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TỔNG HỢP 20 CHỦ ĐỀ SPEAKING PART SẼ RA THÁNG – THÁNG 9/2017 BY NGOC BACH Rain Plans and goals Weather Robots Shopping 10 Names 11 Swimming 13 Neighbors 14 Sunny days 16 10 Collecting 17 11 Concerts 19 12 Clothes 22 13 Email 24 14 Friends 25 15 Music 28 16 Politeness 31 17 Watches 32 18 Garden 33 19 Internet 35 20 TV dramas 37 Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page GIỚI THIỆU Hi bạn, Mình Ngọc Bách Gửi tặng bạn 20 cue card part bao gồm mẫu band 8.0~9.0 viết (đã review giám khảo xứ) cho 20 topics khác phần thi IELTS Speaking part từ tháng 5/2017 đến tháng 9/2017 Các bạn dựa vào tài liệu để soạn câu trả lời cho đề khác Tất mẫu kèm phần giải thích ví dụ chi tiết cho từ vựng tốt script Các bạn bắt gặp số mẫu cue card page, website Việt Nam, chí website nước ngồi Cần khẳng định 100% viết viết correct lại từ viết học sinh, tuyệt đối không chép từ nguồn Các nguồn khác giống viết -> chép lại từ viết mà khơng ghi nguồn (Mặc dù biết điều khơng quan trọng với số bạn, thực lúc đầu không quan tâm Tuy nhiên, số bạn đọc website nước thấy giống -> lại bảo copy người khác Điều thực khơng chấp nhận được) Tài liệu team soạn gửi tặng đến sĩ tử IELTS hồn tồn miễn phí Cac bạn lưu ý số script có ghi giải thích từ vựng theo chủ đề Ví dụ từ vựng thuộc chủ đề Technology, Education…đây từ vựng sách Topic Vocabulary mắt Mục đích muốn sử dụng thật nhiều từ vựng nhiều ngữ cảnh khác -> người hiểu cách học áp dụng Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page Tài liệu nằm ‘HƯỚNG DẪN IELTS TỒN TẬP 2017 BY NGOCBACH” miễn phí nhiều thời gian biên soạn gửi đén bạn tự học IELTS Các bạn xem link gốc group IELTS Ngoc Bach đây: Hoặc website Các tài liệu có cập nhật link Các bạn follow share facebook để tiện theo dõi Chúc bạn học tốt ! -Ngọc Bách- Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page Rain Does it rain much in Vietnam? (Where? When?) As it is entirely located in the tropical belt, Vietnam receives quite a great amount of precipitation every year However, the part that records the highest rainfall is the northern section of Central Vietnam when the northeast monsoon arrives, between September and December This region can also be affected by the typhoon season in the Western Pacific, which can see severe storms lashing the coast from August to November Is there any part of Vietnam where it doesn’t rain much? (Where?) In general, I guess the driest place in Vietnam might possibly be Ninh Thuan province, which is situated on the south-central coast The weather there is quite extreme with a lot of wind as well as a hot and dry atmosphere during the year Also, there is no winter here, and the average temperature is considerably higher than most other parts of the country When (in what month/season) does it rain most in your hometown? Well, currently, I am living in Hanoi, which is located in the northern part of Vietnam I suppose that in the north, the rainy season comes during the summer months, extending from mid-April to mid-October This is because during this time of the year, the city’s climate is influenced by the southwest monsoon, which brings moist air from the oceans to the land and causes torrential rain What about the other parts of Vietnam? (In which season does it rain most in other parts of Vietnam?) Well, the southern part of Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta, gets plenty of rain and hot, humid weather during the southwest monsoon from April to September, with June and July being especially wet Meanwhile, the centre of the country receives the most rainfall between September and December, during which time the region suffers from severe storms and flooding Can you remember any time when it rained particularly heavily in your hometown? (When?) Yes, of course I suppose it was about a year or so ago, when we had several days of torrential rain, almost non-stop, and so the whole of my neighbourhood got flooded You Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page know, the water was, like, up to my knees, and so the traffic came to a complete standstill So, yeah, that was probably the worst time I can remember Does rain ever affect transportation in your hometown? (How?) Yeah, for sure As a matter of fact, rain often causes severe traffic congestion, especially when there is heavy downpour People should expect to be stuck for hours in a traffic jam I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s possibly because vehicles tend to move slower in the rain Vocabulary:  Tropical belt: [noun phrase] area between the Tropics of Cancer and the Tropics of Capricon / vành đai nhiệt đới Example: The northern and southern populations were naturally separated by the warm tropical belts in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans  Precipitation: [noun] rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground / mưa Example: In places where the warmer air extends to the ground, the precipitation will fall as rain  Monsoon: [noun] a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain (the wet monsoon), or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon ) / gió mùa Example: We get only very little rain during the southwest monsoon  Typhoon: [noun] a tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans / bão Example: Severe tropical cyclones correspond to the hurricanes or typhoons of other parts of the world  Lash: [verb] to move suddenly and swiftly; rush, dash, or flash / qua, tàn phá Example: Strong winds and storms are lashing the east coast of the USA  Province: [noun] a principal administrative division of certain countries or empires / quận Example: The school is in a poor district of the province and students often go without the simplest of items, let alone educational funds  Situate: [verb] fix or build (something) in a certain place or position / đặt ở, nằm Example: The pilot light is usually situated at the front of the boiler Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page  Extreme: [adjective] reaching a high or the highest degree; very great / cực, Example: There is extreme cold in Hanoi during the winter  Atmosphere: [noun] the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet / khơng khí, bầu khí Example: In dry weather the electric potential in the atmosphere is normally positive relative to the earth, and increases with the height  Rainy season: [noun phrase] the time during which there is a large amount of rainfall / mùa mưa Example: The traffic often gets congested during rainy season  Moist: [adjective] slightly wet; damp or humid / ẩm ướt Example: The air was moist and heavy after the storm passed  Torrential: [adjective] (of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities / chảy mạnh, (mưa) trút xuống Example: The rest of the day torrential rain fell, the grass becoming a bog, the river turning to a lake  Come to a complete standstill: [idiom] to slow down and finally stop; to stop entirely / dừng lại, trì trệ Example: As the strike began, the production line came to a complete standstill  Congestion: [noun] the state of being overcrowded / tắc nghẽn Example: The new bridge should ease congestion in the area  Downpour: [noun] a heavy rainfall / mưa lớn Example: A sudden downpour had filled the gutters and drains Plans and goals What is your plan for the future and when will you start? I’m planning to start my own advertising agency when I’m in my third year at university I’ve been preparing this plan of mine ever since I was a high school student and I’ve raised nearly enough capital now How you intend to achieve that? I’m working on raising capital, and I also need some partners to work on this project with me – I’ve shared my plan with my friends and some of them seemed really interested in it And once I’ve got someone, we’ll take care of the rest together If you go abroad, you plan to live in the countryside or in a big city? (Why?) Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page I’d prefer living in the countryside, mostly because I want to experience the tranquility there Another reason is because the traffic and air pollution in some big cities are almost unbearable, and I seriously don’t want to get stuck with all the problems of city life Vocabulary:  Agency [noun] (đại lí/mơi giới) a business that represents one group of people when dealing with another group e.g Mannya was representing a private legal consulting agency at the hearing  Capital [noun] (vốn) wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available for a purpose such as starting a company or investing e.g They all need capital to meet their needs for expansion and technical development  Tranquility [noun] (sự bình) the quality or state of being tranquil; calm e.g The main reason people come to visit the countryside is because of its beauty and tranquility  Unbearable [adjective] (không thể chịu đựng được) too unpleasant or painful to cope with or accept e.g At night, the noise in the street is unbearable and I’m unable to sleep Weather What’s the weather like today? It’s freezing, oh my God… but luckily it hasn’t rained today It was raining all last week… I was soaked to the skin whenever I went out to go to work even though I was wearing a raincoat, and the rain made it even colder! What’s the weather (usually) like in your hometown? It depends on the season, but most of the time it’s really hot in my hometown And it’s been getting hotter and hotter in recent years … maybe one big reason is because of global warming (Similar to above) What is the typical weather in your country? (Similar to above) What’s your favorite season? (Why?) Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page I really like the fall, mainly because of its cool weather, which makes me feel really comfortable and ready to go out any time of the day The other seasons… well, summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold and spring’s too humid (Similar to above, but different) What’s your favorite weather? (Why?) Cool weather It makes me feel really comfortable and ready to go out any time of the day Just imagine sitting in the park, reading a book in the sunshine with the wind gently blowing through your hair Isn’t that awesome? Do you like snow? (Why?) I’ve never seen or touched snow before so instead of saying whether I like it or not, I would say I’m really curious about it I’ve been dying to see the snow falling since forever but haven’t really got the chance to so Do you watch the weather forecasts? Rather than the weather forecasts shown on TV, I often look at the ones on my smartphone – you know, there’re some applications that help predict the weather conditions for up to a week! Does the weather ever affect what you do? Yes, of course For example, I tend to get really lethargic and lazy in the winter, all because of the cold weather All I want to is to get some nice sleep under my warm blanket and never have to leave the comfort of my home, and this seriously affects my work and study sometimes Vocabulary:  Freezing [adjective] (lạnh ngắt) extremely cold e.g It’s freezing in here – can I close the window?  Soaked to the skin [expression] (ướt nhẹp) extremely wet e.g I’m going to have to take these clothes off – I’m soaked to the skin!  Be dying for/to something [expression] (muốn làm đến chết được) to be extremely eager to have or something e.g I’m dying to hear your news, especially about your holiday in London  Lethargic [adjective] (mệt mỏi) without any energy or enthusiasm e.g After a big lunch, I always feel lethargic and sometimes fall asleep at my desk ! Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page Robots Are you interested in robots? Why? No, I’m not really keen on robots because I’m kind of a low-tech person Also, a robot is a luxury technological product that I have never been able to afford, so I don’t feel like I want to know much about them Would you like robots to work in your home? If I had a lot of money, I’d like to have a robot in my home As I’m always occupied with my work, I need a robot to help me chores and prepare meals whenever I come home at night That’d be great! Would you want to take a car where a robot is the driver? No, I wouldn’t want a robot to drive my car It would be too dangerous and risky for me to take a drive with a robot Because a robot is programmed by humans, I don’t think that it can handle road incidents quickly and efficiently enough to ensure safety Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely? Well, I have to admit that robots play an important part in our modern life However, they will never completely replace the roles of humans at work as they are incapable of feeling emotions and thinking deeply like humans For example, in a conference, people have to discuss problems in great detail before giving solutions and making decisions, but robots lack the capacity to respond to all questions instantly and effectively Vocabulary: low-tech (adjective) not using the most recent equipment or methods (nói người biết cơng nghệ) Ex: It is low-tech economy without modern machinery or techniques luxury (adjective) very comfortable and expensive, which not everyone can afford (xa xỉ) Ex: They are staying in a luxury 5-star hotel in Paris afford (verb) to be able to buy or something because you have enough money or time (có đủ khả mua hay làm thứ gì) Ex: I don't know how he can afford a new car on his salary chores ( collocation) housework (làm việc nhà) Ex: I'll go shopping when I've done my chores handle (verb) to manage, deal with sth or sb (xử lý) Ex: My wife handles all our household expenses Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page incident (noun) an event that is either unpleasant or unusual (sự việc xảy bất ngờ) Ex: A youth was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Saturday night to be incapable of verb + ing: be unable to something (khơng có khả làm việc gì) Ex: He seems to be incapable of walking past a music shop without going in and buyinganother CD 8.capacity (noun) the ability to perform sth (năng lực) Ex: Ask John to help us – he has a great capacity for hard work Shopping Are there many shops near your home? Yes, there are As my city has increasingly developed, small stores and shopping malls are omnipresent In my neighborhood, products of these shops are very diverse and up to the mark, accommodating the shopping demands of its residents Do you like shopping (Why/ Why not)? Of course, I enjoy swimming a lot Shopping activities relieve my stress, especially when feel overloaded with work In my opinion, it is also a chance for us to compare the quality of goods and acquire a better taste in things Who usually does the shopping in your home? Well, it may be my mother Every morning, she goes to the store to choose hygienic and fresh food for our family’s meals Her favorite pastime is buying second-hand clothes in small markets Sometimes, when I’m free, I go with her to a big supermarket to purchase basic necessities like shampoos or soaps How often you buy something in a shop? Very often, as I rarely have time for window-shopping Practically, I always make a list-tobuy before going to stores and markets, and hardly leave without a shopping bill VOCABULARY: omnipresent [adj]: present everywhere: có mặt khắp nơi Eg: Thes e da ys t he m edi a are om ni present diverse [adj]: very different from each other and of various kinds : đa dạng Eg: People in America are from diverse cultures up to the mark [expression]: meet the requirements : đạt tiêu chuẩn Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page 10 It was the very first time I’d been given a night light I’d never used this type of lamp before, so I felt really excited on receiving it And grateful too, really My friend who gave me this told me that I had really serious dark circles under my eyes and she was so worried that she decided to get me this lamp so, you know, I could sleep better And you know what, it actually worked! The lamp gives out a nice cozy yellow light, and I am able to really sleep soundly with it on I’ve been sleeping with this lamp beside my bed every night since the day I received it, and this cute little thing is one of my treasures I plan to have it with me for a long time, so I’m trying to keep it in the best possible condition, as it seems like they are not making them any more; I seriously cannot find another similar model anywhere! Vocabulary: ✓ night lamp = night light [noun] (đèn ngủ) a lamp kept burning during the light, especially in a bedroom e.g I think buying this night lamp/light will complete our bedroom; it looks so perfect! ✓ shape [verb] to make something into a particular shape Eg The new football stadium is shaped like a dome ✓ socket [noun] (ổ cắm điện) the part of a piece of equipment, especially electrical equipment, into which another part fits e.g He has forgotten to plug the television into the mains socket ✓ battery holder [noun] (ổ pin) one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery e.g You can find many types of battery holders for your machine in this shop ✓ dark circle [noun] (quầng thâm mắt) blemishes around or under the eyes, caused by lack of sleep, hereditary or allergy-related e.g She has really serious dark circles I even thought I had seen a panda! ✓ sleep soundly [expression] (ngủ ngon) sleep very well e.g You will sleep soundly if you get plenty of exercise during the day Describe a person in history that impressed you Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 12 Among a host of historical figures, the one that strikes me as the most impressive must be Nelson Mandela I first read about him in a history textbook and was deeply touched by his untiring perseverance Born in 1918, Nelson Mandela is a politician and philanthropist who devoted his lifetime to campaign for the eradication of apartheid In South Africa, apartheid was a system that segregated and discriminated against people of different races The policy of separate development benefited only the whites in terms of educational opportunities and decent social services, which led to countless public outcries for a revolution Initially, the movements were brutally suppressed by the army Nelson Mandela, who started as an activist, played a critical role in the abolition of apartheid, leading campaigns and inspiring people to fight for justice Even though he was imprisoned for 27 years, Nelson Mandela continued his mission right after he was released His efforts were rewarded: after fierce struggles and continuous negotiations, apartheid laws were permanently repealed People were no longer treated on the grounds of a colour bar Numerous positive socio-economic changes also came along Nelson Mandela was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 in recognition of his endeavors to unify South Africa The life of Nelson Mandela has taught me a profound lesson: “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Overcoming all the ostensibly insurmountable obstacles, Nelson Mandela proved that as long as you persist in pursuing your goal, you will definitely achieve it Vocabulary Các từ thuộc chủ đề Society: segregate somebody (from somebody) Meaning: to separate people of different races, religions or sexes and treat them in a different way Example: Although society no longer tolerates the policy of segregating whites from blacks, many people of different origins Dịch Segregate live in their own separate communities đại somebody (from ý somebody): cô lập Nghĩa: tách biệt người thuộc chủng tộc khác, có tơn giáo khác giới tính khác cư xử với họ cách khác biệt Ví dụ: Mặc dù xã hội khơng chấp nhận sách tách biệt người da đen với người da trắng, nhiều người có nguồn gốc khác sống cộng đồng riêng họ Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 13 to discriminate (on the grounds of something) Meaning: to treat one person or group worse/better than another in an unfair way Example: It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race, sex or religion Dịch đại ý To discriminate (on the grounds of something): phân biệt (do khác biệt đó) Nghĩa: đối xử không công với người nhóm người tồi tệ hơn/ tốt người/nhóm người khác Ví dụ: Phân biệt chủng tộc, giới tính, tơn giáo phạm pháp social services Meaning: a system that is organized by the government to help people who have financial or family problems; the department or the people who provide this help Example: Governments should assist poor families through the provision of adequate social services Dịch đại Social services: ý quan dịch vụ xã hội Nghĩa: Một hệ thống lập phủ để giúp đỡ người gặp khó khăn tài gia đình; quan xã hội người làm việc Ví dụ: Chính phủ nên hỗ trợ hộ gia đình nghèo thơng qua việc thiết lập đầy đủ quan dịch an vụ outcry xã hội (at/over/against something) Meaning: a reaction of anger or strong protest shown by people in public Example: The new tax provoked Dịch An a public outcry đại outcry(at/over/against something): ý phản đối kịch liệt, la ó Nghĩa: phản ứng tức giận phản đối mạnh mẽ đám đơng xã hội Ví dụ: Thuế tạo lên sóng phản đối colour cộng đồng bar Meaning: a social system which does not allow black people the same rights as white people Example: South Africa’s colour bar made marriages between different races illegal Dịch Colour đại bar: Rào ý cản màu da Nghĩa: luật lệ xã hội không cho phép người da màu có quyền ngang với người da trắng Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 14 Ví dụ: Luật rào cản màu da Nam Phi khiến cho việc kết hôn chủng tộc bất hợp pháp socio-economic Meaning: changes relating to the changes society and economy of a country Example: Mass migration to cities is a result of socio-economic changes that include the industrialisation Dịch Socio-economic changes: of agriculture đại ý thay đổi xã hội kinh tế Nghĩa: Các thay đổi liên quan xã hội kinh tế quốc gia Ví dụ: Luồng di dân lớn thành phố hệ thay đổi kinh tế xã hội bao gồm việc đại hóa nơng nghiệp Các từ thuộc chủ đề Government to campaign for Meaning: to take part in a series of activities in order to achieve a specific aim Example: People who are concerned about the environment should campaign for stricter controls on pollution Các từ khác: historical figure (noun) nhân vật lịch sử Meaning: a person connected with the past Eg: Ho Chi Minh is probably the most well-known historical figure in Vietnam perseverance (noun) nghị lực, tâm Meaning: the quality of trying to achieve a particular aim, despite difficulties Eg: This challenging task can only be finished with extreme perseverance philanthropist (noun): nhà bác Meaning: a rich person who helps the poor and those in need, especially by giving money Eg: Donations and help from philanthropists have greatly improved living standard in thirdworld countries to segregate (verb): Meaning: to separate people of different races, religions or genders and treat them in a different way Eg: Whites and blacks were segregated into different parts of the town Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 15 activist (noun): Meaning: a person who works to achieve political or social aims, usually as part of an organization Eg: Animal rights activists invaded the laboratory and released all the animals abolition (noun): Meaning: the ending of a law, a system or an institution Eg: The protesters are demanding the abolition of the death penalty in the country to repeal (verb): Meaning: to end a law, so that it no longer exists officially Eg: The government has repealed the laws which prohibit divorce endeavour (noun) cố gắng, nỗ lực Meaning: an attempt to something, especially something new or difficult Eg: His endeavours in studying resulted in much better grades profound (adj): Meaning: very great, felt or experienced very strongly Eg: He had a profound shock when he read of his father’s death in the newspaper 10 ostensibly (adv) tưởng như, dường Meaning: according to what seems to be true or real, when this may not actually be true or real Eg: The ostensibly complex question is actually very simple Describe leisure facility you would like to have in your home town (adapt từ A library you have been to) Today I would like to talk about the one facility I would like my home town to have It is the librabry- inspired by the National Library, my usual weekend hideaway in Hanoi Located in the city centre, the two-storey building has made itself a welcome contrast to concrete jungles In terms of its exterior decoration, library visitors would feel comfortable at the sight of its rustic simplicity with reddish-brown bricks and mortar Once inside, people can be awestruck by its state-of-the-art facilities The bottom half provides computers with free Internet access and E-books if people prefer to conduct further online research The top half is occupied by stacks of books, newspapers, periodicals and other reading materials where visitors can dig deep into every field At the weekend, I prefer to be engrossed in classic novels and develop my literary appreciation Over the time, I switched my focus to various Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 16 genres to broaden my horizons Personally speaking, the highlight of the library was its unique tranquility which was really thought-provoking to readers However, as it is the sole shelter for bookworms in the city, its frequent state of overcrowding allows little room to enjoy it at the weekend It’s a shame that students back in my home town don’t have the access to such a valuable soucre of materials and a place to relax whenever they want to spend some time in solitude Vocabulary Từ vựng thuộc chủ đề Reading: broaden one’s literary horizons [v] (mở mang hiểu biết văn học): to widen the limit of your desires, knowledge, or interests by reading widely Eg: Schools should broaden the literary horizons of pupils by encouraging them to read in class and at home to dig deep (into something) [v] (đào sâu tìm hiểu gì): to search thoroughly for information Eg: : Computer technology has enabled authorities to dig deep into all kinds of personal records relating to ordinary citizens to be engrossed in sth [v] (mê mải vào gì): to be completely focused on something Eg: A good work-life balance is important, because if people are too engrossed in their work their family life may suffer literary appreciation [n] (cảm thụ văn học): pleasure that you have when your recognize and enjoy the qualities of a good piece of writing Eg: Although a literary genius like Shakespeare is rare, it is important for governments to subsidise creative writing classes for all ages Các từ khác: hideaway [n] (nơi ẩn nấp bình yên): a place where you can go to hide or to be alone Eg: He escaped to his hideaway in the country at weekends concrete jungle [n] (tổ hợp nhà cao tầng): a way of describing a city or an area that is unpleasant because it has many large modern buildings and no trees or parks bricks and mortar [n] (những tòa nhà): buildings, when you are thinking of them in connection with how much they cost to build or how much they are worth; housing, when it is considered as an investment Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 17 Eg: Bricks and mortar are a sound investment awestruck [adj] (bất ngờ): feeling very impressed by something Eg: People were awestruck by the pictures the satellite sent back to Earth state-of-the-art [adj] (hiện đại): using the most modern or advanced techniques or methods; as good as they can be at the present time Eg: The Physics Department has state-of-the-art facilities; what with the computer and projector tranquility [n] (sự bình yên): the state of being quiet and peaceful Eg: The tranquility of the country brings peace of mind to us thought-provoking [adj] (đáng suy ngẫm, kích thích tư duy): making people think seriously about a particular subject or issue Eg: Romeo and Julliet is a brilliant and thought-provoking play Describe an activity you like to to keep yourself healthy Sample My favorite outdoor activity is jogging It’s a kind of running at a slow or leisurely pace that helps to build up your physical fitness I much prefer to go jogging in open spaces like parks or lakesides There, you can enjoy fresh air and watch people doing various types of physical activity such as running, aerobic exercises, playing badminton, and so on I normally go jogging in the morning with my close friend either at weekends, or in the afternoon, after a tiring schoolday We often chat together while we’re jogging, sharing with each other stories about school or sometimes discussing stuff that is going viral on the Internet I love jogging because it’s beneficial to our health, that goes without saying, and it does not require as much stamina as fast running Moreover, unlike other forms of exercise, jogging is quite easy to and it allows me to watch people and things as I pass by I think it’s really relaxing and inspiring to see the world around us, watching everyone keeping active doing their own thing and feeling part of it all when I’m out jogging VOCABULARY ✓ at a slow /leisurely pace (với nhịp độ chậm rãi) [expression] at a slow speed/ unhurriedly Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 18 Example: You can even read at a leisurely pace, as these books have no due dates and can be returned at any time ✓ build up [phrasal verb] make somebody stronger and fitter Example: I am training to build up my fitness for the race ✓ physical fitness (thể chât) [n] general state of health and well-being Example: Researchers have suggested that physical fitness may play a key role in improving the brain health and academic performance of youngsters ✓ various (nhiều)[a] many/ several different Example: She spoke to various members of the club ✓ stuff [n] items or products in general – informal – without specifying what they are Example: The shop sells i-pads, laptops and stuff like that ✓ go viral (lan truyền ) [idiom] spread quickly and widely among Internet users Example: “Gangnam Style” is a video that went viral several years ago, even though most of us don’t understand a word of it ✓ beneficial(có lợi)[a] helpful, useful Example: The improvement in sales figure had a beneficial influence on the company as a whole ✓ goes without saying( khơng cần phải nói ) [idiom] be generally accepted or understood Example: It goes without saying that you will improve your skills with practice ✓ require (yêu cầu)[v] need (something) Example: Skiing at 80 miles per hour requires total concentration ✓ stamina [n] physical or mental strength that enables you to something difficult for a long period of time Example: You need a lot of stamina to run a marathon ✓ doing their own thing [expression] following their own interests, without worrying about what other people think Example: When young people leave home to live abroad, they enjoy doing their own thing, because they have more freedom to follow their interests Sample Staying in good shape is everyone’s concern and I am no exception To be honest, I have been so caught up in my study since I entered university that I have a problem in Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 19 organizing my daily routine However, I have been participating in a yoga class for about years, which takes me only hour a day, to try to lead a healthy lifestyle Unlike dancing or running, yoga definitely involves stretching actions You might look at yoga and think that it is light and easy but it is more demanding than it appears Yoga allows me to work on all the parts of my body It can burn a lot of calories in just one hour of training Also, it enhances my flexibility and suppleness in every single movement What I enjoy the most about yoga is meditation It is all about regulating your breathing and helping you take things off your mind easily Another thing is that doing yoga is supposed to be good for curing headaches and digestion-related problems, so it benefits not only physical well-being but also mental health By maintaining a schedule of taking part in the yoga class on a daily basis, I feel extremely relaxed and full of energy after the class It helps me to keep fit and refresh my mind after a long stressful day And of course, I don’t see myself stopping practicing this activity any time soon VOCABULARY ✓ in good shape: [expression] the good physical condition of someone Example: For a man of his age, he is in good shape ✓ caught up: [phrasal verb] completely involved in something Example: He was so caught up in the TV program, that he forgot to his homework ✓ stretching actions: [noun] actions which make your muscles stronger by exercises in which you extend your arms and legs Example: When I get up in the morning, I some stretching actions to exercise the muscles in my arms ✓ demanding: [adjective] needing a lot of effort Example: The work of a farmer is physically very demanding ✓ work on: [phrasal verb] try hard to improve something, or how something functions Example: She works on her yoga skills by practising the exercises every day ✓ burn a lot of calories: [expression] use up a lot of energy [that comes from the food we eat] Example: One reason why people exercise is to burn a lot of calories and lose weight ✓ flexibility: [noun] the ability to move and bend your body easily Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 20 Example: Regular exercise helps older people to maintain their flexibility, especially by stretching their muscles ✓ suppleness: [noun] the ability to move and bend your body into different positions – it is a synonym for flexibility Example: Different yoga movements develop suppleness in different muscles ✓ meditation: [noun] thinking deeply in silence, to make you feel calm Example: To help you to relax, try meditation after a stressful day at work ✓ regulating your breathing: [expression] controlling the way in which you breathe in and out Example: An important part of learning how to swim is regulating your breathing ✓ take things off your mind: [expression] forget things which are causing you anxiety or stress Example: After an exam, I usually have a short holiday, to take things off my mind and enjoy myself ✓ cure: [verb] make an illness go away Example: The website advertises a new drug for curing AIDS ✓ digestion: [noun] the process of changing the food you eat into substances that the body can use Example: Unlike cows or horses, the digestion of grass is impossible for humans ✓ well-being: [noun] general health and happiness Example: The company tries to ensure the well-being of its employees by providing good working conditions ✓ schedule: [noun] a plan that lists all the things that you have to and when you must them Example: For the next few days, I have a busy schedule, which includes my yoga class each morning ✓ I don’t see myself stopping: [expression] I don’t think that I will stop Example: I don’t see myself stopping working in the next 10 years because I have to support my family ✓ any time soon: [expression] in the near future, soon Example: I should receive the exam results any time soon – perhaps tomorrow Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 21 Describe a letter /email you received and that you liked Today I’m going to talk about an unforgettable letter that was sent to me a month ago It was from my dear sister, who was attending a prestigious university in Porto, Portugal She sent me this hand-written while she was enjoying a trip around Europe during her mid-term break In her letter, she said that each country she had visited gave her a lasting impression While Portugal never failed to deliver a sense of tranquility, Holland amazed her with breathtaking scenes and its varieties of tulip flowers and wind turbines Additionally, she was charmed by Paris’s glory and romanticism, and she was so excited because her dream to see the Eiffel Tower was finally accomplished The weather there was also very nice, and the exquisite cuisines of Western countries completely satisfied her appetite With the assistance of numerous images her description was more vivid, which gave me further insight into foreign nations I derived a lot of pleasure from this letter because this is the first time I got the chance to know more about her life in another country since she left our home For one thing, it is a real relief to know that she could integrate well into an exotic environment and still achieve a high level of academic performance This would benefit her personal development and career advancement in the future For another, by going to many popular countries, she has partly fulfilled her burning ambition to travel around the world This letter will act as an incentive to make me study with more diligence to be as successful as her VOCABULARY: unforgettable [adj]: you cannot forget it: quên Eg: The cham pionshi p will be an unforget t abl e event in his career give a lasting impression [expression]: give sb an unforgettable feeling of sth/sb : gây ấn tượng mạnh mẽ, sâu sắc Eg: Her perfect performance gave the judges a lasting impression tranquillity [n]: the state of peacefulness : yên bình Eg: The countryside is always full of tranquillity breath-taking [adj]: very exciting or impressive : vô đẹp mắt Eg: From here you can see the breath-taking view of the mountains glory [n]: great beauty : hoa lê Eg: The city was spread out beneath us in all its glory Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 22 (to) accomplish [v]: to succeed in doing or completing sth : hoàn thành Eg: The first part of the plan has been safely accomplished cuisine [n]: a style of cooking in a certain place : ẩm thực Eg: This country is noted for its excellent and diverse cuisine appetite [n]: physical desire for food : vị Eg: He suffered from a headache and a loss of appetite vivid [adj]: producing very clear memories in your mind : sống động, chân thực Eg: He gave a vivid account of his life as a fire fighter 10 (to) integrate [v]: into/with sth: to become or make sb accepted as a member of a social group : hòa nhập Eg: They have not made any effort to integrate into the local community 11 career advancement [expression]: development in jobs : thăng tiến nghiệp Eg: Lifelong learning is essential to career advancement 12 diligence [n]: careful and thorough work or effort: cần mẫn Eg: This shows great diligence in her schoolwork 10 Describe an advertisement you have seen Today I’m going to tell you about an advertisement I’ve seen recently It was actually a commercial to promote iPhone 7, the latest smartphone manufactured by Apple – the wellknown technology giant The ad was broadcasted prior to the launching of the product in order to provoke curiosity among consumers, especially loyal users of the brand The advertisement didn’t convey any meaningful message but was rather designed to highlight all the updated features of iPhone compared to previous models in the series Besides, the commercial wasn’t directed towards any specific age group or gender, so the target audience was quite large As soon as the commercial was aired, the news about the new product immediately made front page headlines and became the leading article of many technology websites, magazines and online Since Apple was already one of the most reputable technology companies with a high level of brand awareness, it didn’t take much time for the publicity to circulate The advertisement generated a craze for iPhone 7, everyone was talking about it on the Internet People were eager to see how the latest model would differ from earlier ones as well as to compare it with the latest smartphones of other respected brands such as Samsung or Sony Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 23 As for me, I thought it was a little plain and lacked creativity the first time I saw the ad, since it only focused on the updated features Later, I found the ad to have a certain feeling of elegance to it, simple and straightforward but it was still able to attract an incredible number of consumers I have to admit that I was a little swayed by the advertisement, even though I’m a Samsung fan Vocabulary Promote [v] (quảng bá, quảng cáo): to encourage people to like, buy, use, do, or support something Example: Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to promote products To be manufactured by [expression] (được sản xuất bởi): to be created, produced (by someone, by a company, etc) Example: All iPhones, iPads and iPods are manufactured by Apple Technology giant [expression] (“người khổng lồ công nghê”, cơng ty có danh tiếng lĩnh vực công nghệ): a leading and very large technology corporation Example: Samsung, Apple and Sony are three of the biggest technology giants Their products are of high quality and are very wide-ranging The launching of a product [phrase, noun] (việc mắt sản phẩm mới): the introduction of a new product => to launch a product [phrase, verb]: to introduce a new product Example: Companies have recognised that the services of the marketing industry are essential to launch a new product successfully A loyal user [noun phrase] (người dùng trung thành): someone who has been using a product of a certain company for a long time Example: My boyfriend is a loyal user of Apple Almost all of his electronic devices are products of Apple To convey a message [phrase] (truyền tải thông điệp): To convey information or feelings means to cause them to be known or understood by someone Example: The newest promotional video for UNICEF’s campaign conveys a meaningful message of child protection To highlight [verb] (nhấn mạnh) to emphasize something, so that people pay more attention to it Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 24 Example: Nike highlighted the quality of its trainers by using the Olympic gold medal winner Ussain Bolt to promote the product Target audience [noun phrase] (khách hàng/khán giả mục tiêu): consumers whom businesses aim at when selling their products Example: Companies which sell soft drinks, like Coca Cola, aim mainly at a target audience of children and adolescents To make front page headlines [phrase] (trở thành tin tiêu đề): to be an important item of news in the newspapers, on radio or TV Example: It seems that every insignificant event in the lives of celebrities makes front page headlines 10 To become the leading article [phrase] (trở thành tin quan trọng ngày): to become a piece of writing which deals with the most important news item of the day Example: Newspapers in my country often have a leading article on some sensational crime that has been committed 11 Brand awareness [noun phrase] (độ nhận biết thương hiệu): the action of bringing the name of a company to the attention of the public Example: Advertising, not the quality of the product, is responsible for creating brand awareness among consumers, as can be seen by the success of market leaders such as Nike or Coca Cola 12 To generate a craze for something [phrase] (tạo nên sốt cho đó): to create an enthusiastic interest in something that is shared by many people but that usually does not last very long Example: The catchy theme song in Điện máy xanh’s commercial generated a craze for its goods 13 To focus on something [phrase] (tập trung vào gì) to give attention to one particular thing Example: The commercial for orange juice focused on the health benefits of the product 14 To attract consumers [phrase] (thu hút khách hàng): to appeal to buyers so that they purchase a product Example: It is common for brands to offer discounts occasionally to attract consumers 15 To be swayed by the advertisement [phrase] (bị thuyết phục quảng cáo): to be influenced to buy things as a result of advertising Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 25 Example: If consumers were not easily swayed by advertisements, the advertising industry would not exist Để update đề Speaking, Writing Các bạn click join group IELTS Ngoc Bach Page 26 ... BY NGOCBACH” miễn phí nhiều thời gian biên soạn gửi đén bạn tự học IELTS Các bạn xem link gốc group IELTS Ngoc Bach đây: /19 516 954649 011 06/... by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page Tài liệu nằm ‘HƯỚNG DẪN IELTS TỒN TẬP 2 017 ... your name? Written by Ngoc Bach Để cập nhật viết có -> truy cập website Group IELTS Ngoc Bach:[Type text] Page 11 At first no, because
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