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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh Cơng ty Cổ phần giới số Trần Anh nhóm mặt hàng đồ điện gia dụng Analyze business strategy of TRANANH DIGITAL WORLD, JSC for household electrical goods TABLE OFCONTENT INTRODUCTION Vietnam is currently in the stage of economic integration into the region and the world This, gave Vietnam enterprises more favorable towards development In the business environment, the next evolving development opportunities, it also put pressure on Vietnam businesses to survive and grow, they must have the business strategy consistent with the actual situation Over the years and currently Tran Anh Digital World, JSC is one of the retail stores in leading electronics Hanoi capital and Hai Phong City specializing in the distribution of goods such as electronics, electricity refrigeration, home appliances, digital, mobile phone, computer, However, with competition from other centers electronics such as: Top Care, HC, Nguyen Kim, and a series of new centers electronics open as Co-opmart, Ideas, Best in Hanoi, Hai Phong, and the potential of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO ) of Vietnam is imminent, this would facilitate the participation of foreign companies Therefore, Tran Anh will deal with competition more fierce This suggests Tran Anh Digital World, JSC, if they want to keep and grow market share in the future, there should be the business strategy to suit each stage of new development Stemming from this situation, should the business strategy development at Tran Anh Digital World, JSC is essential Wishing to build appropriate business strategy for Tran Anh Digital World, JSC, my group choose the topic “Analyze business strategy of TRANANH DIGITAL WORLD, JSC for household electrical goods” RESEARCH OF CONTENT Introduction of Tran Anh Digital World, JSC - Full corporate name: Tran Anh Digital World Joint Stock Company - Abbreviated corporate name: Tran Anh Digital World JSC - Head office: 1174 Duong Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi - Date of establishment: + On 03/11/2002, the Company Limited of Trade and Services Tran Anh established by Decision No 0102004703 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi + On 08/08/2007, it was renamed Tran Anh Digital World JSC, according to registration certificate No 0103018927 by the Department of Business Planning and Investment of Hanoi city - Type of business: Joint Stock Company - Tel : + Headquarters: 1174 Duong Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi * Tel: (84-4) 3766.6666 * Fax: (84-4) 3766.7708 + Branch 1: 292 Tây Sơn - Dong Da District - Hanoi * Tel: (84-4) 3537 6666 * Fax: (84-4) 3537 5324 + Service Center:1174 Duong Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi * Tel: (84-4) 3766.6666 * Fax: (84-4) 3766.7709 Business profession of Tran Anh Digital World JSC + Trading in computer equipment, office equipment + Agents purchase, sale, consignment goods + Warranty service, maintenance of electronic products, information technology, office machines + Installation of electronic products, computer science + Cell Phone Purchase + Value-added services on telecommunications networks + Manufacture and sale of electronic products, electrical appliances, refrigeration, appliances Vision, mission of Tran Anh Digital World JSC 3.1 Vision - Becoming the systematic Supermarket electronics - scale IT professional, the largest and Vietnam - Construction Tran Anh become a professional work environment where every individual can maximize creativity, leadership and mastery real opportunity with a highly democratic spirit - Construction Tran Anh become a real home for all employees in the company by the share rights, responsibilities and obligations of a fair and transparent as possible 3.2 Mission Tran Anh Digital World JSC is a trading company in the field of information technology and electronics Always give the customer the best products with the most competitive price accompanied regime most perfect service, ensure increased benefits for shareholders and the community Bring life rich in spirit, full of material for the workers and employees, contributing to the development of the information technology industry and the economy of the country Groups of houseware items of Tran Anh Digital World JSC 4.1 Fan 4.2 Cooking pot 4.3 Humidifier 4.4 Dehumidifier 4.5 Induction Cooker 4.6 Water Softener 4.7 Lamps 4.8 Hair dryer Analysis model PEST of TRANANH DIGITAL WORLD, JSC for household electrical goods 5.1 Political factors Includes: Antitrust Law, Tax Law, Economic - education policy and labor – wages policy , labor law This environment includes laws, government agencies and pressure groups have limited influence and institutions and various individuals in society Every business has legal documents individually adjustable, adjustable nature, oriented regulations on activities to follow the constitution and law The change of political – law factors influence to strong economic entities, affecting production and business activities of the industry Political – law stability law will create a favorable business environment Vietnam is a country with a stable political system, most of Asia - Pacific region, which attracted the attention of investors Also, the market expansion policy stimulating investment to help businesses reach more customers On the other hand, the National Assembly of Vietnam selected main thought reform and the new generation of leaders expressed the determination of Vietnam in improving its position in the international community through economic development path In recent years Vietnam has issued many legal documents, laws and circulars, decrees have created a basic legal framework for business activities Especially competition law and commercial law Vietnam is gradually easing trade protection through tariff reduction schedule in the ASEAN free trade area (AFTA), and joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) Although the legal system is inadequate and limited, but thanks to the legal provisions, the laws protecting copyright and combat counterfeiting and piracy, environmental protection policies that create confidence now, hold brand firmly in customer Today, along with the process of industrialization going strong, the process of urbanization also entail A spacious house fully furnished is no longer a distant dream for many households They will not regret the money to equip your home especially for electric appliances Household electricity contributes to your home an elegant difference than many others, it is because your house is decorated throughout the advanced electrical equipment, instruments and facilities security for full sterilization Understand this factor should store household furniture business was born mad The basic aim that stores provide is profitable because fewer items of demand volatility, the market tends to always increase and less hampered when legally established businesses Electrical goods linked elements if sold an item will sell more items attached, which can sell multiple quantities Especially since the government applies a policy of rural electrification, the business opportunities will grow and grow Vietnam is recognized as the country with peace and political stability No in the world , so the cooperation and trade with foreign countries is excellent, creating trust and credibility with you foreign customers and partners Political stability created favorable conditions for Tran Anh company can conclude contracts for import of electronic components, machinery and conveniently and affordably With the issuance of corporate law amended in 2005, investment law, commercial law and other laws also contribute to the promotion of private companies and joint stock companies in developing countries with favorable conditions and more transparent The apparatus of state management bodies and administrative systems are constantly being improved and specialization, contributing to dispatch the procedural issues and problems of the enterprise, helping companies business and more convenient effective Conversely, if there are some problems or negligence of state management agencies can also create significant inconvenience for production and business activities of the company Therefore, political factors, law significant impact to the operations of any business enterprise The open door policy when committed join the world trade organization WTO facilitates attracting increased foreign investment in the sector of electronic computer technology in our country Due to the high tax rates imposed, many computer assemblers in the country can not compete with foreign products had to stop production or converting business strategy to continue to exist 5.2 Economic environment Market needs and public purchasing power Existing purchasing power in an economy depends on current income, prices, savings amount, debt and ability to borrow money - Inflation - Interest - Balance of payments - Revenues - expenditures of the state budget - The rate of savings corporate Vietnam's economy is on the rise, economic growth has increased over the years, the population's income increases showed the ability to consume luxury products, increase the solvency of customers, increasing social buying The growth rate of per capita GDP annually over the period 2010 - 2014 was 16,7%; population and increasing literacy levels to facilitate market expansion Per capita income high, the demand for products increases, diversification needs, changing market structure, increasing demand In particular, international markets increasingly open, enabling enterprise development cooperation, the exchange rate to rise makes exports rise Limitations of economic factors for Vietnam now is the opening of the market economy (joining WTO) created many competitors - many powerful retail groups in the world and the entry area Vietnam Economic growth rate low, high inflation rates that limit the growth of businesses Inflation rate of Vietnam in 2014 is 11,75% increased 2,75% compared with 2013, the first quarter of 2015 was 12,79% increase of 2,75%; the unemployment rate was 2,88%, commodity prices soaring, people's life difficult, affecting consumer psychology of the customer, the purchasing power in the market decline The business environment of the electronics retail segment and competitive technologies rather fragmented The present time, the electronics retail chain moderate "competed" with each other, just to compete with the small private shops Business in the fierce competitive environment, many retailers had to "strong hand" launched terrorist promotions to attract customers However, these promotions often bring short-term results for the other stores will soon imitate and become market competition "who have been longest hole" The exchange rate has a direct impact on prices of electronics products Since most of these products appear on the market in our country are imported from abroad (USA, Japan, Korea, China) or the components, machines and most are imported, the local enterprises only advantage ability to assemble and distribute not have many advantages in production of machinery and modern techniques So the exchange rate that changes would entail changes in the cost of imported goods Also with the aim to increase market share, a number of other retailers choose to expand its network in the central place, though quite high rental costs Store expansion strategy, if accompanied by thoroughly studying the market and a strong management system, could become strategic progress for retail businesses World economic crisis also affected the last to operate small business production of Tran Anh Digital World JSC as well as any 10 goods supplier will want to take goods into Tran Anh than through retail centers, reputed as Tran Anh, vendors will not only achieve strong consumer goods but also be advertising image, its products to consumers Besides, the financial situation of Tran Anh sharply Tran Anh also include payment history very clear to suppliers Therefore, providers feel confident when doing business with Tran Anh Tran Anh brand awareness survey of clients, customers evaluate brands Tran Anh is a prestigious brand, trust and peace of mind when buying goods over the other electronics center Therefore, some new suppliers want to Tran Anh must have special support for Tran Anh as competitive price, the longer the debt situation,etc, The salesman import of Tran He understood this when negotiating with suppliers 6.2 Customers Tran Anh have types of customer groups such as consumer customers and corporate clients - Consumer Customers: For customers, Tran Anh need to consider a number of issues as follows: + In the years from 2012 to 2014: sales up 92% on average of total sales in Tran Anh + Products at the Center for electronics almost no difference because the centers are home appliance distribution of goods from suppliers + In Hanoi there are many centers as Co-opmart electronics, Pico, HC, Nguyen Kim, CPN,etc, Due to identify consumer customers have a strong influence on the existence and development of Tran Anh So, in the early days of its establishment, the Board of Directors of Tran Anh committed to providing the best service with the motto "All for customers, all customers" On the other hand, in recent years Tran Anh has demonstrated its brand reputation with customers through attractive promotions, and take the lead in launching promotions; service attitude of staff, customer satisfaction; prices consistent with customer perceptions; commodity rich diversity; quality of goods is genuine; good after-sales service And through customer surveys on the level of customer loyalty for Tran Anh and other electronics center with a scale of 5, customers still choose Tran Anh is priority number one with a high grade point 14 average is 4,89 when shopping needs, and also ready to introduce Tran Anh for relatives and friends when they need to buy another samva electronics center is 2,5 For consumer customers, when shopping needs metal and electrical goods, consumers are still given preference to the Appliance Centre because according to consumer shopping centers in electronics makes them feel more comfortable And through surveys of customer awareness about several issues related to the acquisition, the Tran Anh's Appliance Centre to meet higher customer demand and other electronics center Consequently, customers are selected consumer demand Tran Anh when sightseeing or shopping metal electronics - Customers Companies: This client has a number of characteristics like product in the electronics center not much difference as easily change suppliers In the years from 2012 to 2014 sales to this customer accounted for an average of 8% on total sales and Tran Anh is the only center in Hanoi with the program contracts with corporate clients provide "Voucher shopping "for employees However, Tran Anh goals for this customer is effective in Marketing Therefore, this group does not affect sales in Tran Anh 6.3 Competitors in branch In recent years, in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, with the rise of the supermarket shopping center (power plant) new (in areas such as electronics, refrigeration, electrical appliances, engineering Digital, mobile phones,etc, ) as Central electric Ideas, HC, Tran Anh,etc, has made the business environment in the field of metal and electrical goods increasingly more aggressive Tran Anh in the business environment and compete with many opponents 6.4 Substitutes Replacement products and services are products and services potentially can satisfy the needs of the equivalent of the products and services in the industry (in addition there are the factors of price, quality) For supermarket business, the products and services capable of replacing the network's traditional markets, small shops of local, stores introduce products from major manufacturers,etc, In recent years, the introduction of the system massively supermarkets also the shopping at traditional markets decreased significantly But due to the influence shopping habits of people in 15 Vietnam are not familiar with modern type of business - supermarkets, share of sales of the supermarket sector in Hanoi on revenue is relatively modest (32 % in 2014) Also, in recent years, the emergence of online sales channels, specialized channels like TVShopping sales, online shopping,etc, help customers reach new procurement method is through television, electronic mail, fax, telephone, internet the maximum saving cost and time for customers (being towards collective residential customers busy families, tight on time) Therefore, to limit the threat from substitute products, supermarket Tran Anh should focus on measures to improve the usability and shopping needs of customers such as free parking service, delivery home delivery, free gift wrapping,etc, 6.5 Threat of new import Suppliers of goods for Tran Anh Suppliers can proactively market expansion strategy through combining forward to the initiative of distributors First shopping district Phan Khang (Phan Khang) attached Company Limited Phan Khan Phan Khang yet established In essence, the business model of Phan Khang is built very similar business model miniature of Tran Anh The management personnel and other staff here are mostly from the ceiling light Therefore, the promotion of Phan Khang have closely resembling Tran Anh Therefore, when launching the promotion has attracted a large number of customers to visit and shop However, because of the newly established brand Phan Khang so modest, so it takes at least a period of time, the Phan Khang built its brand with consumers The other retail groups: Metro Cash & Carry has been present in Vietnam According to forecasts of economists, there are many international distribution corporations planning to enter the market after Vietnam joined the WTO, including Wal-Mart Two retail groups may become competitors of Tran Anh in the future They all have in common is big capital, a team of highly professional, extensive distribution network Particularly, Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam are consumers known as a strong brand name, and is now focused on corporate clients Evaluation challenges Tran Anh for household electrical goods "The cake" market is growing (with growth of more than 20%/year) and now seeks to occupy a larger share So electronics center Tran Anh also face a series of opponents in the "war" of the electronics market 16 With the domestic market, Tran Anh must compete with retail giants electronics such as Pico, HC, Nguyen Kim, Top Care The appliance is not only racing against each other in the form of promotion but also raced both in expanding its market share Not to mention promotions of HC electronics stores, Pico form to 88% discount In terms of overall promotion race really only exploded when enterprises want to stimulate consumer demand for these kinds of promotions really large scale, many electrical items from a discount down from 10-60% compared to cost and lasts for several days Attracting customers and retaining customers, are two completely different issues Promotional form balancing interests between customers and distributors will win With the expansion of market share in the UK in particular Chen and other electronics stores in general are investment strategies in width, opening new centers in supermarket chain its availability Tran Anh had mall chain Tran Anh also will have 10 retail centers, the electronics stores and by 2015 will have retail chain centers around the large cities across the country Other businesses such as supermarkets electronics Cholon (HC) have developed strategies electronics supermarket chains across the country in their own future, Pico shareholding company developing electronics supermarket chain of 10 nationwide Telecom telephone supermarket A also debuted in Hanoi, marking the expansion of the market of one of the retail system mobile phone wholesale sales have topped in the southern market Besides, at the time of 2009, when the retail distribution of foreign official market penetration in Vietnam, the WTO roadmap center Nguyen Kim Electronic Supermarket in particular and the country in general electronics all share the common concern that foreign competitors Currently, the leading retail group in Japan is Best Denky had been in Vietnam, a joint venture with Trading Company and Ben Thanh Marketing (Carings) established appliance is Best - Carings Ha Noi, Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh city Also IT Plaza, a business center consisting of 75 shops specializing in business only items of corporate IT Sung Dau, there have been positive moves to enter the market GS Retail Group's largest retail Korea signed with the Investment Company and Binh Duong Industrial Development (Becamex IDC) 7ha of land rent at My Phuoc Industrial Zone III for construction of a business center with scale large The big American corporations are Best Buy and Circuit City,etc, also in Vietnam 17 When these groups in Vietnam, certainly not just to open one, two supermarkets that would be a supermarket chain in many provinces And while electronics market will even more intense competition * Existence of barriers to entry The firms in the industry have a certain position in the customer's mind, there has facilities, staff have had experience and training, professional work the customer service better Further capacity management experience that new businesses want to join the industry can hardly compete Example: Currently on the market there are a lot of Hanoi electronics stores emerged as Tran Anh, PiCo, Top Care,etc, The scale supermarkets and sizable capital, with professional staff, and customer care programs and attractive promotions A new business wants in this sector is not difficult, but to get the position and could competitiveness in the market is a difficult problem Requires companies that have a large capital, with certain differences compared to its competitors Such must have to be able to survive in the market is fiercely competitive * Bargaining power from suppliers: Supplier of Tran Anh almost intell and amd only supply the constituent cpu processor or software for other computers Should the power of large suppliers in the market * Bargaining power from customers Customers today have so many choices to buy products for their computer or electronics products Supermarkets such as computers, or gialong computer, or computer Vietnam,etc, electronics stores also have names such as: Pico Plaza, HC, Best Carings, Nguyen Kim,etc, customers have many more choices, apply significant competition between firms But besides that, the Tran Anh also the customer care service is considered the superior can attract large numbers of customers * Competition among firms in the industry Vietnam's current market demand for computers and electronics products increased so much it wants to join occupy a corner of their market share Thus competition in the huge market and increasingly fierce The companies are racing to compete on price, given the promotional campaign discounts, that's a number of 18 occasions When the level of competition increasing, the company switched to the non-competitive form of price, through the customer care activities In order to create customer confidence in its brands However, now go before they have more experience always create a strong foothold in the consumer's mind and Tran Anh is one of the firms is consumer trust and choose to buy the product * The threat of substitute products Currently laptop consumers still preferred but not so that it keeps growing Worldwide trends tablet tablet prevalent and spread to Vietnam According to "Trends in use of tablets will be increasing in the future the tablets might replace today's laptops And the products of Chinese electrical appliances are flooding the Vietnam market, with the advantage of being cheap, consistent with spending the majority of the people of Vietnam, who have ordinary income and income low with huge demand for the country's commodities But the quality of domestic products are superior, but the price can not compete with you so water consumption capacity of the market is not high Tran Anh therefore need to make measures to raise labor productivity, the application of science and technology in production and business to reduce prices if they want to sell more products and attract more consumers * The threat from the new accession When Vietnam joins the WTO, foreign companies flooding the market Vietnam to seek investment opportunities for profit Also many foreign organizations and individuals associated with domestic enterprises to establish business company computers and electronics They have experience in management, invested, with senior professionals should be capable beyond business enterprises in the same industry in the host country GS Retail Group's largest retail Korea signed with the Investment Company and Binh Duong Industrial Development (Becamex IDC) 7ha of land rent at My Phuoc Industrial Zone III for construction of multi-purpose commercial center consists of hotel, restaurant, office, retail stores, amusement parks, sports,etc, large scale The big American corporations are Best Buy and Circuit City,etc, is preparing to Vietnam When these groups in Vietnam, certainly not just to open -2 supermarkets that would be a supermarket chain in many provinces And while electronics market began to compete fiercely 19 Analysis of SWOFT model for household electrical goods group of Tran Anh Digital World Joint Stock Company Strengths The weakness Brand Movements of senior Promotion personnel Goods 2.Training Exhibited goods development of a staff and The service attitude of The level of staff staff Long-term ad Service after sale Price 8.Application computerized of systems to manage Opportunities The financial situation Strategy S – O Chiến lược W – O Economic growth S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7+O1,O → Strategic development rates stabilize of human resources 2.The 4, business O5,O6,O7: W3,W4+O1,O4,O5,O6,O7: environment → Market entry strategy → Strategy to expand its improved S1,S2,S3,S5,S6,S7,S8,S9+O2 network Cut import tax , distribution network Income per capita O4,O5,O6,07: people rise → Market 5.Spending from strategy development shopping Consumers S1,S8,S9+O1,O5,O6: increased → Diversification strategy Consumers prefer concentric operation to buy Shopping centers in electronics Supplier reputable goods 20 The challenge 1.Issue storms, flooding much → Strategy S – T Strategy W – T S1,S8,S9+T2,T4: W1,W4+T2,T3,T4 Venture Strategy → Differentiation strategy 2.Increase the new S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7+T1: electronics center → Strengthen W4+T1,T2,T4: strategic → 3.Unfair Competition advertising, promotions Strengthen strategic advertising, promotions on price and trade S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7,S9+T fraud 2,T4: 4.The expansion of → Market development corporate investment strategy multinational S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6+T2,T3,T4 retailers : → Differentiation strategy Propose business strategies in order to improve the operational efficiency of Tran Anh for household electrical goods 9.1 Strategic cost leader Tran Anh price policy is implemented "best price" (original price), and through surveys of customer awareness, they said Tran Anh have good prices Thus for import business department, when negotiating with suppliers, they must try to meet the requirements of Tran Anh commitments to customers Tran Anh want to achieve the best price, the course is to commit to a relatively large number (or purchase in the form of lots) for suppliers Moreover, the business division should be based on import brand Tran Anh, strong financial ability to negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best price When Tran Anh achieve the best price, the Tran Anh will transmit Preferential prices from the supplier to the customer This, much less prove, Tran Anh still comply with their commitments 9.2 Differentiation Strategy Tran Anh strong branding, promotions, goods, display of goods, service attitude of staff, after-sales service and price Tran Anh offering differentiation strategy to minimize risk from the rise of new centers of power plant; Unfair 21 competition on prices and commercial fraud and the opening of the corporations invested multinational retailers To achieve the strategies outlined above, the preparation of human resources to meet the development needs of the new situation is extremely important Want to implement the strategy requires good managers, experienced staff play an important role for Tran Anh in developing human resources The development of human resources in Tran Anh is expressed through the following tasks: Regarding employment policies, human resource planning: + Current recruitment policy is mainly recruited according to internal sources, so the next time recruitment in Tran Anh should change and move to recruit based on criteria for fair competition, on the basis of public professional capacity, declining employment through internal sources The recruitment information should be published on the Center's website, in newspapers, magazines, job introduction centers in order to find the right person, qualified to meet the demands of new business situation + In the peak sales period as the sales season (concentrated in Q1 and Q4) and the promotion lasts, the personnel department - administration should be actively associated with the recruitment unit heads more staff working part-time to serve the sales and delivery to meet market demand + Regarding human resource planning HR departments - administration should plan to recruit, train, and train human resources to meet the business development needs of the Centre in the future Specific measures on the training strategy, coaching staff now been implemented as follows: - Strategy of training, coaching outside: HR departments have external cooperation plans to force all unit heads, department engaged external training courses or other training centers, depending on the necessities of the moment) mainly the management training to improve management skills for unit leaders On the basis of additional specialized training to meet the new business situation Head of the unit will be the locomotive to future training and retraining for employees of his department - Training strategy in place: 22 This is an important strategy for Tran Anh expressed or, it is expressed as follows: Board of Directors the company should communicate the training in place for the personnel department - administration combined with the division chief of training unit for its employees HR department: to undertake training in communication skills, customer service, selling skills Head units, divisions: Training on technical expertise Besides, Tran Anh should coordinate with electronics conglomerates (focus on strategic partners that Tran Anh had built as JVC, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo and Philips to training technical depth, the new products to serve our customers most effectively in the new situation + For the recruitment of key positions, the Tran Anh up through the company introduced the prestigious job, or the company "headhunting" reputation in the market to choose the candidates ability to meet development needs of the Center Policy on Emulation and Reward and remuneration: + Continue to apply the policy for rewarding direct sales department and other departments in the center to motivate and stimulate the dynamics work for each department Moreover, Tran Anh must have hot reward system for each department to achieve beyond expectations indicators of the Board of Directors put down + Have good remuneration policy (as wage increases ahead of time, or promoted,etc, ) for good employees to ensure a stable workforce Also through them, will stimulate the motivation to work for the remaining employees in the entire center About built environment in Tran Anh: The departments in Tran Anh generally coordinated with each other Therefore, the personnel department - administration should maintain a friendly working environment and collaborate to improve work efficiency and promoting collective strength of Tran Anh 9.3 Strategic Products For channel that is currently retail channels directly to consumers, business and general channel for corporate clients (clients are companies, schools, hotels ) Tran Anh at retail directly to consumers for years average from 2012 to 2014 accounted for 92% / total sales of Tran Anh Therefore, the next time I need to focus on Tran direct retail channel to maintain its current growth To focus on retail channels directly to consumers, in time to Tran Anh need to improve and promote better sales 23 service and after-sales service to meet the increasing demands of customers Thereby, Tran Anh will consolidate existing customers and attract new customers from competitors For corporate customers, Tran Anh should maintain and develop forms of customer contracts with companies providing "Offers" for the current in Hanoi, Tran Anh electronics supermarket is the only Center with this form Besides, Tran Anh also need to expand the sales network Currently Tran Anh had online sales channel, but sales have not been as expected However, this common sales channels in the future as society has developed, people's incomes improved, and customer time limits, the chosen method is effective online purchases effective and convenient because it takes less time traveling customer 9.4 Marketing Strategy About promotions: Currently, Tran Anh forefront of launching promotions in major holidays, occasions and big events of the year for customers who are very successful Therefore in order to increase the attractiveness when shopping for customers, Tran Anh should maintain this promotion and must go before the competition in order to maintain and consolidate existing customers and attract new customers Tran Anh, to roll out promotions have the element of surprise with a short promotional period and ahead of competitors This will help to Tran Anh increase sales and attract new customers from competitors Regarding long-term advertising strategy: Besides the extensive advertising campaign to all strata of the population in recent years to cater for short-term promotions Tran Anh should have long-term advertising strategy aimed at recalling images Tran Anh in customer perception Customer care: Currently, Tran Anh has stations mobile customer care, to home care products to its customers However, in a bargain with the future customer demand and increasing diversity, Tran Anh should set up a hot line (the line directly to the unit chief, division) to solve the unexpected case customer The department store in Tran Anh are storing information about customers Based on information about customers, Tran Anh should set up a special program for loyal customers with offers surprises Regarding sponsorship: Tran Anh continued collaboration with electronics giant special electronic conglomerate strategy as JVC, LG, Panasonic, Philips, 24 Toshiba, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony to continue funding for programs For example, the program purchase genuine funding for the Sea Games sports as soccer because this is a program that is everybody interested and effectively brought from the program very high It is expressed through customers to Tran Anh sightseeing, shopping and sales increase also increased during the past Thereby, the perception of consumers about the brand of goods sold in Tran Anh growing in the minds of customers Brand: Currently, through surveys of customer perception of the brand, with a scale of 5, consumers rated brands Tran Anh is the highest compared with the electronics center in Hanoi Therefore, should take advantage of the prestige brand Tran Anh to deploy to each department in Tran Anh related as the human resources department, service department and customer care (warranty, delivery), parts sales, accounting department to understand and implement The main purpose of branding is to increase awareness in the minds of consumers to brands Tran Anh, so the issues related to branding that Tran Anh has strength like attitude employee service and goods plentiful, diverse, goods display, promotion, after-sales service have been analyzed above must be coordinated to Tran Anh brand continues to become reliable brand when customers need to visit and purchase of goods + Solution on research and development - Establishing research and development room - The mission of the research and development room: give strategic direction for supermarket development Through the analysis above, we see no supermarket Tran Anh is an appropriate investment for the long term and its human resources Tran Anh can only put these employees manage short-term training at centers specializing in management training Besides, the high-level personnel changes also negatively affected the development model of Tran Anh Therefore, plans and policies of prevention research and development when given to the above restrictions and help Tran Anh consolidation and development of the business situation - There are special bonus policy for parts research and development in order to stimulate their motivation If their research programs offering high practical significance, it will help to create a competitive advantage for future Tran Anh or help Tran Anh to overcome the environmental risks from such competition present day 25 26 CONCLUSION The business strategy of the company Tran Anh, no separate deployment which overlap and combine each other to implement the general objective of the business Tran Anh known as a retail supermarket electronics and IT market the most prestigious North With customer care good with electronics product line with high quality and reasonable price Understanding the buying habits of the people of Vietnam are always prefer cheap goods, quality assurance, reliability,etc, So now signed and the acquisition of electronic components, machinery Brand worldwide through the wholesale dealers in the country At the same time the process of establishing the organizational structure of the company, the training and recruitment of qualified human resources expertise to reduce the costs incurred thereby can reduce the price of the commodities that enterprises business to increase its market share in the market and thereby also contribute to increased profitability for the company The initial goal of the newly formed company is to become Tran Anh's leading groups in the field of technological nature of globalization Now, Tran Anh known not only associated with the field of information which has become one of the big names in the field of electronics retail business, with 2014 sales target of over 1,500 billion To achieve these objectives the company has pursued a strategy of diversification, market development strategy and product development Initially company business only a certain number of items has expanded to very many other items Currently, the products of Tran Anh very varied, including computers and computer accessories, digital cameras, telephones, electrical appliances, electrical,etc, 27 LIST OFREFERENCES 1) Lecture courses Strategic Management,Associate Prof Dr Vu Thanh Hung, 2015 2) Retail market in Vietnam, Tran Nhat Duat, 2014 3) Business Strategic Management, Chu Nhu Yen, 2014 4) Brand development strategy, Ly Thu Thao, 2014 5) Strategic of Planning, Luong Thu Phuong, 2014 6) 28 ... outlined above, the preparation of human resources to meet the development needs of the new situation is extremely important Want to implement the strategy requires good managers, experienced staff... personnel changes also negatively affected the development model of Tran Anh Therefore, plans and policies of prevention research and development when given to the above restrictions and help Tran Anh. .. to expand the sales network Currently Tran Anh had online sales channel, but sales have not been as expected However, this common sales channels in the future as society has developed, people's
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Xem thêm: phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh của công ty cổ phần thế giới số trần anh đối với nhóm mặt hàng đồ điện gia dụng e , phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh của công ty cổ phần thế giới số trần anh đối với nhóm mặt hàng đồ điện gia dụng e

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