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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh cơng ty Xi măng Hải Phòng I The process of formation and development of enterprises Hai Phong Cement Factory, which commenced construction on 25 th Dec1899 with label the Blue Dragon, Red Dragon was present at the Liege exhibition assistant (France) in 1904, and thousands of tons of Haiphong cement available on the consumer market in countries such as the Far East, Vladi-Vostoc, Java (Indonesian), Hoa Nam (China), Singapore Transaction name: Hai Phong Cement Company Acronym: HPCC Address: Minh Duc Town - Minh Tan Commune – Thuy Nguyen DistrictHai Phong Established: December 25, 1899 Design capacity: The old factory is 350,000 tons cement / year The new factory (operational since late 2005), 1,400,000 tons / year Tel: Fax: Website Email:, - From 1926 to 1936, FL Smith Company installed three rotary kilns by wet method, size 2,7x83m and 3,0x100m - From 1963 to 1978,Rumani installed four rotary kilns by wet method, size 3,0x100m - From 1993 Hai Phong Cement Company was established on the basis of merging two units are Hai Phong cement factory and Hai Phong Cement trading company; Headquarters in No.1 - Hanoi Street - Thuong Ly Ward - Hong Bang District - Hai Phong, was tasked: - Cement production is scheduled to be delivered - Supply of cement to customers in the provinces of Thai Binh, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Vinh Phu, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang and Hai Phong City Implementing the guidance of the Prime Minister in Document No 5969 / KTN on 25th November1996 in environmental rehabilitation projects in Hai Phong Cement Factory: not to invest in renovating the old factory building a new cement factory in Haiphong land have modern technology, ensuring environmental hygiene Hai Phong cement Project (new) capacity of 1.4 million tons / year have been built and put into activities produce products from the end of 2005 Headquarters is located in Minh Duc Town - Minh Tan commune - Thuy Nguyen District - Hai Phong City The main activity fields: Production and sales of cement and clinker category - Popular cement: PC30, PC40 - Mixed Portland cement: PCB30 - Special Cement: Portland cement is sulfate resistance, Portland cement is low heat - Supply of cement to customers in the provinces of Thai Binh, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Vinh Phu, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang and Hai Phong City II CURRENT BUSINESS STRATEGY OF THE COMPANY Identify objectives After relying on bases, planning department made the objectives and tasks to perform The goals are specified by the system of indicators: revenue, productivity, profitability, budget In company with the specific strategies: • The strategic objective of the Company until 2020 - Development scale production to million tons of cement a year, continue to develop the company into an economic group that has enough cement production and implemented the construction works, formed a corporation shall linking strategy vertical part That is self-assumed supply raw materials for the manufacture of construction The main material that the group's supply high quality cement - Investment manufacturing technology innovation Current production technology of the company's vertical furnace technology The company is moving towards technology manufacturing cement rotary kiln with a capacity of million tons a year This objectives must be completed by 2016 - Expand market scale and product distribution throughout the country, with particular emphasis on the North markets • Short-term objectives - Improving quality of company products, ensuring proper standard specifications of the General Department of Quality Measurement Standards Vietnam - Increase in income for workers in the company, ensuring consistent income with an average inflation rate of the market - Expanding markets and establish distribution channels throughout Central products to prepare for the implementation of the medium-term and long-term objectives of the Company - Revenues of the company reached 30 billion in 2016, 45 billion in 2018, 50 billion in 2020 Organizing to implement strategies 2.1 Regarding the implementation of production strategies Overall situation of the production plan of the company is not good, sometimes very much exceed targets (170%, even 259% when exceeding the plan), but also when the finish was just 40 -50% target Companies often exceeded production major products (black cement, additives) and it is not completed the plan at very low levels in the construction and materials business (sometimes it only reached 49% of target and never completed in this service plan) The failure to complete or exceeded production plan happens in most of the year During these years are not a big event occurs (such as technological change, expanded markets, structured finance, human resources or product demand, the policy of the State on the industry ) to strong influence the implementation plan of the Company That suggests, the work plan production still weak, no dynamism, no real damage to the market as well as the production capacity of the company consumes 2.2 Regarding the implementation plan of the objective strategy The objective of the company was not built in a specific way so the economic criteria when planning no much Reviews: In 2011, in 2012 the Company does not achieve the plan and its objectives beyond the capacity and capability of the Company But in 2013, in 2014 the Company has adjusted more reasonable targets and exceeded the plan Thus, we can see the work of identifying the target of the company is not good Therefore, the company needs to study carefully the environmental factors to plan strategic objectives to suit the actual situation of the Company Goals have actual situation closely with the work of implementing the new strategy ensuring to meet requirements 3.Evaluation of strategy implementation in the company a.Through analysis we can make a comment and integrated assessment of the achievements, the problems still exist with the causes in the company These achievements In recent years, besides the fundamental advantages by bringing innovation, there are many challenges in the aftermath of natural disasters and the negative impact of the financial crisis the region, especially the deep cuts to capital construction investment capital, foreign investment in Vietnam, the competition is increasingly fierce specially in construction market With a tradition of solidarity, promoting internal strength and the profound direction of Vietnam cement Corporation, officers and employees of Haiphong Cement and Construction Company strive to achieve remarkable accomplishments: - In just two years, 2012 and 2013, the company has produced and sold a large volume of cement and other products for the construction industry in the province, participated in the bidding, selection of contractors for over 30 large and small projects under many different fields in Hai Phong - The company has produced white cement good quality that few cement manufacturing enterprises in domestic done - During the present time while construction investment decreased, the market of building materials, the fiercely competitive to worry relatively full employment for workers is very laudable job - Life officials and employees of the company increasingly improved earnings over the years are quite high in the national common ground b These problems exist Although Hai Phong Cement Company has achieved positive achievements in recent years, but there are still shortcomings and problems that the Company needs to analyze the causes and find solutions Specifically: - No extension of business activities so the work involved in tendering, bidding in the construction sector with the winning ratio is not high - Manufacturing business market still confined within the province, not many customers in faraway provinces - The labor organizations have not come up with the production and business situation of the Company - Machinery and equipment are obsolete and incomplete and still many stages manually causing difficulties for the development and assess the effectiveness of management - The organizational structure and executive management of the company production has been inadequate So the ability to analyze aggregate information about the company and the market is not high, causing the Company does not have the ability to make the big decisions have long-term benefits, in order to improve the efficiency of production and business activities in the future III SOME SOLUTIONS STRATEGIC PLANNING OF THE COMPANY TO 2020 Investing to innovate manufacturing technology Currently, the company has been using the technology of blast furnace production This type of technology is old, small capacity reached only 85,000 tons / year Characteristics production is discontinuous, requiring every batch of product must have the timeout and new supplies Therefore, efficiency technology is not high New technology that Vietnam enterprises are rotary kiln, capacity of to million tons / year Performance used continuously, saving labor and raw materials, fuel Investment solutions for innovative technology companies is now urgent if you want to thrive in 2020 With a capacity of 0.85 million tons at present, the company only supply enough in the provinces, and in part to the other provinces, unable to meet the current needs of the market Method Investment purchase of new manufacturing technologies in the foreign Value for rotary kiln the dry cement production, medium (2 to million tons / year) is 12 million USD The potential of the company, applying for State supporting of investment capital is entirely feasible However, with the cost of such investment is large, the Company's market is not large, underdeveloped reputation the ability to withdraw funds immediately for further development is not feasible Method The Company sewing am also link with other companies as Hoang Thach, Chinfon to technology transfer The transfer of technology to domestic enterprises will save more and more relevant for Hai Phong Cement because power and capacity of the company is now very limited On the other hand, the company should invest in clinker production line for supply to other companies as Hoang Thach Cement, Hai Phong because of a few years, the source of the raw material company is threatened by the strong current exploitation of the company The profit rate of this investment has been the Company's Technical Department calculations If we compare the new investment and technology transfer of the Vietnam factory, the technology transfer of the Vietnam factory will help business performance of the company gained better for lower cost and still current enhance productivity of the company For domestic technology transfer, the investment cost is only $ million Therefore the company should choose the technology transfer projects in the country Enterprise was selected as Hoang Thach Cement because there are many similarities in the organizational structure, funding, sources of raw materials such as Hai Phong Cement Company early that the new investment company 2.Determining exactly objective and analyzing environment Correctly identifying development objectives With the current objectives of the company set out to 2015, it is not feasible Because, considering the current capacity, the capital, ownership properties, production capabilities, labor skills the company is too weak compared to other enterprises in the sector On the other hand, the current market is not large companies, along with Hai Phong Cement brand is not well known in the marketplace Therefore, the Company should review the objectives set out and the feasibility of the goals The objective in the coming year should be consistent with the current production capacity of the Company In the coming years, the Company does not afford new investment production line with a capacity to conduct modern but gradually important objectives of the company is now gradually changing up the machinery, consolidate and raise the level of the workforce Analyzing the business environment The business environment of the company have not been analyzed in detail Especially the internal environment of the company Therefore not properly assess the internal environment of the Company should the Company's objectives set incompatible with the development requirements of the company Companies should conduct internal environmental analysis starts from the level of technology and equipment systems of the Company The company needs to accurately assess the capacity of the machinery, wanted so, the Company shall invite experts of the cement corporation for consulting to build investment strategy, innovative machinery The next problem is the qualification of labor Clearly, labor skills of the company is now very weak The company needs to accurately assess labor skills development strategies for workers in the company Labor development strategies focus on raising skill levels for workers, improving morale and attitudes of each employee Additionally, the Company must analyze specific elements of material resources, management skills to enhance the Company's internal resources Expanding market research to enhance the competitiveness of products In the market economy, enterprises now have to search their client Meanwhile competition requires each business must strive to try to win a highly competitive position in the market Therefore, the study of each enterprises market is the most important basis for their planning and building production models of product types in order to create customer confidence and attract customers to dominate the competitive position of its rivals Good market research will determine the correct standards and product design to production, in line with consumer tastes Since then proposed product policies The company must orient the activities according to the needs, demands of the market But the first, the company needs to sustain the existing market and then towards market expansion To implement this measure the company's leadership team must carry out a number of working steps: + Market research team need to aggregate information on quality, product design, market demand, product innovation create products with superior designs of rival products, launching products that form marketing wall to explore the market Also how ahead of the market and prepare for the new canvas shoes season Based on market demand, customer preferences, on the basis of the assessment carried out in an integrated way can collate, analyze and compare the expected corrective strengths and weaknesses promote its strengths in including the assessment of the quality level of their products compared to market demand, customer and products of competitors Since then draw the necessary requirements for business The company should continue to study the technical proposals to improve product quality To it enterprises need: - Management should clearly the great role of market research work for the survival and development of enterprises and improve the competitiveness and efficiency of production and business of enterprises in mechanism current market Then, through the planning department conducted this work while management must provide an opportunity for staff consumption room for exploration, supply of materials for research activity - Requirements for research staff must have knowledge of marketing, capable to collect and process information, has trained the professional class, capable of creative and dynamic work, understanding Cement industry Knowing information processing, acquisition and creation of new fabric patterns and technical department then formed and designed value products on the market Equipment must be comprehensive, have the means to work, help researchers better market conditions in the collection, processing, selecting information  In our country, since the conversion mechanism of economic management focused planning to market economy, businesses have been very embarrassing for strategic planning exercise Businesses need to plan and implement a new planning tool with enough flexibility to respond to changes of market Business strategy is built on the basis of the analysis and prediction of the chances, risks, strengths and weaknesses of the enterprises, allowing businesses to obtain general information about the external business environment as well as the internal resources of enterprises And business strategy of an enterprise is a very important issue in the context of the market economy, intense competition, it determines the success of each enterprise in the marketplace So to lay a sensible business strategy is a very important factor to create the overall strength of each enterprises ... make a comment and integrated assessment of the achievements, the problems still exist with the causes in the company These achievements In recent years, besides the fundamental advantages by bringing... consolidate and raise the level of the workforce Analyzing the business environment The business environment of the company have not been analyzed in detail Especially the internal environment of the... development and assess the effectiveness of management - The organizational structure and executive management of the company production has been inadequate So the ability to analyze aggregate information
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