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1 Introductions page The Training Course a1 b4 c8 d2 e6 f9 g3 h 11 i5 j7 k 10 page All the words could be associated with Human Resources, except perhaps retail chain, market research, unique selling point and, possibly, quality control page c retail chain d personnel f recruitment h management training page From Job Home Jan Werner Norway Director of Communications Czech Republic (Prague) Silvia Fortuni Spain (Barcelona) Director of Staff Training Spain (Barcelona) Jean-Christophe Marchal Belgium Staff Training in the HR Department France (Paris) page a name is; work for; main business b I’m based c out of d is related e new job f am Director of Staff Training, responsible g involved with h years’ experience page Social Networking a It is a social networking site that connects people with friends and contacts b You can put text, photos, links and videos on your Facebook site c You must have a valid e-mail address d The main purpose is to connect people and help them to share information e Yes, you can There are privacy settings which you can use to control who sees what you put on your Facebook site page a keep up with settings b links c co-workers d real-life communities e privacy page a He is sleeping b Yes, he is c May 24, 1962 d He lives at 7, Rue Richard-Lenoir, 93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois e He enjoys cycling, writing, reading and socialising f His interests are playing video games, going to the theatre and drinking wine g He likes CSI, Nip Tuck and Prison Break h One of his friends says he is putting on weight page Company Profile a 45 b1989 c Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, India c Beer d gas f 5% g £75 million h 42% i 6,000 j 6,000 k London l India, South Africa and the US page a are looking b exports c is becoming d has e is expanding f are; has g is extending page a b, d, f b a, e, g c c page a What’s the company’s name? b Who set up / founded Cobra Beer? c What does the company produce? d Why is Cobra beer popular? / What is Cobra beer’s USP? e Does the company export its beer? f Where are the company headquarters? g What is its annual turnover? h What is the company’s growth rate? page extend operations have a company, have an idea, have previous experience, have staff, have a turnover, have a website hire a company, hire staff make a profit, make a turnover, make a website run a company, run a website set up a company, set up a website page a are making a profit b have set up / are setting up a website c hire staff d runs a company e does [he] have previous experience f has an idea page 10 a success b investors growth h innovate c production d profitable e financial f suppliers g page 11-12 Language Links Your Start-Up VOCABULARY Companies and the Internet a employs b franchises c responsible d website headquarters g experience h turnover i Internet e investment f j profit k involved The Internet & computers Across: website list e-mail connection 14 virus 16 browse Down: attachment surf GRAMMAR Practice screen mouse download intranet online 10 link 12 click 11 13 site 15 a am doing b sell c do/are doing living h gets i thinks j is getting d is selling e works f is thinking k are working l lives Practice a How does the company make money? b Why is your business expanding? c Where are they setting up a business? d How much money are you looking for? e What kind of experience does he have? f What is their unique selling point? g How many people does your company employ? h Who is the manager of the company? i Who are they talking to about further investment? g am
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