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Ngày đăng: 29/12/2018, 21:22

Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang TỔNG HỢP CÂU HỎI TỪ LOẠI He lost in the election because he is a weak and _ leader A undecided B undeciding C indecisive D undecisive Today's weather will be a _ of yesterday A continuing B continuity C continual D continuation Nature is a great _ of useful materials A produce B productivity C producer D product Light _ are small planes with seats for no more than about six passengers A airplane B aircraft C airship D aircrafts The choir (đội hợp xướng) stood in four rows according to their _ heights A respective B respected C respectful D respectable My neighbor is ; he is always showing that he never cares about his bad behavior A barefaced B grim-faced C faceless D face-saving All the students went to the magic show, which we all thought was really A amusingly B amuse C amusing D amused How long have you attended your _ training? A military B militarize C militarism D militaristic She hates those who are not _ for appointment She doesn’t want to wait A punctually B punctual C punctuality D punctuate 10 The police car collided with a fire A engineering B enginer C.engine D.engineer 11 Meanwhile, as payment, we will send you an invoice before the end of the month A regard B regarding C regards D.regarded 12 The swamp area in crocodiles Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893799387541859/ Page Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang A abounds B unbounds C bounds D rebounds 13 The feeling at the meeting was that we should go ahead A predicted B pre-eminent C prefabricated D predominant 14 His arrival all members of the family A unexpected/ was delighting B unexpecting/ delighted C unexpected/ delighted D unexpecting/ delighting 15 _ are unpleasant, but it will be nice when we get into the new house A Movements B Moves C Removements D Removals 16 The two countries have reached an agreement through dialogues described as A counterproductive B unproductive C productivity D productive 17 I’m afraid I’m not really to comment on this matter A qualifying B qualified C quality D qualitative 18 There should be an international law against A afforestation B deforestation C forestry D reforestation 19 We couldn’t fly because all the tickets had been sold out A economical B economy C economic D economics 20 Martha, Julia and Mark are 17, 19 and 20 years old A independently B respectfully C separately D respectively 21 All students should be and literate when they leave school A numeric B numeral C numerous Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893799387541859/ D numerate Page Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 22 New machinery has enhanced the company’s productivity and A competition B competitor C competitive D competitiveness 23 Such characters as fairies or witches in Walt Disney animated cartoons are purely A imaginary B imagining C imaginative D imaginable 24 The firefighters’ single-minded devotion to the rescue of the victims of the fire was A respecting B respective C respectful D respectable 25 In Vietnam, children begin their primary at the age of six A educational B educationally C educate D education 26 There has been growing public concern about the use of chemicals in food recently A preservation B protection C reservation D conservation 27 The success of the company in such a market is remarkable A compete B competitively C competitive D competition 28 The students' plan for a musical show to raise money for charity received support from the school administrators A light-hearted B warm-hearted C big-hearted D whole-hearted 29 Candidates are advised to dress formally to make a good on job interviewers Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893799387541859/ Page Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang A impress B impressively C impression D impressive 30 Many people head for the countryside where the flat of fields helps them escape from the hectic city life A extension B expansion C extent D expanse 31 It is believed that travelling is a good way to expand our of the world A knowledgeable B knowledgeably C knowledge D know 32 These volunteer programmes aim to provide education for children in regions A far-reaching B far-flung C far-fetched D far-sighted 33 The prices of property in big cities may deter people on low incomes from owning a house there A forbidding B competitive C prohibitive D inflatable 34 Susan has achieved great in her career thanks to her hard work A success B succeed C successful D successfully 35 Participating in teamwork activities helps students develop their skills A social B society C socially D socialise 36 Ms Galera gave a long _ in honour of the retiring vice- president A speak B speaker C speaking D speech 37 A free watch will be provied with every purchase of $20.000 or more for a period of time A linit B limits C limited D limiting 38 Because of weather conditions, California has an advantage in the production of fruits and vegetables Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893799387541859/ Page Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang A favourite B favour C favourable D favourably 39 The rate in this area is higher than the national average A unemployment B unemployed C employees D joblessness 40 Several _are known to cause cancer to develop A chemists B chemistry C chemicals D chemical 41 All the guests got dressed in costume A nation B natinonalize C nationality D national C satisfactory D satisfaction 42 They are with their present jobs A satisfying B satisfied 43 A metal container filled with poisonous liquid has just been discovered by a local A reside B resident C residential D residence 44 Until now the factory has been uncable to provide any as how the object appeared there A explain B explaination C explanatory D unexplained 45 A spokesperson stated that a full _was taking place A investigate B investigator C investigtion D investigative 46 People were also reviewing procedures of the factory A secure B insecure C insecurity D security 47 They are animals, and we must help them A dangerous B danger C endanger D endangered 48 It is estimated that products are valued about $10,000 A Agriculture B agricultural C agriculturally D agriculturist 49 The scheme sounds excellent in theory, but it’s totally in a country like this A practice B unpractical C practical D impracticable 50 The success of the party was mainly due to the presence of several A celebrations B celebrates C celebrities Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học https://www.facebook.com/groups/1893799387541859/ D celebrated Page
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