Bulletin of Museum of Comparative Zoology 74

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NOV 1933 BULLETIN OF THE MUSEUM OF COMPARATIVE ZOOLOGY AT HARVARD COLLEGE, IN CAMBRIDGE VOL CAMBRIDGE, LXXIV MASS., U 1933 S A -^ The Cosmos / " Press, Inc Cambridge, Mass., U S A ft-, i CONTENTS j^Q —On the Blood Vascular Bundles in the Limbs of Certain Edentates and Lemurs William L Straus, No No —A Jr By George (4 plates) April, B WLslocki 1932 PAGE and Study of the Osteology of Alligator Prenasalis (Loomis) By Charles C Mook (3 plates) July, 1932 Certain Similarities between Sloths and Slow Lemurs By William L Straus, Jr and George B Wislocki 43 —Fossil Types of Fishes, IN Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds the Museum of Comparative Zoology By W E Schevill No —Birds Jr No 57 December, 1932 from Northwest Yunnan By James C Greenway, 107 February, 1933 — New and Little Known Spiders from the United States ByElizabethB Bryant No 17 —On September, 1932 No (4 plates) June, 1933 169 — Reports on the Scientific Results of an Expedition to the Southwestern Highlands of Tanganyika Territory VIL Herpetology By Arthur Loveridge (3 plates) 195 October, 1933 T-.-YI ^^-^ ^j -^/'^ \l
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