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Ngày đăng: 29/11/2018, 11:08

BẢN DEMO DỰ ÁN SÁCH “ BOOST YOUR TOPIC VOCABULARY” (nhớ hàng trăm cụm từ theo chủ đề theo cách đơn giản & hiệu quả) (11/10/2018) Individuals can nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference To what extent you agree or disagree? Essay Plan:  Introduction: (1) governments and big companies have an important role (2) totally disagree – individuals can take many actions to improve the environment  Paragraph 2: (1) governments can adopt policies – animal/habitat protection/energy sources (2) business can pollute less and produce goods sustainably  Paragraph 3: individuals can (1) buy green products, and buy locally (2) they can join the green movement  Conclusion: totally disagree – individuals as well as governments and companies can many things + Để tìm hiểu thơng tin khóa học IELTS Package kỹ thầy Bách, bạn truy cập: mục “Khóa học IELTS Package” + Liên hệ với IELTS Ngoc Bach, bạn vào mục “Liên hệ.” Essay: It is true that governments and big business have a critical role to play in environmental degradation: the process or fact of the environment improving the environment While some argue that individuals are becoming worse therefore powerless to help combat environmental degradation, I completely ecological crisis: a serious situation which occurs when the disagree with this view environment of a species or a population changes in a way that threatens or endangers its continued survival On the one hand, both governments and large enterprises can and should take steps to prevent an ecological crisis From a government perspective, to enact [verb]: to put something into practice policies must be enacted and enforced internationally These must cover a to enforce [verb]: to make sure that people obey a particular law or rule wide range of issues, such as the protection of endangered species, a halt to habitat destruction, and funding research into alternative energy sources, to endangered species: plants or animals that only exist in very small reduce our dependence on fossil fuels In terms of corporate responsibility, numbers, so that in future they may disappear forever producers should not discharge toxic chemical waste into rivers or the sea and they must cut down on emissions from factories to fight climate change habitat destruction: the process that occurs when a natural habitat, like a forest or wetland, is changed so dramatically by humans that plants They should also aim to achieve sustainable development by not depleting and animals which live there die natural resources, for example by deforestation alternative energy sources: refers to any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuels reduce our dependence on fossil fuels: to decrease people’s consumption of fossil fuels, like oil, coal or gas corporate responsibility [noun]: the idea that a large company has a duty to treat people fairly and to play a positive part in society to discharge toxic chemical waste: to dispose of poisonous waste products from chemical processes by putting them into rivers or oceans + Để tìm hiểu thơng tin khóa học IELTS Package kỹ thầy Bách, bạn truy cập: mục “Khóa học IELTS Package” + Liên hệ với IELTS Ngoc Bach, bạn vào mục “Liên hệ.” to cut down on emissions: to reduce the amount of gases sent out into the air to fight climate change: To try to prevent harmful changes in climate patterns, such as rainfall, temperature and winds to achieve sustainable development: economic development that is achieved without depleting natural resources to deplete natural resources: to reduce the amount of natural resources patterns of consumption [expression]: the process by which individuals identify, buy and consume products to fit all their needs to be environmentally friendly: this refers to products or behaviour that not harm the environment On the other hand, there are many actions that individuals can take to care for the environment These include changing patterns of consumption For instance, products which are environmentally friendly, such as green detergent brands, are widely available in the shops, so that it is easy to change buying habits Buying local products is another option, reducing food miles A different type of action is to join one of the organisations in the green movement, like Greepeace Individuals can help these groups to raise funds to protect plants and animals on the brink of extinction and to strengthen campaigns for government interventions and initiatives detergent [noun]: liquids or powders that remove dirt, from clothes or dishes, for example food miles: the distance that food has to travel between where it is grown or made and where it is consumed the green movement: all the organisations concerned with the protection of the environment on the brink of extinction: an animal or plant which has almost disappeared from the planet + Để tìm hiểu thơng tin khóa học IELTS Package kỹ thầy Bách, bạn truy cập: mục “Khóa học IELTS Package” + Liên hệ với IELTS Ngoc Bach, bạn vào mục “Liên hệ.” intervention [noun]: action that is taken to help or improve a situation initiative [noun]: a new plan for dealing with a problem or for achieving a particular purpose to alleviate environmental problems: to make bad environmental problems less severe In conclusion, while governments and corporations carry a great responsibility for alleviating environmental problems, individuals have a significant role to play I therefore totally disagree that individuals are powerless to contribute towards saving the planet 287 words + Để tìm hiểu thơng tin khóa học IELTS Package kỹ thầy Bách, bạn truy cập: mục “Khóa học IELTS Package” + Liên hệ với IELTS Ngoc Bach, bạn vào mục “Liên hệ.”
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