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2 Woman at work page 13 Top earners a 46.4% b 16.4% c 6.4% d 14.7% e 1.6% page 13 a 5.30 b 8.50 c Never at work (but as she says she is giving it up, rather than that she has given it up, she probably still smokes occasionally) d It’s quicker than using e-mail e Only occasionally Page 13 often ask; usually enough; every day; normally takes; never have one; usually have; never drink; nearly always; constantly; whenever possible; nearly always quicker; hardly ever; most days; sometimes; don’t often; occasionally page 14 a before b after page 14 Blogs a1 b6 c2 d4 e7 f8 g5 h3 page 15 What’s in a job? a He is probably her husband or partner Clues to this lie in Eddie’s words We don’t see her at home much and Not every weekend, but we can never make plans, which suggest that they share a house and are used to spending their free time together b He is pleased for Fiona because she earns good money and it’s a good move for her career, but he worries that she works too hard and he is upset that she often works late and sometimes has to work weekends and this means he doesn’t seem much of her and they can never make plans page 15 a Does it involve long hours? b What’s she doing? c What does it involve? d Does it mean a lot of travelling? e Does she have to work weekends? f How much holiday does she get? g Does she enjoy it? page 16 Taking things easy to laze, to take a midday nap, to take it easy page 17-18 Language Links VOCABULARY Work & routines a1 b5 c6 d2 e7 f4 g3 h8 a get; off b experience; qualifications c charge; hiring d marketing; women e engineer; degree f ratio; to g productive; day Do as an auxiliary a Do b doesn’t c don’t d does e doesn’t f doesn’t g don’t h don’t Jobs a executive b chairman accountant h president c retired d position e title f manager g Phrasal verbs a switch off through b work out c give up d picks [me] up e use up f goes GRAMMAR Practice a I travel abroad four times a year b He doesn’t often go to Germany c The department manager usually leaves early on Friday d I never use the car because I can’t drive f She always has lunch in the office canteen g They aren’t often late for work h Microsoft is always in the news i I change my mobile every year j Do you ever have office parties? k How often you go to the gym? l Do you use your laptop much? Practice a How you go to work? b How much/often you use the phone? c What time / When you get to work? d Why does he the housework? e How often does he play squash? f Who does she go to work with? / With whom does she go to work? g How you spend the morning? h How many hours a week you work? i How long does it take you to read the newspaper? j Why you work so hard? i
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