English botany coloured figures V6, Sowerby 1866

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ENGLISH BOTANY; OB, COLOURED FIGURES BRITISH PLANTS EDITED BY JOHN T BOSWELL SYME, F.L.S etc LECTURER ON BOTANY AT WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL THE POPULAR PORTION BY MRS LANKESTER, AUTHOR OP "wild PLOWEKS WORTH NOTICE," " THB BRITISH PERNS," ETC THE FIGURES BY , SOWERBY, F.L.S., J De C SOWERBY, F.L.S., J W SALTER, A.L.S., F.G.S AND JOHN EDWARD SOWERBY, ILLUSTRATOR OF THE "FERNS OF GREAT BRITAIN," "GRASSES OF GREAT BRITAIN," " WILD FLOWERS WORTH NOTICE," ETC ETC ENLARGED, RE-ARRANGED ACCORDING TO THE NATURAL ORDERS, AND ENTIRELY REVISED WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF ALL THE SPECIES BY THE EDITOR VOL VI CAMPANULACEJB TO YERBENACE^ LONDON: ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, PICCADILLY 1866 ENGLISH BOTANY a rins^ round colioring in the style, tlic lower ones generally bearded at the apex Style with a fringe of hairs round the stigma Capsule 2-celled, more rarely 3-celled, opening by (or 3) valves Herbs, with the flowers generally blue or lilac, in racemes, the axil of a bract, or in some cases of a eacli flower in de leaf This genus of plants was named in honour of the Flemish physician Matthias He was the author of various works, particularly that called " Icones Ix)bel Plaiitarum." James I., became botanist and physician to King Throughout life he was a great traveller, and Ifo was born at Lisle in \5"^S, in Ix)ndon in IGIG and died a zealous promoter of his favourite science of botany SPECIES I— LOBELIA DORTMANNA, Linn Plate DCCCLXI Jieich Ic Fl Leaves Germ, et Helv Vol XIX Tab MDCXVIII Fig composed of parallel tubes Scape simple, leafless or with a very few minute bract-like leaves Pedicels longer than the bracts Elowers drooping, in an elongated lax simple raceme Calyx glabrous, obconic, the tube twice as long as the segments Corolla much longer than the calyx, sub-glabrous, split above, with the upper lobes linear, erect ; all radical, linear, under lip sub-cylindrical, longer than the upper, 3-cleft, with the lobes elliptical-oblong, sub-obtuse Filaments free at the base, anthers included, pilose at the tips, the lowest bearded In lakes with clear gravelly bottoms Not uncommon in upland districts It occurs in Wales, Shropshire, Cumberland, and in most of the Scotch counties, excepting those of the South-east, reaching North 'to Sutherland and the Hebrides, and the Isle of Hoy, in Orkney England, Scotland, Ireland Perennial Late Summer Hoot of numerous long simple pure- white brittle fibres Leaves numerous, glabrous, all in a radical tuft, to inches long, rather t-liickcr than a crow-quill, slightly recurved, obtuse, submerged Stem solitary, or rarely or from one root, to feet high, hollow, unbranclied, frequently with a few scale- or bract-like leaves Jlaccnie rising out of the water, lax, with to 15 drooping flowers on rather short very slender pedicels Bracts oblong-lanceolate, o])tuse, much shorter than the pedicels, herbaceous I'lowers J to mch long, very pale lilac Capsule drooping, broadly clavate, acummate, the point exceeding the lobes of the calyx, and terminated by the style Plant glabrous IFatc)^ Lobelia French, LohHiti de, Dorfumnn CJerman, Wasser Lobelie DCCCLXI t -If JS.B 140 Lobelia Dortmanna Water Lobelia DCCCLXII ^^\' £.B 963 Lobelia urens Acrid Lobelia ; CAMPANULACE^ The flower ; uame specific apothecary, who of this species was giveu did good service to Botany but this name which a resemblance is honour of Dortmann, a Dutch It is sometimes called the Cardinal more appropriately given to the species with red fancied in colour and shape to a cardinal's hat flowers, in may be SPECIES II.— LOBELIA URENS Plate Billot, Fl Gall, et in Linn DCCCLXIL Germ Exsicc No 584 Radical leaves oblong-oblanceolate or obovatc, sub-pctiolate stem-leaves narrowly oblong, sessile, tbe uppermost ones strap- shaped, oblong ; all flat, irregularly serrate - dentate, with the teeth callous-pointed, glabrous above, usually puberulent beneath Elowers sub-erect, in elongated Calyx puberulent, clavate-cylindrical, the Pedicels shorter than the bracts rather dense racemes Corolla much longer tube scarcely as long as the segments than the calyx, puberulent, split above, with the two upper lobes under with the lobes lanceolate, acute linear-lanceolate, ascending Anthers sub-exserted, ; pilose, lip as long as the upper, 3-cleft, Eilaments free at the base the lower ones bearded at the apex On bushy Hill or Shute heaths " At the bottom of Kilmington (Axminster end), on a part of the heath Very Common rare George public-house, but on the other side of the road, growing amongst tufts of short furze or heath in tolerable plenty, 1836 The inhabitants know the plant from the visits of the curious I am told by Mr Abraham it occurs scattered over Woodbury Hill, and I found one specimen at a considerable distance from the general station." (Dr Bromfield, in New Botanist's Guide, p 551.) Also said to be found by the Rev J Dix near Ashford, Kent but it seems doubtful if more than a single root was observed facing the — ; England Perennial Autumn Stem to feet high, simple or paniculately branched Radical leaves almost in a rosette, to inches long ; stem-leaves becoming smaller anid less attenuated at the base in proportion as they are placed higher on the stem Racemes simple, that which terminates the main stem much larger than those of the branches Bracts linear-acute, about three times as long as the short pedicels, densely puberulent, herbaceous, tipped with red Plowers ^ to f inch long Tube of the corolla funnel-shaped-cylindrical, twice as long as the calyx-segments ; limb pale-blue Capsule erect, the point ENGLISH BOTANY Plant sub-glabrous, or more or less falling sliort of the sepals pubcrulent Acnd Lobelia French, Lohelie Brulanie The blue little flowers of this pretty little plant remind us of the well-known foreign species Lobelia speciosa, which forms so pretty a bordering to our flower-beds in the height of summer, which, however, pungent possess if Our not hardy is taken into the mouth, especially near the root some medicinal properties as well as its native species It is acrid possible that is it and may foreign relations Sub-Order II.— CAMPANULINE^ Odd segment of the Corolla regular calyx posterior, turned Anthers all alike, away from the stem generally free ; pollen spherical Style hairy GENUS II— J A S I O N E Corolla cylindrical and straight in bud, Calyx-limb 5-partite divided almost to the base into linear when recurved by Linn divisions, Stamens the flower expands ; which are anthers cohering Style filiform, hairy ; stigma 2-lobed, or nearly Capsule sub-globular, 2-celled, opening at the summit by their bases entire very short valves Herbs, with radical leaves often in rosettes ; stem-leaves and often undulated at the Plowers small, blue or lilac, in involucrate heads, resembling the anthodes of the Compositse Plant with the aspect of a alternate, narrow, entire or sinuated, margins Scabious The name of this genus of plants is given by Theophrastus to a wild potherb SPECIES I.— said to come from laatovT) (iasone), a name now unknown JASIONE MONTANA Linn Plate DCCCLXIII Heich Ic Fl Germ, Billot, Fl Gall, et et Helv Vol XIX Germ Exsicc No Tab MDLXXVIII Fig 50 Annual or biennial, without stolons Stem simple or branched Radical leaves in a rosette, narrowly oblanceolate ; stem-leaves sessile, oblong all obtuse, undulated and crenatc or repand at the margins, sparingly clothed and ciliated with short white bristly ; Peduncles glabrous, leafless for a considerable distance beneath the anthodes Anthodes hemispherical Bracts of the hairs DCCCLXIII E.B 882 Jasione montana Annual Sheep's-bit MXVIII fl Verbena officinalis Common Vervain, — VERBEXACE^ held, 203 and one of several plants which were dedicated to the service of the altar and the In ancient Greece the plant was supposed to possess extraordinary virtues Medea used Verbena wlien she gave youth again to JEsou, and in Virgil the priests bound it about their temples on the morning of the death of decoration of the priesthood ^neas Vervain was also usually offered as a pledge of mutual good faith between the Eomans and their enemies, as in the solemn league between Tullus Hostilius and the Albans, and was undoubtedly regarded in the same manner as is a modern flag of truce Ambassadors and heralds-at-arms wore chaplets of Vervain on deuouncin'^ war or conveying messages of defiance " Drayton A wreath tells us of Vervain heralds wear." "With the Druids the ancient veneration for the Vervain was almost equal to that for the Miatletoe and Mason describes ; " Lift use in their solemn incantations its your boughs of Vervain in cold And dash the moisture, chaste and ; O'er the ground, and through the the place is clear, air, purged and pure." Something of the superstition of these early times with respect who regarded transmitted to our more recent forefathers, In Germany, and many parts of France, diseases telligible cabalistic ejaculations a medicine was highly extolled it reality, its qualities are ; The almost inert Pliny, Dioscorides, and other waiters, says, work miracles belief in its efficacy and Gerarde, ; not willing to trouble your eares with reporting such to heai-e Most of a surprising kind its virtues, was great while, in in the may faljles are written read elsewhere, for trifles as ; but these men I honest eares abhore of the later phisicians give the juice or decoction heerof to that have the plague time in spite of the eulogies of — " Many odde olde wives of Vervain tending to witchcraft and sorcierie which you am many was gathered with many unin- volumes were written on John Ray, who denounced the notion of it was to this plant as a ciiarm for it during certain phases of the moon, and was supposed to be a certain chai'm against witchcraft, and to As — blue, September dew Dipt Now : them are deceived, not onely that they look for some truth from the father of falsehoods and leasings, but also bicause insteede of a good and sure remedie, they minister no remedie did reveale it a as secret it ; for it and divine medicine." the Vervain was Simpler's Joy, custom at all given to brought to these herbsellers these birds were supposed to be fond of it, It it A doubtless, was Few is common English name for from the large amount of also called old i-eported that the divill Pigeons' Meat, because English gardens are without some plants of Vervain, and we meet with it in many of the receipts left to us in the records of domestic pharmacy which used to employ the delicate hands of unlicensed female practitioners of former days, when women recognized their mission as ministering angels and curers of the The gay autumnal flower sick known parterres with its many-coloured flowers, It is a native of Buenos Ayres We Verbena of our gardens, and filling our belongs to the same family as the Vervain as the are also reminded of the lemon-scented Verbena, a native of Chili, and but seldom grows out of doors in England In wardi and sheltered positions, however, in favourable climate.', such as the South of Devon and the Isle of Wight, it becomes almost tree-like, and has long pendulous or Aloysia, which branches is ERRATA Page /or alpinus 26, line 20, reac^ alpina „ 31, „ 21, /or peduncles reaf^ pedicels „ 35, „ 12, „ 37, „ 2, /or peduncles /or re(^«/ pedicels DCCCCLXIX DCCCLXX 37, „ 22, /or „ 41, „ 26, /or Ayrshire /eac? Argyllshire „ 53, „ 10, for „ 53, „ 14, for TFa/i^ro^/i read TFa^^rof/i /or „ 53, „ G, „ 66, „ 6, 66, „ 9, for 32, WaUroth read DCCCCVin.reac^DCCC VIII DCCCVIII add DCCCVIII WaUroth read Wallroth after DCCCX add DCCCX Us after European add a, after G8, „ 90, „ 15, „ 113, „ 32, „ 122, „ 7, „ 127, „ 18, /or „ 152, „ 18,/or 1723 read 1733 „ 156, „ 17, a/!er „ 160, trayispose line before lines a^id ,, 165, line c/e^e for DCCCLXXXVIII Wallroth „ 5, read DCCCLXXXIX DCCCLXX read DCCCLXXXIX bis Cambridge Damortier read Dwmortier Hants read Hunts PEREGRINA add Zmw add Autumnal shoots with the leaves shortly stalked INDEX TO LATIN NAMES [Species in CAPITALS, Sub-species in amall letters, and fLATK iu lYa/ic*.] PACK ACAN'TIIUS rLATB rAUK AZA'LEA Linn.] (excluded) [mol'lis, Synonyms 201 prociim'bems, Linn dccclxxxi? 32 BART'SIA A L ECTOROL'OPHUS 177 181 ALPI'NA, Linn ODONTI'TES, JIuds dcoccxcv dccccxcix dccccxciii 174 ma'jor, var glabra, Reich, dccccxcix 181 VISCO'SA, Linn dccccxciv 176 minor, Reich dccccxcviii 180 dccccxcviii ISO dcccxciv 43 dccccxxiv 86 dccccxxv 87 grandiflu'rus, a glabra'tus, Vail parviflo'rus Wall VULGARIS, ANDROM'EDA cm'vUea, Linn Daboec'ia, Linn POLIFO'LIA, Linn dccclxxxvi 34 dccclxxxv 33 dccclxxxiii 30 dcccclv 133 dcccclvi 134 ANTIRRHI'NUJM Linn Lina'ria, Linn dcccclxli dcccclxiii dcccclxiv Lina'ria, Pelo'ria dcccclxiii MA'JUS, Linn mi'nus, Linn Monspessula'num, Linn ORON'TIUM, Linn Pelisserialnum, Linn Linn spu'rium, supi'nv/ni, CALTSTE'GIA Br Se'pium, R Soldanel'la, R Br 140 142 dccccliii 130 dcccclxvi 143 139 dccccliv dcccclix 131 138 GLOMERA'TA, Linn HEDERA'CEA, Liiin HYB'RIDA, Linn dccclxvi dccclxxv 18 dccclxxiv 17 LATIFO'LIA, Linn dccclxviii 10 PATULA, dccclxxiii 15 PERSICIFO'LIA, Zmn dccclxxi RAPUNCULOI'DES,it«n.dccclxix 11 RAPUN'CULUS, dccclxxii 14 Zi»in dccclxx 12 Linn Linn ROTUNDIFO'LIA, Sm Linn dcccclx 138 dcccclxi 139 dcccclvii 135 dcccclviii 137 TRACHE'LIUM, Linn Linn UNE'DO, Linn Uva-ur'si, Linn 14 19 dccclxvii dccccli 125 CERAMAN'THE vema'lit, Reich AK'BUTUS alpi'na, [Spec'ulum, Linn.] (excluded) jpurpu'reum, Linn refpens, Salisb CAMPANULA Cymbala'ria, Linn Elat'ine, CALLU'NA CEIRONIA dccclxxx 26 dccclxxxii 28 Centau'rium, Curt dccccix 67 dccclxxxi 27 Sm dccccviii dccccviii (bit) dccccx dccccx (6m) pulchel'la, Sm 66 Uttora'lis, 68 ARCTOSTAPH'YLOS ALPI'NA, Spreng UVA-UR'SI, Wimm dccclxxx 26 dccclxxxi 27 PERFOLIATA, linn dccccxiii 72 dccccxi 70 CICEN'DIA AT'ROPA BELLADONNA, CHLO'RA Linn, dccccxxxiv 100 Condol'lii, Griesb ENGLISH BOTANY 206 PLATE ri,ATK PACK dccclxxxix 37 I'AOB ERI'CA CICEN'DIA FILIFOR'MIS, Delarh PUSIL'LA, Griesb dccccxii 71 eu-Tet'ralix dccccxi 70 HIBER'NICA Mackaia'na, Bab COLLO'MIA Hook Bab Machai'i, mediteira'nea, [grandiflo'ra, Bour/l.] (excluded) 83 CONVOL'VULUS ARVEN'SIS, Linn SE'PIUM, Linn SOLDANEL'LA, Linn Ruiz & 86 Tel'ralix, Sra dccccxxv 87 Tetrali.c 93 89 dcccexxvi 89 EUROP^'A, ManEuropce'a, a, Europcea, (3, Linn Linn Linn 85 dcccexxvi EPILI'NUM, Wcike EPITHY'MUM, Mmr TETRALIX, dccccxxiv Pav.] (excluded) densijlu'ra, Soy.-Villra (3 dccccxxiii CUSCU'TA [corymbo'sa, medltcrra'nea, dccccxxviii 91 dccccxxvii 90 dccccxxvii 80 dccccxxviii 91 Europcea, var ncfrens, Fr var ; dccccxxviii [Has'siaca, Pfeif.] (excluded) mi'nor, D C C [racemo'sa, Engelm.] (excluded) major, D 37 dcccxc 38 Benth dccclxxxviii 39 Waisord, Benth dccclxxxviii 39 YA'GANS, Linn dcccxcii 41 dcccxci v 43 dccccviii dccccviii {bis) 66 Vulgaris, Linu ERYTHR^'A awjustifo'lia, W;illr linarifo'lia, Pers dccccix 67 dccccviii dccccviii (bis) 66 TRIFO'LII, Bah 92 dccccvii 65 dccccviii dccccviii {bis) 66 LITTORA'LIS, 93 93 dccccxxix 37 93 [suav eolens, Ser.] (excluded) Hook dccclxxxix LATIFO'LiA, 8m 90 38 42 dccclxxxix dcccxc 91 91 dcccxc dcccxciii 42 90 dccccxxvii 38 dcccxciii CENTAU'RIUM, Pers chlo'odes, Or & Godi dccccxxviii 42 dcccxc Tetral'ici-cilia'ris Smith, Eng Bot Europce'a, hiber'uica, dcccxciii Fries 66 dccccviii dccccviii {bis) PULCHEL'LA, Fries dccccx dccccx (ij's) 68 ramosiVsma, Pers dccccx dccccx {bis) 68 CUSCVTrNA 93 Imav'eoUns, Pfeiff.] (excluded) EUFRA'GIA visco'sa, Benth dccccxciv 76 DABOECIA polifo'lia, Don dccclxxxv 33 EUPHRA'SIA grac'ilis, DATU'RA —— STRAMO'NIUM, Tat'ula, Linn, dccccxxxv Linn 103 103 Frits Odontites, Linn Odontites, Koch seroti'na, PURPU'REA, Linn dcccclii 171 174 174 OFFICINALIS, ojjicina'lis DIGITA'LIS dccccxcii dccccxciii Linn dccccxci dccccxcii 171 dccccxci 171 dccccxciii 174 dccccxii 71 Fries Lum 12 EX'ACUM ENGELMAN'NIA filifor'me, Sm 93 \suav'olens, PfeifF.] (excluded) FRAX'INUS EXCEL'SIOR, Linn ERI'CA Iieterophyl'la, cceru'lea, Willd Benth CILIA'RIS, Linn CINE'REA, Linn car'nea, var Dabeo'ci, Sm Daloccii, Linn dccclxxxvi 34 dcccxciii 42 dccclxxxvii 86 Willd dccccii 56 dcccciii 56 GENTIA'ISTA Linn.] (excluded) dcccxci 40 [licau'lis, dccclxxxv 33 AMAREL'LA, dccclxxxv 33 81 Linn dccccxvii dccccxviii 75 INDEX TO LATIN NAMES 207 PI.AT8 GENTIA'NA CAMPES'TRIS, Linn dccccxix 77 [Spar'tia, J/offin.] (excluded) dccccxvii 7G Hperiij'ga, dccccxviii 76 SPU'RIA, dccccxvi 75 stria'ta, eu-Amarel'la German'ica, Willd NIVA'LIS, Linn PNEUMONAN'THE, Linn VER'NA, Linn Ten Mill D C SUPI'NA, Dctf dccccxiv 73 vulgari-repens dccccxv 74 VULGARIS, 187 dcccclxiv GIL'IA 135 dcccclxi 139 dcccclviii 137 dcccclxv 142 Mill vulga'ria, Pelo'ria Benth.] (excluded) 83 Linn Lour (excluded) dccclxi dccclxxxiv 32 dccccxxxiii 98 mi 184 m 183 93 LOISELEUR'IA HYOSCY'AMUS PROCUM'BENS, Dem 109 [al'bus, Linn.'\ (excluded) NI'GER, Linn pal'lidus, dccccxxxvi Kitt 106 106 IIYPOPITYS gla'bra, LYC'IUM BAR'BARUM, Linn MELAMPY'RUM Bernh multijlo'ra, 142 dccclxii U'RENS, Linn ajihyl'la, 140 dcccclxiii LOBE'LIA DORTMAN'NA, GBAM'JIJCA 141 dcccclvii dcccclxii dcccclxiii dcccclxv [tri'color, rXGK LTNA'RIA dcccci Scop 53 53 ARVEN'SE, Linn CRISTATUM, Linn miv 185 mii miii miv 184 mv 186 monla'num, Juhnst JAS'IONE PRATEN'SE, MONTA'JSTA, L!nn Linn SYLVATICUM, dccclxiii LATHE^'A Linn MENYAN'TIIES SQUAMA'RIA, Linn mvi 189 dccccxxi 80 dccccxx 79 dccclxxxvi 34 dccclxxxv, 33 dccccxii 71 dcccclxvii 145 dcccc 51 Nymphceoi'des, Linn TRIFOLIA'TA, Linn LE'DUM 54 [palus'tre, Linn.] (excluded) MENZIES'IA C^RU'LEA, Sm LIGUS'TRUM POLIFO'LIA, VULGA'RE, Linn dcccciv 60 LIMNAN'THEMUM NYMPH^OI'DES, dccccxxi 80 Link MIM'ULUS D C] LU'TEUS, Linn [gutta'tus, LIMOSEL'LA AQUAT'ICA, MICEOCAL'LA filifat^mis, Link Juss Link , dcccclxviii 188 (excluded) 146 MONE'SES LINA'RIA grandiflo'ra, Salisb CYMBALA'RIA, 3fiU ELAT'INE, Mill [jun'cea, D C] (excluded) [LoseVii, 133 dcccclvi 134 188 188 Schweg.] (excluded) WI'NOR, Desf PELISSERIA'NA, PURPU'REA, RE'PENS, Sc'pium, dcccciv Mill Mill Allm Mill dcccclxvi 143 dcccclix 138 dcccclx 138 dcccclxi 139 dcccclxv 142 xMONOT'ROPA 53 Ilypopheg'ea, Wallr HYPOP'ITYS, Linn dcccci 53 Uypop'itys, Wallr dcccci 53 103 NICAN'DRA [physaloi'des, Gdrtn.] (excluded) A ENGLISH BOTANY 208 PLATB PAOB ODONTI'TES 174 rotunda ta, Ball rti'bra, seroti'na, ver'na, & Godr Gr Reich dccccxciii 174 174 Ball OROBAN'CHE 200 amethys'tea, Tkuill mxvii ARENA'RIA, mviii 191 mxv 198 Bork Bab C^RU'LEA, ViU CARYOPHYLLA'CEA, Sm ELA'TIOR, Sutt Duby mix 192 mxii, 195 mxiii 196 Eryn'gii, mxvii 200 eu-mi'nor mxvi 199 Duby mxii 195 HED'ER^, Duby mxv 198 Koch luco'rum, major, 197 (?) Sm ma'jor, Fries MINOR, mx 193 mxiii 196 mxvi mxvii Liim mi'nor, Thuill mxvi PI'CRIDIS, F Sch mxiv, 199 199 197 201 [pruino'sa, Lup.] (excluded) RAMO'SA, Linn EA'PUM, Thuill RU'BRA, Sm [specio'sa, JD C] (excluded) mvii vulga'ritfB.C mxii 90 mx 193 mxi 199 201 195 Pars PALUS'TRIS, Linn SYLVATICA, dcccxcvi 47 48 dcccxcviii 49 dcccxcviii 49 dcccxev dcccxcvi 46 Sm ROTUNDIFO'LIA ro'sea, rotundifo'lia, j3 bractea'ta, Hook & Am SECUN'DA, Linn UNIFLO'RA, Limn 50 51 dccccxcix 181 dccccxcviii dccccxcix 180 RHINAN'THUS Gmel CRISTA-GAL'LI, Linn angiistifo'lius, Crista-gal'li, ma'jor, Sm Linn Wulp M M mviii 191 mix 192 mvii 190 PUYLLOD'OCE Bab taxifo'lia, Salisb Ehrh dccccxcviii 34 dccclxxxvi 34 181 180 182 Reichenbac'hii, Drej SCROPHULA'RIA alalia, " Gilb." ? AQUAnCA, Lvm Horn em Stev SIBTHORP'IA EUROPE' A, Limn dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlvii 120 dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlvii 120 dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlix 123 dccccl 124 dccccxlviii, 122 dccccli 125 dcccclxix, 147 dccccxxx 95 dccccxxxii 97 SOLA'NUM DULCAMA'RA, NI'GRUM, dccclxxxvi 181 mi'nor, EHRHAR'TI, 179 180 dccccxcix ma'jor, a gla'bra, F Schultz dccccxcix NODO'SA, Linn SCORODO'NIA, Linn umbro'sa, Dum ? VERNA'LIS, Linn 178 dccccxcviii Ehrh 54 dccccxcvi 47 dcccc 20 dccccxcvii dcccxcvi dcccxcix Linn minia'tum, Bernh cwru'lea, 82 dcccxcvii PIIELIPjE'A A, ramo'sa, C A Ken ME'DIA, Sw MI'NOR, Linn marit'ima, dccclxxvi PEDICULA'RIS cceru'lea, C dccccxxii PY'EOLA Balbisii, [macrocar^pus, Pars.] (excluded) arena'ria, Linn aquat'ica, Fries OXYCOC'CUS palus'tris, C^RU'LEUM, 174 vei-'na, var, el'egans, Ga'lii, FAOB 174 Reich barba'ta, PL^TB POLEMO'NIUM nigrum, Linn dccccxxxi dccccxxxii 96 dccccxxxi 97 dccclxxiv 17 Sm SPECULA' RI PHY'SALIS 108 [Alkeken'gi, Lirm.] (excluded) hyb'rida, A D C [spec'ulum, A D C] (excluded) 19 PHYTEU'MA ORBICULA'EE, Linn SPICA'TUM, Idnm, dccclxiv dccclxv SWER'TIA [peren'nis, Linn.] (excluded) 81 INDEX TO LATIN NAMES PI.ATK I'AOK TRIX'AGO visco'sa, 209 VERON'ICA Reich dccccxciv 176 AGRESTIS, arjres'tis, var VACCIN'IUM Linn dcccclxxii 151 Benth dcccclxxi 150 ALPI'NA, Linn [macrocar'pum, Ait.] (excluded) 54 MYRTIL'LUS, Linn OXYCOC'COS, Linn ULIGINO'SUM, Linn dccclxxix 24 dccclxxvi 20 dccclxxviii 23 dccclxxvii 22 VITIS-ID^'A, Linn VERBAS'CUM colli'num, Schrad & K ANAGAL'LIS, /3 Lychni'tis, /3 BECCABUN'GA, Linn BUXBAUM'II, Ten CHAMyE'DRYS, Linn, nigrum, dccccxli 115 [fruticulo'ea, Linn.] (excluded) dccccxliv 118 fruticulosa, pilo'sa, (i hyh'rida, dccccxlv 119 dccccxlv 118 dccccxl 114 dcccclxxx) Bab 149 dcccclxxxv 103 dcccclxxix 158 dcccclxxxiii 162 dcccclxxxvii 166 dcccclxxxiv dcccclxxxv 163 Linn MONTA'NA, Linn OFFICINALIS, Linn Sm dcccclxxxiv &P PEREGRI'NA, Zmn, 119 dccccxlvi^ 119 Per'sica, Poir POLI'TA, [phlornoi'des, Linn.] (excluded) 187 SAXAriLIS, Linn SCUTELLA'TA, Zinn dccccxxxviii pulverulen'tum, tum, Sm dccccxlv Schiedia'num, Koch dccccxlvi Schrad' eri, spwr'ium, Mey 118 TRIPHYL'LOS, (S'cArad 119 118 dccccxliii 117 Huds 117 dccccxliv 118 Thap'so-Lychni'tis, With dccccxliii 117 THAFSUS, dccccxxxvii 110 Linn Tliaplsus, var ni'gro-Lychni'tis, With dccccxlvi Thap'sus, /3 119 dccccxliv With VOL VI 167 Linn 157 dcccclxxiv 158 dcccclxxxii dcccclxxxiii 161 Zinn VER'NA, Linn dcccclxxv 54 dccccxli VILLAR'SIA nymphceoi'des, dccccxxi 80 VIN'CA M A'JOR, Linn 11 Linn dccccv 62 dccccvi 03 dccclxxv 18 WAIILENBERG'IA h:nhy mxii 195 HED'ERiE, Duby mxv 198 eu-mi'nor major, Koch 197 (?) Sm ma'jor, Fries MI'NOR, Zmn mi'?ior, mx 193 mxiii 196 mxvi mxvii 199 mxvi 199 Thuill mxiv PI'CRIDIS, F Sch 197 201 [pruino'sa, iwp.] (excluded) RAMO'SA, Linn RA'PUM, Thuill RU'BRA, Sm [specio'sa, B C] (excluded) mvii 190 mx 193 mxi 199 vuIga'ritfB.C mxii, 201 195 Pers dcccxcvi 47 48 dcccxcviii 49 dcccxcviii 49 dcccxcv dcccxcvi 46 Sm ROTUNDIFO'LIA ro'sea, rotundifo'lia, bractea'ta, /3 Hook & SECUN'DA, Linn UNIFLO'RA, Linn Arn Linn 50 61 dccccxcix 181 dccccxcviii dccccxcix 180 RHINAN'THUS Gmel CRISTA-GAL'LI, Linn angustifdlius, Crista-galli, Sm Wulp M M mviii 191 mix 192 mvii 190 Lhrh dccccxcviii Reiclienbac'hii, Bab SCPvOPHULA'RIA ala'ta, " Gilb." ? AQUAT'ICA, Linn Hornem Stev SIBTHORP'IA EUROPE' A, Urn taxifo'lia, Salisb 34 dccclxxxvi 34 dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlvii 120 dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlvii 120 dccccxlviii 122 dccccxlix 123 dccccl 124 dccccxlviii 122 dccccli 125 dcccclxix 147 dccccxxx 95 dccccxxxii 97 SOLA'NUM DULCAMA'RA, NI'GRUM, dccclxxxvi 181 180 182 Drej Linn minia'tum, Bernh PHYLLOD'OCE 181 mi'nor, EHRHAR'TI, 179 180 dccccxcix mdjm', a gla'bra, F Schultz dccccxcix NODO'SA, Linn SCORODO'NIA, Unn umbro'sa, Dum VERNA'LIS, Linn 178 dccccxcviii ma'jor, Fhi'h 54 dccccxcvi 47 dcccc 20 dccccxcvii dcccxcvi dcccxcix PHELIPJS'A cceru'lea, 82 dcccxcvii, ? PALUS'TRIS, Linn SYLVATICA, A ramo'sa, C A Ken ME'DIA, Sw MI'NOR, Linn marit'ima, dccclxxvi PEDICULA'RIS caru'lea, C dccccxxii PY'EOLA Balbi'di, [macrocat^jpus, Pars.] (excluded) arena'ria, Lijm aquat'ica, Fries OXYCOC'CUJS palus'tris, C^RU'LEUM, 174 vei'^na, var el'egans, luco'rum, PAOB 174 Reich barba'ia, PLATE POLEMO'NIUM nigrum, Linn dccccxxxi dccccxxxii 96 dccccxxxi 97 dccclxxiv 17 Sm SPECULA' RI PHY'SALIS 108 [Alkeken'gi, Linn.] (excluded) hyb'rida, A D [spedulum, A D C] (excluded) 19 PHYTEU'MA ORBICULA'RE, Linn SPICA'TUM, Limi dccclxiv dccclxv C SWER'TIA [peren'nis, Zijin.] (excluded) 81 INDEX TO LATIN NAMES PLATK mix 'AGO visco'sa, 209 VAOK I'l.ATK VERONICA Reich dccccxciv 176 AGRES'TIS, Linn Iccccixxii 151 Benth dcccclxxi 150 dcccclxxx 159 agres'tis, var VACCIN'IUM ALPI'NA, Linn [macrocar'pum, Ait.] (excluded) 54 MYRTIL'LUS, Linn OXYCOC'COS, Linn ULIGINO'SUM, Linn dccclxxix 24 dccclxxvi 20 dccclxxviii 23 dccclxxvii 22 VITIS-ID^'A, Linn ANAGAL'LIS, Anagal'lis, colli! num, Schrad W & K LYCHNI'TIS, Linn Lychni'tis, (3 BECCABUN'GA, Linn BUXBAUM'II, Ten CHAM/E'DRYS, Liim Lychni'tis, (3 dccccxliv 118 fruticulosa, 117 118 dccccxlv dccccxlvi 119 dccccxlv 118 dccccxl 119 Koch dccccxlvi 119 Koch Mey 118 dccccxlvi 119 dccccxlv 118 110 dccccxliii 117 Koch 187 [thapsifor'me, Mey.] (excluded) Huds dccccxliii 117 Thap'so-ni'grum, Schrad dccccxliv 118 Thap'so-Lychni'tis, With dccccxliii 117 THAP'SUS, Linn dccccxxxvii 110 ThajJsus, var ni'gro-Lychni'tis, With dccccxlvi Thap'sus, (3 With VOL YI 163 Linn dcccclxxxiv 168 156 dcccclxxiii 152 dcccclxxi POLITA, Fries dcccclxxxi, SAXATTLIS, Linn SCUTELLA'TA, Zmn dcccclxxxviii SERPYLLIFO'LIA, Linn 150 dcccclxxviii dcccclxxix 157 dccccxli 115 ? Linn dcccclxxiv dcccclxxxi! dcccclxxxiii 160 167 153 Linn dcccclxxv 161 54 VILLA R'SIA nymphaoi'des, "Vent dccccxxi 80 VIN'CA MA'JOR, Linn MINOR, 118 163 dcccclxxvii VER'NA, 119 dccccxliv Linn dccccv 62 dccccvi 63 dccclxxv 18 WAULENBERG'IA /, mxviii dcccclxxxiv dcccclxxxv SPICA'TA, Linn VERBE'NA OFFICINA'LIS, Linn 166 TRIVBYL'LOS, Thap'so-ni'grum, With, VIRGA'TUM, 162 dcccclxxxvii Linn Sm Per'sica, Poir 112 dccccxxxvii Schottia'num, Schrad 158 &P PEREGRI'NA, imn Vill tum, Sm dccccxlv dcccclxxix parmula'ria, T dccccxlvi dccccxxxviii 163 dcccclixxiii, OFFICINA'LIS, ni'gro-pulverulen'- /3 149 dcccclxxxv Linn MONTA'NA, Bab 187 Schiedia'num, hyh'rida, 160 iknn, dcccclxx Hopk 11 [phlornoi'des, Li^m.] (excluded) pulverulen'tum, dcccclxxxi officina'lis, PULVERULEN'TUM, 188 Beuth huuiifu'sa, Dicks 187 thapsoi'des, pilo'sa, /3 dccccxliii [phcenic'ium, Linn.] (excluded) spwr'ium, 157 [fruticulo'sa, Linn.] (excluded) var ni'gro-Lychni'tis, Schrad' eri, dcccclxxviii eu-serpyllifo'lia 115 hirsii'ta, ni'grum, var ova'tum, 162 116 NI'GRUM, Linn nigrum, dcccclxxiii dccccxli 117 nigro-pulverulen'tuin 170 dccccxlii 155 dccccxc 164 Sm dccccxliii thapsoi'des, With fil 168 dcccclxxvi 160 HEDERIFO'LIA, ni'gro-Lychni'tis, (Sc/aede dcccclxxxix dcccclxxi 112 Koch 1C8 113 ni'gro-flocco'sum, dcccclxxxix dcccclxxxvi docccxxxix Thap'si, Linn dccccxxxviii flocco'sum, 69 Linn Bor ARVEN'SIS, did'yma, Ten BLATTA'RIA, ZmK blattarioi'des, Lam Bor anagallifor'mis, VERBAS'CUM rAU* 202 2e Vra'cea, Reich INDEX TO ENGLISH NAMES PLATE dccccxcv 177 Bearberry dccclxxx 27 Gentian, Small dccccxvi 75 dcccclxxx 159 dccclxxxiii 31 Alpine Bartsia Speedwell, Erect Andromeda, Marsh Annual Sheep's-bit Arbutus Ash, Drooping Shrew Taller or Common Autumnal Gentian Azalea, Trailing Broad-leaved Centaury dccccvii 66 Brooklime dccccxc 170 mvii 191 mxvii 200 Broom-rape, Branched Bluish Clove-scented mxii 196 Greater mx mxv 194 dccclxiii dccclxxxii 29 Lesser mxvi Ivy , Bartsia, Alpine Eed Yellow Bearberry, Alpine 59 Picris mxiv 198 58 Purple mix 193 dccccii dcccciii 56 Red mxi dccccxvii 76 Sand 195 192 dccclxxxiv 32 Tall mviii mxiii 197 mxiii 197 121 —123 dccccxx 79 Brown 125 177 dccccxciii 175 dccccxciv 176 dccccxlvii Brownworts Buckbean, Common Round-leaved dccccxlviii dccccxxi 81 dccccliii 131 dccccxxxvii Ill dccccliii 131 dcccclxiv 142 dcccclxxiii 153 74 Bull-dogs dccclxxx 27 28 dccccxxxiv 100 dccclxvi dccclxix 12 dccclxviii 11 Calathian Violet dccccxiv dccclxx 13 Canterbury Bell dccclxvii Ivy-leaved dccclxxv 19 Centaury, Broad-leaved dccccvii 66 Nettle-leaved dccclxvii Peach-leaved dccclxxi 14 Narrow-leaved dccclxxii 15 dccclxxiii 16 dccccxlvii 121 dccccxlviii 123 dccclxxix 25 Clover Dodder dccclxxviii 24 Clove-scented Broom-rape dccccxxv 88 Clustered Bell-flower Small dccccxxiii 85 Common Ash Large Yellow dccccxxiv 87 dcccci 54 dccccxxx 96 Buckbean dccccxxxi dccccxxxii 98 Centaury dccclxxix 25 Cow-wheat dcccclxxxi 161 mxvii 200 Belladonna Bell-flower, Clustered Creeping Giant Hare-bell Rampion Spreading Common Water Ehrhart's Bilberry, dccccl dccccxcv dccclxxxi Common Betony, 199 200 dccccii Brown-rape, Tall Balm-leaved Figwort FIQB PLATK PAoft dccclxii Acrid Lobelia Water Common Great Bindweed, Sea Bird's-nest, Bitter-sweet Black Nightshade Bleaberry Blue Eock-Speedwell Bluish Broom-rape Bogbean dccccxx dccccxxi 79—81 Branched Broom-rape mvii 191 Bullock's- wort Bunny Butter-and-eggs dcccclxii Buxbaum's Speedwell Common — dccccix 68 dccccviii 67 Slender dccccx 69 Yellow dccccxiii 72 dccccxi 70 Cicendia, Least Slender dccccxii 71 dccccxxix 93 mxii 196 dccclxvi dccccii dcccciii 66 Bearberry dccclxxxi 28 Bilberry dccclxxix 26 dccccxx 79 dccccix — 68 miii 186 Eyebright dccccxci dccccxcii 171 Common Henbane Ling Privet mi dccocxxxvi 107 dcccxciv 44 dcccliv 60 111 INDEX TO ENGLISH NAMES PLATB Common PAOB Speedwell, PLATB Gentian, Spring dcccclxxxiv dcccclxxxv Thorn-apple dccccxxiii 164 Germander Speedwell rAom dccccxv 74 dcccclxxxvi 165 77 dccccxxxv 104 German Gentian dccccxviii mxviii 202 Giant Bell-flower dcccixviii 11 dccclxxviii 24 Vervain Convolvulus 211 —dccccxxv Cornish Heath Moneywort Corn Snapdragon Cow- wheat, Common 85 dcccxcii 42 Dodder dccccxxvii 148 Mullein dccccxxxvii dccccliv — 186 Field — Wood Cranberry, American (excluded species) m 184 mi 184 mv 187 54 dccclxxvi Creeping Bell-flower 32 miii Crested Crested Cow-wheat Great Bilberry dccccxlix mi Marsh — 88 Throat-wort Greater Broom-rape Periwinkle Greek Valerian Green Procumbent Speedwell Grey Heath Procumbent Speedwell 21 dccclxix 12 m 184 Cross-leaved Heath, dccclxxxviii dccclxxxix 88, 39 Hag-taper 91 1 dccclxvii 10 mx 194 dccccv 63 dccccxxii 82 dcccclxxii 152 dcccxci 41 dcccclxxi 161 dccccxxxvii 1 Hare-bell dccclxx 13 Heath, Cornish dcccxcii 42 Cross-leaved, Dark Mullein dccccxl 115 dccclxxxviii dccclxxxix 38 dcccxci 41 dccclxxxvii 36 Fine-leaved Deadly Nightshade, dccccxxx —dccccxxxiv, 96, 100 Fringed-leaved dcccclviii 137 Grey dcccxci 41 dccccxxxiv 102 Irish dcccxciii 43 Decumbent Toadflax Devale dccccxxix 93 Mackay's Flax dccccxxvi 89 St Dabeoia Great dccccxxvii 91 Heather Dodder, Clover dcccxc 39 dccclxxxv 34 dcccxciv 44 dccccxxxvi 107 Lesser dccccxxviii 92 Henbane, Common Thyme Drooping Ash dccccxxviii 92 Henne-belle dccccxxxvi 108 59 Higtaper, or High-taper dccccxxxvii Ill Dwale dccccxxxiv 102 Hoary Mullein dccccxxxviii 113 dccccxlviii 123 Intermediate Winter-green dcccxcvii 49 Water Betony Ehrhart's Euphrasie Eyebright, Common dccccxci dccccxcii 171 dccccxci dccccxcii 171 dcccclxxxvi 165 Germander Felwort —dccccxix dccccxiv Field Cow-wheat mi Gentian ' dccccxix 76 — Toadflax Jacob's Ladder 124 dccccli 126 Fine-leaved Heath dcccxci 41 Flax Dodder Flowering Willow dccccxxvi 80 Fluellin, Speedwell Jersey Toadflax 125 Yellow Ivy-leaved Bell-flower dcccxciii 43 mxv 199 dccclxxv dcccclxx 150 dcccclv, 134 84 dccccl Knotty-rooted Ivy Broom-rape 78 dccccxlix Figwort, Balm-leaved Heath Irish King's-taper Knotty-rooted Figwort dccccxxii 82 dcccclix 138 dccccxxxvii dccccxlix 1 124 dccccxxiv 87 dccccxli 116 dccccxxxiii 99 Kound-leaved dcccclvii 136 Large-flowered Mullein Sharp-leaved dcccclvi 135 Least Cicendia dccccxi 70 dcccclii 127 Toadflax dcccclxv dcccclxvi 144 dccclxxxvii 36 Foxglove, or Folksglove Fringed-leaved Heath Large Bindweed Lesser Broom-rape Garden Nightshade dcccexxxi dccccxxxii dccccxvii Gentian, Autumnal Dodder 98 Periwinkle 76 Winter-green ™^'' 200 dccccxxviii 92 dccccvi 63 dcccxcviii 60 44 Oalathian Violet dccccxiv 74 Ling, Common dcccxciv 78 Lobelia, Acrid dccccxix dccclxii Field '^cccl*'- - German Small, Alpine dccccxviii 77 Speciosa dccccxvi 75 Water ENGLISH BOTANY 212 PAOK FLATS dccccxcvii Lousewort, Procumbent dccccxcvi Upright Mackay's Heath 180 ] 79^ PAOB mviii 192 dccccxxv 88 Serrated Winter-green dcccxcix 51 dcccclvi 135 dcccxc 89 Sharp-leaved Fluellin dccclxxxiii 31 Sheep's-bit, Cranberry dccclxxvi 21 Shrew-Ash Speedwell dcccclxxxviii 168 Marsh Andromeda PLATB Sand Broom-rape Sea Bindweed Annual Single-flowered Winter-green Slender Centaury dccclxiii dccccii 58 dcccc 52 dccccx 69 Menziesia, St Dabeoc's dccclxxxv 34 Yew-leaved dccclxxxvi 85 Cicendia dccccxii 71 dcccclxix 148 Small Bindweed dccccxxiii 85 dcccclxvii 146 Small-flowered Venus's Looking-glass, dcccclv 134 dccccxlii 117 dcccclxxxvii, 167 Perennial dcccclxviii 147 Prostrate dccccxl 115 dccccxxxvii Ill dccccxxxviii 113 Moneywort, Cornish Monkey-flower, Yellow Mother-of-Thousands Moth Mullein Mountain Speedwell Mudwort Mullein, Dark Great Hoary Hybrid dccccxliii — Moth Snapdragon, 67 dccccxxxi 98 Penny weed dccccxxxi 98 dccccxxx 96 dcccoxcviii 158 dccccliii 131 dccccliv 132 Rock dcccclxxxi 161 Brooklime dccccxc 170 dcccclxxiii 153 dcccclxxxiv dcccclxxxv 164 dcccclxxx 159 dcccclxxxvi, Germander dcccclxxii Green Procumbent Grey Procumbent dcccclxxi 165 dcccclxx 150 dcccclxxxviii 168 dcccclxxxvii 167 dcccclxxvii 157 dcccclxxviii 168 Ivy-leaved 96, 100 dccclxxi dcccclxxix Deadly, Peach-leaved Bell-flower Erect Alpine dccccviii Woody 158 Common, 114 dccclxvii Garden dcccclxxviii Buxbaum's Nettle-leaved Bell-flower dccccxxx dccccxxxi v 18 157 Corn Narrow-leaved Centaury Nightshade, Black dccclxxiv dcccclxxvii Common Speedwell, Blue dccccxlvi 117-119 117 dccccxlii dccccxxxix White Smooth Speedwell, Annual Marsh Mountain Smooth Annual 14 Perennial Prostrate 158 Spiked dcccclxxxii dcccclxxxiii 162 181 dccccvi 63 dccccv 63 dcccclxxiv 154 Vernal dcccclxxv 155 Wall Water dcccclxxvi 156 dcccclxxxix 169 Trifid or Pervinke, Greater Pieris Broom-rape Prim-print Privet, Common , mxiv 198 dcccciv 60 dcccciv 60 61 Hawk-moth Procumbent Lousewort Purple Broom-rape dccccxcvii 180 mix 193 dcccclx 139 Toadflax dccccliii Bell-flower Round-headed Spiked Red Spiked Rampion dccclxv Speedwell dcccclxxxii dcccclxxxiii 162 dccclxxiii 16 dccccxv 74 dccccxxviii 92 Spreading Bell-flower Spring Gentian Strangle-weed Rabbit'a-mouth Eampion - Bartsia Whortleberry Rosemary, Wild 15 dccclxiv 140 Tea-plant Thorn-apple, Throat-wort, Great 23 dccclxxxiii 31 dccclxiv dccccxxi 81 dcccclvii 136 — Toadflax, —— Common Decumbent Least — dcccxvi 48 dccclxxxv 34 Toothwort 104 dccclxvii 10 dcccclviii 137 134 138 dcccclxv dcccclxvi 144 dcccclxi 140 dcccclx 139 dcccclxii.— dcccclxiv (see Fluellin) Saint Dabeoc's Heath 99 dccccxxxv dcccciv Striped Yellow dccccxxxiii dcccclix Ivy-leaved Jersey Purple Winter- green, dcccxcv dcccclxi 175 195 Fluellia 29 Striped Toadflax dccccxciii nixi Round-headed Rampioa Round-leaved Buckbean dccclxxxii dccclxv dccclxxvii Broom-rape Strawberry -Tree 131 dccclxxii 151 dcccclxxix Periwinkle, Lesser 152 dcccclvi dcccclvii mvi 142 135-6 190 INDEX TO ENGLISU NAMES PLATB Torchbhide dccccxxxvii 213 TAOH PLATK Willow, Flowering 1 Trailing Azalea dccclxxxiv 32 TiifiJ Speedwell dcccclxxiv 154 dccccxlvi 179 dccccxxii 82 Witches'-thimbleH Winter-green, Intermediate Leaner Upright Lousewort Valeri.'in, Greek Round Vernal Speedwell Vervaiu, Common Violet, Calathian (Gentian) 13 dcccxcvii 49 dcccxcviii 60 leaved, dcixxcv dcccxcvi 48 dcccxcix 51 Single-flowered dccclxxiv 18 dcccclxxv, 155 mxviii 202 dccccxiv 74 dccccxxx 96 Yellow Bartsia dccccxciv 170 dcccci 64 Water Betony, Common Ehrhart's Lobelia Speedwell White Mullein Whortleberry, Red Wild Eosemary 156 Centaury dcccuxlvii, 121 Figwort dcccexlviii 123 dccclxi dcccclxxxix 169 dccccxxxix 114 dccclxxvii 23 dccclxxxiii 31 dcccclxx vi 62 dccco, Wood Cow-wheat Woody Nightshade mv Bird's-neHt Wall Speedwell 99 dccclxx Serrated Venua's Looking-glasa, Small-flowered, PAOK dccccxxxiii Monkey-flower -rattle Common Larger Toadflax dcccclxii Yew-leaved Menziesia 87 dccccxiii 72 dccccli 126 dcccclxvii 146 dccccxcviii 181 dccccxcix 182 — dcccclxiv 142 dccclxxxvi 35 .. .ENGLISH BOTANY a rins^ round colioring in the style, tlic lower ones generally bearded at the apex Style... funnel-shaped-cylindrical, twice as long as the calyx-segments ; limb pale-blue Capsule erect, the point ENGLISH BOTANY Plant sub-glabrous, or more or less falling sliort of the sepals pubcrulent Acnd Lobelia... derived from and growth (jivrevii) by Dioscorides, (phuteioo), I plant or sow, from its great ENGLISH BOTANY SPECIES I— PHYTE U MA ORBICULARE Plate Reick Ic Fl Germ, Billot, Fl Gall, et et Helv
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