English botany coloured figures V9, Sowerby 1869

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ENGLISH BOTANY; COLOURED FIGURES BRITISH PLANTS EDITED BY JOHN T BO SWELL SYME, F.L.S Etc THE POPULAR PORTION BY MRS LANKESTER, THE FIGURES BY J SOWERBY, F.L.S., I D^ C SOWERBY, F.L.S., J W SALTER, A.L.S., F.G.S JOHN EDWARD SOWERBY ILLUSTEATOE OF THE "FERNS OP GEF^T EBITAIN," "GRASSES OF GREAT BRITAIN," " -Wll-n FLOWEIiS WORTH Ebiri) NOTICE,'' ETC ETC (L-bitioiT, ENLARGED, RE-ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THE NATURAL ORDERS, AND ENTIRELY REVISED WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF ALL THE SPECIES BY THE EDITOR VOLUME IX TYPHACEM TO ULIACE.E LONDON: ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, PICCADILLY 1869 ^ ENGLISH BOTANY, ILLUSTRATIONS ; ENGLISH BOTANY Class II.— MONOCOTYLEDONS Herbs, or rarely (and only in exotic genera) which the wood, witli a trees, stem in and bark are undistinguishable, as it consists Avholly of cellular tissue in which are imbedded iibro-vascular strings passing mto the leaves above Seed containing an embryo having a single seed-leaf or cotyledon, in the axil of which lies the bud which is to form the future stem Leaves generally with unbranched parallel or sub-parallel veins, or with a midrib from which such veins proceed, pith, rarely with branched anastomosing veins or some multiple of 3, rarely 4, 2, or Parts of the flower generally Calyx and corolla generally and both often coloured: on this account in the monocotyledons these terms are seldom employed, the floral envelopes being described under the general term oi perianth alike in texture, Sub-Ordee FLORIDA I Essential organs of the flower surrounded rarely naked by a perianth, or ORDER LXXIV.—TYPHACE^ Perennial aquatic or marsh herbs with creeping rhizomes entire, jDarallel- nerved, sheathing Flowers unisexual, monojcious, in continuous spikes or globular heads the heads are arranged in a raceme or panicle flowers are placed above the female Stem Leaves alternate, simple or branched at the apex, cjdindrical, leafy lorate-Unear, more Perianth of regularly whorled leaves or monophyllous : in the latter case male Male flowers numerous, without ; in all cases the any perianth, inserted directly upon the axis; the flowers intermingled with hairs or scales which have no regular arrangement round the separate flowers stamens simple or shortly 2- or 3-forked at the apex : anthers oblong, erect, affixed VOL IX by the B base, 2-celled; the connective ; ENGLISH BOTANY Z j)rodiiccd Ijcyond the cells; Female flowers pollen-grains globose without a perianth, intermingled with subclavate hairs or suiToundeJ by hypogynous scales ovaries free or sometimes united in pairs, : or stipitate, 1-celled and 1-ovuled; sessile apex of the cell, anatropous; style ovule pendulous from the stigma unilateral, ligu- simple; membranous or spongy on the outside the inner layer woody or coriaceous, and adhering to the seed Seed with a very slender membranous testa; albumen abundant and fleshy; embryo straight, axial; radicle directed towards the hilum Fruit subdnipaceous, late GENUS ; /.— T Y P H A Toumef Flowers moncEcious, the male and female flowers in separate spikes one above the other, contiguous or slightly separated ; the male spike at the apex, frequently with large deciduous bracts intermingled with the flowers ; Male flowers very numerous, without a perianth : stamens filaments capillary, often monoecious, surrounded by a to number of Female flowers without a hairs (sterile stamens ?) dilated at the apex perianth: ovary slender, stalked, surrounded by numerous hairs (abortive stamens?) ; style short; stigma simple, elongate, unilateral Fruit minute, longly stalked, dry, subdrupaceous, with a woody endocarp and a membranous epicarp endocarp when the fruit is splitting lengthwise and separating from the ripe Afjuaticplants with lorate-lincar distichous leaves and brown or reddish spikes terminating the simple stem, both rising out of the water Dr Withering Ti^oc, saj-s this genus of plants is tlie Tv/iop/'y/K»i, Linn fil TIN^'A SeeTiKXA TDTEA SBIE'THIS cglindra'cea,'B\y TOFIEL'DIA SISYRHWCinUlVI aii'crps, Bill BEKMUDLVNA, ii«n P/VLUS'TRIS, ffuJs TRICHONE^MA Sm COLUM'N^, ifo'cA Bullxicixliiim, SJIILACI'NA BIFO'LU, Daf TRIGLO'CHIN EPARGAimBI AFFI'NE, Sclinril::l enc'tum, var longifi/lium, a, Linn Don MIN'IMUM, Fries mccclxxxix mcccxc M.VRiriMUM Linn FALU S'TRE, Linn mccccxxxiv 66 mccecxxxiii 65 mdxx 190 TULTPA SYLVES'TRIS, Linn INDEX TO LATIN NAMES PLATE PAGE ZANNICHBL'LIA TY'PHA - ANGUSTIFO'LIA, Linn mcccUxxvi LATITO'LIA, iiH» mccclxxxv mc'dia.D.C [mi'nor, Sm.] (excluded) U'DOBA Canachn'sis, Nutt mcccexlvi 81 WOLFFIA arrhi'za, Wimm Mkhd'ii, Schleid mcccxcviii 24 mcccxcviii 24 mccccxciv 14.'? mcccciCT 145 XIFiriON fatidis'simum, Pari Pseudafcorus, P^l 235 INDEX TO ENGLISH NMES PLATE Angular-stemmed Solomon's-Seal Arrowgrass, Marsh Sea-side Arrowhead, Common Asphodel, Lancashire Scottish Asparagus Autumnal Ladies'-Tresses SquiU PAGE PI.ATK mdxii 180 mccccxxxiii 65 Denso-flowered Orchis mceccxxxiv 66 mccccxxxvi 69 Drooping Star of Bethlehem Duckweed, Gibbon's mdxlii mdxv 222 224 183 Lesser mcccclxrii 116 Rootless mdxxvi 199 mdxliii Daffodil, Short-crowned mdii Greater Grasswrack Bee Orchis mcccclxvii Ill Bird's-nest Orchis mcccclxxviii 122 Black Bryony Blue Sisyrinehium mdviii 170 mccccxci 139 Bog Orchis mcceclxxxis 135 Branched BuT-reed Broad-leaved HeUeborine mccebtxxvii meccclxsx 125 mcccclviii 101 Fen Orchis mdviii 170 Field Garlic mccclxxxvii Marsh Orchis Bryony, Black Bur-reed, Branched Floating Small TJnbranehed Common Butcher's-Broom, Butterfly Orchis, Greater Lesser Cat's-Tail, Common Narrow-leaved Chives, Garden Greater Columna's Trichonema Coral-Eoot, Common Creeping Ladies' Tresses Crocus Golden Flag, Sweet Flat-stemmed Pondweed 53 mccccxxii 54 mcccclxxxviii 134 mdxxxv mdxxxvi 214 mcccxci 11 mecccxviii 49 63 Floating Bur-reed mccelxxxix mcccxeix 27 74 185 107 mcccclxiii 106 raccccxliii 76 Fly Orchis meecclxxi 115 mcccbcxxv Ftetid Iris mccccxciv 144 mccclxxxvi Fragrant Orchis mcccclx mdxxxvii 216 216 103 189 Frog-Bit mccccxliv Frog Orchis mcccclxii 79 105 mdxxxvii 216 mdxxxviii mccccxcii 141 mcecclxxxvii 133 Pondweed Water-Plantain Flowering Rush Fritillary, mccccxli Common Garden Chives Garlic, 154 Field Purple mccccxix 154 Round-headed Scotch mccccxcvii 150 mdxxxiv 211 mcccxcii 14 mdxix Crow mdxxxiv 211 mdxxxv mdxxxM 214 209 218 23 mdxxxiii mdxxxix Triquetrous Gibbou's Duckweed mcccxcvi Gladiolus, Lesser mcccxciii 10 Golden Crocus Curled Pondweed mccccxiii 44 Grasswrack, Common, var o Common mdi 159 Ddflfodil, 112 131 mdxvi 151 Italian 98 mcccclxix mcccclxxxvi mcccclxiv 119 Common mccccl mccccxxxii md Garlic 17 22 25 93 62 Flexible Naias mcccclxxv Cuckoo-pint, 24 mcccxcv mceccxxi mccccxcviii Naked-flowering Crow PondweeJ Fennel-leaved Pondweed mccexc 23 mcccxciv mcccclv Spider Orchis, var a Epipogium, Leafless mccelxxxix mccclsxiviii mcccxcvi mccccxxxi Early Purple Orchis Fan-like 109 195 mcccxcviii Dwarf Dark-winged Orchis 161 mdxxiii mcccxevii Ivy-leaved PAGE mcccclxv •ar mcecciciii 142 mccccxcviii 151 mccccxxix 61 mccccxxx 61 EKGLISn BOTAXY 238 TIJlTK Orassvrrack, Drarf Grassy Pondwccd Great Dark-winged Orchis Pondweed, var o var mccccviii 38 mccecix 39 B Chivos Duckweed Ruppia WatTTI9WOODR iEU»llB.Tr 8TB51t — ;; Pago 7, line ,, for Scinch read Sclmrilil 20 „ 24 „ Polt/rrhina „ 20 „ 25 „ Stratoitcs, „ Slratiutcs 20 „ 26 „ Cri/pfogamea „ Cri/plogamia, „ polyrrkiza And commence a new paragraph at the word " I'dtumogcionacetB „ 24 «/?cr line 23 insert Plate MCCCXCv'iII „ 30 line 18 for 33 „ , 44 „ 34 for „ 47 „ 33 „ MCCCCXIU MCCCCXV „ Schulfs after salicifolius „ and after Ductulosa insert — read Hoth Schrad „ 53 — Wotfgnng insert ; rra
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