Rules of stress in english

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RULES OF STRESS IN AMERICAN ENGLISH A TWO-SYLLABLE WORDS (N/ADJ- 1st syllable; V-2nd syllable) Ex: People, customs, Christmas, children, fireplace, father, Santa, to attend, service Exeptions ( ngoại lệ) : N: event, machine V with syllables ended with –OW-EN-Y-EL-ER-LE-ISH are stressed on the st syllable To borrow, to open, to study, to travel, to offer, to startle , to finish B WORDS OF OR MORE THAN SYLLABLES Stress the third syllable counting backwards ( nhấn vào âm tiết thứ đếm từ sau trước) Suffixes –ED-ING-LY-ARY are overlooked in this counting system : tiếp vĩ ngữ ED-ING-LY-ARY không đếm EX : Different, celebrate, holiday, families, popular, originate, charity, permanent, beautiful, beautifully… C SUFFIXES  Before CIV (Consonant-I-Vowel) Australia, traditions, religious, decoration, mention, asia, relation, competition, physician…  Before IC : Athletic, systematic, atomic, pacific… Exceptions : Rhetoric, lunatic, catholic, arithmetic, politics  ON the following ending syllables : ADE ( parade); OO( taboo); OON( Cocoon); EE( employee); EEN( canteen), EER (engineer), ESE( Japanese), ESE/ISE ( Exercise); IZE/YZE ( Analyze) , SELF ( Himself, themselves) D TWO WORDS OR THREE WORDS PHRASES : a) Stress the first element N-GERUND : fruit picking, weight lifting Gerund-N : a dining room, a swimming pool, a driving license N-N : A river bank, a church bell, a golf club b) Stress the last element : modifiers are not stressed Adj-N : Stress the noun : a silver fish, the best answer, a good investment Proper name of people, place and titles are stressed c) Stress both words : material, components and possessive cases A steel door, the iron man, a stone wall, a gold medal…
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