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UNIT A PHONETICS Put the words with the underlined part into the correct column Monday club study month hungry home one other overseas wonderful some lunch rubber m Sunday don ’t homework notebook love subject rode come only post mum country poem video borrow lower ho/ /A/ B VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR I Put the words below into the correct verb group drawing Maths lessons History painting Science breakfast Geography basketball English lunch vocabulary football Physics dinner the piano volleyball homework judo the guitar badminton pop music exercise Vietnamese P^y: do: have: study: II School subjects A Do you know the subjects? What are their Vietnamese equivalents? Art: _ English: Bai tap Tieng Anh 6 B Geography: _ History: Maths: _ Music: _ PE (Physical Education): _ Science: _ ICT (Information and Communication Technology): _ Do you know any more subjects? Write them down C Ask and answer the questions Which subjects you at school? What’s your favourite subject? What’s your favourite school day? III Complete the words of school things t r d k r_ _r p_n r_bb_r s t p c _e a u _ a _ or b k 10 ch r IV Look at the picture Write the number of the people, and school things teacher student desk board chair book paper ruler notebook school bag pencil pen rubber pencil case computer Bai lap Tieng Anh V What are these things? Write the words in the spaces a small book to write things you want to remember a small electronic machine for calculating figures a small piece of rubber you use for removing pencil marks from paper a soft container in which a student carries books, and other things for study a device used for drawing circles a vehicle with two wheels, which you sit on and ride by moving your legs a straight piece of wood or plastic that you use for drawing straight lines a box for storing pens, pencils, erasers, etc a tool for making pencils sharper 10 VI a book that contains information about a subject Write the -ing form of the verbs watch listen swim _ go _ skip ride sit Bai lap Tieng Anh VII Complete the sentences with the -ing form of the verbs Use short forms Example: Come round to my place - we ’re listening to music, (listen) Look! The dog in the river! (swim) Don’t disturb me! I _a good book, (read) She her holiday, (enjoy) T _ a computer game, h (play) your homework, e Look! The y (do) girls in the library, (study) at(skip) Y in the schoolyard, oSsh! They Listen! Someone the door, (knock) u VIII Complete the sentences with a/w, is or are A: Where’s Jack? B: He playing football A: Let’s play table tennis B: Sorry We having dinner now A: Where are Linda and Kate? B: They _shopping A: Are you OK? B: Yes, I having great fun A: Please help me B: Sorry I _reading a book A: Can I talk to Lan? B: She isn’t at home She riding her bike IX Complete the sentences with the verbs in the present continuous have listen Right now John_ _Mary Andy and Amy Which CD Please be quiet! I What language not watch you she X Put the words in the correct order my/1/ doing/ homework/ love to/ cinema/ They/ going/ like/ the - Lufu Hoàng Trl read speak play basketball with the school team breakfast? It’s time to go to school _a DVD They’re playing computer games to? my book 3 watching/ don’t/ We/ TV/ like like/ sister/ reading/ doesn’t/ My/ magazines dad/ music/ enjoys/ My/ to/ listening/ country enjoy/ on/ They/ photos/ taking/ holiday XI Write the verbs in the negative form Example: I’m enjoying my holiday —»I'm not enjoying my holiday He’s doing his homework They are playing tennis Linda’s having breakfast now Steve’s sleeping We’re listening to the teacher It’s raining The students are doing morning exercises She’s interviewing some students XII Complete1.the with the correct form of the verb: go, play, help, have Oursentences cat football! I computer games in the evening * I my sister with her homework My sister We We My father me to clean my bike a new classmate, Mai to school from Mondays to Fridays to work at o’clock every morning On Sundays, my sister shopping Bai tap Tieng Anh XIII Complete the sentences with the negative form of the verb Example: He likes science, but he doesn like history She speaks English, but she French I understand Maths, but I _Science He helps me with Science, but he _ me with Maths I borrow books about Imglish, _books about History but I the piano You play the guitar, but you XIV Match the questions and answers Write the answer in each blank _ Are they cooking dinner?a No, they aren’t They’re cooking dinner _ Is he disturbing you? b No, I’m not _ Are you listening to music?c No, I’m doing my English homework _4 Are they watching TV? d Yes, he is He loves Italy _5 Are you doing your Maths homework?e No, they aren’t They’re watching TV _ Is he enjoying his holiday? f No, he isn’t XV Match the questions and answers Write the answer in each blank _ What are you watching? a I like programmes about History _2 What kind of programmes you b To my friend’s house watch? _ Where are you going? c E/very day _4 Where does she live? _ Who are you talking to? _ How often you ride your bicycle school? d A programme about animals e A friend from school to f 24, High Street XVI Complete the sentences with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs They _their parents in the holidays, (visit) often cooking, (like) I really He can’t speak on the phone because he _ a shower, (have) a horse, (ride) to the cinema on Sunday, (go) Look at that man He We sometimes about three DVDs a week, (watch) I _ tennis now (play) We _French, (speak) Right now we I sometimes the guitar in a band, (play) 10 When _Susie usually _her homework? (do) 11 I 12 _ _they German, (not understand) _ chocolate ice cream? (like) B C SPEAKING Hi, Mai (1) , Hoa , our thanks tonew classmate have classmate you are in (3) And our Her you? class name C Hi Where Nam: You: you again Nam, this is Ba.is Hoa Hello, Yeah He Hung isare ouryou (7)(4) _? I’m (4) Mai IOh, from Trang I am ,new here (Hi 2am I Complete the following conversations Miss Mai: Hong: to meet you we are toNha (1) _ (8) _ () 6Nice ) _ What class are you (5) _? (3) A.II.Nam: Practice the sample conversation between Hoa: (2) , Nam (3)_6A.Tom and Susan Then work with a partner, prepare I’m (6) Class andHong: practice a Good telephone conversation Use your own ideas morning, Miss Hong Miss Tom: Hi, Tom speaking Nam (2) (1) _, Susan:Hi, Tom It’s Susan here What are you doing? _ Hung: Tom: I’m playing Super Hero III It’s great Ba: Susan: Oh, can I come to your place? Nam: Tom: Sure Ba: Nam: III Nam: Fill in the blanks with correct words or phrases, and then practise the conversations 1.Ba: TV programmes A: I’m watching _ It’s great! Hung: B: I’m watching It’s fantastic! Nam: Music A: I’m listening to It’s great! B: I’m listening to It’s wonderful! Computer games _ It’s great! It’s fantastic! A: I’m playing_ B: I’m playing_ Bai tap Tieng Anh - IV Work with a partner Ask and answer the questions What language you usually speak with your family? What language are you speaking now? What music you usually listen to? What music are ypu listening to now? Who are you sitting next to right now? Who you usually sit next to at dinner? D REAPING I Read Tim’s diary and decide if the sentences below are T (True) or F (False) Monday: Thursday: It’s Monday evening I’m very happy A great day at school And a good film on TV! Today I’m OK Have a good time with my classmates! Tuesday: Friday: I’m so angry A Ipt of homework! I’m not sad I’m happy Great test! Wednesday: Saturday and Sunday: I’m nervous A test is on Friday Cool weekend I’m very happy On Monday Tim is happy On Tuesday he is angry and nervous On Wednesday he is nervous A test is on Friday On Thursday he is not OK On Friday he is angry On Saturday and Sunday he is very happy _ _ _ _ _ _ II Read the conversation, and then circle the correct answers Kate: Hello? Kate speaking Linda: Hi, Kate It’s Linda here How are things? Kate: OK I’m doing some homework and I’m not enjoying it! Linda: Oh sorry Am I disturbing you? Kate: No, you aren’t It’s OK Linda: Oh good Listen, ypu have Jack’s phone number? Kate: Yeah, I Just a moment Ready? It’s 8693 2210 Linda: 8693 2210 Thanks Kate: Why you want Jack’s number? Linda: It’s Steve’s birthday next weekend I want to buy him something Kate: Ah, clever you! You want to ask Jack what Steve likes Linda: That’s right Kate: OK But you can’t talk to him now He’s playing football Phone him after lunch Kate is writing letters/ doing homework Linda is/ isn’t disturbing Kate Jack’s phone number is 8693 2210/8693 2110 It’s Steve’s birthday tomorrow/next weekend Linda wants to buy a present for Steve/ Jack She knows/ doesn know what to buy Steve E WRITING I Make sentences using the words and phrases given to write an article about Nguyen Binh Khiem Primary School Nguyen Binh Khiem Primary School/ District 1/ Ho Chi Minh City It / have/ 36 classes/ over 800 students School/ have/ contest called “Students Love Science” 180 second, third, fourth graders/ enter/ contest School/ make/ each school day/ exciting day/ the students II Write a short paragraph about the school rules, using the present simple tense try to arrive on time for school and lessons work hard, and allow others to the same try to be polite to teachers, each other, and visitors follow the instructions from the teachers wear the school uniform when we come to school keep the school buildings and grounds clean and tidy have good behavior all the time not to take food or drinks into classrooms not to use mobile phones inside the school buildings 10 not to smoke at school or at home Bai tap Ti$ng Anh 6-13 Answers: _ _ : _ _ 10 III Write about your dream school using the words or phrases given have good teachers/ help students/ get interested/ subject have outdoor/ indoor activities students/ try/ be/ active students/ learn/ both/ theory/ practice/ all subjects students/ use tablets/ instead/ books good canteen/ supply/ healthy food good library/ help/ develop/ talents of students students/ use/ sport facilities/ free time -\ TEST (UNIT 1) 'v _/ I Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined A nice A mine A come B bicycle B history B month C ride C exercise C mother D live D library D open A hope A brother A subject A science B homework B judo B club B like C one C going C put C music D post D rode D lunch D ice 11 - Ltfu Hoàng Trl A fun B student C hungry D sun D A B chess B C lunch school D teache after C walk class r correct answers II Choose the 11 10 Phong is wearing a school _ A farm D hats A shoes B uniform C bag 12 Iam having a Maths lesson but I forgot my _ I have some difficulty A calculator B bicycle C pencil case D pencil sharpener 13 In Physics, we have a lot of A books - to have B homework - to C science - to study D vocabulary - to play 14 _morning exercise is good for you A Doing B Studying C Playing D Having lunchtime, lunch in the 15. _At youschool can canteen C A go B be C have have D 16. _Mai and Hoa their bicycles to school from Monday to Friday.B ride D are riding A rides C is riding 17. _Nam’s B have - playgrounds D new school a large are having - playground A has - playground school C is having - playgrounds D does - before D A study - at B am doing - after C - after 18. I 19. _In the afternoon, I books often _ my homework_ _ are reading - in D at _the library A am reading - at B read - in C reads are playing D 20. Look! They badminton with their friends 21 What is your _ subject at school? B C excited A play B favourite plays C.liking playing nice 22 Students live and study in a/anschool They only go home at weekends C boarding D overseas A international B small 23. _In the many afternoon, interesting students clubs D have _ club A join B C play D play - judo 24. Creative students _drawings and paintings in the A - sport B join - English C - art 25. _We are excited the first day of D in A at B about school my homework 26. _My with D in C at parents often help me A with B about D isn’t playing A 28 B plays 27.doesn’t playNam football now C is playing C at the door Listen! He’s Someone tired.A is knocking D are knocking knocks B knock 29 My brother and I our bicycles to school now A ride B am riding C are riding 30 Mr Khang our class Maths A teach B teaches C does D is riding D starts III Fill the blanks with am, is, are, do, does, have 31 each of the following you gosentences to schoolwith every day? IV Complete ONE suitable word How you hungry? 41.32 us about your new school 33. yourdobrother like pop music? 42 In the afternoon students sports in the you go shopping? 43 We are _about our first day at school 34 having lunch with my new friends 44 He looks smart in his new school Where 36. N watching a video clip about science 45 In Maths lessons, I bring my calculator, ruler, and _ 35.ow Mai _not doing their homework 46 Do you often your bicycle to school? I 37 Na Maths lessons on Monday 47 They are going to a new school library our favourite teacher He teaches Science m and Duy 48 The school year in Viet Nam on September 5th 38. W you usually at break time? 49 Do you keep when your teacher is explaining e often lessons? 39. M 50 Do you often help your classmates _their homework? r Minh 40 Wha t the V Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B Answers A 51 Do you like pop music? 52 When does school start? 53 What is your favourite subject at school? 54 What you usually at break time? 55 How many students does the school have? 56 What is your school day like? 57 What are you doing now? 58 Do you wear your school uniform when you go to school? a b c d e f g h i j B I read in the library Maths It’s very interesting Yes, I W.e are having a History lesson Over 800 students Yes, of course At o’clock every day By bicycle School starts again next Tuesday VI Complete the conversation, and then practise it with your partner Kate: (61) _? Jack: By bicycle Howabout you, Kate? Kate: I walk (62) every day My house is near our school Jack: (63) _? Kate: It’s Maths Mr Nam teaches it, and he’s our favourite teacher (64) , Jack? Jack: I play football with my classmates in the school playground Kate: Great! I often play badminton with my classmates (65) , Jack? Jack: I go home at 4.30 in the afternoon every day Mary: (66) _, Jack? Jack: After school, I have dinner, and my homework Mary: (67) _, Jack? Jack: Yes, I rememberall our new classmates’ names (68) ,Mary? Mary: Oh, yes When they forget things, I can help them Jack: (69) , Mary? Mary: Not much I don't have much pocket money (70) _, Jack? Jack: Yes, I am Let’s go to the canteen, and have something to eat, Mary VII Make sentences using the words and phrases given 71 They/ often/ morning exercise 72 Nam/ play football/ school team 73 My sister/ play/ piano/ weekends 74 1/ study/ Maths/ English/ History/ Mondays 75 We/ eat lunch/ school canteen/ lunch time 76 We/ read/ library/ break time 77 1/ wear/ uniform/ school/ every day 78 Today/Mai/not/wear/uniform 79 1/ excited/ first day/ school 80 Susan’s favourite teacher/ Science teacher Bai tap Tieng Anh 6-17 Bai tap Ti&ng Anh 15 ... band, (play) 10 When _Susie usually _her homework? (do) 11 I 12 _ _they German, (not understand) _ chocolate ice cream? (like) B C SPEAKING Hi, Mai (1) , Hoa , our... writing letters/ doing homework Linda is/ isn’t disturbing Kate Jack’s phone number is 869 3 2 210 / 869 3 211 0 It’s Steve’s birthday tomorrow/next weekend Linda wants to buy a present for Steve/ Jack... post D rode D lunch D ice 11 - Ltfu Hoàng Trl A fun B student C hungry D sun D A B chess B C lunch school D teache after C walk class r correct answers II Choose the 11 10 Phong is wearing a school
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