Lepidoptera indica, Moore V7

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LEPIDOPTERA INDICA BY Col C SWINHOE, M.A., F.L.S., F.Z.S., F.E.S MEMBER OF THE BOMBAY NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY, OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF FRANCE, AND OF THE BRITISH ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION VOL VII RHOPALOOERA FAMILY PAPILIONID^ SUB-FAMILY PTERINS (CONTINUED) FAMILY LYC^NID.E SUB-FAMILIES GERYDIN^, LYC^NOPSIN.^ AND EVERIN.E LONDON: LOVELL REEVE & CO., LIMITED, PUBLISHERS TO THE HOME, COLONIAL, AND INDIAN GOVERNMENTS, 6, HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN 1905—1910 ''7 DESCEIPTION OF PLATES Plate Plate 551 Fig 1, la, {Weiseason Brood), (J {Dry-season Brood) Fig •2a, 2, 26, (J, Brood), Brood) -Id, c, Fig $ Lalassis 2a, 2, $, \d, e, {Wet-season Brood), g, (J, h, i, {Dry-season Catophaga Wardii 16, f, ^, Id, e, 16, Brood) 1, ^, If, g, {Dry-season Catophaga Galathea e, {Dry-season Catophaga Paulina 1/, Fig 3, Larvse and Piipse /, g, h, {Wet-season Brood), 36, {Dry -season Brood) , Fig 1, Irt, S, 1*, Ic, d, (J, {Wet-season Brood), {Intermediate le, form), If, (J, 1(7, {Dry-season Kibreeta Libythea Brood) Fig 2, 2a, (J,26, c, {Wet-season Brood), 2d, (J 2e, {Intermediate form), {Dry season Brood) 2(;, 2/; (J i, j, ; la, b, ^ c, , Id, 11 Plate 565 Fig Fig (J, 16, c, 1, Fig 3a, 3, {Wet-season Brood) {Dry-season Brood) (J 6, (J 3c, 6, Saletara Chrysfea Fig 2, 2a,
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