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: LEPIDOPTERA INDICA F MOOEE, F.Z.S., FELLOW OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OP LONDON ; COREESPONDING MEMBER OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OP STETTIN, AND OP THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OP THE NETHERLANDS ASSOCIATE MEMBER OP THE LINNEAN SOCIETY, LONDON^ AND OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL ; VOL I RHOPALOCERA FAMILY NYMPHALID^ SUB-FAMILIES EUPLCEINJl AND SATTRIN^ LONDON L REEVE & CO., 5, HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN 1890—1892 : LONDON PEISTBD BT GILBEET AND EIVINGTON, LD., ST JOHN'S HOUSE, CLEEKENWELL, E.C HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY VICTORIA, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, AND EMPRESS OF I j THIS INDIA, WORK ON THE LBPIDOPTEROUS FAUNA OF INDIA ^ IS \ (bT BOTUi psbuisbioh) \^ HUMBLY DEDICATED BT HEE MAJESTY LOYAL AND S OBEDIENT SERVANT THE AUTHOR or — PEEFACE This Work, describing and illustrating the Lepidopterous fauna of India, bas been in course of preparation for several years, and the time has me to put into my disposal materials at now come when a systematic form for publication and future use incumbent on it is the in the " Lepidoptera Indica " will be the limits Region as defined by the Himalayan mountains on the North, the The geographical area embraced of the Indian Suleiman and Hala mountains on the North-West, Ceylon on the South, and by Burma on the East, including the Having, Andaman and Nicobar become attached in 1848, Company, then under the Directorship held that office until Islands to the Staff of the Museum of the East India of Dr Horsfield, and, as Assistant- Curator, the transfer of the collections to the National Museum in 1879, I had, during those years, unusually favourable opportunities for studying the Insect Since the period of 1859, and the then removal of the fauna of the Indian Empire Natural History collections from the Museum, an unremitted study of the Lepidopterous Insects has been maintained, as well as the acquirement of materials for that purpose An extensive, and presumably, the most complete collection, illustrative of this portion of the Insect fauna of India, has been brought together, at considerable personal outlay, and by the contributions — specially intended for this work —from numerous friends and correspondents who held or are now holding positions in the To all these my present Civil and Military service in various parts of India The most important of grateful acknowledgments are due for their generous aid these contributions the enumeration of which will show their character and great — value, are here referred to in their chronological sequence, as follows my : Arthur Grote, whose earlier contributions " Catalogue of Insects " in 1857-59, Company's published in the East India were and who, whilst resident for many years at Allipur, near Calcutta, devoted very conFirst come those of siderable attention to the district, late friend metamorphoses of both the butterflies and moths of that made by the highly-skilled native artist, coloured drawings of these being Munshi Zynulabdin, whom he employed for that purpose On his retirement to PREFACE vi England in 1868, not only Lis collection was placed in my laands for selection of specimens, but also the wliole of the valuable and unique series of drawings oflarvse, &c., was placed at my disposal for utilization in the present work Many of these and moths have been described by me in the "Proceedings of the butterflies Zoological Society of London" for tbe years 1865, '67, 74, '7S, '79, '83 — specimens and notes, and especially numerous drawings of Madras from 1849 to 1857 specimens collected on the Malabar Coast prior to 1863, and in S Nevill Ward 1870 numerous drawings of larvte, pupge, &c., and copious field-notes AV S Atkinson specimens at various times from 1859 till his return to England in 1875, many of which have been described in Proc Zool Soc Lond., for 1865, '67, and 1874 Erom the extensive collection made by him, chiefly in the district of Calcutta, and during repeated visits to Darjiling, placed in my care previous to its disposal in 1875, I was fortunately permitted to compile a complete noting also the localities in which the named species were list of the contents Subsequently, the whole of the undescribed species of moths have been captured examined and recorded by me in the "Memorial" work, published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1879 to 1888, and also in the Proc Zool Society for 1878, '79, and '81 A E Eussell numerous specimens from various parts of lower Bengal, and Sir "Walter Elliot larvae, pupge, &c., made mostly at — — — — Darjiling; an enumeration of this collection being recorded in Proc Zool Society for 1865-67 Colonel A made mostly —numerous specimens, M Lang chiefly of butterflies, and field-notes, Oudh, Kashmir, Simla, and neighbouring N.W districts from 1864-68, some of which have been recorded in Proc Zool Society from 1865 to in 1883 Capt T Button —butterflies and moths from Masuri and neighbourhood, from 1861 to 1871 Major Eastern J Lind Sherwill —numerous specimens in 1863, collected in the North- districts of India Capt H L de la Chaumette varioxis butterflies — notes and descinptions of the metamorphoses of and moths observed and reared by him in the district of Lucknow jDrevious to 1863 C Home — many specimens in 1869 from Manpuri district; some of which are recorded in Proc Zool Society, 1872, '78, and Dr F and Simla Day '81 — specimens from Madras in 1866, Dekkun in 1859, Nilgiris in 1872 in 1868, PREFACE vii — W Forsyth Hunter various drawings of Bombay insects in 1871 Major J Le Mesurier specimens from Sind in 1873 Major-Gen G Kamsay numerous butterflies and moths collected during his residency in NepaL Several of these are recorded in Proc Zool Soc, 1874, ^"n '78, '79, and 1883 Lt.-Col H H G Godwin-Austin specimens from Dera Dhun and the Khasia — — , — Hills; several of these are recorded in P Z S Oapt R Bayne '79 ; — specimens from 1872 to 1883 Malabar, Solun, and Kashmir in 1873, many recorded in P Z S 1874 and 1881 W B Farr numerous specimens in 1875 to 1878 from various parts G H Wilkinson butterflies from Bombay and Kutch, collected in — and Reed — of India 1871, '72, '73 Dr A Leith Dr J —numerous specimens from Bombay District in 1875 —various butterflies and moths from the Shivaroy Hills Shortt in 1864 and 1878 Oapt H B Hellard, R.A — Cashmei^e butterflies Many of which are recorded in Proc Zool Society for 1874-78 W Hewitson C —many species at various times, and rare specimens from the " Atkinson " collection — for copies of numerous drawings of larv^se, pupjB, Prof J Westwood made by R Hunter at Saugor in 1851-2 Dr J Anderson, the Superintendent of the Indian Museum, Calcutta &c., —for Andaman and Mergui specimens of butterflies and moths, recorded in P Z S for 1877, and Journ Linn Soc Zool for 1886 Prof J "Wood-Mason, Deputy-superintendent placing in my hands for description the Indian Museum, Calcutta collection — for made bj Mr Limborg in Tenasserim, and recorded in Proc Zool Society for 1878 Rev J H Hocking —for butterflies and moths from the Kangra district; recorded in Proc Zool Society for 1832 and 1888 Mrs F A de Roepstorff— for specimens in 1884, collected in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands A Lindsay — specimens from the G A J Rothney —for Nilgiris in 1882 specimens collected at Barrackpur, near Calcutta, in 1882, '83, '84 Colonel C Swinhoe &c., including many —for very numerous specimens from Bombay, Mhow, Karachi, typical examples; the whole of his collection and for the opportunity of recently examining PREFACE viii Major J W Yerbury of the estreme —various specimens from Campbellpur and other districts North-West of India L deNic^ville — specimens, received at various times, of typical species described by him in Journ As Soc, Bengal H J Elwes — various Sikkim butterflies, in exchange for typically-named species W Honble L made Buxa, at in de Rothschild — for opportunity of studying a large collection Bhotan, 1888 — G F Hampson for numerous JSTilgiri specimens Very numerous visits have of necessity been made to the Entomological Department of the British Museum, where every aid has been afforded me in studying the contents of the National Collection, Mr A Gr Butler's knowledge of which being of the greatest service, and Mr W F Kirby's help frequently sought upon diflGlcult questions of nomenclature and bibliography Of the various collections belonging to private individuals in this country, those of Mr "W L Distant, Messrs Godman and Salvin, Mr H Druce, Mr H GroseSmith, Mr H J Blwes, and more recently those of Mr J J "Weir, Mr J H Leech, and Mr P Crowley, have been freely at my service for study To my son, Mr F C Moore, has been assigned the task of drawing and lithographing the numerous plates an arrangement insuring the advantage of — constant supervision of that portion of the work In conclusion, and with the view of making the " Lepidoptera Indica " as complete as is at present possible, I venture to ask the help of all interested in the study of may have collections from any part of India or which but few species are at present known For this purpose, contributions or loans, either of specimens of butterflies, moths, and especially drawings of their caterpillars, &c., forwarded to the author and addressed to this branch of the Indian fauna, who Burma —from many districts of the care of the publishers, Messrs Reeve London, will be & Co., 5, Henrietta Street, Oovent Garden, most gratefully received and duly acknowledged FREDERIC MOORE London, January 10th, 1890 DESCEIPTION OF PLATES Plate Plate Fig 1, Plate Fig a, b,c, Hestia Malabarica, ? (^ 18 Fig la 1, Hestia Malabarica 2,2a Hestia Kanarensis, 18 ? c? 21 Plate Fig Plate 12 1, Bahora Crocea, la Plate Fig J Hestia Jasonia,(J $ 22 Plate Parantica melanoides, Hestia Agamarsoliana, Hestia Cadellii, Hestia Hadenii, ? cJ cj 23 24 25 Plate Fig Plate Eadena vulgaris, (j* ? 2a Eadena Nicobarica, c? 3a Eadena exprompta, c? 1, la .27 1,1a, b,c, d, a, 1,1 55 ? J' Parantica Agleoides, c? b Caduga melaneus^ $ (J 58 ? 60 Caduga Tytia, ^J ? 61 16 ? $ 28 28 2« 2, Plate Tirumala Limniace, (J Tirumala Gautamoides, (J ? 30 Plate 33 Plate Badacara b Chittira Nilgiriensis, cJ ? f umata, c? ? 65 67 17 2,2 a 33 b , Menama Camaralzeman,(J b Menama modesta, cJ ? 72 73 18 b, c Menama simulatrix, ^ 74 ? 1, la Tirumala Gautama, 2, 2a Tirumala septentrionis, Fig J' ? ? ^J 34 $ 36 36 19 Fig 1, a, Plate c, d Limnas ChrysippuSj Limnas Chiysippus, ? le (J (var.) Plate b, c, d Tronga Bremerij (J ? 76 20 Fig 1, a, Fig 1, a, h, b, c Tronga 11 Nicevillei, (^ ? 21 Fig 1, a, b, c, d Tronga biseriata, ^ ? 78 Fig 1, la- Limnas Klugii, jj ? Limnas Alcippoides, 42 2, a, b, e ? (J 41 c, d Salatura Genutia, 2, 2a Salatura Nipalensis, cj ? cj 45 48 1, a, h Salatura Hegesippus, c? 2, a, b, Salatura Nesippus, ? I 22 Fig 1, I a,b, Fig Plate
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