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Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang TỔNG HỢP CÂU SỬA LỖI SAI HAY LỖI SAI TỪ VỰNG VÀ CẤU TRÚC The Earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its A B C D atmosphere Venus approaches the Earth more closely than any other planet is A B C D A five – thousand – dollars reward was offered for the capture of the A B C escaped criminals D The deadbolt is the best lock entry doors because it is not only A B C inexpensive but installation is easy D This arrangement is more economic with space A B C D As they are the means of transport least damaging to the environment, A B people should be encouraged to use the train more C D So extensive the lakes are that they are viewed as the largest bodies A B C D of fresh water in the world The botanists Katherine Hunter and Emily Fose spent many difficult A B months making a research in the R mountains C D Some so-called health foods are not so healthy; many are made with A B oils that rise cholesterol levels C D Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 10.It is said that Einstein felt very badly about the application of his A B C theories to the creation of weapons of war D 11.The exam to become a lawyer is on far the most difficult he has A B C D 12.At the end of a three-hours discussion, it was decided that the company A B C was not yet strong enough to open branches D 13.Pop Art was a movement of the 1950's and 1960's whom imagery was A B based on readily recognized American products and people C D 14.All almost the electricity for industrial use comes from large generators A B C driven by steam turbines D 15.Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerned with operations on sets A B of numbers or other elements that are often represented at symbols C D 16.A great myth has arisen over the years that Columbus was unaware the A earth was a circular, when in fact all navigators of the time knew it was B C D Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 17.By not answering to the journalist’s question, the chairman implicitly A B C admitted to the accusations D 18.All the workers were disappointed to be told that there would be not A B C pay rise during the next six months D 19.Seahorses spend much of their time clung with their tails to underwater A B C D plants 20.Most animals cannot recognize their reflection in a mirror themselves; A B they usually react as if confronted by another member of their species C D 21.The Earth travels at a high rate of speed around Sun A BC D 22.Foreign students who are doing a decision about which school to attend A B C my not know exactly where the choices are located D 23.My father used to give me a good advice whenever I had a problem A B C D 24.Had it not been for you help me, I wouldn’t have succeeded A B C D 25.Venomous snakes with modified teeth connected to poison glands in which the A B C venom is secreted and stored D 26.Ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans, and ants and honeybees are A B C sensitive to them A Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 27.The biggest single hobby in America, the one that Americans spend most A B C time, energy and money, is gardening D 28.Because oak trees are highly resistant of storm damage, they usually live a A B C D long time 29.The new information on asbestos caused panic in construction and industry A B C like D 30.The new system responds at seconds to any emergency A B C D 31.He was seen enter the house at midnight, so he shouldn't say he didn't it A B C D 32.Someone interested in the sport of mountaineering should have the strength A B C and stamina neccessary to walk long distances without tiring D 33.I think she will be suitable for the work because she has been working like a A B C D teacher for a long time 34.Although not exactly, the two books are so similar to each other that one A B author should have copied much of his book from the other C D 35.It is often possible to guess the meaning of a word by the other words around A B it – that is to say, the context C D 36.It was not until 1937 when the southernmost source of the Nile River was A B C D discovered Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 37.The manager first talked about staffing policy and then went on talking about the A B C D budget 38.Cancer cells are often moved from original sites to other part of the A B C body by the blood and lymph D 39.Thermometric study is essentially to human welfare because all things A B C on Earth are affected by temperature, animals or humans D 40.The disappearance of one or several species may result from the loss of A B C D biodiversity 41.From 1866 to 1993, the bison population in North America was reduced A from an estimated 13 million to a few hundreds B C D 42.I really wouldn't like that friend of yours to treat me as something that A B C belongs to him D 43.Animals like frogs have waterproof skin that prevents it from drying out quickly in A B C air, sun, or wind D 44.Many people object to use physical punishment in dealing with discipline A B C problems at school D Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang ĐÁP ÁN C => amount D => does B => dollar D => easy to stall C => economical A => it is A => are the lakes C => doing D => raise 10.C => bad 11.B => by 12.B => a three – hour 13.B => whose 14.A => almost all 15.D => with 16.B => a circle 17.B => bỏ to 18.C => no 19.B => clinging 20.B => bỏ themselves 21.D => around the sun 22.A => making Nhóm ơn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học 23.B => bỏ a chuyển thành a piece of good advice 24.B => your help 25.A => have 26.C => but 27.B => on which 28.C => eesistant to 29.D => alike 30.C => within 31.A=> to enter 32.A => Anyone 33.D => as 34.C => must have 35.A => from 36.B => that 37.D => to talk 38.C => other parts 39.A => essential 40.C => result in 41.D => hundred 42.C => like 43.C => them 44.A => to using ...Biên soạn: Đỗ Huyền Trang 10.It is said that Einstein felt very badly about the application of his A B C theories to the creation of
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