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Phân tích chiến lược kinh doanh cơng ty Đại Thắng I INTRODUCTION TO DAI THANG COMPANY 1.1 The process of formation and development Dai Thang JSC is established under the license number 4485 / GP - TLDN on 8th July 1999 day Hai Phong City People's Committee Business registration number 072 027 / business license dated 8th July 1999 by the Department Planning and Investment of Hai Phong City The company is headquartered at: 152 Ton Duc Thang - An Duong District Hai Phong Trading Name: ĐAI THANG ISC Tel:031858325-031771689 Fax:03185825-031717689 1.2 Functions and duties of Dai Thang JSC The company carries out economic accounting regime independent financial autonomy, has legal personality and may open accounts at State Bank, used their own seals accordance with the procedures of State regulations The main task of the company is: - Contract for new construction, renovation of civil and industrial construction interior equipment, installation of low voltage systems, water supply systems; construction of transport and irrigation works - Sales of construction materials - Trading (import) of supplies transportation equipment, construction equipment and materials for industrial production - Transportation of goods, construction and leveling of civil works and industry II THE STRATEGIC PLAN 2.1 Planning process in Dai Thang Joint Stock Company In fact, at JSC Dai Thang not have specific documents on the work of the strategic planning of the Company Currently the Company has two types of plans are long-term plans and short-term plans Long-term plans is usually built over a period of years, the short-term plan is built for year Within the scope of this research project we only insight into long-term plan of the company is short term plan is considered a long-term adjustment plans in each year Through research and analysis planning processes in the company can see the plan carried out in the following diagram: Analyzing Business Environment Identifying goals Recommended solutions Diagram: Planning process of of company Company strategic planning in each stage based on the following grounds: 2.1.1 Based on the research results of the market demands In the market economy, the market is a key factor in deciding what produce, how enterprises produce and how much volume Thus, the market research survey is the first step and the most important factor as the basis for the planning of production and business Dai Thang Joint Stock Company law not go beyond this, however, the Company does not have specialized departments for specialized research and analysis the market demands, so the company based on economic development strategies, construction investment of the industry and the provinces in which the Company has the ability to participate in bidding and the win bidding ability (percentage) of the Company to make the plan 2.1.2 Based on existing resources of the company Market demand is the basis, condition for the Company developing plans but an indispensable basis that the Company's resources Market demands ever more horrendous, just a chance, not be realistic or otherwise to carry out production and business activities, it must have infrastructure, technology, labor, economy finance, The company operates in the field of construction products with high economic value, affecting many aspects of economic life, technology, society therefore requires large resources must also detail here is resources capital, fixed assets and workforce that is the most fundamental basis enables company leaders are making plans to develop the right strategy for your company 2.1.3 Based on the implementation plan of the previous year Consider the possibility of implementing the plan is how much% and what did the result achieve, how long does it exist and the cause is not completed the plan, what is the ability of the Company? What is the experience from which to draw for the planning for the following year, gradually improve the quality of the work developing plans is to ensure that innovative and reality 2.2 Production and business plan of the company for the period 2015-2020 (long-term plan) 2.2.1 The strategic objective of the company in the period 2015-2020 Production and business tasks of Dai Thang JSC is infiltrated construction market by major product is the construction of transportation, civil engineering, water resources and materials business machinery being through the use of long experience, machinery system and cheap labor With production duties that will determine the Company's goals Dai Thang Joint Stock Company should identify and target-oriented development in the next years for the company as follows: * Orientation: Construction and development company into a strong private enterprises take social and economic efficiency as a key measure for sustainable development Perform diversified business areas based on maintaining and developing the construction industry to ensure Dai Thang Joint Stock Company is a bid actors strong Taking full advantages of all resources to enhance competitiveness significantly contributed to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country * The strategic objective of the Company for 2020: On the basis of the resources in the company and industry-oriented development, overall planning development of the Northern Coastal of the Government, the Company strives to achieve in 2020 the following indicators: - Striving to achieve an average growth rate annually from13% to 15% - Total production value reached 100 billion business - Revenues reach 90 to 95 billion - Equity capital per year from 50 to 60 billion - Profit per year to reach to billion - Average annual Labor 400 to 500 people - Income per person / month from 3.0 to 3.5 million 2.2.2 Product –market plan On the basis of the target system has identified, analyzed the business environment shows enterprises required to enter the market direction Market Planning is responsible for identifying and specifying additional areas of business product that target system was devised Products- market plan includes the following plans: - Market narrow specialization: one focused on market specialization mainly construction products - Market expansion: option trading in many markets with different proportions Including major markets and supplement market - General market: not only work within the construction market, but also reaching out to dominate other markets such as transportation, construction material production, import and export business Thereby, combine all of the above analysis Dai Thang Joint Stock Company can identify market plan of the Company as general market plan covers the following fields: construction, business supplies and equipment transportation * Construction on the company's main fields: - Primary market area: still concentrated in the province's main city of Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong Promote entering the irrigation works, substations, transmission lines, post offices, infrastructure, housing, public housing in the provincial cities Investing more equipment, machinery and vehicles, including human capital management staff, technicians and individuals skilled workers Strengthening procurement marketing activities - Regional supplementary market: Trying to expand the market to a number of provinces in the northern delta region such as Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh with initial orientation Company leadership is trying to give raises a lower bid rivals and finish with good quality reputation in order to find new markets to this - Initially the company's leadership team outlined the strategy aims to works and projects of small and medium-scale, traditional techniques require simple techniques due to the capacity, technology, equipment, trade As the company experience in small scale Proceeding with accumulated experience as well as other conditions are improving company started looking at a number of large, complex engineering To achieve this requires the following measures: + Investments synchronize devices traditional technologies, managed and used well the usable equipment + Organization extensive marketing system according to geographic region can bid for small and medium projects often dispersed wide area + There are plans for rational production organization + Take advantage of winning a large number of State projects * Business supplies and equipment: Key market area is the member company under the Corporation is the construction of key projects of the State, major construction projects in the North The company is negotiating with Kova Paint Company to become the exclusive distributor of the company's products in the market provinces of Hai Phong city, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong Kova Paint products has very good permeability suitable for tropical climates, especially the coastal cities, therefore the Company's leadership team hope this product can sign supply contracts its products to large corporations which also established a new relationship with a potential partner The company is still in the process of contract negotiations become sole distributor of steel products in the provinces of South Vietnam in Duyen Hai Plain provices 2.2.3 Human resources plan The strategic plan was created and implemented by the staff and employees of the Company can therefore say the strategy and effective implementation of the strategic plan depends on the training of officials and employees of the Company So in strategic planning Dai Thang Joint Stock Company plans considered the backbone Human resources throughout the implementation process so that immediate and permanent staff must meet the following requirements: + There are views and clear attitude, loyalty to the interests of the Company, has consciously abide by discipline well + Having the capability and expertise to meet demands in the market economy in order to fulfill all tasks and objectives that the Company set + There are ethics in business, management and all relations with the labor collectives of the Company So the company needs to implement a strategy of human development with the following contents: + Organization and use of human resources according to the strategic plan has identified best to exploit intellectual capacity and strength of the contingent of staff, arrangement, assignment of logical to use effectively labor factor results User perspective taken streamlined, efficient work as a measure of each member of the Company entitled simultaneously recruited more young workforce rather qualified workforce is directly attributable Thus the number of employees in the period 2015 - 2020 increased to 500 compared to 330 at present + Investments level training in all aspects of workforce enough to all manufacturing business processes with the technical requirements for increasingly higher levels as well as the progress of construction projects + The company remuneration policies satisfactory material for staff training, reflected by an increase in allowances, expenses, travel and accommodation in learning to encourage academic research spirit For the training to be carried out effectively, the planning board should have a plan arrangement, assignment and staffing of a scientific manner so that still meet the requirements of the job without sacrificing time as well as other conditions for school officials Ending the training process must have quality inspection form to the layout staff at the appropriate location After the training of staff working strategy adds expertise scientifically and systematically creating conditions essential for the strategic planning of the company a comprehensive, scientific, adaptation Ensure business production process takes place smoothly, timely adaptation to changes in the environment, improve the efficiency of production and business + Improve the living standards of workers and employees and ensure the average income in 2020 was 3.000.000 - 3.500.000 / month Are there reasonable remuneration policy for employees as bonuses, allowances, insurance, entertainment and cultural activities for workers who labor to help get a good mental state while working to contribute to the development effort is growing the company 2.2.4 Business plan In the period 2015 - 2020, in addition to the main fields of construction, Dai Thang Joint Stock Company will strengthen and expand business operations with the following fields: business, machinery, equipment, construction materials and trade other business Total revenue is expected to increase steadily over the years Principal sector company leadership is determined construction materials business with two main products are paint and steel Kova Vietnam South Although the construction sector is the traditional areas of the company The company has extensive experience and relationships in the construction industry, equipment and people But this construction field is located in the second row behind the business sector Revenue from this sector in 2020 accounted for only 1/3 to 1/5 of the total revenue Obviously this is an appropriate adjustment of the Company in the competitive situation in the construction sector being aggressive On the other hand, the construction sector accounted for large amounts of capital, the business cycle is long and low economic efficiency Meanwhile, the business sector does not require large amounts of capital but high capital turnover, greater economic efficiency So construction field is set following business areas * The board measures the Company to complete the proposed business plan at this stage is: - Strengthen the business capital of the Company to be active in the production and business tasks - Renovation construction mission structure, production, sales, administration to promote all possibilities and comparative advantages of the Company, while absorbing all resources from outside - Continue to implement mission projects, investment and trading houses Market research organizations to establish projects with small-scale manufacturing - Continue to strengthen and perfect the internal management mechanism based company is a foreign-owned enterprises - To renovate and upgrade some store business and other branches to attract customers, aims to improve sales business expand market share - To increase investment in infrastructure, the devices work to help increase the efficiency of the business of the Company 2.3 General assessment of the strategic plan of Dai Thang company 2.3.1 These achievements Through situational analysis strategic developing plans at Dai Thang Joint Stock Company, we saw a number of key advantages: - Strategic plan of Dai Thang JSC is the plan feasible because it is built on a process of bringing practical rather than a theoretical plan launched books the targets are not consistent with the size and capacity of the company, in particular the strategic plan of the Dai Thang JSC a victory away from analyzing the business environment it particular attention to factors such as the political, legal, and internal clients enterprises and then specify the objectives of the Company and take measures to implement its objectives - In the process of developing a strategic plan the company leadership was aware of the two bases and the most important key to planning the right strategy is based on the survey results, the research needs markets and resources can be used or mobilized by the Company according to the accounting method of self-financing profitable business - Through developing plans strategy leadership the company has identified the target as well as the long-term direction for the long term development of the company over the next years is to build specific and development company back a vibrant private enterprises take social and economic efficiency as a key measure for sustainable development Perform diversified business areas based on maintaining and developing the construction industry to ensure Dai Thang Joint Stock Company is a bid actors strong Obviously we see strategic plan have a comprehensive meaning for the development of businesses and not like the previous year's plan is only a temporary sense not to mention the long-term development of business now, not assess the advantages and disadvantages of long-term development of the company, with this strategic plan enterprises always take advantage of all opportunities, as well as limited opportunities or remove the threats, pitfalls on the road to implementing its objectives - Through the strategic enterprises plan has identified the specific economic indicators and built the plan unit within the overall strategic plan The identification of specific economic indicators as a motivation to help everyone in the company understands and is committed to implement, promote all the qualities and their personal capacity to complete the targets aimed at serving private interests and the interests of the business The construction is part of the plan will help company leaders know the problems that they need a special pass to lead the enterprises center complete the proposed strategic plan, the main issues of concern here it is: + Interested in expanding the market, looking for work, determine the major construction projects will participate in the construction and in fact had won and measures to maintain market + Attention to strengthening the competitiveness of companies through innovation infrastructure + Investments in increased capacity and technological innovation + Training and retraining staff and technical workers + Interest labor productivity gains thanks to improved working conditions for workers + To offer some solutions as procurement, finance and corporate institutions 2.3.2 Existing problems Besides the above achievements, now in the process of strategic planning company also has the following exist: - The reaction of the company basically has not been formed on the basis of strategic thinking, largely based on intuition sensitivity of the leader The elements of strategic plan is conceived as a product classical conditioning when reality collides with the business environment This restriction is clearly reflected in the work of that particular market bidding Currently the bidding of the Company have not been properly identified location, its importance for the enterprises in the market economy thus fails to promote the strength and capacity of the company forte market economy Partly as qualified staff working in the limited tender, the Company has not identified himself a scientific method of the bidding Specifically, the delay in capturing information about competitors participating in the bidding process by not conducting research and analytical forecasting business environment outside, the main competitors around The result is that companies sometimes have to accept the price is too low or anxious seeking employment should lower prices led to losses Furthermore due to the lack in understanding the financial position of the investors leading to the progress of construction projects was delayed and arrears in payment - The system of enterprises objectives but had identified but not yet fully implemented, could not show the desire of the company Growth objectives have not been mentioned yet focused implementation; on the other hand aim to maintain good relations with the public opinion has yet to be coined - The formation of strategic decisions is blurry is not really based on the results of environmental analyzes The macro environment has not been adequately addressed, factors such as technology, natural environment, inflation, unemployment, interest rates have not been mentioned Internal environment of enterprises is not fully analyzed, the Company does not bother analyzing the financial capacity, organizations compete to see the strengths and weaknesses - Not interested in the allocation of resources, capital, labor and technology in an optimal way to accomplish specific goals - Never been proposed preventive strategies in these situations happen in the environment - The organization collects information processing business environment remains limited, assessment of environmental conditions in the static position, low predictability - Staff qualifications strategy is low, the knowledge of the strategic has not been fully realized This has led to a situation in the company is not currently appearing strategic planning concept that still uses the concept of the plan III SOME SOLUTIONS TO COMPLETE THE STRATEGIC PLAN OF DAI THANG JOINT STOCK COMPANY Through the assessment above we found generally the formation of strategic planning elements in Dai Thang Joint Stock Company particular and more enterprises in our country in general is formed spontaneously as is the array of parts, the strategic content hidden under the long-term business plan that has been put together, assembled into a complete strategic plan so that the reliability and efficiency when performing very low not meet the requirements of business practices in the market mechanism Here I would like to give some direction to help complete strategic plan of the company for the coming years 3.1 Positive analysis and forecasts of factors affecting the business strategy of the Company The company should appoint those who are responsible for monitoring information collected social, residential, regional physical planning economic, political, 10 legal and technological trends Those accountable the company shall be appointed to mastering information obtained from sources such as newspapers, magazines specializing in economic research, which review and forecast reports, reviews After collecting information must be processed then the Board of Directors and the executives concerned to discuss and choose which are the opportunities and challenges most critical to the Company Then you need to create a table arranged in order of priority of these targets will be set up for up to 20 targets in each category These key indicators should be taken in these sectors and the different times to create an objective level of the indicator On the other hand, the need to use more of the other variables including market share, level of competition, the world economy, the linkages with foreign monopolies and strategic advantages, cost competitiveness interest rate In addition, the company must keep a long term relationship, keep the good reputation of the state agency, local authority to exploit the information service of the business strategy of the business 3.2 Need to formed the business plan of the Company may pursue 3.2.1 For the construction sector Dai Thang Joint Stock Company is kind of small and medium enterprises mainly construction works is not large Therefore, the company needs to set strategy joint venture with the enterprises with strengths in: capital, technology, reputation and level has experienced in the construction of prestigious projects have complex technical , the joint venture company will make the experience learned construction and management practices Especially the reputation of the company will be known to many customers and improve the Company's bid Need to form a promotional policy for customers and must be considered as a thing in the strategic plan of the Company The promotion has many ways as discount certain percentage depending on the type of work and must have product warranty policy of the company building a flexible, making customers feel secure, private rely on the capacity of the Company Required cost reduction measures projects but still have to ensure the quality and progress of construction projects by restructuring the staff how to use the maximum of their capacity in the common task of the company On the other hand 11 lower the cost of projects by strengthening long-term borrowing for the projects have the construction schedule is relatively long Although short-term interest rates lower than long-term loans given in a certain period but generally short-term loans bear interest rates are constantly changing, it may increase or decrease On the other hand with a short term loan company always must constantly renew upon expiration capital debt Assuming the Company not to renew the short-term loans would be no funds for construction and led to delays in construction and will be subject to certain compensation for the slow progress of construction and negatively affect reputation company As for the bidding company to build flexible price policy Currently the company making the bid prices are not flexible, so they have to projects even higher bid than the investor and the other competitors so requires companies to have built up so prices suit each project and competitor situation, investors, take advantage of their superiority to offer a lower bid price Need to use policy tools to improve the effectiveness Marketing bidding Currently, the building now has been to apply marketing knowledge to effectively produce construction business especially when bidding for development activities Marketing in building a new activity, most of the characteristics of the building is due to marketing of the product characteristics and production and business building regulations To use the tool Marketing, a company should use a combination of marketing, the new policy can improve the efficiency of procurement Companies need to determine whether to use the primary policy The company marketing policy that can be used include: product policy, price policy, distribution policy, consumption, promotion policy, communication Need to diversify capital mobilization methods to ensure financial resources for bidding and construction Actually solving the current lack of funds is not the only issue that is problematic company's overall Vietnam enterprises at present However as a company built by the characteristics of the capital-intensive industry that no longer stagnant capital in the works Currently the company is experiencing restrictions on both aspects are to mobilize and recover capital to be able to raise capital to strengthen capital generation activities, the first company to forecast demand for capital Under the principle of demand for capital will equal the total 12 assets required for production and business assurance But the actual demand for the Company's capital will often fluctuate depending on the work that the company receives According to the principles of procurement, before signing the contract, the company must demonstrate their financial capacity thus requiring the Company to forecast the demand for funds to raise capital in time After forecasting the demand for capital the Company may implement the following measures to resolve difficulties in raising capital and capital recovery - First, the company must organize the rapid test, finishing each work item to be able to recover the investor's capital Fast handover construction company will help shorten construction time which effectively shorten the time of construction thereby reducing the cost of capital - Second: Maintain good relationships with banks by ensuring credibility in relation to banks and other credit institutions to have the financial support or the guarantees the performance of contracts for the company participated in the bidding process - Third: Save up unnecessary expenses 3.2.2 For other business areas of the company Business scope of the company mainly construction materials, equipment and machinery for the construction service So everyone in the company needs to understand the market and equipment and construction materials But to increase sales, the company needs to develop specific business plans: - Need to look for clues in particular large construction company Here is the clue may allow a long-term company should have a good relationship So the company needs to have fast payment method convenient and other services after the sale are: shipping warranty - Need to develop flexible pricing policy as credit sales, selling with prizes or bulk buyers are cutting prices or the cargo does not incur the cost of a certain radius On the other hand companies need to use the flexibility of flexible payment methods such as bank payment, by deferred payment, installment sale To achieve this the company needs to raise capital policies appropriately - Responding to customers as quickly as possible to this, the company needs to examine the market goods that are consumed more and more customers to 13 use So the company in any way to identify the customer's needs and meet the conditions can give them - Need to organize market research needs include studies the market demands for construction materials, the competitive situation in the market, research the needs and trends of demand mobilization and demand structure on market demand If you this, the company will reduce the flow of inventory accumulation leads to reduced capital and reduced capital costs 3.3 Process improvement and strategic planning issued had been built to the members of the Company - First: It should set annual goals for the Company This goal is one of the specific long-term strategic plan The strategic plan can only implemented through the establishment of the annual plan is the division of general goals into department goals, thereby underpinning the unit members in enterprises execution The purpose of the determination of the annual plan may be regarded as guidelines for action, it shall direct and guide the efforts and activities of the members of the Company The annual plan should be determined accordingly, challenging, clearly gaining popularity in the organization determine the appropriate amount of time and accompanied by adequate payoff mechanism - Second: As the need to establish policies to guide the implementation of strategic plan Policies are tools that implement the strategy, the policy sets the scope of regulation and the limitations forced on actions administrators can perform payoff for behavior, they clarify what can and can not when pursuing goals - Third: Undertake the form of commitment to implement strategic plan of the entire staff in enterprises staff The successful implementation of the strategic plan set out depends largely on the commitment of the entire staff from senior administrators to staff There can thus mobilize maximum resources for implementing strategy and ensuring high-quality resources but could overcome the shortage small A major task for leaders is how to help employees understand the best way to achieve these goals This requires leaders to have solutions of principle in order to improve management methods, to encourage staff to work with the spirit of enthusiasm 14 - Fourth: Company leaders need to create a staff and administrators an ardent spirit of implementation, striving for personal purposes as well as the purpose of the Company Such attitude will create the initiative of staff to work out the appropriate changes This requires leadership to encourage responsibility and self-assessment of his own work on the implementation of strategy and measures proposed to perform better and not follow the orders of their superiors -Fifth: Need to ensure resource allocation and important problem in communicating and implementing strategic plan is to ensure the resources and rational allocation to cater for implementation strategic plans of the Company Resource allocation is a central administration activities in implementing the plan, normally distributed enterprises operations subjective discretion of managers to carry heavy political factors In the implementation, the essence of the allocation of resources is often focused primarily on capital allocation Guarantee and capital allocation is usually based on strategic plan and ensure grant the Company amortized to use the most effective Allocation of funds should ensure the following: + Need to review the overall direction of the allocation of capital, considering the reasonable expenses have not, may help the company to complete the work that the business strategy laid out yet + Analyzing demand for funds as working capital, inventory, receivables, consider the issue of income distribution At the same time the capital budgeting + Analyzing the financial structure of enterprises in the implementation of the business strategy Financial structure affects the attractiveness and the cost of raising funds for the implementation of the strategy and will affect profitability But the financial structure is also affected by the objectives and plans of the business strategy The allocation of funds must be based on objective and specific strategies -Six: Need to build the organizational structure associated with the implementation of the strategy To implement the strategy, the enterprise must determine an appropriate organizational structure to arrange personnel and work to enterprises be able to pursue its strategies are most effective The important role of the organizational structure shown in two aspects: 15 + Coordinate the activities of the staff so that they can work together and implement a strategic plan most effective ways to create competitive advantage + Encourage employees motivated to learn and work under the new working methods Organizational structure driven by the staff of conduct and regulations will act like in the position of the organization Appropriate organizational structure allows enterprises to raise their competitiveness and facilitate in implementing the strategic plan - Seven: In the process of communication and implementing the strategic plan the company should have predicted conflict and the reaction can happen in business Because employees will think this is a change, much different attitude So the board could be the level planned protest with a certain change using forecasting methods and different data collection methods is listening Then find ways to lessen the objections before making the change and urged employees to participate more in making specific changes implemented to create a favorable atmosphere execute strategic plans Enlist help of staff makes them excited think you have participated in a decision to change On the other hand need to renew leadership style to attract the participation of many people - Eight: Need to make plans for additional activities that communicate the strategic plan Major contents of the construction work plan is outlined specific content of the work and the measures or steps to be taken to perform a task or a certain goal Making operational plans must specify the objectives to be achieved in each short period and these targets are specified from the overall objectives of the business This plan must be determined for each unit in the enterprise Conducting assigned at each step the person responsible for each task and clearly defined operating mechanism and personal responsibility  In any stage, the period of market mechanisms, the strategic plan is always necessary and indispensable for business and production activities, the survival and development of enterprises For Dai Thang Joint Stock Company too, strategic plans, though still new but it is important role, deciding the survival, the rise and fall of the company Through the system of targets, model key strategies that define, 16 build a comprehensive picture of how the measures that the company will have to make to reach in the future 17 ... techniques require simple techniques due to the capacity, technology, equipment, trade As the company experience in small scale Proceeding with accumulated experience as well as other conditions are improving... improve sales business expand market share - To increase investment in infrastructure, the devices work to help increase the efficiency of the business of the Company 2.3 General assessment of the... the problems that they need a special pass to lead the enterprises center complete the proposed strategic plan, the main issues of concern here it is: + Interested in expanding the market, looking
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