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Workbook AUDIO CD w • ALWAYS LEARNING K PEARSON STARTER LESSON 3.3 Global Vocabulary: prices How to ask for prices and pay for things Grammar: this rhat these those Vocabulary: colours listening : in a shop LESSON 1.1 Vocabulary: international words Speaking: meeting someone Ustening: greetings Pronunciiltion : lall Grammar: to be: I and you YoabulalY: numbers 0-10 Travel LESSON 4.1 lfSSOII L2 Vocabulary: places Vocabulary: adjectives of opin ion How to give an opinion Grammar: there is/are; some; a lot Vocabulliry: countries How to ask where someone is from Grammar: (0 be: he she and it ProourKUition: contractions Reading: personal details (Po -.s) of LESSON 4.2 Vocabulary: nationalities Pronunciatio n: syllable stress Grammar: possessive adjectives: my, your, his and her Vocabulary: prepositions of place Grammar: there isn't/aren't; is/are there ?; any How to ask where a place is Pronunciation : / / and 10/ listening: dire ;"~;o:n~s~_ _ _ _ _ My life LESSON 4.3 lfSSOII L3 (po l£SSON 2.1 Yocabulary: family listening: exchanging information How 10_ introduce a friend Gl'ilmmar : to be: you (pluraO we and they Grammar : possessive adjectives: our, your and their Vocabulary: telling the time listening: what's the time? How to buy a train ticket Pronunciation: /Ol/ Reading: Three museums Review and consolidation 3- LESSON 2.2 People Vocabulary: personal objects Pronunciation: lrel and leI LESSON 5.1 G " DI D" and noun plurals l£SSON 2.3 11-101 Pronunciation : saying numbers How 10_ ask and talk about age Grammar: to be: review Re~ i ng: The Wallace family Review and consolidation 1-2 LESSON 5-2 LESSON 5.3 (PO""') Vocabulary: places in town Grammar: possessive's: singular and plural Vocabulary: snacks and drinks _ ' /0/ '\JocM twy: adjectives PI '" j;aIige laol r: position of adjedives S hotel review (Po ~s) Vocabulary: verbs of routine Grammar: Present Simple: he she and it Reading: My job Pronunciation: /s/ /z/ and /lz/ About town How to- order food and drink (po~ Vocabulary: adjectives of appearance Vocabulary: live, work have and like Grammar: Present Simple: I and you Pronunciation : / u:/ and / ~I How to show interest listening: flight to New York listening: what's in your bag? Vocabulary: numbers (P·30-3 ) Vocabulary: days of the week Vocabulary: verb collocations Grammar 1: Present Simple: you (pluraO we and they Grammar 2: Wh- questions Pronunciation: in Wh oquestions I (p.S6-91 At home Grammar: have got How to ask about a past experience Pronunciation : l aul Vocabulary: more adjectives Grammar: How -+ ad jectives listening: job interview Reading: I want to live in Review and consolidation 7-8 LESSON 6.1 (p.~1 Vocabulary: rooms Vocabulary: furn iture LESSON 6.2 · (p Vocabulary: doing housework How to • make simple requests Grammar: adverbs of frequency Pronunciation : ,"'/ a nd hi Reading: housework LESSON 6.3 Vocabula ry: money verbs Vocabulary: teenagers and money Grammar: Past Simple: regular verbs: positive Pronunciation: Past Simple ·ed endings (p._31 LESSON 9.2 Vocabulary: money ad jectives Grammar: Past Simple: negatives and Questions Pronunciation: 1:);/ and /1:/ listening: Paul Gauguin (p 44- 45) L£SSON9-3 Leisure VocabtJlary: high numbors LESSON Grammar: Past Simple; irregular vt'rbs Vocabulary: leisure activities Vocabulary: verbs of like and dislike How to ••• make suggestions Pronunciation: ' ail and lell Grammar: object pronouns Reading: Internet ideas! H ow t o _ talk about ques tionna;n! results 10 Vocabulary: life events Grammar: going to: positive Reading: celebrity interviews Vocabulary: abilities Grammar: can/can't Pronunciation: can and can't Reading: Men and women LESSON ].3 LfSSOH 10.2 (p._1 Vocabulary: months Vocabulary: ordinal numbers How to write and say dates Grammar: in, at, on listening: make a date Vocabulary: emotions Grammar: going to; negatives and questions How to ••• say goodbye Pronunciation : I gU] tal listening: the fisherman LESSON 10.3 The past LESSON 8.1 Changes LESSON , LESSON P Money LESSON How to •• offer food and drink Pronunciation: would you Grammar: like + ·jng; want + infinitive Vocabulary: technology Listening: visit ing someone Review and consolidation 5-6 (P 58-"59) (p 52ci31 Vocabulary: saying years Vocabulary: jobs Grammar: Past Simple of to be; positive Pronunciation: /3:/ Reading: Four Famous Firsts LESSON 8.2 Vocabulary: past time expressions Grammar: Past Simple of to be; negatives and questions How to take part in a game Grammar: why and because Pronunciation: sentence stress Vocabulary: presents How to._ give and receive gifts Review and consolidation 9-10 10· 72-7)1 Answer key (p 74-85) Global Vocabulary I international words Match the words from the box with the photos bus chocolate computer doctor "aS5l'crt pizza restaurant taxi telephone television Speaking g a Complete the dialogues with t he wo rds in the box ( Welcome too My I'm Htee name Hi) A: Hello I'm Dave Reed S: Hello I'm Usha Kapoor, Nice to meet you A: Nice to meet you, (1) _ _ A: Hi, Mona B: (2) _ _ _ • Andre A; Hello (J) to Hotel Presidente B: Thank you (4) name is Claire Aston A; Hello I'm Charles What's your (s) B: (6) passport ? Taku A; Welcome to london Tours, Taku b Match the pictures (A-D) wi th the dialogues in exercise 2a Dialogue ~ Dialogue _ m _~v Dialogue _ Dialogue _ Listening Vocabulary I BII 0o, ~ listen and complete the dialogues a numbers 0-10 Write the numbers in the correct order A: Hello 8: Hi A: I'm Edward What's your name? Jane B: (1) "'rea seven A: Nice to meet you B, (2) _ _ _ _ _ _ B, (J) _ _ zero A: What's your name? B: (4) Rosa l ane • nine A, (s) _ _ B: A: B: A, five ten A: Hello Welcome to Hotelldris Hello (6) ? I'm Sergio (7) _ _ _ _ _ _ one two s~x Sergio (8) _ Selina B: Nice to meet you, too, Selina four Pronunciation I /ai / eight m oO) listen and underline the /al/ sounds in the dialogue A: Hi M~ name's Don What's your name? B: Hello, Don I'm Judy zero one, b Complete the crossword A: Nice to meet you, Judy 8: Nice to meet you too, Don Across -+ Down b 10 Grammar I to be: I and you • d f S h A: Hello My name's Pierre What's your name? ; B: I'm Julie j • g Adam Gorski B: Welcome to Hotel Lux, Mr Gorski A: Thank you B: (2) _ _ _ in room 8-1-8 A: Hello, C B Complete the dialogues with I'm or you 're A: Hello (1) • + • b 0) Clive Wells 8: Nice to meet you, Clive (4) _ _ _ _ Lori T c W d • A: Nice to meet you, too Lori - C Fi nd four more mistakes in the dialogues and g - correct them I f I I I h A: Hello I Svetlana Rochev I'm B: Hello, Ms Rochev .L ; A: Good morning, Mr Na kamu You in room 9·2-2 _ r B: Thank you._ A: Hello 1m Jin Chang._ A: I'm John Wilson _ B: 1m Farah Coleman B: Hello, Mr Wilson Youre in room 1-0-2 _ i I I V ocabulary I a How to I ask whe re someone is from (ountries g Correct the spelling Brasil Brazil a Put the words in the co rrect order to make a dialogu e , , Franse A: from, you Ben ? Where are Where are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ lermany B: Poland • Indie Chine A: in S Italie Japon Mexica Polan Rusia '0 Espain u the YK 12 the OSA from Where I'm Poland? B: Warsaw • b Write dialogues Use the prompts Kana I Japan I Tokyo A: Where are vou {rom , Kana? 8' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A, _ _ _ _ _ _ b Complete the puzzle to find the South American country 8, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Javier I Mexico I Mexico City A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 8, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , -,-_ _ _ _ _ _ l1ya f Russia f Moscow A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A, _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _- - - - - - Grammar I to be, he, she and it m s , '"B ~ , • A: Who 's he? B: He's Sergio ,- ,f f l- f Write dialogues for each picture A: Where '5 he from ? .""" , B: He 's from Spain • A, _ _ _ _ 8' _ _ _ _ _A, _ _ _ _ A , _ _ _ _- Z l- I f t LL- , A' _ _ _ _ ' _ _ _ _ _A, _ _ _ ' _ _ _ _ _3 A' _ _ _ _ ~ ' _ _ _ _ _A' _ _ _ _ 8, _ _ _ _ _- m Write two sentences for each picture Use the prompts Reading _ (He/ Mexico) He isn't from Mexico He's from Brazil Read the dialogue and complete the details about the three people (She/Spain) _ _ _ _ _ _ 13 a • (He/ ltalv) _ _ _ _ _ _ (She/Russ;a) _ _ _ _ _ _ Receptionist: Hello Welcome to Fortune Hotel Jane: (He/Tuckev) - - - - - - - - Write dialogues Use the prompts car / BMW/ Mercedes A: Nice car! B: Thanks! A: Is it a BMW? it isn't U's a Mercedes compute rIa Deil/ an Apple B: No, A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ telephone / a Nokia/ a Motorola A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thank you Receptionist: What's your name, please? Jane: I'm Jane Jones Now, where's my passport? Oh here it is Receptionist; Thank you You're in room six-one-four• Ms Jones And what's your name? Paul: I'm Paul Earte Receptionist: Is this your passport Mr Earle? Paul: Yes, it is Receptionist; OK You're in room eight-one-nine, Mr Earle Paul: OK, thank you Jane: Hey Paul, who's she? Paul: Who? Oh she's candy Fox Jane: Candy Fox? Is she a celebrity? Paul: Yes, she is She's from the USA Jane: New York? Paul: No She's from los Angeles A, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A, B, A, B, television /a SonY/ a Panasonic _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pronuncia tion I contractions a a Name: _ _ _ _ Room : _ _ _ _ Name: _ _ _ _ Room: _ _ _ _ Rewrite the sentences using contractions I am from the UK and he is from the USA I'm from the UK and he's from the USA Who is he and where is he from? Name: _ _ _ _ It is not from Italy It is from Spain I am from Poland and you are from Germany b 004 listen and check Then say the sentences From: _ _ _ _ Vocabulary I • nationalities look at the profile Complete the sentences about (armina (omplete the table with the nationality of the countries in the box China Germany India Italy Japan Mexico Poland Russia Spain the UK the USA -ian/ an -ish -ese Brazilian Favourite food : Pac chicken (from China) F8VOl.rite film: Feu WeddrIgs 8Ild a Funeral (from the UIq Favourite singer Lady Gaga (from the USA) Favourite actor Gael Garcia BemaI (from Mexico) _ label the flags Favourite book: The Idiot by Dostoyevsky (from Russia) Favourite fashion designer Yamamoto Yo/li (from Japan) the Japanese flag My name's (armina Moretti I'm Italian My favourite food is Kung Paa chicken It's Chinese ] My favourite film _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My favourite singer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My favourite actor _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My favouri te book _ _ _ _ _ _ My favourite fashion designer _ _ _ _ Pronunciation I syllable stress GIl a 05 listen to the word s from the bo~ and complete the table All'lefiee" German Mexican , - Brazilian Italian Polish Russian 0000 00 American, 000 00 000 India n, British, Chinese Japanese Spanish b listen agai n and say the words Grammar I possessive adjectives: my, your, his and her • _ Look at the in formation and complete the text with I'm, my; you, your, he's, his, she's or her Complete the dialogues wi th m y, your, his or her A: Is she Polish? B: Yes, she is A: What's her name? B: Magda A: Is he Spanish? B: Yes, he is A: What's name? B: Ra fael A: Are you Mexican? B: No, I'm not I'm from the USA A: What's B: name? name's Ross A: Who's she? B: name's Tamsin Breit A: Is she favourite singer? B; Yes, she is A; Who's he? S, name's Trey Parker He's American A; Is he favourite actor? Titanic B; No, he isn't a fi lm: Favourite The Grear book; Gatsby Correct the mistakes It's a my car It's mv car What's he's name? What's your name? Victor; MY name's Victor She's Alice and His my favourite singer Who's hers favourite actor? Where are (2) _ _ _ from ? Wha t's you're favourite food? Victor: (J) and Her name Ibis What is (6) Your British name is Thiago (1) hopping centre? Yes, there is 10 1l that three mother these thirty thank there theatre those brotller t hey le i / / D IZl D D IZl D IZl IZl IZl D IZl D D IZl IZl D D IZl D IZl D IZl I Ale t~rr any museums or galleries near here? I expensive gallery ) fantastic cold S cheese sandwich purple bus s top Is lhere'} chemist near here ? Ale d'lli'll' any ca fes or reSlauran ts near here? 2d ] g 4a Sh 6c 71' 8b a cafe b hotel c restaurant d (hemist e hotel in front of under ] near next to in opposi te Lesson 1 half paSI six/SU: thirty len to ten/ nine fifty ) IW\"nty past elewnJeleven twenty nain to Kazan? : It's at half pastlen / ten thirty Lesson 1_ F V (V U N 13: )0 21:40 )10:10 If 7:35 A E N V D I (F 4_ 8: h ) That's £1).50, pluse D A N ( X E (A T T R A R A G I V E l A I R) A R W D ( T I V E) P G E R G) A: (2) Here you ate S: (J) Thank you A: W What time is the neJ(t train? II; (s) It's at 10:)5 Ie (6) And nat platform is it on? 8: Il) h's on platform on~ 4b B: Thai'S £ S.10 please A.: H~r~ you ar~ B: Thank you A.: Whililime is ti'Mo next Itain? B: It's al9:So A.: And whal pLalform is il on? 8: It's on platform IlIrfi' lli'Moatr.,! rIv!! ) Is li'Mor~ ~ ~ u~ S Loodan 6stal12n biz: ~ in l.ond!!n? ()) wt · s h:s:U ? A A E B (s ( l H I Z (u (s G ~ 5a and b sa M D B F T r- l I M) T E H D A l V) B V E l H R T) R E ~ M (T H I N) N B K 1b "' l t~n!!·dock?(» a ShOrt b tall 2a old 2b young )a fair )b dark name National Railway Money Museum Museumof Bad Museum Art (MOBA) 3_ ciIy Yo"" Colornew job She isn'l going to 10 OUI every night " I joined the gym beca use I wanted to get fit I bough t a new cal becauSe my oid UI was awfu L Why did / does your mother want to move? OUr COUlins didn't &2 to university because they wanted to get a job I sold myCO player because I get aU my musk from the Internet now Why did Chris ti ne borrow€s? Why were ~ lat e for class yesterd ay? David qui t his job because he wa s bored S A: 8: A: 8: A: 8: A: 8: Why did she cycle up the hill? Because she wanted to get fit Why did he start playing (hels? 8«ause hi~ grandfather wa s good at it Why did he jump out of the plane? Because he had a parachute Why did he read the boolr.? Bec.ause it was in teresting I ~ did A: 8: A: 8: A: 8: A: B: - you ~ her a cloc k? Beca use s he' s a lwavs la te ~ d i dyo u i2l.!l the n:m? Because I wa nt to get fi t ~didyou~ l hat ~? ~ my sister's going to have a baby ~doyouwatchsomu(hTV? Because I rke it rp rc r;;E V S A U 2b I Nt' your parentS going 10 buy it new car? No tfvy aren't is your hu~nd going 10 !tUrf lhe Int~nel ~ry e-vening? T E I C I fr , Thry're goin g to lTavel abfoad They aren't loing to buy a new Ul No, Mrsn't K E T C " rp u s H l G • • f A l C N A P R c T S W E L L E ) An you and your husband goinl to tnOYf'? Yes _ N C " k YOU'~" loin to 10 out r.IHV 11 H V • E A U T • S H A l E fy S A "e No.~ Isn'l S Ale your patrntS lOins 10 traYeI ilbroad? 115 they ar, Is your husband going 10 a lot of txfl(ise? Yes he is W f ~ I rlTlllOl (oing to pay Ale you go/nglo say When a re you going 10 let malnf'd We aren't going to be We'rf going 10 be You're 10011 to be _'tt zojnSlo get We an!n't ,oin, to have Whele are you JOin, to ~ T H T C • 0 E K H rp Ale you!:2!!:!l to have a 2!!J):? Where are you ~ to live? 31s she-!2!!!I to (han ge jobs? • Who'l goin g to teU him? I Sa { IJlOtOu~ {2Jgladuate (3J~tartabusiness f.learnakNoirnoney IsJretireearly (6l re lax f7Jbuyaboat I It S A: Why Me you u~l ? B: 8euiuse rm brob A: WhywasKarenexdted? B: 8«ause she- booted a holiday 10 Italy A: Why your!oisl:~ Iivoe at home? B: 8euiuse they~l sot arry money A: Why did you get married? B: Because W! were in love A: Why did Henfi borrow a lot of mon~? B: 8«ause he wanted to buy a newur F W A I tomofl'O'IiI' Bye weekend • Have a nice evening Lesson 10 l 5a I lie you &Oint: to son of are you 10inl to with 4.t1al ~ you !OinK to do/ your fTH time S are you going to that Di U l • 8b Y - b 5 r,Is ~ - R r-; 'M E - I jewellery photo frame ) tickets for a st.ow clock S chocolates IOh You're ) These II Thank S Oon't Review and solida tion units 9-10 I worked liked ) borrowed lived S looked cle an ed changed danced got spent said helped S lent sold borrowed washed I d id have / had Old go/ didn't go/ went J did, buy/ bough! II Did, take/didn't/took s did , meet / met did see/ saw came/did (ome Samuel's going tD learn to dance Cold play aren't going to make a new album We aren't going to live in Scotland My son's going 10 clean and tidy his room S Rie and Alan aren't going to (orne to the wedding I'm not going to cook dinner You're going to be late Eleanor's going to sell her bike o I What kind of (af is he going [0 buy? Who are you going to talk to? J What time are you going to meet them? Which sport are they going to play? S What vegetables is he going to have (fOf dinner)? Whallanguage is she going to learn? Where are your parentS going to buy a holiday home? • I B: Why is Ali broke? A: Because he's careless with money B: Why didn't you help Liana with her homework? A: Because' was lired B: Why is your dad going to retire? A: Because he's 70 years old Ij B: Why you hate your neighbour? A: Because he·s rich but mean B: Why don't you want to stack shelves in a supermarket? A: Because llike working outside B: Why didn't you join a gym? A: Because it's/was expensive I invest look J win Ij work tend stan get 8leave delivers 10 borrow \I meet I seven hundred and thirty·tl'llee one thousand one hundred and forty J sixty·six thousand Ij one/a hundred and twelve thousand, five hundred one/a hundred and one one/a hundred and ninety· nine thousand nine hundred and niM1:een five hundred thousand, one hundred and fiyt two million, three hundred thousand, six hundred and thirty 9 ta 2C Jb IjC sa 6b 7C 8a 10 a plant glasses J a vase Ij a photo frame beauty products plates and bowls jewe llery tickets for a show I Pearson Education limit@New Total English Starter Workbook (with Key) and Aud io CO Pack 9781408267400 New Total Engtish Starter Workbook (with ou t Key) and Aud io CD Pack Set in MetaPlusBook· Roman Printed in Slovakia by Neografia Ac:knowl@Total English STARTER NEW A course for young adults and adults, New Total English has been completely revised and updated to make it even more engaging and easy to use With its clearly defined learning objectives and authentic content, New Total English includes new reading and listening texts, new video clips and a completely revised grammatical, lexical and pronunciation sy llabus Real solutions to real needs The New Tota l English Workbook contai ns a wide va riety of practice exercises that review all the language areas studied in t he Stud ent s' Book: • Grammar, vocabulary and functiona l language exercises help to consolidate and extend new language covered in t he Students' Book • Extra practice in reading, listening and pronunciation ext ends learners' skills • Regu la r review and consolidation sections allow students to check t heir progress Vocabulary Trainer • Practise and learn unit vocabulary at , Components: • Students' Book wit h ActiveBook and DVD • Students' Book Audio CDs • Workbook with Audio CO (with and without key) • Teacher's Book with Resource Disc • ActiveTeach • Vocabulary Trainer www.newtotalenglish CEFIt w~" peL.sol!ELTcon newtotalenghsh ... sentences a new. /computer/ The/ is Hotel: Hotel Camilla City: london, UK Price band : C Address: 22 Bassington Street l ondon, W2 6EZ The computer is new b (omputer./a /new/ lt's It 's a new computer... ~ 80 for one night - that's cheap in london! Correct the mistakes Is he your boyfriend new? Is he your new boyfriend? The shoe shop closed is This salad is nice really What is the name of the... expensive really a Is the restaurant good? b Is good the restaurant? " a b a b Is it a shop new? Is it a new shop? Sorry this shop dosed Sorry this shop is dosed this, that, these, those m Choose
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