game ( the family)

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The Family 10 11 A M O T W R E P C H R C H O E F I F C O H A P P 12 13 P R A E T E R N A L F A M I L Y S I R K T I D O T P N O E P E C T V I T I E S A T R R H A E V R N H E G E S S E C TE N I R S S N V E N R E ES S I O N To Fun admire things and you think highly with your of someone family Believing in something you can’t see but know is there A person To stop Putting who We feeling person presides are forth Feeling all angry who effort Heavenly over, cares sorrow with provides to for accomplish someone Father’s………………… for and your for nurtures and who sins something protects has you hurt the youfamily Sympathy Feeling of and great concern joy and for please others AAway Charity to communicate is the pure…………of with Heavenly Christ Father
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