General Synopsis of Birds Supplement II

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, T to the of X o 3>r i> o ^ Printed for Xeigh Sothelay 8e YotIc Street, Cogent Garden MDCCCI Son l€oi Pl.CXS Tubtitlidas tlitAttrdirei-ls^ita/ jorSoi tiy Leti/h J'c/tlelii/ kJm.KvTc Srrtct (brent finn&i SUPPLEMENT II BIRDS D v i LA I Order I Genus N° J I ND I RD A PACIOU VULTURE Var A N° Arabian V V Cinereous V Alpine V Afh-coloured V Bearded V 12 Kolben's King V 13 Californian S R Condur V i B - Vultur Gryphus, Ind Orn Secretary V 10 BoldV Sociable V V Chagoun V, I- p CONDUR Vultur Gryphus, Encydop Brit v xviii p 695 pi dx Mas Magellankus, Lever Muf v fern Vautour Condor, Daudin Trait, d'Ornilbol Condur Vulture, Gen TW O Syn i p of thefe (fuppofed to feet the tip be male and female) are in the Supp II Mr Parkin/on The of one wing to that of the other, The head and neck crown of the head p Id Sup p I Leverian Mufeum, collected by breadth from the ii is are firft is in at leaft ten covered with cinereous down; on a long carunculated B membrane like that of a cock, Dsscriptio* VULTURE a cock, which is and alio bare, a white part of the throat ; kind of pendulous pear fliaped fubftance on the a the general black, but the lower part of the neck is of a ruff, wholly black ; hairy fubftance fine the middle ones bar when clofed : is colour of the Unrounded with the lefier wing coverts are have greyiih white ends, forming a the greater ones are half black half white, divided ; the three obliquely; top at manner of the King Vulture: breaft, in the plumage indented irregularly is firft quills are black greyiih white, tipped with : quite black, the fecond quills tail even, or fourteen thirteen inches long: thighs covered withlongifh feathers: legs ftout, claws blunt, black with a white When tip and ; ftrong, moderately hooked; bill : noftrils placed in depreffion a brown colour black, at the bafe on the body, the middle of the back appears white; which circumftance is obferved by Molina, in his NaHe alfo fays, the irides are of a red brown, tural Hiftory of Chili* the wings are at reft and that the female make nefts their is fmaller than rather among mod the white eggs bigger than thofe cf a cafes and ; as there are place of them, and when they calves, upon in tearing at times Thefe male they feed on dead car- ; thefe Chili, birds Tupply the prey on fheep and goats, and even young dams ; and thefe laft The the affiftance of the clofed with at fall country people ufe every means to de- fo managing, that when the Condur attempts to attack the hide, other perfons lying in readinefs enemy; they fometimes by a perfon covering himfelf with the hide of a newly fkinned animal, and the birds and lay two plucking out their eyes, and foon afterwards in pieces ftroy this bird, in ftray far "from their flocks, firft them turkey no wolves the inacceffible rocks, firft, and failing other times, a dead rails, on the bird carcafe and when the Condur has fkfn, and unable to rife freely, * is all at come to once, overcome put within a place en- fatiated himfelf with the perfons are in readinefs to fubdue him Fr ed p 247 by 1*JI5W VULTURE by blows and every other means poffible The bird, however inactive on fuch occafions, is at other times of very quick flight, infoas not unfrequently to foar to fuch an height as to be out of much the reach 6f by the human vifion name of Manque ; It is by called the inhabitants of Chili the biggeft hitherto obferved, meafured fourteen feet from the tip of one wing to that of the other full when ex- tended, California!! Vulture, Nat Mifc v pi 301 N fize, this of the plumage is tail feathers, quite fmooth, is general colour black; but the fecond quills have whitifh and the wing coverts incline to brown reach beyond the CALIFORNIAN The bird nearly equals the Condur : the wings : when tips, V Description folded, head and neck are entirely bare of the and of a dufky reddifh colour : acrofs the front a bar of dufky, and two others of the fame on the hind head : the the lower part of the neck is furrounded compofed of (lender black feathers, of the ftruflure the under part of the body is ufually feen in many of the genus the covered with loofe downy feathers the tail is even at the end of a pale colour bill is with a : ruff, : ; : legs black This bird was brought from now in the Britijh Mufeum : it California, by Mr Menzies, and feems to have fome affinity to is Place the Condur Vultur cinereus, Ind Orn i p Vautour commun, Daud Orn Der Arrian Geyer, Allg Uti ii N° Hi/l p 16 xi d Fog I i p 654 Cinereous or afh-coloured Vulture, Gen Sjn TT Prov I p 337 CINEREOUS Id p 18 15 i 24 V ? p 14 has been obferved to frequent the mountainous parts of Ger- many, defcending into the plain in winter to be paid well for mooting The huntfman thefe, as they attack fheep, hares, and even deer, being very troublefome to the farmer, B % in expects goats, picking out the VULTURE the eyes of lambs, in courfe more 3>'c more tame than other is it : Alpine Vulture, Gen Syn CA1D it is to to be two common in Mr Sqnnini i down male flicks Daudin Orn p 48 — ii p 13 vii Id Sup p and fome feet in length; the Pyrenaan mountains ; much larger: aifo in Egypt according and that Levailtant obfeives, that they refort to Table Bay, at not unfrequently a furious fbtith-eaft and fometimes beats them to quit the mountains, the Cape, where into the ftreets at bead with i p iz the Cape of Good Hope-, and wind obliges them and p i Percnoptere, Livaill Fry (8vo.) V- birds of prey, deftroyed* eafily V.ultur Pcrcnopterus, fad Orn ALh INE > M de la Peironje are different in colour; but only fo in the adult the urate f the obferves, that the male and fe- wholly white, the other brown, firft when young and incomplete for ; knocked on they are in plumage, they are often of a pale colour; above fpotted yellow and brown, with the under parts yellow, and differing fo materially the old ones in external appearance, as to deceive the lefs from experienced naturalift r A:-H- CO.LOlJR.ED V Leucocephalus, fad Orn V Angolenfis, id i p Rachamah, Bruce's Trav L'ourigourap, Lemaill 17 i p v Description '"PHIS Syn t i i p ii p 27 iii.— Lev Muf N* iv 163' in p p 62 pi Oif Afh-ccloured Vulture, Gen Syn Angola Vulture, Gen N° Daudin Orn : Daudin Orn ii p 21 xviii 13 p 18.14 has been before defcribed under feveral of the refpecHve heads above quoted Levaillant's account male Turkey ; of ; it, but who I think it not amifs to add here, fays, that it is the whole front of the head about the much beyond fize Mr of a fe- the eyes, and * Becbjl Mujl p 55 f Neu Abb der Scbw Ac der Wifs, S 99 taking U L T U R V taking in the throat, a faffron colour: and of bare, is E the long bill and (lender, of a rather deeper colour, but blackifh towards the point: the reft of the neck, on the fides, and behind, is covered with long but before, flender feathers, than downy; and the crop The femcle exceeds the male tinged with reddifh fpecies fiockr, like feen by rufous the ge- white, rather- but the fecondaries are outwardly tail : ; in rather rounded in fhape : many of the being differs chiefly in and the young birds have the whole of the generally feen is and fize, naked parts about the head coveted with This dirty is more fcarcely brown: brown legs yellowifn lefs tail, plumage the colour of the reft of the is it bare, and orange the quills are moftly black, : as the crop, fir plumage and neral colour of the pale as itfeif a greyifn in pairs, vultures; down but does not unite large in ten or twelve are often indeed together about one carcafe, but they have been brought there common attraction, allured thereto unperceivable to cate organs human of Kdr'ow and Camdeboo; rare; the fame capable of being one does not company, alfo in in refpecl to made tame fee a pair; ; eafily killed among deli- the the fterile lands Country of Hottniqua, though the neighbourhood of the Cape: in is which and the natives feemed pleafed with might otherwife annoy them being eafy to fhoot the more among and there are few of the hordes as they ferved to free at, which though Said to build diftances are moft frequent rocks, laying four eggs: more the fmell, fenfation, attracts their infinitely inconceivable at by their them from every ftinking thing which This natural tamenefs occafions their though, unlefs with a large Their food feems general, all ball, they are not manner of carrion Liz- ards, fnakes, frogs, and even the excrements of beafts not efcape them ' This feems to be the V de Norvege of Buffon * Hijt Qlf.-r-Pl Enl *, and in courfe his 449 Petit VULTURE C Vautour\, Petit which may I the Sacre d'Egypte of the fame author \, to as alfo add, the probability of its proving the Angola Vulture of Pennant, and the Rachamah of Bruce-, which and leaft is common near Cairo, fhould not prove likewife a variety of the V de Mali he %, if it correfponds with in the it of the laft-mentioned fhape of the bill, in When, however, may take place, is the decifion of the Vulture genus into real fpecies not for us to determine periods of life, as the variety ; among at which part the whole from other vultures differ it individuals, from different well as the different appearances of thofe in a Mate of confinement, to what the plumage has when at large, cannot fail to create no fmall difficulty; added to that, very few travellers are na- degree to difcriminate one part of nature from turalifts in a fufficient another ; ever queftion being moftly extra-Euro- befides, the fubje&s in we cannot wonder attempt all we can, pean, at being fo long in the dark: us how- with the hopes of fome future day being able to arrive at greater precifion; nor let any writer be moment he may recting his miftakes the let aihamed of cor- be pofieffed of better infor- mation Bruce obferved thefe birds near Cairo great breach of the police to it is a very bullocks tame fpecies among them, abundance, where it is a one of them Acording to Dr Shaw kill and the Bafhaw is faid daily to diftribute two being efteemed facred birds Vultur Barbatus, Ind Orn g BEARDED Barbarus, i p N° f Gypaete des Alpes, Daudin Orn ii p 25 pi x Robert Jc pi ? Niffer Wetk, Bruce Trav App tab p 155 Bearded Vulture, Laemmergeyer, Gen Syn i p 11.— Cox* s Travels in Switzer- V land (8vo vol Description ; in ii p 280.) a figure of the bead HpHE bird quoted above, wing and is to wing eight as defcribed feet four inches, in length four feet feven inches f V i p 164 J 167 by Mr Bruce, extends from weighs twenty-two pounds, The crown and $ PI front are EnL 427 bare AVES lx COLUMB£ Columba 3- C Abyffinica C olivaceo-viridis, abdomine flavo, macula alarum purpurea, ribus albis nigro macularis Waalia Pigeon, Bruce 's Trav — Gen Syn Sup Habitat ii p iv p 282 290 Id femo- App tab p 36 269 in Abyjfmia, Waalia, magnkudine domejlica, affinis C Pom- padora C meridionans, Q, rubro-fufca, tectricibus alarum mlnoribus purpureo-nigris, re&ricibus lateialibus apice albis Southern Pigeon, Gen Syn Sup Habitat mNova ii p 270, Hollandia, magnicudine I'urturis intermediis nigro-fufcis, neiformis, reclricibus : cauda brevis cu- fafcia verfus apicem nigra 5- C pallida C albo-virefcens, capite cinerafcente, remiglbus minoribus nigro maculatis, redtricibus lateralibus apice albis Pale Pigeon,
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