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CHIẾN LƯỢC KINH DOANH CỦA CÔNG TY TNHH PHƯƠNG BUSINESS STRATEGY OF THE HA PHUONG COMPANY LIMITED TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION RESEARCH OF CONTENT Overview of Ha Phuong Co., Ltd 1.1 History and Development of the Company 1.3 Market for products .6 Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Economic environment 2.2 Scientific and technological factors .8 2.3 Elements of culture and society .8 2.4 The legal and political factors .8 Analysis of the competitive factors 3.1Enterprises in the sector 3.2 Substitutes .9 3.3 Pressure from clients .9 3.4 The pressures from suppliers .10 Analysis of SWOT Matrix .11 4.1 Strengths (S) 11 4.2 Weaknesses (W) 11 4.3 Threats (T) 11 4.4 Opportunities (O) 11 To propose business strategies for Ha Phuong Co., Ltd 12 5.1 Identify the strategic objectives 12 5.2 Develop strategies parts 13 INTRODUCTION Vietnam's economy is integrated with the economies in the region and the world, the business environment of the enterprise is expanded, but the competition becoming more intense This has created business opportunities and also contain potential risks threatening the development of the enterprise In terms of market fluctuations, ignore the random factor is decisive issues affecting the success of the business is choosing the right direction, define a business strategy for the rational and timely manner From inception to date, the company has employed methods of strategic management in business administration now has achieved certain success, firm size expanding Market of each enterprise and business activities are particularly important, it determines the existence and development of every business, so the researchers learn to hold consolidate traditional markets, detect expand new markets is the first task that every business needs to perform Recognizing the importance of strategic planning in the enterprise business application they boldly chosen the theme: "Business Strategy of Ha Phuong Co., Ltd" RESEARCH OF CONTENT Overview of Ha Phuong Co., Ltd 1.1 History and Development of the Company - Ha Phuong Co., Ltd was established under license of 2800746030 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong city on May 5th 2003 with the initial charter capital of billion VND - The company's headquarters is located at 10A2, Le Hong Phong street, Hai Phong - Ha Phuong Co Ltd independent business accounting, financial autonomy, have legal status, its own seal and own bank accounts agriculture and rural development of Hai Phong branch organizations and operating under the charter of the company and within the framework of law When it was founded, the company mainly dealing in water filters, and then expand the business more other items like: + Agriculture machines: notice suburbs Haiphong area of agricultural development, the demand for machinery for agricultural production is increasing, therefore, the Company has expanded its business producing and trading more the server farm, such as hand tractor, complete harvester, machine diesel engines, lawnmowers + Sales of motorcycles: understanding the needs of people on a high port land, 2004, the Company opened a store credentials yamaha, specialized motorcycle business, trade, warranty, repair the line yamaha vehicles of distribution The expansion of business production scale has made the company is increasingly expanding In 2008, though the world in general and Vietnam in particular, heavily influenced by the economic crisis, thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises fell into bankruptcy or downsizing exposed fireworks manufacturing business , cut staff, converting business areas,etc, In this context, sees positive signals from the government, the company has strongly expanded production business (using their own capital), to increase income for laborers, Companies already trading more items on the generator and equipment for the construction industry, the first year the business situation quite difficult, due to the economic crisis, consumers have cut spending However steps in 2009 with the government stimulus package has stimulated consumer demand and stabilize market prices, especially electricity shortages serious happened did for consumption rose generator mutations, imported goods are not enough to meet demand After nearly 10 years of development, the company has a team of dynamic professional salesperson, dealer system was extended to all the districts in the province, to ensure that customers always get supply of products and services quickly and the best, so that today the company has gained a foothold in the market 1.2 Functions and duties of the company Since its establishment, the company's main task is to provide the main items such as water purification, agricultural machinery - industrial - construction, generators, motorcycles for the needs of foreign residents Haiphong Based on their actual capacity, the company has built good business plan, business expansion to meet growing demand for the people of earth cave Harbor, selfcost recovery, cover the full capital and pay taxes to the state budget Company to promote the expansion of the market, always looking for stable markets to trade effectively, the Company must build and strengthen affiliates, facilitating all aspects for qualitative changes in governance Executive producer's business units The company is also responsible for training the workforce to promote talent, full participation of the national movements 1.3 Market for products As one member limited liability companies, companies involved in the market independently and self-determination, this is reflected in the company to decide business products, quantities, unit prices,etc, Thus also means that companies have to compete with rivals in the market On the other hand, this is a volatile market prices, supplies and goods, have an adverse effect on costs of inputs and of course directly affects production and business efficiency For companies and business in various fields, particularly the lack of assurance of the power sector has great influence on the business of the company generator, this is a difficult problem for the leaders of the companies in the selection of a new strategy, set up a new business plan to suit the actual situation of the company Market consumer products company primarily is the province of Hai Phong and some surrounding areas Due to the newly established company mainly business development in key areas such as: Inner city of Hai Phong, Vinh Bao, An Lao, Tien Lang,etc, Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Economic environment - Interest rates: interest rates currently are the state increasingly reasonable adjustments, businesses need to take advantage of this opportunity Customers often have to borrow to pay for the consumption of the product thus increasing the interest rate lowered to increase the purchasing power of customers, the ability to pay the debts easier The interest rate is adjusted reasonably make the project more feasible because of low interest rates reduce the cost of capital, increased investment demand Companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to get investment for new business areas, improve equipment, improve the quality of the workforce - Exchange rate: The value of the USD, EURO soaring in recent years, this is the opportunity for domestic production activities under pressure from investors to reduce, costs of production, installation of low water as well as the opportunity to receive investment capital increase However the high exchange rate also caused disadvantages for enterprises importing raw materials, machinery and equipment for production from abroad because it will push costs up, making the product cost, so hard edge online - Economic Growth: The 10 years of economic growth in our country is from 7-7.5%, in 2011 was 7% If implementation of a higher growth of GDP in the coming years will reach 7-8% These are very favorable conditions for businesses because GDP increase will lead to per capita income increases, the possibility of increased consumption,etc, stimulate the production and consumption of products On a world scale, the countries are generally good growth The Asian country has fully recovered from the economic crisis, rising thrive World economy, predicts will grow in the coming years Economic relations between countries in recent years has made good progress, the trend accelerated this integration has promoted economic growth for both countries better adapt it difficult for the country retardation 2.2 Scientific and technological factors The explosion of science and technology has created very favorable conditions for economic activity in general and Ha Phuong Co., Ltd in particular - The development of the electronic industry, information technology is exploited thoroughly operational management and organization of production and business activities (microchip applications for automation, remote control system,etc, ) - Modern Machinery: Science and technology development and production facilitate the application of modern machinery replaced craft production, outdated machinery and rude,etc, Recently, the company business has introduced modern machinery imported from developed countries (Germany, South Korea, China, Japan) have significant advantages, high quality, ensure environmental requirements - Research on new materials improve products, import substitution is an important issue in business and production The research enterprise has made a series of new materials, auxiliary substances cheaply and import substitution 2.3 Elements of culture and society The current population of our country is about 100 million people, the world population of billion This is the great potential of the manufacturing and trading of consumer goods The business enterprise products are mainly imported from abroad, so the availability of supplies and input goods less affected by natural conditions and environment 2.4 The legal and political factors The political situation in recent years been relatively stable Vietnam is considered as the 2nd country in Asia is its political stability occur when a series of terrorist attacks around the world The legal policies with gradual improvements but still many loopholes affecting equality in the competitiveness of businesses Also other factors such as infrastructure, roads in recent years has improved, much new construction, traffic between regions become convenient promote commodity trading Communications systems, utility systems has also improved markedly,etc, Analysis of the competitive factors 3.1Enterprises in the sector - Domestic: Ha Phuong Co., Ltd The main competitors in the industry is mainly competing on motorbikes, generators, agricultural machinery - industrial, but not too dangerous levels, the domestic enterprises in general, in Haiphong particular primarily with small and medium scale Only a handful of leading companies with large, competitive market therefore less fragmented Characteristic of industry consolidation is primarily price planned by leading companies Thus, in the domestic pressure from competitors in the same industry to the Company is insignificant The commodities trading company, mainly with the field of motorcycles, the company is a distributor of yamaha mandate, is strong competition with other car manufacturers, like Honda, SYM, SUZUKI,etc, Competition from non-genuine vehicles (cars imported from Chinese) is not significant, with price the company launched co vehicles, perfectly fit the needs and pocketbooks of consumers - Overseas: products trading company mainly imports from abroad, so the influence from overseas markets to the company is significant, economic crisis, political, terrorist, will image affect the business situation of the company On the market of Vietnam may be mentioned products of Chinese enterprises, Thailand, Japan (generators, motorcycles, agricultural machinery - industrial) Products of this enterprise has always attracted the attention of customers with the advantages of cheap, abundant species models Especially the products of China, Taiwan, Japan always has this advantage 3.2 Substitutes The business areas of the company special relativity, so the influence from substitute products is negligible 3.3 Pressure from clients The customer is direct threat in the competitiveness of enterprises, while they push prices down or when they demand better quality, better service would make the cost of business activity increased Currently, Vietnam's economy is on the rise, annual GDP increased by 7%, the purchasing power of consumers has increased, but with no greater volatility, while the competitiveness of enterprises increasingly large, so companies must plan a strategy with low cost price, at the same time improving the quality of customer service to make a difference in order to attract consumers to use their products 3.4 The pressures from suppliers The Company's inputs include supplies and equipment Regarding financial provider, the company beyond their own capital, capital raised was used primarily loans that bank credit Because the company has the advantage of stable development and early repayment should always issue bank loans are relatively favorable than other businesses When the company has a business investment projects efficiently, finding funding is not too difficult The problem is the ability to pressure from suppliers of input materials and equipment Input materials and equipment of the company includes many categories: motorcycles, engines, generators, water purification,etc, Ability to pressure of suppliers is relatively large, machinery, domestic appliances have many customers (construction, transport,etc, ) machinery, parts and components imported from foreign countries influenced by the exchange rate, transaction costs and special tax the number of suppliers less 3.5 Pressure from potential rivals Potential rivals of the company's businesses and enterprises assembling and repairing machines, mechanical equipment,eyc, Current pressures from potential competitors not great because there are barriers to entry are significant strength - Limits of low-cost advantage by the Company with the unit members have extensive experience in manufacturing water purifier business, motorcycle, agricultural and industrial machines,etc, At the same time scale as the big business should produce cost reduction, machinery, equipment and incentives when buying in bulk and often from suppliers - The potential rivals have not enough strength of investment in infrastructure for production and business motorcycles, agricultural machinery industry construction, generators,etc, - The company has always been appreciated for success in business and production therefore making it difficult for businesses to participate in the market Analysis of SWOT Matrix Construction SWOT matrix, combining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a prerequisite for the development of business strategy 4.1 Strengths (S) - Application of science and technology for manufacturing machinery have achieved high efficiency, expand the scale of operations of the Company - The country has successfully researched some imported spare parts - The labor abundant - High borrowing capability - Credibility of the business on the market rising - The unit members are widely scattered and continuous development - The target of the company's consistently high 4.2 Weaknesses (W) - Technology equipment in most areas inadequate - High prices, competitiveness of products low - No more new products - Skilled, qualified workers is low compared to the region - Business Marketing strongest yet - Investments are not focusing well 4.3 Threats (T) - Competitors growing strong - The requirement of customers increasing - Competition will become even more acute in the traditional domestic market after the trade agreement and after integration into WTO - Power input goods are unfavorable 4.4 Opportunities (O) - Sales of agricultural machines - industrial - construction, motorcycles, water purification is growing very strongly - The market has great potential Haiphong (by the agriculture sector, large population) - Socio-economic development, income growth, rising purchasing power - The interest rate, exchange rate, inflation adjusted state is stable 10 - Science and Technology modern day one To propose business strategies for Ha Phuong Co., Ltd After years of implementation of the plan from 2010 to 2014, the Company had many positive changes Most of the member units of the Company achieved high growth rates in both production value, revenue, profit,etc, the contribution to the State budget also increased continuously in recent years For water purification industry, motorcycles, agricultural machinery industry - construction can maintain the pace of development, especially when Vietnam has joined the WTO The company should continue to develop and implement business plans 5.1 Identify the strategic objectives - Continue implementation of measures to mobilize domestic resources and called for investment to maintain high development pace and sustainability, improve the competitiveness of products, to accelerate market expansion out of province neighborhood - Branding and image of the company at home and abroad - Implement exceeded production targets business, striving beyond the industry growth rate (15%/year) - Continuing to invest in developing "leapfrog" mining projects invested business to boost production efficiency, maintain market expansion in provincial, regional and remote - Apply thoroughly the scientific and technical achievements in production and business - Increasing the strength and effectiveness of the focus and cooperation in the sector, in addition to industry and international cooperation - Continue to implement the reorganization of the unit members, conducting business equitisation - Focus on building management staff meet the scientific and technical requirements - Stable guaranteed income for workers while continuing to implement the organizational structure of the labor force, labor management remission, raising the proportion of qualified labor 11 5.2 Develop strategies parts 5.2.1 Market Strategy With a market strategy company strategy focused on customer needs To meet customer demand for the Company needs to know what the customer wants? When want? How prefers to satisfy? - Focus on customer needs: By analyzing and evaluating the product consumption we see consumer demand for water purification products, motorcycles, agricultural machinery - industrial - construction growing fast, especially the items motorcycles , water softener This is because the development of the economy, the process of industrialization, modernization and urbanization process is accelerating,etc, The physical demands of the majority of the increasing population, most of the products sold in the market in the province are all essential, but the unit of the company specializes in producing business products This product should customer demand for the Company's products is large The success of the majority of the branch of the company is just in terms of consumer demand on the rise, in the case when market saturation or the competitors in growing the province with quality Is not changed, the old model, method of sales and after-sales service is still only the traditional measures: no attention to customer needs like? Do not know about the reactions of consumers and their customers about the quality of proposals, on the conditions for use then the customer will not be consumer products company anymore Therefore, the Company has proposed measures are: + Construction and organizations specialized department of market research and customer needs + Improve the quality of information on how to channel sales and after-sales service, attention to the feedback of our customers - To meet the needs of consumers: The study identified customer demand as a prerequisite for increased ability to satisfy customer needs, know what they want to study and solution to satisfy that desire By studying the consumption of products and poll the consumer products company, for products such as generators, agricultural machinery, the situation is increasingly falling consumption because these products are market days More and more business people, the loss of electricity has been remedied For water filter 12 products is constantly fluctuating prices temporarily not consistent with purchasing power, demand is limited,etc, So one should face lower product costs, a surface enrichment the product category,etc, Establish credibility, create confidence in our customers For water filter products, the demand of the customer primarily as richness, diversity of designs and the uniqueness of the product The catch is that business people need to make the product fit the needs of consumers 5.2.2 Competitive strategy The company has certain advantages in a competitive advantage for those currently occupying positions in the market especially in the provincial market Commodity trading company has built up customer loyalty as Yamaha motorcycles, water softener kangaroo, Ronesca,etc, The competitive advantage of the Company primarily based on product quality and production scale business Product quality is relatively satisfactory for the majority of customers, but also may be due to competitive products is not strong enough, the consumption of alternative products has not become a habit of consumers, scale production and business of the Company, the financial condition and cumulative capacity is relatively strong The ability to reduce product cost is entirely possible to control only problem is how to allocate and manage resources The Company applies the competitive strategy: * Low-cost strategy: This strategy is built primarily applies to the market in the province Provincial consumer customers in motorcycle products, water purifier, industrial agricultural machine types,etc, The majority of customers with medium and low incomes Moreover the demand for these commodities is similar even for high-income people, companies rated equal to the demand for this commodity in different markets The company can fully pursue this strategy for these products for several reasons: - Scale of big business, with many branches in districts and machinery imported inputs great bulk, thereby reducing the incentives for input prices - Promoting the current conditions on the ability to enhance production capacity of business management - Have been actively researched and produced all kinds of accessories at low prices 13 - Application of scientific progress in assembling, repair and maintenance products, reduce labor towards cost reduction Implementing this strategy will facilitate the Company's goods flow faster, favored by consumers * Differentiation Strategy - Domestic market: The company building differentiated strategy for the market share of high-income people, this strategy special attention to improving the quality of products and services and is creating toxic special originality of design in the motorcycle products, water filters,etc, Market share for major differentiation strategy are economic urban development, besides buying power is differentiated consumer psychology: + Popular Psychology quality products + Consumer Sentiment unique products have special features for usability and design, assert individuality To implement this strategy the Company must: + Focus for input, focusing on improving product quality + Diversification of product design through information gathering, research consumer psychology + Application of the methods of sales and after-sales service When differentiation to meet consumer needs of customers through the orders, the measures taken to provide adequate information on after-sales service and warranty repair mode,etc, - The market for neighboring provinces: Here is the market of high-income customers, differentiation strategy of the Company mainly applies to high-end products such as expensive cars, modern water filters,etc, For this market price is not a matter of concern Hence the need to focus for design and quality Consumer psychology of the customer is also very different from other provinces: + Composition customers real consumer demand + Composition consumer customers with production and business purposes should boost sales of traditional products, such as agro-industrial machine construction, motor,etc, Therefore should actively create customer preference, market expansion To implement this strategy the Company must: + Promote market research, consumer research 14 + Design of machinery equipment flexible, modern application can repair and assemble multiple product forms + Improve the quality of customer service + Investing in building the product image * Competitive strategy by the time of delivery With production capacity of the Company's business, the Company fully in all aspects of the conditions capable of completing orders with delivery time soon, this is a strength compared to other competitors, including with Chinese’s enterprises This is a strategy to grab market especially in provinces outside market in Nghe An, Ninh Binh,etc, The potential market is always consumed large quantities of products, pressure on prices is not too big, love the biggest demand is for quality products and on time delivery To implement this strategy, the company must: + Study and application of science - techniques for production and business + Promote the expansion of the company, looking for strong partners + Implementation of the program for production management and especially management processes import goods and ensure business processes, delivery to customers in the earliest possible time The product structure of the Company is irrational and lacks many of the new products with different features attractive to consumers 15 ... Vietnam's economy is integrated with the economies in the region and the world, the business environment of the enterprise is expanded, but the competition becoming more intense This has created... the product thus increasing the interest rate lowered to increase the purchasing power of customers, the ability to pay the debts easier The interest rate is adjusted reasonably make the project... the competitiveness of enterprises, while they push prices down or when they demand better quality, better service would make the cost of business activity increased Currently, Vietnam's economy
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