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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh Chi Nhánh Cơng ty Hưng Đạo Container Hải Phòng mặt hàng container Analyze business strategy of Hung Dao Container Company in HaiPhong Branch for container products TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION Container transport was born in the early 19th century when the US military use of container as a way to transport essential supplies for the military to the European theater in the First World War years However, until 1937, the container with the current standards actually been born and is widely used today, and that is the period when Malcolm McLean, when he was an American driver , invented a way of using the crates as trucks transporting cargo containers at sea The beginning of the way this application and the importance of logistics in the Vietnam war and the country in the Second World War, are two major reasons for this mode of transport for development day one widely on a global scale today's era The birth of the container has brought many benefits to save significant costs when combined with other means of transport such as trucks, boats Helping to transport more feasible than when transporting large quantities of goods Today, with a network of container transportation system throughout government, multimedia combine shipping, container shipping has played a significant role in the world economy It should be noted that container transport, container transport requires a lot of manpower involved from shipping lines, ports and container leasing company, the company made important intermediate forwarder Therefore, my group decided to choose topics “Analyze business strategy of Hung Dao Container Company in HaiPhong Branch for container products” RESEARCH OF CONTENT Introduction of Branch Company in Hai Phong Hung Dao Container - Branch Hung Dao Container Joint Stock Company in Hai Phong - Address: Lot 26, Ha Doan Zone, Dong Hai Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City - Tel: 765 575 0313 Fax: 765 575 0313 - MST: 0301411035003 Hung Dao Container Company in Hai Phong Branch was founded in 1997 After years of operations, research and development in the northern markets, the Hung Dao Container Company noticed demand for container growing In order to further promote the development of production and business operations and market expansion In 2002, the company has branches in Haiphong go into building management system Offices, factories and dumps containers can accommodate 1,000 TEU, more than 17,000 m2 area located at Lot 26, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Hai An District, Hai Phong City, with the trade name full translation is: Hung Dao Container Joint Stock Company in Hai Phong branch With its geographical location situated on the main road to Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Near the Great Sea Port: Chua Ve Port, Dinh Vu Port, PTSC Petroleum port, near the headquarters of the Import and Export Company, the fowarder, carriers,etc, facilitate trade, logistics, transport of goods, export and import of goods by container Besides Haiphong city is an important port city of the north, so the city government is always interested in improving, enhancing, building and developing the port system and the company has related to the profession import-export activities, goods transportation, logistic activities directly used to container On the other hand Haiphong has also accelerated the pace of urbanization, focus on building great works, large construction projects are underway will be the platform for the sale of products includes Container Storage Container, Container cold, Container Office, the Container and services related to the containers that Hai Phong Branch will focus and exploited in the future of this strategic commodity With development efforts relentlessly to diversify the business service until early 2010 the company has more products enter the US Ciągniki siodłowe and Semi trailer production to supply domestic and develop more freight car fleet logistic service-oriented long-term development of the Company Are affiliated but independently operated, through 15 years of development, Hai Phong Branch has gradually dominated the market in the North contribute significantly to the company affirmed its full brand Hung Dao container market domestic and international Products and Services Hung Dao Container Company in Hai Phong Container 10 feet Container 20GP Container 40HC Container 50 feet HC 2010 Prostar Day Cabs Trắng 2011 International model Maxxfrorce Container Office 10,20,40 Feet VP fireproof container Analysis of PEST model for container products 3.1 Economic environment The technical speed of transport tools will not achieve high economic efficiency without reducing transport time tool transport stops at the point The most basic element to reduce the time to stop at the point of transport is to increase the mechanization of loading and unloading at the point stitching transport An important measure to address all stages of mechanization of cargo handling is to create appropriate large parcels And that is why the container was born The use of container in import-export activities has brought many advantages such as protection of the maximum cargo more, save packaging costs, reduces the time for loading and unloading and waiting at the port, durable and have can be used several times and a factor that helps transport half manipulate the tonnage, decreased liability claims and loss of goods Our country has many ports system consists of 114 large and small ports, distributed along the coast from north to south as the port of Haiphong, Saigon Port, VICT, Tan Thuan, Cat Lai,etc, Currently, according to statistics, about 95% of the total volume of goods traded internationally is transported by sea So the transportation of goods by container for delivery of goods by sea is very important Vietnam's economy in the years that have kept continuous growth, GDP growth rates in recent years at between 7% - 7.5% per year (the GDP in the national plan from 2011 to 2015 was 7.5% / year) This forecast comes from the following facilities: + Along with the trend of international economic integration, the domestic manufacturing sector is growing strongly have created more favorable conditions for the production and business investment in Vietnam's domestic and foreign enterprises This also provides opportunities for companies to promote their business + The process of rural urbanization increasingly strong place throughout the country, this makes improving productivity in agriculture on a substantial step, extraction of oil and gas production is growing as a prerequisite for the mining industry development conditions + Along with the growth of Vietnam's economy, the international credit institutions making more favorable conditions to support and preferential loans to Vietnam Thus the Government has tried to be the preferential capital from abroad to invest in building infrastructure for the country In summary, from the trend mentioned above showed economic environment indicates more favorable conditions for the people of all strata of the settlement of employment and income in the future This will lead to a rapid increase in the population's needs in the future, especially the demand for meals, accommodation, travel,etc, Thereby developing the transport industry in the country in general and the Hung Dao Container Company in particular Sea Port is the focal waterway transport - road, which owns the national infrastructure, serving the country's economy But the port's business, manufacturing business in the port also hinterland, customers, inputs, outputs,etc, and the highest desire of business is stable growth market, profitable production To achieve this goal, all the port operators are implementing corporate governance, can start from operational production management,etc, To the customer relationship management market Working in Marketing service that the port is a relatively new field for the port business Due to strong growth of the world economy in general and Vietnam in particular, the shipping industry, port operators and service tools also steady growth, averaging around 16% throughout the decade , while some one some businesses, an impressive growth rate reached around 50% a year Recognizing the important role of the sector, the government has promoted and encouraged investment in port infrastructure, development of ancillary industries such as shipbuilding, ship repair in order to improve quality and performance competitiveness of the port system, the domestic fleet However, at present, the infrastructure of Vietnam has yet to meet the development needs of the shipping industry World maritime industry are huge opportunities thanks to increased economic development and global trade, in which Asia is the most dynamic sector Asian trade accounts for a large share of the total import and export volume in the world Vietnam shipping industry precede development opportunities due to economic integration is increasing (WTO accession) and economic growth of Vietnam Market freight forwarding and shipping services Vietnam ongoing competition due to an increased in the number of enterprises operating in this sector Estimated there were more than 160 enterprises of maritime services (approximately 133 state enterprises, others are joint ventures, private equity,etc, ) Private sector agents shipbroker has 68 units operating primarily in the maritime trade centers such as Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau - Hanoi – Haiphong,etc, In the field of freight forwarding (freight forwarding) from just the few stateowned business unit of services, far above the country has nearly 200 companies (about 20 foreign joint ventures, approximately hundreds company limited,etc, ), not to mention many foreign forwarder operating in our country through the agency form These factors may also affect the market share of Hung Dao Container In addition, business cooperation with foreign joint venture enterprises in the sector as well as increased competition appears potentially more competitive and reduce the market share of the Company Currently under the overall planning of Vietnam's seaport system (until 2015) is focused on building a multi-purpose port plays a key role in key economic areas for large vessels (2,000 - 3,000 TEU) Attention to the ports or zones for container terminals and an international transshipment port, especially in the area of Ho Chi Minh City - Dong Nai - Vung Tau (eg, complex systems Thi Vai - Vung Tau) When the new terminal was born attracts a number of goods and affects the business operation of the Hung Dao Container 3.2 Political environment - law In recent years, the Government and the Government Offices were interested in removing some obstacles basic mechanisms and policies, but there is no priority mode, adequate protection for national fleets Container as many others have done In particular, the regulatory environment relating to maritime activities is not clear, there are provisions inconsistent with the possibility, developmental needs and the current operating conditions of the Vietnam Maritime business Especially protect market policies freight, taxes, fees, application of the preferential regime and encourage investment, management of foreign loans, purchasing procedures ship and licensing regimes, management marine business of foreign objects on the territory of Vietnam Management can see the container shipping market inland Vietnam, the State is applying management policies market mechanism mainly soft, little hard to use mechanisms through administrative measures The political environment is increasingly unstable, and diplomatic relations with countries increasingly expanded and improved as a positive factor to impact the country's economic development The legal system, administrative system reform, perfecting constantly Law went into economic activities create a favorable environment, safe for business enterprises The view of the Party and the State on the leading role of the national economy in economic development is a big advantage for the state in general business and company building materials - construction and housing business say in the year to own Industry global container shipping has been in surplus in recent years, and will continue in 2015 As reported by Lloyd, more than 1.9 million TEUs will be added to the world's container fleet next year This represents a 10% increase in total container fleet and many carriers will develop a larger scale By default, the fleet replenishment simultaneously with the removal of obsolete ships 2013, the ship is removed is recorded at a record 2.7% And in 2014 had 2.3% more container ships are removed Next year, this figure is expected to decrease by 2% All this means the world container fleet in 2015 will increase by 8.8%, exceeding demand growth was only 6-7%, and increases the capacity surplus However, there is still lackluster, with only 900,500 TEU vessels delivered in 2016, ie 4.5% of the fleet will increase According to analysts, the removal of the old ship will drag this number down further, and demand growth is again expected to be 7% This means that supply and demand will be balanced in 2016 The legal system of our country today is not really complete and not high performance Additionally still exist many complex provisions overlap in administrative areas, especially the provisions on customs procedures and activities related to exports and imports This makes a big impact to the business of marine services company Currently the State is implementing fully protected areas of inland transport by ship and maritime agency services, such as not permitting the establishment of joint ventures, or the transfer of maritime missions Vietnam-based foreign affiliates of the company; compulsory foreign ship owners to specify a shipping agent company Vietnam general agents for their vessels out of ports in Vietnam,etc, However, the implementation of trade liberalization, services, businesses in the sector no longer the monopoly that only reasonable protection And when it will have the participation of foreign firms in the same industry Vietnam market This will increase competition and may affect the current market share of Hung Dao Container Special government encourages business owners Ship international shipping, with policies such as reduced income tax on income from the charterer for international transportation, corporate income tax exemption from revenues through the sale of the ship but the ship business international shipping if revenues used to purchase replacement ship within year, corporate income tax exemption for income from the commercial exploitation of Thailand flag In addition, Government of Thailand adopted a number of banks have subsidized the shipping business of a large credits with preferential interest rates attached some conditions to grow the number and tonnage of the fleet countries, particularly the container fleet 3.3 Sociocultural environment Economic transformation and political changes in law as well as socio-cultural system, altering the structure of income and expenditure of the population in the direction of economic growth, as expected, combined with the social Policy of the Party and the State, the possibility of residents' income in future will be significantly improved Earnings in 2015 of population tends to increase, so public spending to improve living conditions and spiritual material also increased, while the demand for freight transport From practical economy began to prosper our country, combined with the forecasted norm method and extrapolate the trend, we can identify trends of residential consumers in the years to come In the development of maritime transport and other services related to the sea As predicted by experts will have 2/3 the amount of import and export commodities of the world have to go through the the East Sea in the next 5-10 years Demand for transportation of containerized goods in Asia could rise significantly Road transport system is increasingly complete and upgrades: in 2015 strive to complete refresh, upgrade and renovate more than 800 km of road, 10,000 new construction road bridge; replacing rails, sleepers 40km rail, new construction 36.000m2 air station, 600m runway,etc, handed over 10 large projects like highways Cau Gie-Ninh Binh, Ho Chi Minh Trail Phase (Pac Bo - Cao Bang, My An - Cao Lanh,etc, ), Highway (Doan Hung - Thanh Thuy phase 2), Highway 3, the LangHoa Lac (finishing), bridges Goods Shrimps, international airports Danang, Highway bridge phase (Tho - Based years),etc, Vietnam does not have the large ports, deep enough to accommodate the largest vessels, the lack of major seaports with scale logistics, lack of shipbuilding and ship repair scale, systematic research facility marine scientific research technology, the basis of marine disaster forecasting,etc, in addition, Vietnam's seaport, there are some limitations and challenges due to historical factors, the major ports of Vietnam are located near big cities and in deep inside the estuary - where influenced by alluvial and tidal According to the analysis and assessment of the economic demographer at home and abroad, the Vietnamese population structure has entered a period of "golden population structure" or "Door of demographic opportunity" or "Residual interests the population" Doors of opportunity opened demographic for a country is the stage when the proportion of children under age 15 is less than 30% and the proportion of people aged 65 or older is less than 15% of the total population With gold structure as above, this is a big advantage by human resources and has a large market potential market Therefore, freight movement needs to serve market demand for related products promises a big return rate So, Hung Dao Container should take advantage of this golden opportunity to grow the core business area of logistics to catch the trend and make good use of existing opportunities 3.4 Science - Technology Infrastructure is not enough load cargo, according to the standard design of highway route of Vietnam, the container load to allow vehicle traffic but 30feet container standards of the world are used as 35feet, thus formed the technique of the roads not allow expansion superheavy transport on roads Incomplete deep water port and development in Vietnam, as of the end of in December 2014, only some ports like Cai Mep deepwater, Cam Ranh New qualification designed for medium capacity ships docked world This situation shows the weakness of the technical design and construction of 403 ports in Vietnam, besides showing the vision and interest in the development of port economy has not really focused Shipbuilding technology and other means of transport is not complete and has not met the needs of society, the Vinashin struggling on financial issues are a major challenge for Vietnam's shipbuilding industry, which would make imports 10 discerning than in the request, the service quality requirements of Hung Dao Container must be one day improve and develop new types of services, on the one hand is to retain longtime clients, familiar; on the other hand, entice and attract more potential customers to use services offered by your business Time coming here, Hung Dao Container will face certain difficulties when some clients will no longer use the services of Hung Dao Container for their own independent marine services division to operate Or as the former Saigon Hung Dao Container specializes in acting as agent for the passenger trains at Saigon Port Saigon port but now also features a separate agency to exploit this service segment In the field of real estate investment and finance, pressure from customers is very high when the main investment real estate financing is not the traditional business field of Hung Dao Container, the competitive behavior of traders brand is not as high as other companies such as: Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, Vinatex Land ThuDuc House, Phu My Fertilizer, Bao Viet bank, NKK (Japan), OrionCorp, Intesa Sanpaolo bank, Bao Viet Securities, diplomatic missions Embassy of Belgium On the other hand in the present economic situation of solvency for the company will face some difficulties due to the deterioration of the business as well as the economy of Vietnam and the world 4.2 For existing competitors From the main areas of activity of Hung Dao Container is: Boat Dealers, container shipping, and customs brokerage, and financial operations we recognize these direct competitors with Hung Dao Container are enterprises operating in the same industry, the same field That is the forwarder (Forwarder), shipping agents (Shipping Agency), forwarding agents (Forwarding Agency), logistics (Logistics) According to statistics, the country has about 200 enterprises of maritime services (including about 100 state enterprises, others are joint ventures, private equity,etc, ) The principal business activities in the economic hub of maritime commerce as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh In the field of freight forwarding (freight forwarding) and logistics (logistics), currently calculated on the country has more than 500 enterprises, including 20 joint ventures with foreign partners 12 Increasing competition between the Company as maritime services, especially in the field of shipping agency services, transport agents multimodal problem is not just Hung Dao Container that every business is facing The number of service enterprises increased rapidly, while the transport market has developed only certain extent Some private companies are willing to discount services below the permission of the State in order to entice customers In the company there are some who are so active in the sector, after a stint at the State company, amassed several customer relationships have diverged certain established private companies Unfair competition is causing significant impact on production and business activities of the Hung Dao Container and the prestige of maritime services sector in general The business is currently strong opponent of Hung Dao Container primarily in specific areas such as: - Companies liner agency services, freight and logistics agents: Vietfracht, Vosa, Saigon Ship, Vinatrans, Transimex, Safi, Vietranscimex, Ben Line Agencies and companies with private agents - Ship agency services: Kien Hung, Eastern Asia, gods, Vietfracht, Vinamar, Vosa,etc, - Financial activities, real estate: Housing Development Company (ITC), ThuDuc House.) In general, these enterprises most formidable opponents of Hung Dao Container on most business sectors can mainly be mentioned are: Vinatrans, a state enterprise and a strong reputation in the service providing similar services Hung Dao Container and Ben Line Agencies is a foreign enterprise, renowned in the field of acting as agents for shippers and forwarders (forwarders) abroad The WTO accession means that the commercial activities, services liberalization, the industry can now no longer the monopoly The participation of foreign firms in the same industry Vietnam market will certainly increase competition for business activity of Hung Dao Container 4.3 Potential competitors Potential opponents of Hung Dao Container is the clients, partners of Hung Dao Container familiar as shipping lines, airlines, courier firms By considering the field of transport, forwarding, logistics, you can see that this is the unit that customers shipping needs to first think and the truth is the world's largest customer needs regular 13 export examples of clothing or sports shoes like Adidas, Nike are direct customers of the carriers rather than through the intermediary transactions forwarder (forwarder) or forwarding agent In 2010, the World Bank (WB) had ranked Vietnam ranks 53/155 countries on logistics performance indicators, the national head of the low-income group and the average level in the world Statistics show that, at present Vietnam's logistics services account for about 15-20% of GDP, while in the developed countries is 8-10% This figure is too attractive not only stimulate domestic enterprises scrambling to logistics, but also caused the largest maritime corporations such as APL, Mitsui OSK, Maersk Logistics, NYK Logistics,etc, , powerful corporations with large competitiveness, experience and financial resources to the system huge dealer network dense, dedicated warehouse system, closed service worldwide, the network extensive communication, organizational management degree high, sought entry, consolidation, market domination of our Logistics The latest figures that Freight Forwarders Association of Vietnam (Viffas) launched showed weakness of firms 'internal' Specifically, according Viffas, in 1000 enterprises operating in the logistics industry, logistics, in fact only about 10% of businesses actually provide logistics services In particular, foreign enterprises (joint venture, 100% foreign capital) has won about 70% of the market thanks to the professionalism of the business, wide network and application of modern information technology Enterprises of Vietnam only meet the simple service, with limited technological level, even just "hired" for foreign companies Viffas representative acknowledged that activities of the enterprise service delivery, warehousing, logistics Vietnam still fragmented, multiple intermediaries, agents, price competition is mainly, lack of investment in technology, specialized professional,etc, Should not create value added chains and hard to get customers trust 4.4 Supplier For businesses, the transport service provider Hung Dao Container is Corporation the specialized production of transport vehicles such as container trucks, ships and other equipment used for other transportation For service businesses port operator and logistics provider, the principal of Hung Dao Container is the enterprise specializing in the design and construction of ports and warehouses In the real estate 14 sector, the Hung Dao Container heavily dependent on raw material suppliers construction and technical facilities in the building 4.5 Distributor Because Hung Dao Container business services primarily to distribution through dealers often, dealer network However Hung Dao Container still underdeveloped network of agents now for themselves because in fact Hung Dao Container still acting as agents for some foreign companies like Hyundai Vietnam, Sinokor, OOCL in the field of transport downloads, Hung Dao Container is the agent for more than forty international forwarder company, providing services airfreight forwarding, sea forwarding, packing service, door to door service, customs liquidation , transportation services by truck, barge to the place on the territory of Vietnam,etc, At the private sector port operators and logistics, the transport sector is part of the distribution channel Analysis of the competitive impact to Container items 5.1 The trend becoming conglomerates This tendency to strengthen the role of the State enterprises in the context of the country's economy to full integration into ASEAN, the State advocates a step to consolidate State enterprises to enhance competitiveness of local businesses by grouping together businesses combined to form large-scale enterprises than in all aspects (capacity, capital, equipment, technology, scope of operation,etc, ) and at National level This will make the competitive strength of the business unit is increasingly strengthened, reducing the risk of competition within the industry Vietnam logistics companies are divided into three main groups: (1) A foreign company with 100% foreign capital or joint-venture company, (2) the State enterprise groups, and (3) Private company (according Mr Trinh Ngoc Hien, Chairman Board of Directors and CEO of Vinafco) The first group - the majority focused on global customer segment in each country of them, is that consumers are aware of the logistics very full and needs to use the package logistics services The second group - occupy almost the entire services of freight forwarding, domestic transportation, serving diverse customer segments and primarily specialized 15 strengths of each individual array Most of the profit in the field of transport and distribution transportation sector fell into this The third group - the group with the most potential for future development, targeting similar customer segments - the private company, shares are the strongest brands in Vietnam In the third group, the logistics service providers and service users are changing very fast awareness of logistics When the rights of ownership associated with corporate interests, they always calculate the most efficient plan for special operations are the factors affecting the cost and competition 5.2 Trends competition from other economic sectors In the commodity economy of our country, all economic sectors are business freedom in accordance with law The owner can form a mixture, mix together to form the diversified business organizations, businesses not have ownership ties to business freedom, cooperation in competition with each other, equality before the law With such economic environment, competitive risk frequent fierce among economic sectors, especially for the construction market have tended to grow Transportation of bulk cargo transport mainly raw materials for industrial commodities like coal, ore and cement We can say that bulk commodities huge proportion of the total volume of goods transported by sea In Vietnam, we export annually more than three million tons of coal and hundreds of thousands of tons of ore types At the same time, we also started to import fertilizer left with sizable volumes, and is expected in the coming years, this volume continues to increase Thus, the total volume of import and export bulk cargo annually is huge, but the number of vessels dedicated bulk cargo fleet of Vietnam is still modest Also, a very difficult factor for the development of fleet that our port system is generally defective One factor causing challenges for Vietnam Sea fleet which is the fierce competition of foreign fleets, especially in the field of container transport, crude oil, oil products While our fleet, as analyzed, is limited in quantity and weight 5.3 Trends transport market entry of foreign competitors Vietnam's full integration into ASEAN could lead to the company of other countries in the region have eligibility to enter our country raises the risk of competition, until 2015, the domestic enterprises face with many new competitors In 16 summary, the trend shows, the competitive environment for companies in the future will have a significant improvement in the direction of lower pressure the company competitive The time has not seen an economic organization of society have accurate figures on the number of business enterprises in Vietnam Logistics Services, including the Association of Vietnam Freight Forwarders (VIFFAS) is a professional association According to unofficial figures, to mid-2011 Vietnam has approximately 1,000 enterprises in all economic sectors are trading logistics services in Vietnam In this issue, as of October 2011, there are 133 businesses are members of VIFFAS, including 116 official members and 17 associate members Scale enterprises are mostly small and medium category Currently, the activities of the South Vietnamese ships in overseas routes mainly focused on the following areas: - The container ship of Maritime Corporation Vietnam voyages Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan - Vosco fleet mainly run as Philippine Southeast Asian routes, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South China, in addition, the second main line carrying goods from Vietnam, Thailand, the Middle East or taken for imports of Vietnam and some countries in the region - The fleet of Vitranchart run Southeast Asian routes, also run some routes to Africa or Central America - A number of ships participating Vinaship run Southeast Asian routes - Left some other companies ships small quantities, small tonnage, run negligible overseas routes, mainly concentrated domestic run 17 The SWOT analysis of goods Container Strengths Weaknesses S1: Good management W1: Freight Network and team S2: ports Strong financial W2: Price high service position W3: Marketing Management S3: Quality of Service W4: S4: Prestige brand System Management Information S5: High market share Opputinities S6: R & D Combining SO O1: The policy development priorities of state Combining WO W1 + O1,2,3 → Combining S1,2,3,4, + O1,2,3,4 forward, joint venture or associate O2: Favorable geographical → Market Penetration, W2 + O1,4→ Strategy price location Market Development O3: Large market potential S2,6 + O5 → diversify competition O4: The growth rate of the horizontally sector O5: Science and technology is growing Threats Combining ST T1: Infrastructure incomplete S2 + T1 → Combining W1 + T1,5 → Joint Venture and T2:Exchange rate fluctuations backwards T3: Competitors associates S1,2,3,4,5 + T3,5 → W2 + T2,3,5 → Cut costs to T4: The threat from natural Joint disasters Kết hợp WT Venture associates and reduce prices W4 + T3,5 → Restructuring the T5: WTO/AFTA organization's T6: The economic situation is information system not yet stable world W3 + T3 management -> Strengthen T7: World oil prices rise Marketing Activities Some proposals and measures to improve the operational efficiency of the company, especially the business strategy for Container items 18 7.1 Market analysis Container transport 7.1.1 Consolidated trend Container shipping industry was tottering with surplus capacity, as well as rising fuel costs have become the main reasons for the losses reported by many businesses The consolidation of the large carriers are considered to be quite difficult because of barriers of state ownership and the conditions for achieving an agreement between carriers are simple Hence, an agreement between Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV, Hamburg Süd and CCNI, CMA CGM and OPDR, Horizon Lines and Matson are important agreement was announced in 2014 Next year, the forecast multiple carriers may be joining the big leagues rather than the acquired However, analysts said that there are still many opportunities in this market For example, forecasting the economic recovery was noted many positive signs of improvement, multinational enterprises now want to develop transport operations in emerging economies and developing countries, many organizations officials are considering new investment opportunities,etc, 7.1.2 The problem of port congestion Backlog, congestion at the ports have become the subject of much interest throughout 2014 worldwide Analysts said that the larger ships with more cargo volume is difficult for the adoption at the port However, vessel size will increase throughout the next year, not only on the main line, which includes a small gland in the region And obviously the port congestion and delays to customers is inevitable 7.1.3 Movements of charges Almost there are few signs that will change in stabilizing rates on key trade lanes in 2015, as well as changing the form marketing and business tactics of the carriers With the introduction of larger vessels in operation, shipping lines under pressure from several factors such as filling capacity of ships transport, the congestion at airports, the surcharge, seasonal shipping needs,etc, This means that the general rate can be pushed up 7.2 For company The aim of the company is trading company make a profit but they often work with familiar customers This has limited the ability of the Company to compete in the 19 market Therefore, companies should quickly find new customers, by constantly improving service very good, to best meet customer needs, expanding the scope of activities than half of the company, more advanced position and prestige in the marketplace For example, companies can promote the image of the company through the mass media such as newspapers or introduce more clarity about the company's activities on the company's website as this is useful bridge The most effective to put the image of a large company to customers and also the effective marketing measures Companies should have policies, long-term strategy on price, market, time, quality,etc, As always interested in customer needs, and maintain business relations, frequent contacts to capture feedback from customers The preferential policies such as price discounting for longtime customers and regular customers contracted These are very practical policies to attract customers When this policy is enforced both companies will be able to ensure customers are familiar medium can attract new customers In addition, the company should also pay more attention to the half-life and spirit matter of individual officers - employees Because it is a very important factor affecting the positive attitude and maintain intimate relationships Create a work environment comfortable, no pressure, along with the introduction of policy incentives to reward and motivate staff always try their best effort to complete the job and is intent long-term commitment to the company The company should also have distributed work schedules that are a good match to avoid more than half the shipment was behind the contract got to discredit the company Currently if talking about office equipment company, was very well equipped but the means of transportation of the company is still limited so companies need to invest more than half of transport Because the company in this respect depends on the outside lot More specifically, companies should enhance the car-trailer, truck, expanded warehousing systems, complement the existing number of vehicles (companies often have to pay storage charges, demurrage due to no transport vehicles while commodities are done Customs procedures) The company employees are graduates from the University and colleges nationwide reputation, experience so companies need to make better use of human resources half of the company to promote business activity Namely facilitating more 20 for officers and employees are studying through the practice session short or medium term in order to raise foreign language proficiency, professionalism and skills exchange injured The time element is always an pretty important factor affecting the competitive strategy of the company, so would like to shorten the time line, the close collaboration maintained, supported between departments is really necessary Another factor affecting half the cargo that is the advance payment for the cargo carried As forwarding company, so the company always undertakes many consignments so many instances when shipments simultaneously, the Company will encounter difficulties in advance for your employees every failure sufficient amount of cash To remedy this situation the company needs to build a reserve fund for the prevention of these cases arise when there is not enough money to serve the cargo The majority of the Company's contracts are imported so the company needs to exploit and capture the water source in order to support the domestic export partner Foreign market research This contributes to an enhanced reputation for the company as well as increased foreign currency for the country 7.3 For the State In the economy as the current crisis, enterprises are faced with many difficulties therefore the State should create conditions more than half to support enterprise development Specifically, as the State should have guaranteed policy at a satisfactory rate to encourage exports and restrict imports because of the volatility of the exchange rate will cause instability in the import-export business of the Company The management of State for Trade must constantly be correcting, and striving to catch up with the development and evolution of the domestic and foreign markets Besides the support policy of the State capital should be strengthened to support the development enterprise State needs to market forecasts, the price of gasoline,etc, To support information for businesses and carried out regularly for business can predict new opportunities, and may prevent the negative performance may occur Our country is a developing country should work to encourage foreign investment in our country is also very necessary So, State of Vietnam should also take advantage of more than half of the sources of foreign investment for the development of economic resources, development of the country The State shall create favorable 21 conditions for foreign investors not only contribute to the economic development of the country through this activity also helps the enterprises of our country learned more experience not only of science degree technical school of the country but also have more experience in managing and operating enterprise that is most effective A healthy environment, stability is considered the first conditions for the partner business collaboration options while our country is the country considered one of the country's economy and political stability so that the we need to take the better half of this advantage to attract foreign investment State of Vietnam needs to be adjusted so that the legal system is increasingly tight, full and transparent to ensure that the rights and legitimate interests of enterprises in our country, help the enterprise more secure in the manufacturing business Should further simplify export and import procedures at the stage namely open declaration should quickly apply the open declaration by electronic declaration system to save time and help enterprises more conducive to implementing export contracts, to avoid delays in delivery caused additional costs incurred, such as costs of storage, demurrage, fines cont affecting business performance of export enterprises export Another element which we find also very important for the development of export and import operations it was State needs tighter management and tougher policies on corruption, business executive some Customs officers today Should have the appropriate policy reform than to be able to erase the bad impression of our country to some foreign traders because of this impression that they are concerned about investing in our country for our country still be regarded as an investment location is relatively expensive and risky compared with other countries in the region due to the procedure, the rules to permit troubles, not to mention the cost to pay for currency bureaucracy, corruption, taxes and charges are not predictable And this is very big impact on import and export operations In addition, the State should also invest more on infrastructure facilities for the system of seaports and airports as well as to invest strongly freight forwarding industry, especially the fleet to be able to competition with foreign fleets in the freighter, other important sectors like Insurance, banks should be invested to build adequate national resources actually help the 22 enterprise strengthen confidence in negotiations judge concluded export contracts with the most favorable conditions 23 CONCLUSION Maritime transport carriage undertaken to 80% of the volume of goods traded in the world and 90% of containerized cargo For our country, shipping has a big role can not be denied These years, especially since Vietnam implemented open-door policy, Vietnam maritime transport sector has been growing rapidly, Vietnam maritime market is gradually extending in the overall pace of business trends and global regions The cause of reform, opening-up policy, Vietnam's integration with the international community has created an opportunity for the volume of goods imports and exports from Vietnam increased at a faster pace If in 1986, the total volume of goods through new nationwide reached 13.9 million tons, the 1997 has reached 45.7 million tons, an average increase of 10%/year Private container cargo through the ports period 1991-1996 increased at a pace of 30-35%/year However, for many reasons, the amount of import and export goods of Vietnam by the domestic fleet also undertake small compared to the actual capacity When the country opened for integration with the region and the world, along with the development of the economy, export increase has created an opportunity for a series of large international carrier market presence in Vietnam to compete with another, with the maritime industry in Vietnam, especially with Vietnam container fleet still small in number and tonnage Meanwhile, goods in shipping containers is seen as the biggest revolution in the world behind the information revolution Shortly after appearing in 1956, the container has a growth miracle The period 1975 - 1994, the number of containers handled increased by times from 17.4 million to 126.6 million TEUs This growth trend was maintained until the early 21st century In Vietnam, the next evolution of the economy, demand for containerized cargo has increased dramatically, however Vietnam has no real business shipowner container shipping while the majority of the 20 largest container shipping lines in the world had been in Vietnam under the form of joint ventures or representative offices Generally, the container shipping market in Vietnam is still heavily dependent on foreign carriers We not really have the container ships voyages far as equipment for container shipping services are obsolete and lack of synchronization Vietnam 24 container fleet is required to be the more serious attention from the government to be able to grow faster and stronger, make use of their existing advantages For container shipping businesses of Vietnam can integrate and participate in business activities on an equal footing with the major carriers in the region and the world, besides the support policy of the state, itself each SOEs as maritime corporation or private business venture and have seized the moment of transition to quickly enhance the competitiveness and income procession, not rely on the temporary protection of the State 25 LIST OF REFERENCES 1) Lecture courses Strategic Management, Associate Prof Dr Vu Thanh Hung, 2015 2) Curriculum Strategic Management, Assoc Dr Ngo Kim Thanh, 2014 3) The basic problems of strategy and strategic management, PhD Mai Khac Thanh, 2014 4) Strategic Management in Practice, MA Hoang Giang, 2015 5) Strategic Management textbook, Assoc Dr Ngo Kim Thanh, 2014 26 ... this sector Estimated there were more than 160 enterprises of maritime services (approximately 133 state enterprises, others are joint ventures, private equity,etc, ) Private sector agents shipbroker... learned more experience not only of science degree technical school of the country but also have more experience in managing and operating enterprise that is most effective A healthy environment,... development of fleet that our port system is generally defective One factor causing challenges for Vietnam Sea fleet which is the fierce competition of foreign fleets, especially in the field of container
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