General History of birds V4, John Latham 1821-1824

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GENERAL, HISTORY OF BIRDS BY JOHN LATHAM, M.D F.R.S ArAn, C«s, Nat Cuiiios A.S A.Nu L.S Reg Holm, ev Sor Nat Scrut Beroiin Soc Ac &c VOL IV WINCHESTER PlllNTKD BY JACOB AND W w WOOD, «i AND JOHNSON, FOR THE AUTHOR :— SOLD IN TONDON BY WHITTAKER, AVE-MARIA-LANE JOHN WARREN, BOND-STREET ; 428, strand; and j mawman, 39, ludkate-strekt B ; iH22 i-r'v-i^^"**;.^' ORDER PIES II (continued.) GENUS XXVIir—JACAMAR I Green A A J Long-tailed green J Var Paradise Rufous-tailed J, J White-billed J Great J HE most bill is long, strait, sharp-pointed, quadrangular* for tl le part Nostrils oval, placed near the base Tongue short, pointed Legs feathered before as far as the toes, which are situated two forwards, and two behind This Genus is much allied to the Kingsfisher, but the toes are differently placed The food of the Jacamar is by no means the same, as it frequents moist woods, and feeds on insects alone, whilst the Kingsfisher, in general, inhabits streams of water, and has a peculiar address in taking the young fry of fishes, on which We it feeds are not further acquainted with the manners and oeconomy of the Genus here treated of; and in respect to the nest and eggs, we believe that nothing is known concerning them * See a transverse Section at the VOL IV B bottom of the Plate JACAMAR 1— GREEN JACAMAR Galbula Ltd Orn viridis, Alcedo Galbulu, Lin Calhiila, Bris iv i 80 /(/ Gen.Zool 244 i Gm Lin 181 8vo WilL 90 Le Jacamar, Bvf Monog 1708 220 pi 10 vii t 05 ii Jacamacirl, Rait 44 i ix 223 pi 39 459 Gerin t 184 Id Engl 139 pi 22 PI enl fJamm.j Ois dor Edw Klein 28 15 Spahwsk Vog 238 Robert Ic p pi pi 3-34 Vosm 1 pi Der griiiie Glanzvogel, Schmid Vog p 42 t 28 Cupreous Jacamar, Gen of Birds, p GO pi Green Jacamar, Gen NEARLY quarters ; Si/n ii the size of a Lark; length eight inches and three extent of wing nine inches and a half inches long, square, a the base some in general 003 trifle stiff hairs, most two Bill black, incurvated, and sharp at the point, at pointing forward irides ; brilliant green, glossed with blue ; plumage copper and gold, in chin white throat and breast glossy green, like the and vent rufous the tail of ten feathers, cuneiform in shape, the two middle ones three inches and a quarter long, the outer very short; legs greenish yellow, very short, and weak; claws black In some birds the throat is rufous* as well as the belly and in different lights back ; ; ; belly ; ; others the chin is yellowish instead of white I not learn the distinction between the sexes, but that figured in the Genera of Birds, is have less green on the back and back are of a variable copper-colour said to the breast, belly, and part of the ; Inhabits Guiana and Brazil, in moist woods, preferring such to the more dry spots, for the sake of insects, on which it feeds : is a seldom seen except single, and keeping generally in its flight quick, but short, perching on branches the thickest parts solitary bird, : of a middling height, where Jacamar k Gorge rousse, author of tiiis V work it sits Ois dor as a distinct Species i all night, and frequently part of (Jacam.) p pi 2, considered by the n i\ ~y
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