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Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang CÂU HỎI TRẮC NGHIỆM CHUYÊN ĐỀ TỪ VỰNG TEST 1 Many animals are for their fur and other valuable parts of their bodies A hunted B chased C run after D followed I’m sorry I haven’t got any money – I’ve my wallet at home A missed B left C let D forgotten Different cultures dreams in different ways A interpret B associate C express D interfere If that old vase is a one, it will cost a lot of money A sincere B genuine C truthful D realistic Public opinion remained largely to the issue A closed B indifferent C careless D dead The volcano which had been for years suddenly exploded A passive B idle C immobile D inactive Protests died down when they realized that the new tax to only 50p a week A added B reached C approached D amounted The doctor gave the patient examination to discover the cause of his collapse A a thorough B a universal C an exact D a whole The government is expected to steps against the unemployment A use B make C take D apply 10 I’ve been advised not to say anything A seriously B greatly C strongly D significantly 11 I didn't realize that Melanie hadn't been to college - I suppose I just took it A as a rule B for granted Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học C as usual D out of habit Page Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 12 In the of proof, the police could not take action against the man A lack B shortage C absence D empty C marrying D marriageable 13 My sister is a woman of age A marriage B married 14 In the West, the birth of a girl is welcomed with an enthusiasm to that of a boy A equally B equal C they are equal D and equal 15 They are animals, and we must help them A dangerous B danger C endanger D endangered 16 A metal container filled with poisonous liquid has just been discovered by a local A reside B resident C residential D residence 17 I think I should have your mother while I was passing A dropped in on B come up with C got on with D run into 18 Halfway through the chapter I realized I hadn't taken A on B in C over D out C about D up C in D above 19 Hard work can often bring success A into B in 20 She ran a comb her hair A on B through Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Page
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