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Phân tích Chiến lược kinh doanh Vinamilk Business strategy of Vinamilk TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION RESEARCH OF CONTENT Overview of the company Vinamilk 1.2 Vision - mission - the core values of the company 1.3 Our Business 1.4 Objectives of the company Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Macro environment national and global .5 2.2 Policy on import and export of milk and taxes 2.2.1 Import and export policies 2.2.2 On the tax policy 2.2.3 The habits of people drinking milk 2.2.4 Analysis of the Dairy Sector Analysis of internal business environment .8 The matrix SWOT of Vinamilk 4.1 The Strengths (S) 4.2 The Weaknesses (W) 10 4.3 The opportunities (O) .10 4.4 The risk(T) 10 Recommendations for enterprises 11 CONCLUSION 15 15 INTRODUCTION Never build strategic issues become important and are interested in business today In the context of the economic downturn, with a series of large losses when businesses grow into new industries, build strategic issues and implement strategies that consistently shows the importance vital to business The loss of many large enterprises, state corporations to expand their business outside the main business areas without strategy or develop a strategy not all of them suffer from elementary mistakes building strategy: vision, mission unclear, there is no strategic priority, not focusing build core competence,etc, The process of strategy formulation nothing too new Develop strategy begins with identifying the basic information of the statement strategy: vision, mission, core competencies, competitive advantage and competitive range Awareness of the strategy and the importance of it not true that the situation is quite common in the business community in Vietnam The success and rapid growth of a number of businesses as well as for business owners become subjective However, when the game entered the larger, more numerous opponents, thinking how simple it will be difficult to take effect, if not that will be very dangerous A wrong move can lead to lose the game A wrong strategy can make a strong enterprises fall into difficult circumstances, even on the brink of bankruptcy Everyone understands, the right direction is more important than going fast Unfortunately, many businesses have yet Vietnam satisfactory attention to the issue of strategic development of the company, so the goal of sustainable development is still far from the target RESEARCH OF CONTENT Overview of the company Vinamilk Vinamilk is the abbreviation of Vietnam dairy company, was founded on the decision No 155 / 2003QD-BCN on 10, 2003 of the Ministry of Industry of the State enterprise transforming Vietnam Dairy Company became Vietnam dairy products Joint Stock Company Business license registration: First number 4103001932 by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on November 20, 2003 The 8th number: 0300588569 granted October 12, 2009 - Transactions under English name is: VIETNAM DAIRY PRODUCTS JOINT STOCK COMPANY - Ticker (Hose): VNM - Head office: No 36-38 Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City - Transaction Office: No 148-186-188 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City - Website: 1.2 Vision - mission - the core values of the company - Visibility: Vinamilk concentrate all resources to become dairy and food company with healthy and rapid growth, Vietnam's most sustainable building strategies by product lines have competitive advantages long term - Mission: Vinamilk constantly diversifying product lines, expanding the distribution territory in order to maintain a sustainable leading position on the domestic market and maximize the benefits of the company's shareholders Vinamilk would like to become the most popular in all regions and territories - So, Vinamilk mind that quality, creativity is a companion of the company and see customer centric and committed to meeting the needs of customers - Quality Policy: "Always satisfied and responsibly with customers by diversifying products and services, quality assurance, food safety with competitive prices, respect ethics and comply with the law now 1.3 Our Business + Production and sales of bread, soy milk, milk, soft drinks, fusion, powdered milk, nutritious powder and other dairy products + Food business technology, equipment, accessories, supplies and chemicals (excluding hazardous chemicals strong) and raw + Business houses, brokerage and leasing of real estate + Business Warehouse parking and business automobile transportation, loading and unloading of goods; + Production purchase wine, beer, beverage, food processing, drinking tea, roasted coffee - filter milling - soluble + Manufacture and sale of packaging, printed on the packaging + Production sale of plastic products 1.4 Objectives of the company Constantly developing production activities, trade and services in the areas of business activity in order to maximize profits can get the company to shareholders, enhance the value of the company and not constantly improve and raise the living standards, working conditions and incomes for workers, and fulfill their obligations to the State budget Besides, the company mounted processing industry with raw material in order to increase the independence of the materials in the present and future Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Macro environment national and global The world economy in general and Vietnam in particular economy in 2015 remains the difficult aftermath of the global economic downturn However, the Vietnamese government has been lifted effective policy to curb inflation and recession put our country's GDP growth + 5.2% inflation at 6.88% Economic development of the people's life is increasingly raised Milk consumption needs of the people of Vietnam stability, draw current average consumption is 14liters/person/year, lower than Thailand (23 liters / person / year) and China (25 liters/person/year) Milk and dairy products were closer to the people, if before the 90s only 1- manufacturers, distribution of milk, condensed milk and mostly milk powder (imported), the current market Vietnam Dairy has 20 local firms and many companies distributing milk to split a potential market Whole milk consumption Vietnam continued to increase sharply at 15-20% per year, according to forecasts by 2015 the consumption of milk in the market will continue to double and double in 2025 Moreover, Vietnam has a young population structure (children account for 36% of the population) and population growth rate of 1%/year Per capita income increased by 6%/year This is the potential of, and opportunities for Vietnam's dairy industry developed steadily 2.2 Policy on import and export of milk and taxes 2.2.1 Import and export policies State policy on milk export in the past years have not been developed to promote domestic milk Over the past year the price of milk powder on the world market increased times and fluctuating The milk processing companies like Vinamilk, Dutchlady majority are more concerned about developing local sources of raw milk Yet still nothing sure the program increase their domestic milk for the next year Large population, high birth rates, economic growth steady, gradual improvement of income, living standards increasing health problems increasingly are concerned, with a natural environment incentives , the policy of state support to encourage farming and dairy processing The operational policies of the government in health care fight malnutrition milk used to encourage people to improve body, mind, bones for everyone, especially children and the elderly Drinking campaigns, distribution of free milk of dairy companies all contribute to a potential market for Vietnam's dairy industry The report summarizes the Vietnam market of a multinational dairy company stated: Vietnam's GDP increased by about 8% / year and malnutrition rates remain about 20% Playground dairy businesses located in shopping possibilities growing consumer with national budgets for prevention strategies to reduce the percentage of malnourished children 15 and under 20% in the 10 years Cattle policies being promoted promotes raw material for dairy companies in the country instead of imports, to increase competitiveness Besides, Vietnam joined the WTO a great opportunity for Vietnam dairy market entry and learning world experience in livestock processing and management,etc, To complement create quality dairy products better and cheaper prices Thereby we also see the threat to Vietnam's dairy industry to integrate the world trade organization WTO will make the small dairy factory in the south will not be competitive with the dairy group growth in the world as Mead Johnson, Abbott Moreover we not have a model livestock management effectively Our source material is missing a lot of force we always import raw materials from abroad, is going to make the price of milk increased us of not using good, effective these precious resources our nature has bestowed Foreign students psychology of consumers Vietnam is very high (70% of consumers) 2.2.2 On the tax policy According to WTO commitments, export taxes scoop powdered milk to 2012 was 25%, but far lower import tariffs are more committed to enabling products imported powdered milk more competitive Easy with domestic products Import taxes are also lower raw material with WTO commitments Currently, Vietnam still has to import 70% of raw materials for the production of milk powder due to domestic supply can not meet demand 2.2.3 The habits of people drinking milk Vietnam is not a country with a tradition of milk production, so the majority of people not have the habit of consuming milk Children breastfed phase body with digestive enzymes milk sugar (lactose) When stop breastfeeding, if not followed, the body milk lose their ability to produce this enzyme Meanwhile undigested milk sugar cause temporary diarrhea phenomenon after drinking milk So many adults can not drink milk (yogurt does not happen this phenomenon, since most milk sugar converted into lactic acid) Class for children to drink milk regularly from small, to help maintain the digestive enzymes produced milk sugar, to avoid diarrhea phenomenon mentioned above Moreover compared to other food and income of the majority of families in Vietnam (especially in rural areas), the price of dairy products in Vietnam is still quite high And in many other countries, with high income levels, the milk becomes an indispensable thing in the daily menu) Countries with good economic conditions are building school milk program, which provides free or very low cost for children in kindergarten and elementary school students This will not only help children develop physically, and help the children have a habit of milk consumption when they grow up 2.2.4 Analysis of the Dairy Sector After the melamine milk in China, neighboring countries and some powdered milk products have a lower protein content on the package continues to be detected in 2009 helped boost consumer switch to products of reputed brands Vinamilk determine this is a big challenge but also a great opportunity like no other that the company must grasp in order to develop and expand their business production The dairy industry is one of the sectors with high stability, less affected by economic cycles the statistics showed that the world economic crisis in the last years not affect milk consumed in Vietnam Total revenue in 2009 was over 18,500 billion, up 14% compared to 2008 The market has four major product lines: milk powder, liquid milk, condensed milk, yoghurt Premium market segment is mainly in the hands of foreign firms to import milk product line,etc, consumers mainly concentrated in large cities Analysis of internal business environment Vinamilk is the leading enterprises in Vietnam to produce milk and dairy products Currently, approximately 39% occupied Vinamilk national market share Currently the company has over 240 distributors on product distribution system with over 140,000 points Vinamilk and sales on a national system Sales across all systems in supermarkets nationwide Industry-leading support and build good: Since starting operations in 1976, Vinamilk has built a strong brand for dairy products in Vietnam market Vinamilk brand used since the company established new start and is now a brand of milk was widely known in Vietnam Vinamilk has dominant market position by focusing on advertising, marketing and continuous product innovation and quality assurance With a long history in the market with Vietnam, we have the ability to identify and understand trends and consumer tastes, which helps us to focus development efforts to determine the product characteristics Reviewed by consumers For example, the deep understanding and his efforts helped Vinamilk Kid's product line we become one of the best selling dairy products for the market segment of children from to 12 years in Vietnam in 2007 Product portfolio of the company is very diverse to meet the increasing demands of consumers The company has four major brands but mainly to be Vinamilk and Dielac, brand new brand Vfresh is very potential List midwife milk products are: - Liquid milk: + Water for domestic milk: fresh milk, UHT milk Flex + Liquid milk for children: Kid Milk UHT - To fix: + Yogurt Drink + Yoghurt + Probi live yeast Yogurt - Milk: + Milk powder for pregnant women and breastfeeding: Dielac Mama + Milk for Children: Dielac Alpha Step 1, Step Dielac Alpha, Dielac Alpha 123, Alpha 456 Dielac + Milk for children anorexia and malnutrition: Dielac Pedia + Adult Milk: Calcium Vinamilk, Dielac Sure, Dielac Diecerna + Alpha flour snack Ridielac - Sweetened condensed milk: + Condensed milk he expectancy + Condensed milk Southern Stars There are also products such as ice cream, cheese, coffee and milk and juice Vfresh Process technology: use of production technology and modern packaging plant at all, to import technology from European countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland to apply to the production line As the only company in Vietnam possesses mechanical systems used by Niro spray drying technology of Denmark, the world leader in industrial drying technology, production Companies such as Dutch Lady (a subsidiary of Friesland Foods), Nestle and New Zealand Milk also use this technology and manufacturing processes In addition, the company also uses the production line with international standards by Tetra Pak to supply the milk and products of added value otherwise The matrix SWOT of Vinamilk 4.1 The Strengths (S) - Scale Business is leading Vietnam's dairy market - Brand Vinamilk brand is familiar and trusted person in Vietnam 34 years - Distribution network expansion across the country and continuously expanded over the years to help bring products quickly to the company's consumers - Product quality is good and consumers love - Chain mills are arranged along Vietnam reduce transport costs, is invested modern machinery, upgraded and expanded each year, the international standard guarantee - Long-term relationships with suppliers at home and abroad to help companies source supplies reasonable and stable prices Currently, the company is purchasing 60% of fresh milk produced in Vietnam - Leadership experienced business round tomato fields produce milk internal governance system transparent and specific procedures closely The sense of self changes to improve quality of activities across levels from management to employees 4.2 The Weaknesses (W) - Repair the weak marketing should not create effective messages to promote the consumption ngguoi company's strengths The Company products are 70-99% of fresh milk without promoting velvet voice that difference - The company has a variety of products for different subjects but packing products yet to make a difference to help customers get the fastest electric - Purchasing underutilized raw material supplies from farmers - Investment company in dairy plants in Danang ineffective - Export markets are limited and unstable 4.3 The opportunities (O) - Regulatory certain price when purchasing milk - There are more concentrated material resources, reduce the cost of importing raw materials through development policy inherited the dairy from the government - Develop and strengthen consumption is the new range of stylish designs and quality - The income of people has increased, demand and higher product they are interested in many health-care products more 4.4 The risk(T) 10 - Opponents always have new products and better marketing - Milk powder market in countries with tough competition from imported products - The foreign competitors have a market penetration and better marketing Recommendations for enterprises Compared to the potential of Vinamilk, then how brands and marketing campaigns of the company not worthy of national dairy company, and not worth the amount spent Importantly, Vinamilk is considered the leader of Vietnam's dairy industry, but how long this program Vinamilk not associated with companies in the country, you can not generate leads for companies manufacturing small milk other Deeper integration, increasingly powerful rival, a dairy company with strong brands like Vinamlik, with more than half the capital of the state of the companies have led to small dairy companies in Vietnam together contribute hand in the integration process, not "everyone must share concern" and in the future once we enter deeper foul companies vinamilk should have cooperation with small companies in Vietnam created a venture round the market to keep taking milk Vietnam this potential inherent right position of a "big brother" Although, Vinamilk has good products, even with strong brands, but weak marketing stages, leading to yet to make an effective message to promote to consumers But in the fresh dairy products accounted for 70% - 99%, but due to not know how to exploit the brand should Vinamilk does not have a message for consumers to understand the difference of fresh milk than formula-revert, pasteurized milk trung.cac foreign companies they are strong on marketing issues for the majority of their revenue is invested in this field and the field of research and product development Especially people of Vietnam are very or suffer psychological and foreign companies they most points wins us in that while in Vietnam they have very strong marketing campaign and create the attraction of consumers Vietnam south Vietnam causing consumers to buy goods, whenever their impressions always attract customers Meanwhile our products are not inferior to their customers, but the company did not demonstrate to the consumer that he can see, the company wants to create a position to gain market share, please bring consumers the impressive new brand represents quality of Vietnamese products are not inferior to foreign goods 11 please give strong marketing strategy creates the impression changed consumer psychology Active in raw materials, higher milk price of other enterprises, systems shipped frozen car good, modern processing line is a formidable advantage of Vinamilk, but all strengths than this has not been conveyed to consumers The problem is so urgent Vinamilk rebuild the marketing department, the short-term marketing strategy, long-term with clear criteria, set the goal of building strong systems to leading brands Vinamilk has had the quirk in the milk price pressure The highest purchase price of vianmilk was 7450 VND/kg ago 7900 VND/kg In addition to lowering the price low, vinamilk also removed support amounts allocated milk, food, preserved milk, and account support for large-scale farms The company also adjusted the deduction towards increasing the quality of milk from 2-14%, despite the fact the company announced the purchase price is 7,000 VND/kg but not farmers sell milk at collecting stations of the company can only be 5500-5600 VND/kg But if the people that sell the milk price subleased 6,000 VND / kg instead of selling in the company's purchasing stations now we really only produced 21.5% while scientific conditions enough land technology to produce 40% of its financial The finance ministry has lowered import tariffs down milk from 20% to 10%, then this would make businesses are pressuring domestic prices and import rushing Vinamilk should have a clear policy in the purchase of raw materials producers nuoi.mot intrinsic part of the state company to to encourage people to develop farming systems in the material resources water not once they turned away people quit farming, the squandering of resources which would very favorable, go back to importing obstruct the development of the dairy sector in particular and the economy in general The company did not use the resources well to incentives for the development of the distribution network expansion in the country contrary to the company's strategy is to hand over the land Vinamilk not fully implemented and must pay land for the period of this company occupied land without the project Although some of this land is assigned to Vinamilk with preferential policies to implement the project Vinamilk only accounts for years without deploying ground, not making material goods on the grounds that Danang has poured a lot of money to 12 build infrastructure, so they have to pay rent for such land ! And the answer to that problem by the company on the grounds that the company launched by "The situation of economic crisis and high inflation in Vietnam from late 2007 until now caused many difficulties for the Vietnamese economy Men and for businesses Vinamilk must abide by the direction of the Government to curb inflation: continuous extension of investment and new projects are not really necessary in the intense inflation, prices of construction materials and raw materials production spike and manufacturing business faced many difficulties Therefore, the Board of Directors decided Vinamilk multi rescheduling the investment plant Danang milk until the world economic situation and Vietnam restored,etc, " Is that a reason that until now when most stable economies that plant's progress still falls into such a situation Da Nang market is a potential market in the future, it is thought the company must conduct a scientific investment and reasonable to dominate this market before it's too late The people poured out into the street is a problem that companies purchasing milk should not happen to such a situation, moreover, the company Vinamilk with buying the raw material accounts for most indifferent to this issue and behavior is not a joint-stock company with a capital of more state it does not follow the company's strategy has worked out this great majority is affected to brand companies as the numerous tubers the company's situation in this As a representative of the company said, the company may suffer losses if milk procurement from farmers with the current price, because the price of milk in the world is declining By Vinamilk to ensure life for their employees in times of recession The accident lies in the answer to the Department of Livestock's representatives have cheap prices, they buy, while the selling price of products Vinamilk has yet to fall, while prices of imported raw materials has dropped much The accident in manners with traditional partners (over decades) his, thanks in part to their new Vinamilk today sublimation Vinamilk may think that buying power and industrial dairy farmers probably will not get the media attention But even in this, Vinamilk also unwise in practice Perhaps, they should continue to seek to share from the community to help ease the burden on dairy farmers in difficult times, through a specific program, as they 13 have succeeded in the program "One million ly milk for poor children ", consumers have participated very actively 14 CONCLUSION Any model or organizational structure to serve also born a certain strategy Strategy is the premise, is indispensable for operating model and organizational structure Corporate strategy decision model and organizational structure of the company (usually a multidisciplinary company), strategic business decisions and structural model of a business unit (or business companies monophyletic ) Corporations, multinational companies never designed a model or structure is stable before setting corporate strategy, specific business strategies Meanwhile, many Vietnam now thinking back in the opposite direction They tinkering, building models, organizational structures, and constant changes in the organization, staffing, while never shaped a clear strategy Even, there is now also considered a strategic product model and organizational structure, strategy was born to serve the models and existing structures From this insight, businesses themselves struggling to draw back draw an organizational chart, split - in - dissolution, more - less divisions, personnel changes,etc, And, instability accompanied by mass organizations uncertainty in production and trading Need to distinguish two strategic concepts (strategy) and tactical (tactic) Along the way is the choice, the road business, but strategy towards long-term goals in five, ten years; while tactics are only short-term solutions implemented in a few months to a year Strategy often proactive - outlined a major road, through; while tactical response is often, improvised situations on the road while keeping the original direction and always stick to designated roads The strategy often requires the use of large and long-term resources, while tactics just use small resources in a short period The strategy, if successful, will bring big results, and if that fails, the consequence is incalculable; Meanwhile, tactics often bring small results, small consequences,etc, 15 ... the business community in Vietnam The success and rapid growth of a number of businesses as well as for business owners become subjective However, when the game entered the larger, more numerous... characteristics Reviewed by consumers For example, the deep understanding and his efforts helped Vinamilk Kid's product line we become one of the best selling dairy products for the market segment... transparent and specific procedures closely The sense of self changes to improve quality of activities across levels from management to employees 4.2 The Weaknesses (W) - Repair the weak marketing
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