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CHIẾN LƯỢC KINH DOANH CỦA CÔNG TY DY LỊCH DỊCH VỤ NỘI Business strategy of the Hanoi Tourism Service Company (Hanoi-Toserco) TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT RESEARCH OF CONTENT General introduction about Tourist Services Hanoi Company (HanoiToserco) 1.1 Overview of the formation and development .4 1.2 The launch of the Tourism Center Hanoi Tourism Service Company 1.3 Business Results of the Hanoi Tourism Centre Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Economic environment .7 2.2 Technical Environment-Technology 2.3 Environmental culture - society 2.4 The natural environment .9 2.5 The political factor - the law .10 Analysis of the competitive factors 11 3.1 Competitors 11 3.2 The pressures from suppliers 11 3.3 Pressure from substitute products .12 3.4 Markets tourists 12 3.5 The development of brokerage services 13 The results achieved in the implementation of business strategies 14 4.1 For strategic marketing mix: .14 4.2 Price policy .14 4.3 Product Policy 15 4.4 Promotion policy 15 4.5 Distribution Policy 15 4.6 For market strategy 15 4.7 For competitive strategy 15 Shortcomings in the implementation of business strategies 15 5.1 Mixed Marketing Strategy 16 5.2 Market Strategy 16 5.3 Competitive Strategy 16 Proposed measures to improve the efficiency of business strategy 16 17 RESEARCH OF CONTENT General introduction about Tourist Services Hanoi Company (Hanoi-Toserco) 1.1 Overview of the formation and development Hanoi-Toserco is a travel company has made a reputation in the market domestically and internationally, the company has in the name of foreign tourist Guidebook Licensed to operate from the middle of 1988, tourism business functions and services on the Hanoi area Hanoi-Toserco is now the business units under the People's Committee of Hanoi, under management of the state's tourism Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Department of Hanoi Tourism To generalize the process of formation and development of the company Hanoi-Toserco into phases: Phase (1989): Decision No 1625/QD-UB, on October 14th, 1988 of the Hanoi People's Committee has confirmed the Hanoi-Toserco is the economic unit establishments under the People's Committee of Hanoi city, the independent economic accounting with business travel functionality in Hanoi Phase 2: (1990-1993): Decision 105/QD-UB of the People's Committee of Hanoi has to Hanoi-Toserco implemented decentralization and transfer of attached units from accounting report remodel independent economic accounting, which promote the role of business autonomy, marked a maturing of the business Phase 3: From 1994 - present: This phase Hanoi-Toserco rearranging organizational model to suit the provisions of the City, the establishment of enterprises by Decree 388ND/CP of the Prime Minister Companies include: - departments maids - units under internal company accounting - State Service Center - Management Centre carriage guide tourists - Yacht West Lake - Factory tours - Branch of Hanoi Tourism Service Company in Ho Chi Minh City - Joint Venture - Horison Hotel (5 star) - Hanoi Hotel (3 stars) - ASA of Hanoi ROYALHotel: Caters merchant - Manfiled - Toserco (agents airfare): Vietnam Airlines, Thai Away, 1.2 The launch of the Tourism Center Hanoi Tourism Service Company Hanoi Tourism Centre was established under Decision 637/QD - UB, granted on February 10, 1993, permit international travel business 57/GPDL, issued on June 9, 1993, registration license business No 105 719, granted on March 20, 1993 Tourism Center is an independent business unit under the management of director of the company, business center primarily for domestic travel and international travel Functions and duties: - Organization of business management team of the company car assigned to the center - Direct contracting with the organization of business travel domestic and international Organize travel programs - Implement obligations to pay taxes and other payments related - Signing a contract with other service providers such as hotel, restaurant, transportation,etc, 1.3 Business Results of the Hanoi Tourism Centre Hanoi Visitors Center is a state enterprise with the main function of international travel business and domestic travel, international travel including a large proportion of the travel business activities of the Centre In addition, the center also has other functions such as: provision of services to tenants for office and residence; provides services for car rental, airline ticketing service,etc, The business of domestic tour: In recent years, this segment of the Center had prospered Previously, the domestic travel business is not heated by the international travel business Because, during which Vietnam does not really have to travel movements combined with low income and less idle time funds The same year business major domestic travel only two seasons: summer and festival season Source main guest of the Centre in this period are from agencies in Ha Noi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City The number of domestic tourists is 296 respectively, while the number of international visitors was 2,416 respectively Revenue from domestic tourism was 250 million, while international tourism revenue is 2,950 million In 2011, revenue from international travel accounted for 92% of total revenue, while revenue from domestic travel accounts for only 8% In recent years, business operations domestic tour of the center has really flourished Because the needs of people traveling Vietnam increases over time ago due to higher economic conditions, the fund longer idle time To the Center, Hanoi Tourist Centre has focused much more on domestic tourists, promote propaganda promoting tourism products Creating unique programs, attractive suite of math ability, customer preferences Table Target guests Center Hanoi Tourism Unit: Hit people Year Inbound Tourist Outbound Tourist Internal Tourist 2012 4.380 745 4.873 2013 2014 4.530 5.752 1.293 1.632 5.289 6.120 Source: Centre for Tourism Hanoi Footnotes: Inbound Tourist: International Travelers initiative Outbound Tourist: international tourists passive Internal Tourist: Domestic Tourists Regarding the domestic tourism segment, the current number of domestic tourists to Hanoi Tourist Centre has greatly increased To get it is because tourists come to the center always received warmly welcoming attitude of the staff and workers with the attractive tourism programs, better service quality The domestic tourism program of the Center is divided into two: Tour schedule proactive and travel programs according to your requirements Open Tour + City Tour: This is the area where the Center obtained the highest results in all its activities Every year, this activity has attracted a large number of visitors to the Centre In recent years the number of tourists to consumer travel programs are very large, are shown in the figures the following table: Table Visitor Target of the Center Hanoi Tourism Unit: Hit guest Năm Open tour + City tour 2012 38.364 2013 2014 20.081 22.280 Source: Hanoi Tourism Centre The business of international travel: International travel business has always been the strength of Hanoi Visitors Center, sales of international travel accounted for 70% of operating revenues tour business But in recent years, The center has focused both on domestic travel segment captured by travel demand and revenue on the increase of people in the country, but not so that the Center ignoring or not paying attention to the array of international travel During activities that require centers to create its reputation in the market by building the tourism program rich and diverse with reasonable prices, but to ensure good quality In addition, the program also must create a new, unusual for programs of other companies have been made Due to good performance of this indicator, the Centre has expanded the scale and market their guests Currently, the center has been to get a foothold in the market In recent years, Hanoi Tourist Centre has been focusing on exploiting some potential markets and high solvency: France, USA, Korea, Japan, Germany,etc, Table The average revenue from travel business activities of the Centre for Tourism Hanoi Unit: million VND The content Outbound Inbound Internal Open & City tour Total 2000 5.794 5.960 1.362 7.831 20.947 2001 2002 6.850 8.083,5 7.590 9.430,8 1.706 1.942 7.353 7.488,7 23.499 26.945 Source: Hanoi Tourism Centre Analysis of PEST model 2.1 Economic environment In some elements of the macroeconomic environment, the economic factor is the most important and decisive to the development of business strategy of the Centre Because economic decisions to the solvency of the tourists When economic development, meaning that people's income is higher, life is improved and it has satisfied all the necessities, people will tend to move to meet today's demanding high rather, it is a secondary need When seize the economic situation development, the center will carry out the construction of tourist programs to conform with the solvency of the tourists Economic growth means that income and livelihood of the people is increasing day by day This led to the development of a number of service industries, consumer goods,etc, and tourism is one of the sectors have been favorable conditions for development In recent years our economy has grown significantly step Since implementing the policy of our country economic transformation from a centrally planned to a market economy goods, perform open integration with the economies of the countries in the region and around the world The growth rate of the economy continued to increase rapidly When economic growth accompanied by income per capita of the country on a rise With such an income, people's lives are greatly increased Nowadays people not just think of food, clothing,etc, But travel demand has also appeared in many Vietnam 2.2 Technical Environment-Technology In the past few decades, the pace of development of science and technology in the world has made significant progress and could say was developed strongly with the advanced applications in the areas of economic life economic, political, military,etc, When technical-technological development leading to increased productivity, reduced working time, all technical operations be carried out quickly and bring high economic efficiency When economically efficient means of economic development, people's income increases, and the ability to spend it all strata of increase, all basic needs are met and they tend to requirement is satisfied the needs of secondary (high demand) including travel demand Scientific and technological development will not only promote economic development, but it also impacts on the upgrading and refurbishment of infrastructure engineering companies, travel businesses When the investment has had an appropriate way, the ability to serve its customer better seduoc, fastest meet all the needs of tourists Because travel demand in high demand, tourists are required to serve in the best way Therefore, the Centre needs to retool in a uniform from the workplace, the material and technical base of the center to the vehicle Since that would attract tourists to come and consume the products of the Center, created the prestige and reputation of the Center on domestic and foreign markets When engineering - the technology has been applied to promote production and business processes taking place at a rapid pace, sustainable and besides it ensure environmental hygiene 2.3 Environmental culture - society Vietnam with 4000 years of history have shaped a culture imbued with national identity A mixed culture of many ethnic groups in the community of the people of Vietnam, with many cultural and historical monuments such as the ancient capital of Hue, My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An, Hoa Binh gong culture, folk festivals,etc, , community Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups, each nation characterize a culture Each ethnic keep themselves separate identities with different customs That creates the diversity of our country's culture All create significant advantages in the development of tourism in Vietnam It is also great resources to promote tourism development to generate income strata of the population, the state budget and create more jobs for people Hanoi is the political and cultural center of the country From centuries ago Hanoi was the capital of many dynasties Therefore, formed many cultures make Hanoi a thousand years of civilization lands with many historical, cultural enormous Nowadays, when it comes to Hanoi is people say to a concentrated area famous celebrity of the nation, people will mention the elegant lifestyle of the people of Ha Thanh, many folk festivals,etc, The people’s Hanoi city with elegant manners, hospitable, friendly, polite communication These characteristics are suitable for tourism development in Hanoi For tourists, while traveling, in addition to the sightseeing purposes, they resort also has another purpose which is proper to learn, explore culture, history, people in countries where they travel to So Vietnam has all the favorable conditions for tourism development, Vietnam has a long history with a rich culture So, could attract more tourists to visit, tourists bring major source of income for the local and national 2.4 The natural environment Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia Our country has many natural resources varies widely distributed lead lap and stretches from north to south Lots of natural landscapes by the State and world ranking These are factors that create advantages for developing the initial business of a business tourism, a sector, a local or national one Therefore, when developing business strategies that must conform to the natural environment and rich diversity of each region For somewhere full terms of natural resources, human resources documents, the favorable natural conditions,etc, then there will be great conditions for tourism development The potential of tourism humanistic resources: Thang Long, Dong Do, Hanoi is the land, the cradle of culture Dai Viet, where Vietnam State formed first, measure the earth's most dynasty It was here that form most succinct features of Vietnam culture and then spread to the whole country This resource is people, the pagodas, temples, communal houses, the building structures, monuments of culture, traditional festivals, museums, art institutions of Hanoi: Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum,etc, On the area of Hanoi has around 2,000 historical relics including 484 Rated Density relics of Hanoi highest drug in the country This heritage is born and nourished by the moral, religious and ethnic traditions, so it has vitality and durability The historical relics of Hanoi: Quarter thirty six streets, Hoa Lo Prison,etc, 2.5 The political factor - the law Political regime in our country today is considered relatively stable and steadily been recognized worldwide as a safe destination and friendly Guidelines and policies of the Party and State have increasingly more open The views expressed consistently expand cooperation and exchange friendly countries in the world conform to the trend of globalization and internationalization of the world economy In recent years Vietnam to participate in building international relationships: Participate in the ASEAN, participated in the forum of economic cooperation in AsiaPacific (APEC), especially Vietnam was normal cultural relations with the US The legal system of our country more fully consolidate and close more of the many laws and ordinances, specifically,etc, To strengthen the management of the State to create a legal framework firmly corridor ensuring that enterprises have autonomy in their business activities more 10 Analysis of the competitive factors 3.1 Competitors Vietnam's economy is a market economy Already a market economy, it definitely will be competition Since the economy of Vietnam's market economy is the management of the State, so the competition process is always regulated by state enterprises to avoid monopolistic competition Hanoi market today, business travel activity has been taking place very lively, aggressive and strong in the presence of hundreds or thousands of travel companies including state-owned, joint ventures and private These companies are active in the fields of travel and different arrays, both international travel and domestic travel Against this backdrop, the Hanoi Tourism Centre will have to choose for themselves what opponents that Centre should compete So that the center has the plans, strategies, competitive strategies that can achieve higher efficiency than competitors Hanoi market now has some travel companies of State activity in the segment of international travel and domestic the Hanoi Tourist Centre considered its competitors: Unions Tourism Company, Travel Railways, Tourism Transportation Resources, Star Tours, tour Vina, Ben Thanh Tourist - branch in Hanoi,etc, The nature of the industry, the company's products are often the same So we can not compete with each other on products, which we can only compete on price and the quality of the product Which company to market an appropriate price while maintaining quality of tourist programs, ensure profitability, the company will win and dominate that market Besides competing on price, the companies still depend heavily on the prestige and their reputation in the market again, it attracts new visitors Hanoi Tourism Centre is full of conditions to be able to compete with companies in the area of Hanoi: The sale price of the Hanoi Tourism Centre was not higher than other companies in the province In addition, the center also prestigious and very high reputation in the region as well as activities on a national scale So, it was great to facilitate Hanoi Tourism Centre can operate effectively on the Hanoi market 3.2 The pressures from suppliers For a business travel, providers have a special role in their business processes Suppliers ensure inputs for business, it determines the quality of the output of these enterprises Therefore, it contributes to the competitiveness among enterprises A 11 general business travel and tourism center in Hanoi in particular has a lot of different vendors The mission of the enterprise is to link all the services that the provider of a complete product and sell to tourists with gross prices Suppliers who provide services: transportation, accommodation, meals, entrance fees at destination, as well as in the area of operation of the company Among the vendors on, own transport, the center of Hanoi Tourism Center have organized themselves fleet As a travel company operating in the field of guest posts, so the company has created for himself a relationship with hotels and restaurants in the area of Hanoi: In addition to the joint venture affiliated hotels company: Hanoi Horison Hotel, SAS hotel venture, Hanoi hotel the joint venture,etc, The company has at the travel destination, Hanoi tourist Centre also put relations with some suppliers the accommodation service, catering Currently, in order to relieve pressure and reliance on suppliers, Hanoi Tourist Centre has expanded relationships with many different suppliers in order to reduce the binding avoid an excessive levels at suppliers Create an environment of perfect competition between suppliers together and simultane - ously laser also creates suitable choice for suppliers Therefore, the business strategy of Hanoi Tourist Centre is to somehow to be able to expand the relationship with suppliers as much better It will promote business activities of the Centre an effective way 3.3 Pressure from substitute products Future replacement product of Hanoi Tourist Centre will tend to increase With many organizations form new tourism programs by the other tour operators as the program conducted ecotourism, tourism and resort,etc, Will create a huge pressure on existing tourism products of the Centre This requires the Centre to actively research and development of its new products Actively upgrading and completing additional natural products circulating in the market of the Centre Only so can reduce the pressure of the replacement products for those products Hanoi Tourist Center 3.4 Markets tourists Tourist market is the most important factor critical to the process of building the business strategy of Hanoi Tourist Centre Because the growth of the hotel market defined the attractiveness of the market When that market is attractive, the center will develop business strategies accordingly to be able to penetrate, develop and expand 12 the market The center will use all its resources to that could land the most profitable in that market For Hanoi Tourist Centre, in the segment of international travel, the Centre has not sudi explored, exploited some new markets such as Japan, France, America,etc, But the new center just pay attention to market the Chinese visitors In recent years, Hanoi Tourist Centre has been paying attention to the expansion and development of the market of domestic tourists Because the needs of people traveling Vietnam increases over time ago due to higher economic conditions, the fund longer idle time To the Center, Hanoi Tourist Centre has focused much more on domestic tourists, promote propaganda promoting tourism products Creating unique programs, attractive suite of math ability, customer preferences Currently, Hanoi Tourist Centre has distributed guests into two main categories: Market visitors wishing to travel with high service quality and customer market Special mention not much quality but simply serves to participate in the trip For each type of market, the center will offer tourist programs with reasonable price to each audience satisfied with the quality and form of tourism that they have chosen, so the next time they picked Centre Hanoi tourism travel rather choose another company But the majority of tourists come to the center often have high liquidity, typically customer offices, the wealthy families in Hanoi and surrounding provinces With a student audience, almost very little Recommended for these centers often serve the purpose of advertising is the key During this time the Centre should actively explore, discover and fully exploit the Japanese market and the French visitors Because, in recent times Vietnam Airlines has opened direct flights from Vietnam to Japan, France, and vice versa Due to the characteristics of the Japanese mentality is like to go so quickly, not want to wait So the opening of direct flights between the two countries creates great conditions for the travel company in Vietnam in general and Hanoi tourism center in particular will have the opportunity to welcome a large number of tourists Japanese tourism in Vietnam 3.5 The development of brokerage services In this era, when the economy is more developed brokerage activities even more important role much And in the tourism business, the brokerage service is 13 equally important Because the tourism market is vast and not any guests who may know all about its people To satisfy the curiosity to learn about the travel market, visitors will be looking to brokerage services to seek the information necessary to serve the next trip around It is from there that brokerage activities were really active in the market, it is a bridge between travelers and tourism companies in the implementation of tourism programs for guests The results achieved in the implementation of business strategies For each strategy is a good fit or the results that it brings will be great It is the foundation for increasing revenue, profit, fame and prestige to the Centre in particular and the company in general And special it will be good conditions to attract or attract tourists, increase the number of visitors to the Centre This is demonstrated through the implementation of the strategy: 4.1 For strategic marketing mix: Any company operating in the market economy are focused on strategic marketing mix Because of this strategy has many important policies and the successful implementation of this policy, the efficiency that it brings to the company will not be small Hanoi Visitors Center in the process of implementing the marketing strategy for using good mix of policies: price, product, promotion and distribution 4.2 Price policy Because learn, grasp the needs of consumers in the market is always interested in buying the product or service is the cheapest and best quality requirements And optimized to meet the needs of consumers but still desired profit Together with the Centre have great financial resources, combined with proper market analysis, the Centre has decided to put off selling the travel programs on the market at prices matching the traveler accepted while prices also afford to compete with other competitors in the market Because appropriate price, so the number of visitors to the Centre over the years is very large and the revenue earned from this activity is high For tour programs for retail customers, the Center has established for each audience with the appropriate rate to achieve the goal of maximizing the number of passengers Centre has preferred rates for regular delegations east quantities, discount, discount prices for children, creating lasting relationships with suppliers in order to 14 enjoy preferential rates, they spent cooperative prices for companies like the hotel in Halong Bay, Hoi An 4.3 Product Policy The center has well promoted tourism programs as a single program: City Tour, Open tour For City tour, done during the day, while the Open tour, depending on customer needs that time may be extended, various short 4.4 Promotion policy In the various forms of advertising on various media, at reasonable cost and design of promotional ink and rich diversity The center has been introduced to visitors at home and abroad known products and its services so that tourists can go sightseeing, tourism in Vietnam through its service Moreover, since the promotional activities of this center has created the image of Vietnam in general and the company in particular 4.5 Distribution Policy The Center has performed its role as a bridge to bring tourists to consumer tourism products all over the country and abroad, is the connection of individual products to best serve the needs of traveler Although the system of affiliates, agents are limited and uneven distribution Anyhow, the Centre has also obtained significant advantages in the use of distribution channels 4.6 For market strategy Besides going into the market to fully exploit domestic tourists with array of domestic travel business with credibility and its reputation The center also exploiting the market segments in Europe, Asia: US, France, Germany, Japan, China, Korea,etc, 4.7 For competitive strategy This is a very important strategy for the Centre in the seizure and prestige, its reputation in the market Due to acknowledge the importance of this strategy, the Centre has so much effort to implement competitive strategies from competitors in the marketplace By using high-cost strategy and business operations with prestige and his fame, the Centre has achieved significant accomplishments in traffic, revenues and profits in recent years Shortcomings in the implementation of business strategies 15 Paired with the success or upon which the Center achieved during the implementation of the strategy is the difficulty surviving necessitate corrective, resolved quickly and promptly 5.1 Mixed Marketing Strategy In product policy, because the characteristics of tourism products are easy to imitate and copy, plus work to build a new product brought into service, the need to spend a high cost And when put into practice product, this product is easily imitated, copied So in the process of business activities, the Centre did not build yourself a travel program different than the competitors Here, the new center only policy choice of product differentiation is low The evaluation of product differentiation is the quality of the tourist program that the Center offered to guests As for the distribution policy, the Centre has not build yourself a network of branches, offices, travel agents in many provinces and cities nationwide to help more convenient Center the implementation of the tour 5.2 Market Strategy In the segment of international travel, the Center has focused too much on the Chinese hotel market, the market is considered to have the largest number of visitors, but low liquidity and promiscuity So when conducting cater to this audience very bats Center on prestige loss for service providers Center focuses on China's hotel market because the current number of visitors traveling to Vietnam more, by geographical location close to Vietnam and the cost of a trip in Vietnam high and not suitable for their solvency Also, due to very strong center for international travel should businesses although domestic travel was concerned but not yet adequate and true to its importance Number of employees in the domestic nest less, technical facilities for domestic institutions are limited and it is worth noting that domestic institutions not currently have a team of their own guides 5.3 Competitive Strategy In this strategy, the new center uses only high-cost strategy and too biased to use the prestige and their reputation in the business So if tourists not know about the reputation of Hanoi Tourist Centre, it is a great loss for attracting visitors and increase revenue for the Centre Proposed measures to improve the efficiency of business strategy 16 + Diversification of products and services, expand markets, increase sales in order to constantly increase profitability, improve the competitiveness of the Centre + Venture, associated with domestic and foreign units to attract tourists + Consistent implementation oriented strive to increase the income from basic operations, traditional services have great competitive strength but not forget the expansion, diversification and other services + Focus on intensive investment in upgrading, renovation and renewal of equipment to combat degradation and improvement projects, improve service quality + Strengthening intensive investment into expanding, improving and upgrading the facilities required to care centers focus on training, the training of new staff team to meet market needs school 17 ... Environmental culture - society Vietnam with 4000 years of history have shaped a culture imbued with national identity A mixed culture of many ethnic groups in the community of the people of Vietnam,... concentrated area famous celebrity of the nation, people will mention the elegant lifestyle of the people of Ha Thanh, many folk festivals,etc, The people’s Hanoi city with elegant manners, hospitable,... 484 Rated Density relics of Hanoi highest drug in the country This heritage is born and nourished by the moral, religious and ethnic traditions, so it has vitality and durability The historical
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