is very diverse so the competitive situation fierce.Tend to use products derived from fruit tree growing, because they have the advantages that soft drinks not usually get.It was thus that condition that counterfeiters, counterfeiting of prestigious brands still occurs, sometimes very complex According to experts, the growth of non-alcoholic beverage industry will continue to grow and there are many gaps But want to set foot in the bottled water market is not easy because Vietnam manufacturers perennial with big names had market and extensive distribution channels, the company is also ready to aggressively spend on promotion and introduce products.Therefore, the weak enterprises and financial experience in the production will be difficult to compete to start in Vietnam Although there are many brands, but the bottled water market in Vietnam is still essentially a playground of the "large company" The brands of bottled water are vied for each gap in the market.However, most firms pursue profits, brand quality is very low Many manufacturers are cutting into cheap popular psychology of consumers to develop products.This is also hampered for reputed manufacturers and names.But in the long term, consumers will pay much attention to product quality rather than price issue 26 LIST OFREFERENCES 1) Lecture courses Strategic Management,Associate Prof Dr Vu Thanh Hung, 2015 2) Curriculum Strategic Management, Assoc Dr Ngo Kim Thanh, 2014 3) The basic problems of strategy and strategic management, Dr Luong Nhat Hai, 2014 4) Strategic Management in Practice, Assoc TS Nguyen Thi Hong Van, 2015 5) Strategic Management textbook, Assoc Dr Duong Van Bao, 2014 27 ... the products included in the list of direct competition, there are other alternative products featured: + Water, bottled mineral water + The carbonated beverages + The other type of beverages Evaluate... mineral water, purified water.This rate difference with three years ago, when there are 7/10 people choose to buy carbonated soft drinks The customer is the enterprise market, a change in demand,... pressure from suppliers there, especially the pressure on prices.But conversely, if businesses are major customers of suppliers, enterprises have been many advantages.Some suppliers of bottled
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