Shells and Sea Life V21, Natural History Bibliography 1989

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Shells and Sea Life iQ8g Volume 21 NATURAL HISTORY BOOKS This books list 1989 Titles are new or used and include titles on all areas of natural history during the previous years in Seashell Treasures Books and other catalogs includes listed The prices listed here are quoted prices from various dealer catalogs published between about 1985 and 1989 We appreciate receiving catalogs and price lists to add to future lists In many cases, the original catalog entry will have more information Also, several copies of a work in different editions or states may be listed in catalogs These should be consulted for additional information Some abbreviations used in this list: A = annotations; As new = Book is new or retains the new condition; bw or B-W = black & white photos; clr or col = color; D = damaged; dj = dust jacket; ex lib = usually has library marks on spine & title page; Fine = perfect in details but lacking in crispness; fig(s) = text figures; G = good condition; H(B) = hardbound; ill or illus = illustrations; K = comer knocks or scuffed copy; L = library copy crispness of N new copy; o/w = otherwise; p = pages; P = poor (reading copy only); R(PT) = reprint edition; S(B) = softbound; teg = top edge gilt; wraps = wrappers; "WS = waterstained; X = photocopy Approximate book sizes are: sm8vo = 115 x I65mm; crSvo = 127 x 190mm; 8vo = 147 x with stamps; pl(s) = = as plates; 228mm(5.75x9in);roy8vo = 165 x 254mm; cr4to = 190x254imn(7.5xlOin);sm4to = 2l6x 280imn (8.5 x llin); 4to = 228 x 305mm; roy4to = 254 x 330mm; smfolio = 228 x 380mm; Books not close to one of these folio = 305 X 453mm (12 x 18in); impfolio = 380 x 556mm sizes or with odd formats will normally be listed by measurements with the width dimension listed first WANT LISTS are encouraged many items never reach our catalogue and are sold to previous requestors We also offer generous cash or trade terms for collections, large or small, of ANY natural history printed items Shells and Sea Ute - Volume 21-1989 Abbott, P.L 1979 Geological Excursions in the Southern California Area 15p - $3 Abbott, R.T Seashells of the World Golden Nature Guide We have sold more of these over many years than any other book The inexpensive price & excellent quality with 100's of color illustrations of worldwide shells make it an book excellent identification A Abbott, R.T 1948 pi - for Softbound all $3 - America (Pomatiopsis Potential Snail Host of Oriental Schistosomiasis in North lapidaria) 12p, $3 Abbott, R.T 1948 Mollusks and Medicine in World War II Ann Rep Smithsonian 1947, p.325-338; 3pls; 8vo Inst American Seashells 1st ed (The New Illustrated Abbott, R.T 1954 (rriany In 100 color), full Photos by P.M Bayer NY, 541 p., 40 - $30 Naturalist.) text figs., cr4to cloth (dj missing), some Sea cover Shells Marine Mollusca of Grand Abbott, R.T 1958 64p., Cayman col ill., 8vo island, British $6 pis annotations and Tectahus Abbott, R.T 1954 Review of the Atlantic Periwinkles, Nodilittorina, Echininus, lb3(3328):449-464; 3figs; 8vo - $4 Abbott, R.T 1955 Introducing - Lung Fluke {Paragonimus) Abbott, R.T 1952 A Study of an Intermediate Snail Host {Thiara granifera) of the Oriental Proc USNM 102(3292):71-116; 2pls; 45figs; 8vo - $11 soft cover Proc USNM $8 - West Indies Philadelphia 143p, ill., index, 8vo soft $18 - Abbott, R.T 1961 How to Know the American Signet Books, 222p., 12 col Marine Shells Abbott, R.T 1968 Shells Nature Program, National Audubon Society almost perfect copy with correction sheet - $6 Abbott, R.T 1968 Cassidae 6p, copy figs, - Sea Shells of North America 280 Abbott, R.T 1969 Sea Shells of North America 33-1/3 How Abbott, R.T 1973 American Malacologists to know col Softbound - pis., sm8vo stamps + B-W soft ill cover - $4 Soft cover $3 Abbott, R.T 1968 Abbott, R.T 1970 29 63p., p, color RPM ill, Record - the American Marine Shells 222p., 12 color 494p., crSvo - $9 $15 softbound pis., - $3 $22 B&W illus 6500 known species of marine mollusks of Abbott, R.T 1974 American Seashells, 2nd Ed 24 col pis., 4000 North America listed in one book Over 300 shells are illustrated and described in detail Hardcover - $75 Abbott, R.T 1975 American Malacolgists 1975 Supplement, p.495-609, cr8vo Abbott, R.T 1976 The Best of the Nautilus New Abbott, R.T 1978 Seashells Abbott, R.T 1979 Kingdom 280p., Abbott, R.T 1985 IRS Not Charitable to Abbott, R.T 1985 Anders The Return Abbott, R.T., Dance, S.P 1986 8vo cloth, dj York, 160p., about 200 color 256 of the Seashell - Shell of The Some color p Abbott, R.T 1984 Collectible Shells of the Southeastern Dry edition $4.95 Abbott, R.T 1985 Kirk illus., illus., ill., Compendium soft cover cloth, dj US and the Caribbean 68p; Conchologists S&SL S&SL 17(12):250-251, of seashells - Shows - $4 $15 cir III, 8vo sb Wet edition $8.95; $3 17(10):218, fig - $3 $3 410p, ca 4000 color ill, sm4to Abbott, R.T., Sandved, K 1976 Shells in Color 112p., illus Beautiful color illustrations iriformation on the animals, fully indexed Hardbound - $20 Abbottsmith, $15 soft cover - 17(8):203 S&SL ill - $22 map 7x4.25" sm4to Guide Supreme (1945-1985) Nautilus - cloth, combined dj - $50 with accurate 132p., over 100 ill, figs and tables, roy4to, spiral bound, soft cover 1969 Multiform Australian Volutes the tremendous range and variation of these shells - $25 F Each book softbound and about of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1920-1930 Year Books Missing 1921 and dings List 100 pages with several plates The set is in good condition with some soiling of covers and nicks members and staff of the Academy with financial reports and accessions including photos and essays on the works Academy and Academy collections of the scuffed Academy Academy for the year - $200 of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1926-1928 and one torn, contents good - Year Books Three books for the years mentioned Covers $60 1949-1979 392p., figs, tbis, of Sciences of the USSR, 1983 Research Vessel Vityaz and her expeditions table of contents - $50 illus., hard cover, in Russian, Latin names and English halftone Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 1957 Vol Adams, 1884 collector's manual II, British land No & 1, p.1-80, 3pls J Stach, G Biernat & H Osmolska authors - $15 freshwater shells $62.50 Adams, 1906 ecological survey Northern Michigan $12 Addicott, W.O & Emerson, 33p, 8figs - Mexico W.K 1959 Late Pleistocene Invertebrates from Punta Cabras, Baja California, $5 Formation near W.O 1963 Interpretation of the Invertebrate Fauna from the Upper Pleistocene Battery Proc Gal Acad Sci., 31(13):341-347, separate - $3 Crescent City, California Pliocene Gastropod 12p, Addicott, W.O 1965 On the Identification of Schizopyga californiana Conrad, a California Addicott, Shells and Sea U(e 11 figs, copy Itbl, - Volume 21 1989 - $3 - Some Western American Cenozoic Gastropods Genus of the Addicott, W.O 1965 Addicott, W.O 1966 Late Pleistocene Marine Paleoecology and Zoogeography Nassarius 24p, 3pls - Central California 21 p, 4pls in W.O 970 Miocene Gastropods and Biostratigraphy of the Kern River Area, (642):i-iv + 174p., 21 pis., text figs., sm4to wraps - $18 Addicott, USGS California Prof - $5 $5 Paper W.O 1971 Tertiary Marine Mollusks of Alaska: An Annotated Bibliography Geol Surv Bull (1343):30p, - $3 Addicott, W.O 1976 Neogene Molluscan Stages of Oregon and Washington 21 p, 5pls, 6figs - $5 Addicott, 3figs Emerson, W.K 1959 Late Pleistocene Invertebrates from Punta Cabras, Baja California, Mexico 33p, $5 Addicott, W.O., - Sfigs Molluscan Types from the Yakataga Addicott, W.O., Kanno, S., Sakamoto, K., Miller, D.J 1971 Clark's Tertiary District, Gulf of Alaska 16p, 6pls - $4 Addicott, W.O., Snavely, P.D et 22p, 22figs Adegoke 1969 al 1979 La secuencia Ne6gena marina de los Campos de Dallas y de Nijar (Almerfa) $3 - & Strat Neogene Format Coalinga, CA $20 Paleont Mar Agersborg, H.P.K 1919 Notes on Melibe leonina (Gould) Publ Puget Sound Biol Sta Agersborg, H.P.v.W.K 1924 Studies on the Effect of Parasitism upon the Tissues Certain Gasteropod Mollusks p.361-401, 10 double pis - $20 Aguayo, C.G 1965 Sobre sm4to 2figs; tbis; - el I 2:269-277, pis 49-50 - $4 With Special Reference to status de Veronicella portoricensis (Molluscs Pulmonata) Carib J Sci 5(1-2):25-28; $3 La serie estratigr^fica de Ne6geno en la depresidn de Granada, y contribucidn del g^nero Chlamys a sur caracterizacidn 19p, photocopy - $3 Aguirre, 1961 AIKEN & FULLER Albano Living Volutes of Africa Beachcombing & illus., SB Softbound - $6 $2.00 nach naturlicher verwandtschaft systematisch geordnet 2nd Albers, J.C, 1861 Die Helicen Alcalde, 70p., line drawings, for Treasure 54 pp., M.K Jacobson 1959 A new operculate land snail from Bound - $56 ed 359p Nautilus, 72(4):111-115, Haiti 12 pi - $3 Alcock, A 1906 Catalogue of the Indian Decapod Crustacea in the Collection of the Indian Museum Part III Macrura Fasciculus I The Prawns of the Peneus Group Calcutta, pp 1-56, plates l-IX, 4to original wraps faded & chipped, contents good Scarce - $45 Hancock, A 1845 A Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Molluscs: with figures of all the Species Society, London, 23p., 10 pis hand colored 13.5x9.5", boards, worn, with some smudging & foxing Includes Family 1, pis 4, & 26 plus Family 3, pis 3, 21, 24, 26, 34-36 - $48 Alder, J., Ray Alder, J., vol Alder, Hancock, A 1848 XLII -On a proposed New Order of Gasteropodous Molluscs 1:401-415, pis poor quality photocopy - $3 J., Ann Mag Nat Hancock, A 1848 XX - Additions to the British species of Nudibranchiate Molluscs 1:189-191 poor quality photocopy - $3 Hist., ser 2, Ann Mag Nat Hist., ser 2, Vol Alderson, E.G 1925 Studies in Ampullaria xx + 102p., 19 1936 Florida Aldrich, B., Snyder, E Aldrich, T.H 1908 A new Eocene Sea fossil England nudibranch records, p Shells pis., sm8vo from Claiborne Nautilus, 22(2)13 and photocopy - $3 de Chiapas S 1969 Birds of Kerala Pp 444, 16 full pg cir pits by D.W Cowen, Covers 386 species of south Indian birds Near fine - $37.50 Alkon, D.L 1983 Allan, J.K 1956 Cowry Shells & cover scuffed Allan, R.S n.d Allen, C.R 1957 & Allen, G.R The Genus - a Marine Snail Amer A - copy lib Two Balch, F.N., Liothyrella Zone - Mexicana 34 Paleont photo- pits - $69 - $6 New interesting - (many color) pis., 8vo $5 RPT Cloth, DJ, 8vo Delhi, Sci 249(1):70-74, 76, 78, 80, 82-83, figs 180 pages, plates 1-15 (some World Seas Fault Ex cloth, worn color), text figs., - 1984 [Hermissenda] - $3 $40 8vo cloth, no dj [back $55 (Brachiopoda) in in New Zealand lOp, 3pls San Gorgonio Pass, Southern - $4 California 36p, 6pls, 3figs, photocopy A new species of freshwater grunter (Pisces: Teraponidae) from - $4 Northern Australia $3 1985 Fishes of Allen, R.P 1952 Allen, of Merrick, J.R 1984 R.L 1979 figs, in slight water-stain] San Andreas 7p, 3photos Allen, G.R Allen, Learning [July] 1950 Australian Seashells xix + 470p., 44 Allan, J.K printed Original binding Cloth, worn, 13-16 Alencaster, G 1971 Rudistas del Cretacio Superior Ali, Only 150 copies pis., 4to 122p., 11 Western Australia Pacific Marine Fishes Book 329p, cIr ill, sm4to hb Yield Model for the Foveaux Strait Oyster {Ostrea lutaria) Fishery lOp, 8figs The Whooping Crane Audubon Soc Research Report #3 249p., scarce original work - $42.50 National lg8vo wraps Near fine copy of this cIr frontis, - - $30 $3 photo-pis, 45 W.E 923 XXIII Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Gulf of California in 921 Observations on surface distribution of marine diatoms of Lower California 1n 1921 Proc Cal Acad Sci., 12(23):437-442 Shells and Sea Life separate Ailing, - Volume 21-1989 $3 - H.L 1945 Use by some New York Sedimentary Rocks 20p, of Microlithologies as Illustrated 6figs $4 - Apical Development in Turritellid Classification with a Description of Cristispira pugetensis Gen Sp Nov 15p, Ipl, photocopy - $3 Allison, R.C 1965 et R.C, Marincovich, L., Jr 1982 Correlation of a late Oligocene or earliest Miocene molluscan fauna between Alaska and Asia: Neogene of the Pacific Ocean regions Proc 2nd Int Congr Neogene Pacific Ocean, [in Russian] 5p, 4pls, photocopy - $3 Allison, Altena, CO v., Altimira, C, Fernanda - Genus Huelin, M., Ros, 1983 Eastern J From Zoologlsche Verhandl #188 Babylonia Descriptions of the genus., 57p., $12 J 1981 Molluscs bentonics Cat Hist Nat., 47:69-75 separate Inst Altman, Gittenberger Softbound 11 pis Gunwinggu - de Medes les llles (Girona) I Sistematica Butll $3 Fish Trapping at Gunbatgarri 13p, 8pls, 2figs $3 - Weichselia reticulata (Stokes et Webb) Fontaine from the Wealden of Belgium Inst Royal des Sciences Nat de Belgique, Memoire No 166, 33 p 13x10 uncut, tbis, figs., pis 1-9 As issued - $25 Alvin, K.L 1971 Amano, M 1957 Upper Cretaceous Molluscan Fossils from Shimo-Koshiki-Jima, Kyushu, American Journal of Conchology Vols 1-7 1965-1872 [28 leather A good set of this rare work, complete - 153 plates, $1295.00 parts], American Malacological Union Annual Reports 1956-1958; sb - $15 American Malacological Union Annual Reports 1960-1963; sb - $20 American Malacological Union Annual Reports 1960-1965; sb - $30 American Malacological Union Bulletin for 1972 American Malacological Union 1955 American Malacological Union 1961 American Malacological Union 1974 How How How Vol 38 fine condition many - - $4 $12.50 SB $3 2nd Ed SB $3 to Collect Shells 1st Ed to Collect Shells to study and collect shells 4th ed 107p, American Malacological Union 1975 Bulletin of the American Malacological Union, wraps - $9 American Malacological Union 1984 16(10): 167-1 74 - $3 Common Names List American Malacological Union 1984 16(11):199 - $3 Common Names List of Common Names American Malacological Union 1984 16(12):227-230, 235-238 - $3 p.51-75, 2figs., 2pis hand-colored; portraits, 8vo half List of ill, Inc., for American 8vo 1975 soft cover 95p., ill., $3 - sm4to Terrestrial Mollusks S&SL, North American Marine Gastropods S&SL, of North North American Marine Gastropods, Part American Malacological Union 1984 Principles Governing Selection of from America North of Mexico S&SL, 16(9): 143-1 45 - $3 Common Names S&SL, of Aquatic Invertebrates Common Names List of North American Cephalopods S&SL 17(2):58-59 $3 Common Names List of North American Chitons S&SL 17(2):83-85 - $3 S&SL 1985 Common Names List of North American Freshwater Gastropods American Malacological Union 1985 American Malacological Union 1985 American Malacological Union 17(2):48-55 - $3 American Malacological Union 1985 65 - $3 Common Names List of North American Freshwater Bivalves American Malacological Union 1985 American Malacological Union 1985 $3 American Museum of Natural Jacobson, Hertlein Amnuay Pinratana & Common Names List of North American Solenogasters S&SL 17(2):56 $3 Common Names List of North American Tuskshells & Toothshells S&SL Common Names All others List of North American Marine Gastropods, Part Common Names List of North American History 1958 Western Mexico, 1957 17(2):60- - American Malacological Union 1985 17(2):56-57 - $3 American Malacological Union 1985 17(1): 17-25 $3 S&SL Results of the Puritan-American 20 Novitates & Bulletins reporting Owner stamps Bound in one large Marine Bivalves S&SL S&SL 17(2):66-82 - Museum of Natural History Expedition to on the volume expedition Authors include: Emerson, with dividers between each part - $125 Pp 636, 136 full pg clr pits 1977-85 Butterflies of Thailand Vols of the butterflies of this SE Asian country Beautiful plates A fine set Very scarce - $165.00 An exhaustive monographic account Cloth, DJ, A sm 4to complete set of Bangkok volumes all published to date Amos, W.H & S.H Amos 1985 The Audubon Society Nature Guides Atlantic & Gulf Coasts 670p., color photos - $14 Le Naturaliste, 453-454 Photocopy listing 80 Ancey, CF 1881 Liste de Coquilles recoltees a San-Diego (Californie) species found - $3 Anderson & Martin 1914 Neocene Record in the Trembler Basin, California 98p., 10 pis Bound - $15 Shells and Sea Ufe Volume - 21 1989 - Anderson, P.M & G.D Hanna 1925 Fauna and Stratigraphic Relations of the Tejon Eocene at the Type Locality In Kern County, California 249p., 16 pis., cr4to original wraps untrimmed, owner stamp $25 Anderson, P.M 1929 Marine Miocene and related deposits of North Colombia, p.73-213, IV Anderson, P.M 1958 Upper Cretaceous of the Pacific Coast 378p., 75pls., original 8vo Includes almost 200p on mollusks and the majority of the plates - $40 Anderson, An 1984 R Food Alternate for some Captive Nudibranchs col SB - $3 S&SL 17(4):149, col photo Anderson, R 1985 Guide to Florida seashells 56p., Anderson, Now 1985 R I'm a believerl Anderson, R 1985 Octopus bites Anderson, Super Clam? 1985 R Anderson, R.Y 1958 A $30 pis 8-23, cr4to - cloth, signature inside cover S&SL, 16(12):224, photos - $3 ill S&SL 17(8):206, photo - $3 S&SL 17(5): 173-1 76, photos $3 - $3 - col micromanipulator for single-mounting microfossils 2p, 2figs $3 - Andrea, A 1884 Der diluvialsand von hangenbieten im Unter-Elsass 81 p., pis Also: 1887 Die Glossophoren des Terr, a Chailles der Pfirt 45p., pi Old boards with cloth spine - $20 Andrews, J & Shores Shells Andrews, J Texas of Texas 24 pages of color plates Pine coverage of the Gulf Coast shells Hardbound binding 365p A Shells Field Guide 156p; & bw cir ill; sb - Angel H The Book 1982 Angeletti S 1968 Conchiglie 1968 ill., Angeletti, S 1978 torn - new - da Collezione Photos HB Shells - 32p, The Seas and 38 col cIr Proc Zool Soc 3:33-34; figs;8vo & bw - ill 8vo ill., cloth, dj - -$3 $18 $4 maps & 160p., color plates, line $16 C Bevilacqua 80p., col 4to cloth ill Italian text 1968 - $15 $8 4to cloth Based on the original Italian their Shells Translated by How to edition J - and Collect Them Identify Introd M Tweedie $10 Richardson 334p., 262111 (250 -t- col.), IgSvo cloth, dj $15 Angeletti, S., Bevilacqua, C 1972 - as 100+ Life (Britain's Natural Heritage) Color Treasury of Sea Shells Sea Shells Angeletti, S 1973 64p., col Sea cloth, dj, 168p., Book Seashore of Large 4to Old boards with cloth spine pis from South Australia of f/e//x of the Seashore The Guinness Book drawings throughout, cr8vo Angeletti, S New Species of Nature Photography Sea Shells Angel, H 1978 Angel, H 1981 cloth $10 Andrusov, N 1897 Fossile und lebende Dreissesidae Eurasians 13p., 20 - $37.50 Angas, G.P 1877 Description of Good $40 - Sea Shells How to identify and collect them 64p -i- 150 color photos, 300x225mm, HB $10 AnimauxNouveauxorRares I'AmeriqueduSud fine color pis Vol also includes no damage to the molluscan pis Ankel, P 1962 Hydrobia ulvae Ankel, W.E 1924 Der Bound - 15 other color - Vol.111 pis 1923 reprint Included is Hupe, 1857, Mollusques, 95p., 20 Waterstained throughout, but there is of non-molluscan fauna $75 Pennant und H ventrosa Montagu als Wirte larvalerTrematoden Spermatozoendimorphismus bei Bythinia tentacula L und lOOp., text-figs $17.50 Viviparus viviparus L 82p., pis $17.50 Ankel, W.E 1930 Die atypische Spermatogenese von Janthina (Prosobranchia, Renoglossa) 18p., pis., bound - $17.50 Ankel, W.E 1960 Alexander photos, separate - $3 von Humboldt als Personlichkeit Nachrich der Giessener Hochschulgells., 29:56-65, Annates du Musee d'HIstoire Naturelle de Marseille, 1903 Tome includes biographical notices for A Kowalewsky, H Gaudion & P Gourret, along with Memoires Pallary, P., Addition a la faune conchyliogique de la mediterranee Couturier, M., Catalogue des coquilles palearctiques terrestres et fluviatiles de la collection du Dr Hagenmuller Vayssiere, A., Recherches zoologiques et anatomiques sur les Mollusques Opistobranches du golfe de Marseille Supplement plates and several figures 12x9" mostly uncut pages - $34 Annals of the Natal Museum 1969-1983 Vol 19-25 complete About 400 pages per volume with several molluscan papers in each volume Important reference work for malacology - $395 1891 [for 1890] 81 p., 163 pis., 99 text-figs., Black cloth binding splitting Text in on humming birds, printing, fire making, Eskimos, pit-dwellers of Japan, Ainos of Japan, Indian paintings, log of the Savannah, anthropology at the Paris Exposition in 1889 and Handbook for the by G.P Merrill - $42 Dept of Geology in the USNM, Part Annual Report Smithsonian good Institution, condition Includes articles I, 1892] 620p., 99 pis., text-figs Bound black cloth, fair condition, some together Includes articles on Japanese wood-cuts, biological and geological investigation relationships, scientific taxidermy, the Shofar, Crump Burial Cave, minute stone implements from India, and comparative Oology of North American birds - $32 Annual Report Smithsonian Institution, signatures loosening but Annual Report Smithsonian 1893 [for still Institution for 1926 $10 Anonymous 1953 Report of marine borer conference, June, 1952 4to - $4 Shells and Sea Life - Volume 1989 21 Anonymous 1968 Sea-Hare from Sydney Harbour Anonymous 1984 Directory Anonymous 71908 VII condition - $10 and Freshwater Scientists of Marine IVIollusca Austral Nat Hist., Mar 1968, p.15, 299-490, many figs & Anthony, R 1905 Influence de la fixation pleurothetique sur 232p., pis Bound - $18.75 Arakawa, K 1979 Shells on Stamps of the World in Canada bound illustrations, index, la photo, copy 1984 533p, sb - neatly in light - boards - $3 $27 & tape, good Morphologie des mollusques acephales dimyaires Japan, 438p, col & bw ill, Japanese & English text, 8vo cloth, dj - $20 Archiv fur Mollusl
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