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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh Cơng ty cổ phần MAYHAI sản phẩm áo mi Nam Analyze business strategy of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company for products Men shirts TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION Vietnam textile market is growing very strong both domestically and internationally Currently, the brand name apparel market in Vietnam is quite rich with many designs, types and diversity of form, are competing for market share in both domestic and international Considering the market within shirt for men, there is a lot more prominent brand but are still high-quality brand, reputation, perennial as: AN PHUOC, VIET TIEN, MAY 10, MAY NHA BE, MAY PHUONG DONG, NGUYEN LONG, THANG LONG, AGTEX,etc, In the fierce market competition, each brand offers ways to position the product in the customer's mind as well as capturing domestic market share However, the choice of brand development strategy depends on many factors outside and inside The identification, analysis, evaluation and selection of strong opponent, weak to have the right strategy is not a simple matter And MAYHAI - brand is increasingly trusted by consumers on many different aspects such as the fabric is quite good for carefully selected, stylish design,etc, Currently the brand is influenced pretty much compete with strong opponents have a great impact on garment market Therefore, the identification of each competitor to identify strengths and weaknesses nature of its competitiveness strategy to maintain and enhance the brand is one of the urgent needs in the current period RESEARCH OF CONTENT Introduction to business areas of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company MAYHAI Joint Stock Company is an enterprise manufacturing and large garment exporters from Vietnam The company's main products include: Men's shirts, women's shirts, pants, shorts, jackets and knitwear In January 1990 started production MAYHAI garments for export to the markets of Eastern Europe, including Hungary, the USSR, Cheslovakia, Bulgaria as one of the subcontractors for the manufacturer and the company big trade Within years, MAYHAI has expanded the production capacity of 350 sewing machines, 500 workers and increase output to 4,000 jackets/month In January 1992, has shipped MAYHAI to Europe and started successful in exporting to the customer first, and from this point the EU became the main market MAYHAI In 2002, after a bilateral trade agreement between Vietnam and the US take effect in November 2001 opened up increased market opportunities and MAYHAI immediately expand into the US market MAYHAI has become one of the reliable manufacturers of large customers in the US and European markets Since January 26, 2005 the company officially renamed "Joint Stock Company MAYHAI" Within 19 years, MAYHAI became a manufacturer and a leading exporter of garments men, women and children with over 1,500 skilled workers with an output of over 3,000,000 export products every year MAYHAI existing two garment factory with monthly capacity of 300,000 products and a washing machine with a capacity of 700,000 products/month MAYHAI always try to bring the best service to customers and has made certain achievements in recent years MAYHAI fashion represents elegant style of Vietnam With its vivid design, geometric designs and detailed, meticulous, with particular colors and materials create a unique style on the design of products for all ages The typical products of MAYHAI - particularly Men shirt line Currently MAYHAI has become one of the leading companies in garments In addition to the production of goods for domestic embroidery, MAYHAI there are large export markets in Europe and Japan Headquarters and the workshop of MAYHAI distributed throughout the country Vietnam The main activities include the provision of all kinds of garments for the domestic market and internationally: * The main products - Children's Clothing - Women Fashion Clothes - Trousers, jeans and shorts - Shirts, men's T-shirt - Suit, Jacket and Jackets children - Women's Underwear - Embroidery - Sport shoes To facilitate the study in depth business strategy for a specific product of company MAYHAI, group I decided to focus on the men's shirts Products Men's Shirt MAYHAI company now there are many types with various colors, designs richer and partly meets the needs of the garment on the market is fluctuating rapidly Over the years MAYHAI Company has used a variety of fabrics and high quality raw materials are imported from abroad to produce a high-quality men's shirts for the local market At the same time, conducting import some machinery, modern technologies such as sewing machine, cutting machine, the machine, washing machine, embroidery,etc, with the control of a team of skilled workers has helped the MAYHAI company ensure product quality standards Society is growing, the demand for human garment higher Therefore, the market is occupied clothes matter In many kinds of clothes, the clothes that are the gentlemen present most attention is the "shirt" For several decades, we felt like shirts and trousers with antique-style break, snap installation checks shoots, straight hair is very traditional But in fact the modern consumer trends with clothing brands and international Vietnam has a strong impact on the habit of wearing the shirt Shirt is giving shape sharp shirt polite, tasteful and elegant styles for men, it is important that you know how to combine shirt with tie or sweater, vest along With Politics - lawshirt shirt design will be inappropriate, therefore, to fashion, the young guys, baggy more sophisticated designs to choose for him clothes fit the body The time in major Culture - Technology Social The economic cities across the country, consumers are already familiar with the high-end fashion store called MAYHAI Unlike other fashion brands, often distribute products through agents, companies hire shop MAYHAI initiative and appoint its staff undertook With this expanded form, MAYHAI brought by manufacturing products to endconsumers directly, which can listen to and meet the needs of consumers correctly Also, when gifted MAYHAI products but not like the color or size, consumers can bring to any shop of the company in exchange for other products within a month with processes apparel, footwear exports, MAYHAI company decided to market products branded MAYHAI Analysis of PEST model for products Men's shirt MAYHAI The capacity of the suppliers unused condition From the experience of quality management, market and production Politics - law Our country currently has manufacturing standards, rules on competition, protection of copyright, patents, tariff policy for goods imported,etc,…Also being applied to protect business from counterfeit goods, pirated goods and to honor the Vietnamese brands The elements of the political environment and the law impact to the formation and exploitation of business opportunities and the implementation of corporate objectives Political stability is an important prerequisite for business, political change can influence business groups favor or inhibit the growth of other businesses Vietnam legal system is increasingly complete and strict in enforcing the law will create a healthy competitive environment for businesses, prevent fraud, smuggling,etc, The degree of political stability and law of Vietnam allowed the Company to May two can assess the degree of risk, the business environment and its impact on the business of how, so research at the political factors and the law is an indispensable requirement if the business involved in the market However, economic models and invest in Vietnam are still consequences, negative balance carry-area crisis late last century Even without the financial crisis last monetary area, it also has a lot of obstacles in the water making it difficult or hindering the development of Vietnam enterprises in the process of boosting exports of textiles unfortunately In terms of legal basis and policies, management policies both macro and microeconomic reform needs to be thorough and comprehensive The reform of stateowned enterprises is slow, less effective as desired Credit markets, financing is still egg, tiny The management of land to form the administrative regulatory framework is also a problem Exchange rate policy, fiscal policy credit is the current pressing issues Besides, the reforms now in order to create conditions for private sector development effectively is one of the major challenges of the textile industry The economic US export market is the largest apparel companies Since 2011, the size of the garment export companies in this market has been continuously expanding and growing at a rapid pace, and in about years, the US has replaced the EU as export market The highest proportion This is market demand for the largest apparel world, large population, half the EU consumption Since the normalization of relations between Vietnam - the US, lifting the embargo, especially after Vietnam joined the WTO (GSP and MFN), the activities of the garment export companies on the continuous market reaped great achievements By early 2011, the US economy is gradually improving and developing signs of optimism from the crisis than the global economy, which has made the proportion of exports of garment companies in the US accounting for over 70% of exports The situation in our country in 2014 took place in the context of the world economy recovers slowly and unevenly between the economy after the global recession In addition, volatile political situation in some countries, especially in the eurozone led to business in the field of trade and industry as well as exporters of the euro area are strongly influenced by measures economic sanctions between countries in the region Domestically, the macroeconomic developments in a positive direction However, total demand in the economy slowed, production and business activities of the enterprise is difficult, merchandise inventories remain high Absorbing capital strength of the economy is weak East Sea situation more complicated, partly to influence economic behavior - social and national life of the people After US export markets the second largest apparel company is EU This line is the export market traditional garments MAYHAI company particular, Vietnam's textile and garment industry in general, with more than 500 million consumers are demanding high quality, designs and models of diversity and trendy garment exports from Vietnam to the EU thrives after agreement from textiles trade between Vietnam and the EU was signed on December 15, 1992 and an average growth rate continued to increase during then In other markets, the proportion of exports of garment companies also generally increased over the years, but still many changes, not really created a stable position on the market there In recent years also mark the expansion of exports in new markets such as Belgium, Norway, Chile,etc, Although the proportion of exports in this market has yet to contribute significantly to the total export turnover, but it also marked the adaptation efforts of the company during the world economy is still not completely overcome the recession 3 Society - Population Market economy greatly affects the style of dress of the people especially the gentlemen In every age, the man who always plays an important role The important position of the country the majority are male while women account for only a small part Then came the great work like new only women do, they like to cook, sew,etc, The fact that has a lot of chefs, fashion designers are men None the family men are pillars Thus style of dress of the eyebrow whiskers always get attention Provided that the market economy today, the man must go out much for a living society, to communicate, to work Hence the need to dress them becoming more important By dress reflects their personality so much as well as affect the success of the work Currently, the needs of male dress is very developed As analyzed above, men who engage in social work relatively much Currently, the fashion trend for men in the summer is to use the fabric is thin, light, humidity, good absorption to match the hot climate of the whole country as well as the heat of Haiphong Colors need to avoid dazzling cool, uncomfortable Fresh color of male fashion show presented in a youthful personality not honor complexion or physique Although each of the foreign companies is very expensive but there are many choices because it looks chic, elegant It has raised a high income but are not willing to buy On the other hand, due to the demands of human development, the manufacturers understand this strength has produced a series of shirts with various designs, rich But because of the profits that the producers seem to pay more attention to the appearance of shirts was suspended due to content type of fabric quality immediately But today, mobile men shop less scrutiny so despite many cases to buy expensive but still buy lemons Therefore, the interests of consumers have been lost The socio-cultural factors have a large impact on customers and business operations of the business, as constituents psychological and tastes of consumers Through this element allows the enterprise knowledge at different levels of audience served via free choice of business practices accordingly Income can affect the choice of products and quality to meet, occupational social class affect how attitudes and behavior on the market, the factor of ethnicity, culture reflects perspective and how to use the product, which has requested to meet specific situation has a chance to diversify the ability to meet the needs of businesses Currently, people's lives have been improved markedly, spiritual life is also improved, the shopping needs of high-end products is rising Per capita income in Vietnam this year is expected to be 1,000 USD and up to 2010 was 1,050 - 1,100 USD Previously, Vietnamese people only pay attention to the affordable fashion products in China, the country and today, the high-end fashion products bearing the mark CK, Louis Vitton, Clack,etc,… Gaining certain positions in their fashion needs In 2010 Vietnam who has spent nearly 45 billion dollars for the purchase and consumption About 70% of their income is used for consumption purposes A sociological study recently showed that the majority of Vietnam to accept a high level of spending relative to income to be used expensive products About 80% of Vietnamese consumers now tend to shop at the supermarket, executive business center Modern shopping habits increased from 9% in 2014 to 14% Technology Company are very reputable in the production and processing of all kinds of quality cotton shirts, denim, fabric Visco Previously the company annually exports nearly 2.000.000 units into the European market and the US These are items that customers domestically and abroad very popular, and increasingly designs and models of items as diverse, rich and innovative, customer appeal MAYHAI Joint Stock Company now has the modern technological lines can make the shirt very shiny, durable enough international standards for export This will be items that the company intends to continue to invest, develop and expand markets and consider it as one of the key items of the company MAYHAI Joint Stock Company is a manufacturing enterprise and large garment export of Vietnam The company's main products include: men's shirts, shirt hairpin, pants, shorts, jackets and knitwear MAYHAI Joint Stock Company and Lantabrand has formally signed cooperation agreement which will provide service Lantabrand "restructuring strategy and brand development" to MAYHAI to restructure the brand MAYHAI, strategic planning brand development and deployment plan and coordinate communications Products are manufactured to its own, internally developed high standards - more stringent than more general criteria used by most of the industry including quality fabric, construction details, style, and sizing are constantly being reviewed and improved focus MAYHAI designed costumes for men with various designs, have invested carefully in every detail and understand specific needs of this group, made separate shades to wear: elegant style, personality, reporter securities, bravery, mature,etc,… Besides the design, manufacture a line every months with clothes for summer, autumn holiday and winter, spring Analysis of model competitive factors affecting the shirt Men 4.1 Competitors 4.1.1 Viet Tien - Quality: Vietnamese Tien forefront in ensuring product quality, and consumers voted "Vietnam High Quality Goods 10 years from 1997 to 2006 through the newspaper Saigon Tiep Thi"; along with "The title of the most prominent enterprises Vietnam textile industry 2004 -2005 - 2006" product quality reputation Most of the textile products are made from raw cotton, poly, rayon, wool, silk As for shirts, mainly used Cotton (80-100%) with smooth fabric, breathable; and can add deodorant helps customers feel the difference when coming to Viet Tien - Price: Viet Tien marketed with brands diversified products with a corresponding price "stylish quality" that brands want to offer users Viet Tien have brands of products, depending on the nature of the fabric, material and style to 10 + Fashion design team with experience From the year 1997- 1998, the company has links with foreign companies in Germany, France,etc, to send people to training in fashion design + High-quality products In 2000, May 10 was AFAQ (France) ISO 9002 certification for global quality certificate IQNET; BVQI organization (UK) certified ISO 14001 environmental management system May 10 Joint Stock Company is the only unit in the textiles sector - Sewing Vietnam quality award winning International Asia - Pacific Quality Organization by Asia - Pacific (APQO) awarded + Beautiful design with color courtesy, elegance, quality soft cloth, cool + The price of the product just right, with many consumers + Pioneer in occupying the northern market, besides distribution system in this area is strong + After-sales service, good customer care, such as transportation to take place customer requirements in the shortest time, discounts to customers who buy in bulk and pay quickly for the Company In addition the company also facilitates customers can return or exchange if the Company fails For retail customers, the final consumers, the company has consulting services to clients in style, color,,etc, fit physique and conditions of use, instructions on how to use dedicated as well as the preservation of the product so that maximum efficiency + Apply multiple brand protection measures Since 1999, the company has conducted May 10 stickers "stamps against counterfeiting" on cards and put "Yarn against counterfeiting" on the label of textile products This is one of the effective measures to protect the interests of consumers 4.1.3 Nha Be Garment Company: - Nha Be Garment Company has been known to consumers by the reputation for quality products, and the "Business Excellence Comprehensive Asia - Pacific 2008" - Sleek, elegant, elegant, yet very masculine and is specifically designed to build of Vietnam - Overall, shirt Nha Be suitable for intermediate customer group 12 - System wide distribution channels, more than 200 stores and dealers throughout the provinces in the country, especially in the South - Diversity at the product when marketed with two brands bring different styles, many models to consumers can choose, such as: + MATTANA: The men and women fashion office + DE CELSO: Product design and transfer of technology from Europe, available on demand for high-end fashion consumer 4.1.4 Nguyen Long: Products are manufactured to its own, internally developed high standards more stringent than more general criteria used by most of the industry including quality fabric, construction details, style, and sizing are constantly being reviewed and improved Nguyen Long focused design costumes for men with various designs, have invested carefully in every detail and understand the demand characteristics of this group, made distinct nuances to the Clothing: elegant style, personality, reporter securities, bravery, dignity,etc, Besides the design, manufacture a line every months with clothes for summer, autumn holiday and winter, spring Price matching many different customers MAYHAI is a relatively strong company, but on the road to building his career, MAYHAI also facing a lot of other competitors In the fierce battle that marketplace, MAYHAI always know to detect, assess, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors to have the right competitive strategy 4.2 Customers Customers are service organizations, businesses, individuals and businesses can help consumer goods products, their services to final consumers Customer market of enterprises producing even very large include age, gender, income, consumer preferences, social position,etc, It is an opportunity for enterprises to sew the majority category diversify their business models Customers have a huge impact on the survival and development of enterprise customers are farmers now live, is now towards the destination Customers decide now what kind of clothes production, styling the stars Hobbies, customer trends even decided to produce products of the enterprise 13 Enterprises must be based on the consumer's income to determine the sale so that buyers can accept For the apparel business of building our distribution channels face many restrictions Only a few companies have separate distributor, remaining mostly no or negligible The distribution business primarily through agents on a large scale supermarket But in the supermarket are not just products of businesses they tend to diversify business So the distributors are pressuring businesses For now produce garments in our country, the product produced mainly for export But now the direct export very little dollars We export largely mediated should profit 70% higher exports of textile products to the EU market are made through intermediaries as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea,etc Moreover in the EU market, MAYHAI only focused on items such easy jackets, shirts, and the items have value, high technical requirements such as suits, shirts, the less business executive produce To attract more customers, sell more products requiring enterprises to improve product quality, create products with sleek, built system appropriate distribution channels, terminate the Sale for foreign companies, organizing production from A to Z, focusing on brand building for your business to create credibility for the product on the market at home and abroad, the phases of marketing, survey and study the market schools and customers and understanding the needs and produce accordingly 4.3 Suppliers To survive and grow, businesses have relationships with different suppliers Those suppliers are businesses and individuals to ensure the supply of essential inputs to the business can be the product exported goods and certain services For enterprises producing garments their suppliers are companies providing fabric, yarn, sewing machines, needles, only the labor market,etc, Any one change from the side of the supply sooner or later, directly or indirectly, will also affect the production of garment enterprises Main suppliers who provide raw materials input to the enterprise, thus directly influence product prices, the possibility of product on the market Though our country has developed strategies textiles in 2020 including content developed cotton growing areas and industrial plants provide raw material for the textile industry and thereby provides industry ready However in recent years the issue of inputs is an unsolvable problem for the apparel business 14 Currently, businesses must produce garments influenced by world markets of raw materials by 80% of the materials used are imported, 20% was collected domestically Although cotton growing land in our country is quite large but approximately 200,000 hectares of cotton yields have only met 10% - 15% of the demand for textiles Especially with our synthetic fiber cotton to import 100% In 2002 must be entered 49,000 tons of cotton annually and imports 400-450 million meters of fabrics accommodate garment export and domestic consumption This makes the business of garment manufacturing in stages we collected input Specifically: - For enterprises producing high quality garment or out of the foreign orders or production for export when the main processing materials supplied by them, at the end of the contract, the source this raw material is also out When you want to produce more for export, import of raw materials from overseas markets so the initiative is not high, sometimes miss business opportunities - For domestic materials, the ability to produce common fabric of Vietnam was not there Some types of linen, Vietnam's coffee pot not much production and consumption only in rural markets and the mountains On the other hand the quality of our raw material is poor Our cotton fiber is short, low quality textile fabric low level It affects the quality of garments, affecting the competitiveness of products on the market Because of our apparel business depend heavily on suppliers So suppliers often put pressure on prices, quality source rocks at To ensure stable supply, quality, affordable, the problems faced by the apparel business are: Diversification of suppliers, strengthen the economic relationship mutually facilitate in generating fuel source such as strengthening investment in manufacturing materials at the local market, zoning cotton and strawberry farming silkworms, in close cooperation with the agricultural sector - forestry to solve material problems 4.4 The alternative products on export markets Are products of competitors in the same industry or business sectors and functions to meet the needs of customers alike Nowadays when people's lives are improving, demand for garments has changed These garments are now available on the mass production of style, size type, color,etc, will no longer suited to the tastes 15 of consumers if not improved in design and models will with tough competition from substitute products First, there are the garments of fashion apparel companies both at home and abroad These companies have more advantages in brand, quality products, designs fit the needs of consumer tastes especially the youth This fashion products put pressure on the product ready for styling, quality and design because they are focused on the design to create unique products and distinctive features Secondly tailor services of private tailor shop The advantage of this type of product it can meet the needs of all audiences with different needs With this tailor products consumers can actively in choosing the material, color design,etc, suit yourself When people's lives are improving, trends express themselves is very important Consumers often desire through the "Wear" you can speak of personality, the "personality" of the consumers Therefore tend to look to the fashion garment shop and private tailor is huge We can say the pressure of competition from substitute products is very large The replacement product will affect the price of its products, the ability to consume the product in the market,etc, So in order to survive and grow in an environment with multiple products can replace each other, businesses producing garments need to know the scale advantage of its mass production to reduce costs in order to compete through price Besides should enhance design, product innovation to develop a reputation for involving business customers 4.5 Potential Competitors With the market at large and the growth in annual demand high, the other side of the garment is the garment should not substitute sector is attracting a lot of big investors As the industry is capable of high profit industry ready-made clothes is not only the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, the company has imported but also potential challengers The potential opponents appear more or less in the form of competition through price, quality, brand depends on many factors These players can come from within the country or from abroad The emergence of potential rivals would threaten market share, profits, customers,etc, of existing businesses Specifically: 16 - Our country is the most populous country and people's incomes are growing as demand for garments is growing both in number and design and quality So, here are relatively attractive sector for investors to put capital to grow The emergence of rival depends on the barriers to entry that businesses must overcome - Financially: To engage in casual clothing market requires companies to have a large scale to compete not only in quality but also competitive in manufacturing costs By large-scale enterprises will gain economies of scale, thereby reducing production costs, increasing competitiveness in price pages Large capital is important barriers for potential competitors - In terms of volume of trade: Brand products is limited problem of garment enterprises in our country The majority of companies producing quality products is taking orders processed, very few companies with own brands for their products that customers know about The new branding for new firms entering the market is very difficult On the other hand the current garment enterprises have system-wide distribution channel, which is also a barrier to new competitors to enter the industry - In terms of resources: Vietnam has relatively low labor costs, which is considered favorable conditions for enterprises want to enter the industry Although the state has adopted policies to develop fuel-growing region but most materials industry are still imported from abroad this is a barrier for the entry of potential competitors - The process of globalization and regionalization takes place quickly with a series of agreements between the trade agreement member countries in the organization, including the issue of trade liberalization With the effect of free trade agreements in Southeast Asia (AFTA) and the Vietnam became a member of the WTO will be the challenge that businesses face garment With the high level of production technology and large capital investment, the overseas enterprises entering the Vietnam market is not very difficult to satisfy the demand for high-end products of people The foreign enterprise market operators clothier that domestic enterprises left open One of the competitors have to mention that China, India, Thailand To create a barrier to the emergence of potential rivals demanding production enterprises existing garments must constantly reinforce the material basis of 17 distribution systems as well as fully exploit domestic market and developing international markets Goods of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company foreign markets are the goods of average quality should be the direct competitor of the company on the world market garment enterprises of China, ASEAN and other developing countries,etc, At present, China is the largest garment exporter in the world with the quality and the price is very high, there are goods of average quality for a moderate price China is a populous country, has a history of developing industry May longstanding and industry that holds a significant position in the national economy ensuring good domestic demand and export expansion The country holds a leading position in the world industry May garments (about billion/year) Since the early 90s, China has always been one of the world's leading countries in the export of garments Export turnover increasing proportion of the total trade volume of garments The main export markets of China's Hong Kong, Japan, USA and EU Factors affecting the business strategy, products Men's Shirt MAYHAI Joint Stock Company 5.1 The quality Today, as consumer demand for higher garment one first element of the goods being attentive to the quality This is an important factor to maintain and develop export market of business enterprise exports Outlook for this, MAYHAI Joint Stock Company always strive to enhance higher quality in both domestic and imported Thanks to this job that the goods of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company increasing However to meet the rigorous demands of the market, companies have to try much, because considering garments exporter in the world of fashion, the quality of goods Vietnam only reached middle average Price is one of the important tools to compete in the market Current reality shows, garment industry in Vietnam in general and the MAYHAI Joint Stock Company in particular faces many difficulties in searching for material The basic materials of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company must enter from outside, especially of raw materials, so the water does not meet the requirements for design and quality So in order to have a guaranteed price for the business operations of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company may develop, the company has thoroughly researched the purchase 18 price (or cost of processing) of goods, transport costs, handling, storage, cost of sales,etc, and was trying to reduce to the minimum those costs On the basis of lower cost commodity products and give a suitable price 5.3 Diversity of styles Today, styles and designs are highly valued commodities, especially in the field of fashion garments and it is also one of the first criteria of the customer when purchasing decisions For MAYHAI Joint Stock Company basically fashion garments only company capable of meeting the consumer demand should normally not high export value, design products are single garment exports dance, mainly the product easy to make and require technical medium, low On the other hand, the export activity, we and the importer have different customs and practices, thus perception of beauty in different dress Therefore the MAYHAI Joint Stock Company had to try a lot to learn through books, newspapers, magazines about fashion and lifestyle,etc, From here the company will offer templates for sales and their poll In addition, some customers will put available to the Company and from which company to order according customer design requirements and had many goods trying to achieve the highest requirements of customers in terms of quality and sample code 5.4 Services, client service approach There is a fashionable garments beautiful, good quality, reasonable prices is not necessarily attract customers if the service, customer service approach is not interested Establishing credibility, customer confidence is a long process requiring a combination of many factors Art sales of the company was very progressive compared to the previous year The company is taking steps to build a team of sales and marketing with high skills and establish distribution channels throughout the country Although there have been attempts over the years, but many factors "art of selling" is still weak compared with other countries in the region Team trade promotion, marketing, sales personnel system is weak in quality and insufficient in number The company has not established communication networks, trade representatives in the region and in the country Evaluate the opportunities and challenges and prospects of export commodities men's shirts of MAYHAI Joint Stock Company 19 6.1 Rating the opportunity - MAYHAI experienced garment export processing for large companies of Japan, Taiwan (with the ability to produce products that meet the very strict requirements and quality standards) - MAYHAI have license of high fashion brand is very well known in France: Pierre Cardin MAYHAI have lasting confidence in the class is the official supplier and exclusive products Pierre Cardin fashion group in Vietnam and Indochina Shirts of MAYHAI transferred from Pierre Cardin group from design manufactured under industrial sales processes and European style The diverse line of products made from raw materials, auxiliary materials of high quality, international standards Matching fabrics climate Vietnam as: less heat, less wrinkled, easy laundry,etc, to increase usability for users - Design vivid, geometric shapes and meticulous detail with various colors suitable for every season - Focus on the premium segment - The system of own distribution channels, uniform, active in management - Consumers can bring to any shop of the company in exchange for other products within a month if deemed unsatisfactory - Not fussy but still adhere to the classical lines, add a bit of a break to create the unmistakable identity of the product is on the market MAYHAI MAYHAI remain single company may not have any agent More than 70 large and small stores across the country are run by the self-opening MAYHAI, price and quality after sales service from north to south uniform Unlike other fashion brands, often distribute products through agents, companies hire shop MAYHAI initiative and appoint its staff undertook All stores held by companies unified design from signs, furniture including staff uniforms are based on the color specified by the company With this expanded form, we have brought products produced by the company to hand MAYHAI consumers directly, which can listen to and meet the needs of consumers correctly - Also, when gifted MAYHAI products but not like the color or size, consumers can bring to any shop of the company in exchange for other products within a month unused condition For customers familiar, if necessary modify products to better suit his physique will be the company to quickly respond 20 6.2 Evaluation challenges However, manufacturing and export of Vietnam's garment also has some limitations, shortcomings and challenges facing small First is the bigger processing, supporting industry growth retardation Although, if calculated directly, the sector has moved from a deficit samg surplus, but imports of raw materials, auxiliary materials directly (for both the production and consumption of local produce products for exports) is still quite large Some gaps arise because imbalances in key planning textile technology support weak, largely fabric and garment accessories dependent on imports Link in the supply chain is weak, has not formed a cluster, the textile industrial park Production model machining high percentage, low value added; production management skills are weak Efficiency equipment Spinning, weaving, dyeing is not high Collection, analysis and provision of information, the local market and international untimely Therefore, although investment flows are shifting to the Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, growing consumer market expanded, developed by the FTA brings but competition from market China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia is increasingly fierce Besides, the technical barriers of hygiene, safety, environment and social responsibility, anti-subsidy tends to increase Attraction attractive manpower for the textile industry increasingly weakened compared to other industries - Distribution channels so the management, control not tight, leading to many imitations, lowering the prestige of the brand MAYHAI brand positioning to clients and senior secondary This creates heterogeneity in brand MAYHAI - Experience in exporting manner straight sale or sold FOB the deficit, but the trend of the current world trade export mainly FOB - Few pay attention to the domestic market, focusing on promoting only serve foreign markets System-wide distribution was not up yet to meet all the needs of customers across the country - The Company's research one should primarily still sketchy design of company goods by customers order - Export markets fashion apparel company is still limited mainly focused on traditional markets such as Eastern Europe, EU and non-quota markets such as Japan, Taiwan 21 - No penetration or penetration but low exports in major markets such as North America, Caribbean, South America,etc, 6.3 Assessment of potential exporters of men's shirts MAYHAI Joint Stock Company Market economy greatly affects the style of dress of the people especially the gentlemen In every age, the man who always plays an important role The important position of the country the majority are male while women account for only a small part Then came the great work like new only women do, they like cooking, sewing,etc, The fact is that had a lot of chefs, fashion designers are men None the family men are pillars Thus style of dress of the eyebrow whiskers always get attention Provided that the market economy today, the man must go out much for a living society, to communicate, to work Hence the need to dress them becoming more important By dress reflects their personality so much as well as affect the success of the work Understand that, MAYHAI has manufactured products nice design, high quality and very popular In company strengths MAYHAI shirt manufactured on modern technological lines, international standards and also exploit the nice design 100% cotton shirts of MAYHAI be more textured with embroidery motifs on clothes and bags brace 10 patterns such as lotus, drum Ngoc Lu, Thang Long ancient city Vietnam's textiles are present in more than 50 countries and territories around the world Through the first months of 2014, nearly 37 markets reaching over 10 million USD, of which 11 markets reaching over 100 million, especially with market reached over billion $ Head of the import market of Vietnam's garment US, over months, the country has to import up to 50.2% of total textile exports of Vietnam and the largest import items, accounting for 37.3% of total imports from Vietnam Japan is the second largest market, accounting for over 12.9% of total export turnover of Vietnam garment, reaching 16.8% of total imports of Japan from Vietnam Several other countries in the high proportion of total export turnover of Vietnam's textile Korea 7% and 18.9%; Germany accounted for 3.7% and 9.9%; Spain accounted for 2.7% and 21.6%; He accounted for 2.7% and 12.3%; Canada accounted for 2.2% and 26.4% 22 Proposed measures to improve the efficiency of export products Men's Shirt MAYHAI Joint Stock Company MAYHAI Joint Stock Company need to focus on solutions: development and expansion of the market; positioning the textile industry cluster focused, productive towards specialization and provide package products; Strengthening the link between producers, suppliers and participate in the value chain of the industry Human resource development, industrial development support natural fibers; encourage foreign investment in developing synthetic fibrous, dye auxiliaries The goal of building a new master plan to develop the textile industry to become one of the key industries for export, capable to meet the needs of domestic consumption and higher; create many jobs for the society, improve competitiveness, strong integration into the regional economy and the world For deeper penetration into overseas markets, in addition to the specific understanding of the terms and rules, preferential regime for Vietnam, MAYHAI Joint Stock Company need thorough market research and develop long relationship term with foreign buyers through common agreement The company is currently facing stiff competition in export operations for domestic enterprises and foreign So, the next time the company had organized research and better exploit the existing market potential and market Specifically, in order to dominate the market, meet the needs of consumers with reasonably priced, consistent quality for each region, each country, the company needs to focus on the analysis of factors entitled to demand So to grasp the situation of the overseas market, the company should conduct open representative offices abroad and appoint representatives in the country to business relationship with the company in terms of market demand investigation That case, create templates, one hit, with consumer tastes To win and improve their competitiveness on international markets, the Company conducted operations following link: - It is necessary to conduct more closely linked to the supply unit serves raw materials for the processing of export goods company - Conduct associated with foreign entities to attract resources, organize well the products consumed 23 - Links with the banking institutions to facilitate the payment for goods with customers as well as for the supply unit - Keep the relationship with the transport unit, the unit export procedures for goods of export companies are quick time, reduce storage costs, deliver on the provisions of the contract,etc,… CONCLUSION Economic restructuring from centralized bureaucratic mechanism subsidy to market mechanisms is a major turning point for the basic nature of our country's economy can stand and grow up with the world economy and region This shift has led to a shift in planning, business strategy of each business This new mechanism has ushered in a new era full of opportunities for development but also significant challenges for economic sectors as well as enterprises in Vietnam Activity in the market economy every business must mobilize themselves, to decide all matters of their business, there is no assignment and direction as the old mechanism, thus requiring enterprises must have high flexibility Because the survival and development of each enterprise that has the competition among enterprises together Competition has since helped launch businesses confirms the strength, increasing sales and profits Conversely, there is also the element eliminates the business enterprise inefficient, not competitive As the economy grows, the economic sectors are increasingly diverse, the number of enterprises, it appears increasingly fierce competition Every business to ensure its existence has taken the bold competitive strategy to continually enhance their competitiveness On the other hand, firms never rest on our laurels dominate the market (this is very dangerous and will lead to the demise of the business) should 24 always seek to grow, to expand the market And so, build a strategy to compete with the tools, appropriate measures to enhance the fierce competition in the market Export business activity was an activity international nature, because it is beyond the national borders should factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises as much To stand on the international market, in competitive conditions are more severe than the problems faced by each company as large export business 25 LIST OF REFERENCES 1) Lecture courses Strategic Management, Associate Prof Dr Vu Thanh Hung, 2015 2) Business Strategy for the garment industry, Le Bao An, 2014 3) Strategy for garment exports, Nguyen Bao Minh, 2014 4) To promote exports to the EU market, Luu Dinh Khanh, 2014 5) 6) 26 ... after a bilateral trade agreement between Vietnam and the US take effect in November 2001 opened up increased market opportunities and MAYHAI immediately expand into the US market MAYHAI has become... the EU thrives after agreement from textiles trade between Vietnam and the EU was signed on December 15, 1992 and an average growth rate continued to increase during then In other markets, the... since helped launch businesses confirms the strength, increasing sales and profits Conversely, there is also the element eliminates the business enterprise inefficient, not competitive As the economy
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