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15 100,000 14 80,000 13 60,000 12 40,000 11 30,000 10 20,000 14,000 10,000 6,000 3,000 2,000 1000 600 400 200 Chơi $200 He failed in the election just because he …… his opponent A Overestimat ed B Understated Understated C Underestimated Underestimated D Undercharged Undercharged Trả lời $400 Which alphabet is drink? A A B H H C O O D T T Trả lời $600 I don’t know If…… in my essay A Is Is there there a a mistake mistake B a a mistake mistake is is there there C there there a a mistake mistake is is D There There is is a a mistake mistake Trả lời $1000 “How much you earn, Mary?” “I’d ……… ” A Rather Rather don’t don’t say say B Better Better not not to to say say C Rather Rather not not say say D Prefer Prefer not not say say Trả lời $2000 She’s finished the course, ……… ? A isn’t she B Hasn’t Hasn’t she she C Doesn’t Doesn’t she she D Didn’t Didn’t she she Trả lời $3000 The teacher made a diffcult but at last, Joe …… a good question, answer A came came up up with with B came came up up to to C came came up up against against D came came up up for for Trả lời $6000 What has A hundered limbs, but cannot walk? A a a centipede centipede C a a stick stick B a a tree tree D a a hedgehong hedgehong Trả lời $10000 “Thanks for your help” “………………” A With With all all my my heart heart B It’s It’s my my please please C Never Never remind remind me me D All All it it is is for for you you Trả lời $14.00 Mr.Brown ………… in the army from 1960 to 1980 A had served B has served C had had been been serving serving D served served Trả lời $20.000 10 Which alphabet is a source of salt? A C B W W C S S D G G Trả lời $30.000 11.The woman ………… someone had stolen her purse, but althought they searched everyone in the shop, it wasn’t found A accused accused B enforced enforced C claimed claimed D warned warned Trả lời $40.000 12 He isn’t go to Spain and …………… A so isn’t she B Neither Neither is is she she C She She isn’t isn’t too too D Either Either she she isn’t isn’t Trả lời $60.000 13 Although she is unkind, I can’t help ………… her A like B liked liked C To To like like D liking liking Trả lời $80.000 14 I’m really looking for word… To university A to going B go go C To To go go D going going Trả lời $100.000 15 “ Never be late for can’t get an interview,… You the job A If not B Or Or so so C other other wise wise D unless unless Trả lời
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