General History of birds V6, John Latham 1821-1824

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: GENERAL HISTORY OF BIRDS BY JOHN LATHAM, M.D F.R.S AcAi) C«s Nat Curios A.S AND L.S, Reo Holm, et Soc Nat Scrut Berolin VOL &c « Sic VI WINCHESTER PRINTED BY JACOB AND JOHNSON, FOR THE AUTHOR : SOf,D IN LONDON BY O AND W B, WHITTAKER, AVE-MARIA-LANE JOHN WARREN, BOND-STREET, w WOOD, 428, strand; and j mawman, 39, ludcate-street ; 1823 i Direction,^ for placing- the Plates Plate 93 a VARIEGATED Tanager, to face 94 Capital Tanager 95 Crimson-crowned Finch 90 Parrot Finch - - - - 97 Duree Finch _ - - _ 98 Abyssinian Plant-Cutter - _ Page 23 59 81 - 115 - 153 98* Cawnpore Flycatcher - - - - 176 99 - - - 184 - 209 Fantail Flycatcher 100 Red-bellied Flycatcher 101 Crimson-beliied Flycatcher - 102 Peruvian Flycatcher - - _ 103 New 104 Pied Wagtail - - - Zealand Lark 104* Southern Wagtail - - 215 - 257 - 310 - 320 - 322 wm k ORDER III PASSERINE (continued.) GENUS XLIII—TANAGER Red-breasted Tanager 19 Showy 41 Variable Brazilian 20 Sayacu 42 Grey-headed Spotted 21 Spotted green 43 Red-bellied Var 22 Spotted emerald 23 Green 24 Jacarini 25 White-headed 26 Yellow 27 Silfint A B Olive A Var Red A Scarlet Yellow-headed Mississippi A 28 Cserulean 29 Capital Var Summer A 30 Green-headed A Variegated Louisiane Grand Var 31 Paradise 12 Hooded 32 Golden 33 Negro 34 Violet 35 Turquoise 13 Black-headed 36 10 Crested 11 Black-faced ,14 Furrow-clawed St Domingo 37 Rufous-headed 15 Red-throated A B 16 Red-headed Var Var A B C Var Var Var 44 Black and Blue 45 Blue 46 Blue-shouldered 47 Elegant 48 Black-crowned 49 Black-capped 50 Black 51 Malimbic 52 Crimson-throated 53 Divaricated 54 Red-billed 55 Jew 56 White-billed 57 Red-sided 58 Orange-billed 59 Poppy 17 Archbishop 38 Tuneful 60 Red-crested 18 Bishop 39 Yellow-fronted 61 Paraguan A Var ISILL 40 Virescent conoid, mandible more or VOL VI a little inclining towards the point, the upper less ridged, and frequently notched near the end B f/ wf^ TANAGER Birds of this Genus were generally supposed only to inhabit the warmer parts of America, but there have been specimens obtained from India and Africa, with bills so exactly corresponding with the Tanagers, as justify our entering them among the rest of the Genus 1— RED-BREASTED Tanngra Jacapa, Ind Orn i 419 TANAGER Gm Lin.'i 313 Lin.'i 888 Lanius Carbo, Pall Adumb 114 Cardinalis purpurea, Bm iii Tangara purpurea, Spalowsk 49 ii, t t f.2 3? Avis Americana, Cardinalis niger dicta, Gerin, Ram^ihopis Jacapa, Shaw's Zool /t/ 8vo t 334 ix p Red-breasted Tanager, Gen Si/n.m 214 of a Sparrow ; 317, iii 439 Le Bee d'Argent, Cardinal pourpre, Buf iv 259 PI Ramphocele Bee d'Argent, Desm Tang pi 30 31 SIZE i 38 jBdir pi enl 128 12 267 length six inches and a half Bill stout, and black, except the base of the lower mandible, which is singularly rounded at the back part, broad, and silvery white; irides brown the plumage in general is black, glossed with purple, except the chin, throat, and breast, which are deep crimson ; the fore part of the head is also crimson in some specimens, and I have observed ; one, in which all the under parts, quite to the vent, were crimson The female has not dible so strongly brown ; the conspicuous character of the under marked beneath reddish man- plumage dull purplish brown legs in both sexes as the male; the ; wings and tail ; brown Inhabits Cayenne, Guiana, Mexico, and other parts of America, living only on fruits ; comes frequently near habitations, and gardens, generally seen in pairs trifle : the nest is into the of a cylindrical form, a curved, six inches long, and four inches and a half in diameter, and lined with the latter ; it is fastened to the horizontal branch of a low tree, the opening beneath th(3 female lays two white eggs^ marked with small, pale red spots composed of dried fibres and leaves, TANAGER The want of chiefly at the large end mandible PL enhtm may and the in Brisson's plate, the character of the under As Edwards's figure expresses the bird perfectly Linnaeus to Brisson's Muscicapa,* size of the one here described it is and, as ; mislead, but to the reference of of twice the a diflTerent bird, it appears tons, belonging to the Chatterers 2.— BRAZILIAN TANAGER Tanagra Brazilia, Ind Shaw's Zool Orn 420 i Loxia Mexicana, Ind Orn i Bm 42 iii t f Cardinalis non cristatus, Gerin Borowsk,m 174 rudis, Ind Orn Sup Gm Lin i 848 300 i iii 25G Id 8vo Id 8vo i 380 i 315 PI cnl 127 335 iii Avis Mexicana, &c Seba,\ 101 Tanagra Lin 377 CoccothrauHtea Mexicana, Bris Cardinalis, Gm.Lin.'u 888 Lin.'u 314 241 ix t G5 f, Mus xlvii Carls, Passer erythroinelas, Tije piranga Rait, 87 iv t 94 Will 183 Id Engl.QAl.^ Chiltototl, Raii, 169 173 Ramphopis Brasilia, Gen Zool x 440 Ramphocele scarlatte, Desm, Tang pi 28 29 Paster Indicus porphyromelas, Rati, 87 Brasilian Tanager, Gen Syn Rude Tanager, Gen, A TRIFLE Si/n, iii Sup 215 ii p 205 larger than a Id Engl 251 § Will 183 Nat Misc pi 234 —female —male House Sparrow ; length middle a small process, the under mandible white Bill black, in the half way from the base, and continued far backwards body tail, except the thighs, which are black fine crimson, coverts black, and mixed with crimson legs, of a full black ; the base of the feathers head and neck are rather shorter than the is ; ; the whole lesser wing the rest of the coverts, quills, ; throughout, only the ends being crimson The female six inches ; rest, about the size of the male is also black the feathers about the not unlike velvet Bill pale horn-colour plumage above dark brown ; crown of the head darker ; round the Muse Cayen nigra, T B ii 386 tab 38 f ' I TANAGEIl neck, the cliin, throat, and breast, pale ash-colour; from thence the under parts are paie ferruginous ; quills and tail dusky, the former beyond the base ; legs dusky short, only reaching a little lioth sexes were in the collection of Gen Davies, brought from Rio Janeiro; it is and called in Brazil, Tijo, there very is common Inhabits also Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of South America Buftbn mentions Canada thence It is A.—Curdinulis a much but we have never seen any from also, rarer species than the red, or following niGvius, Bris '\\\, Id 8vo 44 Gen.Syn 215 i iii M 210 A General colour of the plumage crimson Bill as in the last breast, and upper part of the back, marked with greenish lunated spots ; wings, B.— Cavdiimlis tail, and legs, black torquatus, Brix, iii Id 8vo 45 i 310 Will 185 Passer cyanerythromelas, &c Rail, 87 Rumpless blue and red J Sparrow, Will Engl [iidian ^2 Gen, Si/n in 210 B plumage crimson, with two semilunar blue spots on the sides of the neck ; wings and tail black lesser wing coverts and margins of the first blue ; legs short, and Bill black, near the forehead white black — Inhabits Brazil, with the ; last 3.-OLIVE TANAGER Tanagra L'olivet, olivacea, Ind- Orn Buf iv 269 Olive Tanager, Gen Syn LENGTH passing much 421 i Gm Lin Desm Tang iii 218 six inches i 880 pi 35 30 37 Arct Zool ii Bill bent, pointed backwards, colour whitish the feathers coming close ; No 237 ; plumage above ; Shaw's Zooi x 457 the lower mandible nostrils at the base, small, fine olive green ; beneath to the breast yellow, from thence to the vent yellowish white I I ; sides TANAGER t of tlie wing O head and neck, and a streak over the eye, yellow; upper margined with greenish yellow ; quills coverts dusky, deeply dusky, with yellowish edges; tail even, olive, two inches long, which reach about to one-third ; legs stout, pale ; outer and middle toes united at the base The female has the body yellowish beneath, and the wings and colour as the quills, tail coverts dusky Inhabits Cayenne, found also at A — New York, in North America Olive Tanager, Gen Syn Sup IGl A This is six inches ^ong; the plumage much the same, but with a white streak in the direction of the lower jaw, as well as one over the eye; lower belly and vent white; legs black Found at New York — General Davies M Desmarest mentions an inches long; plain grey Olive Tanager, which is only three general colour olive-grey, paler beneath; lower belly He supposes this to be either an imperfect young bird He met with it in the Tardin des Plantes, and only heard that it came from Cayenne* or a female 4.— RED TANAGER Tanagra rubra, Ltd Orn.u 420 Cardinalis Canadensis, Bris iii Lin 48 t \ f Id 8vo Tangara du Canada, Desm Tang pi 34 Red Tanager, Arcf Zool Gen Si/n iii 217 Gm.Lin.i 889 314 ii i 316 No 237 Amer Orn ii pi 11 f, Shaw's Zool X 462 LENGTH a half six inches and a half; extent of wing ten inches and Bill horn-colour; irides cream-colour, pale red; wing coverts black ; quills plumage in general brown, margined within with * See Euphone olive, Desm Tang pi 27 ll ! i; t I f t It : TANAGER white for three quarters from the base black black, a tri^e forked, the feathers tipped with white tail ; the two nearest the body ; legs bluish black The whclly green, paler beneath, inclined to yellow Inhabits North America, in the collection of General Davies female is comes into Canada; makes a nest on a horizontal branch of a tree, mostly composed of dry grass, and loosely fabricated ; eggs three, of a dull blue, spotted with dark, purplish mottlings; and generally departs the last week in August said to breed more than once in a year These birds chiefly feed on insects, but are fond also of fruits, of which they sometimes make much havock Mr Abbot met with it about SaIt is found, also, as far south at least as Georgia Pennsylvania the beginning of May, and extends as li' ! « I ; far as ; vannah, but only a single specimen A —Merula Le Will 142 Brasilica, Rail, GO Gerin PL Tangara du Canada, Buf iv 245 Brasilian Merula, Will Engl 193 §V Scarlat, Scarlet Sparrow, This is Edw Gen Syn pi 343 iii 217 iii t 305 enl 156 Van A It diflers from the seven inches long, and twelve broad These are having the tail feathers tipped with white said to be shy birds, and to live for the most part in the deepest woods other, in not i i, 5.—YELLOW-HEADED TANAGER Loxia Mexicana, Ind Orn 8vo i Emberiza i ! 334 flava Daud ii i iv 304 ix Gm Lin i 854 Bris iii Id 97 266 83 pi 44 Yellow-headed Grosbeak, Gen Syn LENGTH i Shaw's Zool Mexicana, Klein, Av 92 Linotte t6te jaune, Buf Yellow-headed Linnet, Edw I Lim 385 432 six inches head and threat yellow ; iii 140 Bill pale flesh-colour ; irides hazel ; the behind the eyes a brown band, passing to I J >— iiiiiilliiiiliW **5^-^III MB MAGTAIL 323 second quills fringed with white, the greater wholly black ; all the under parts of the bird from chin to vent, also the under wing coverts white; tail three inches long, in shape rounded, the feathers black, the two middle ones fringed with white, with white ; and the two outer tipped legs black Inhabits Java, and there called Gadagiee —A specimen in the India House, London, and another in the collection of Lord Stanley 10.— CINEREOUS Motacilla cinerea, /nd OrM 437 Ccrin iv t 384 ii f Gm Lin dGl Bm iii Man d'Orn p 145 502 Tern Bergeronette grise, Bv/.v 201 PL Cinereous Wagtail, Gen Syn 397 iv WAGTAIL enl 074 405 Id t 25 Ed ii /
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