Bridgewater treatises V7-2, Chalmers 1780-1847

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THE BRIDGEWATER TREATISES ON THE POWER WISDOM AND GOODNESS OF GOD AS MANIFESTED IN THE CREATION TREATISE VII ON THE HISTORY HABITS AND INSTINCTS OF ANIMALS BY THE REV WILLIAM KIRBY, IN TWO VOLUMES VOL II M.A " C EST, LA BIBLE A LA MAIN, QUE NOUS DEVONS ENTRER DANS LK TEMPLE AUGUSTE DE LA NATURE, POUR BIEN COMPRENDRE LA VOIX DU CRI^ATEUR." GAEDE '^3/' Civrtu dfl ON THE POWER WISDOM AND GOODNESS OF GOD AS MANIFESTED IN THE CREATION OF ANIMALS AND IN THEIR HISTORY HABITS AND INSTINCTS BY THE REV WILLIAM KIRBY, M.A F.R.S etc RECTOU or BARHAM VOL II &.1.TH LONDON WILLIAM PICKERING 1835 C W HITTINGHAM, TOOKS COURT, CHAXCKUV I.AiN'K CONTENTS OF THE SECOND VOLUME Page Explanation of Plates Chap XIII Functions and vii Instincts Cirripedes and Cri- noideans XIV XV Entomostracan Condy lopes 16 Crustacean Condylopes 36 Myriapod Condylopes XVI 63 92 XVII Motive, locomotive and prehensory organs Rotatory organs 96 Tentacles 99 XVIII Suckers 114 Bristles 127 Natatory organs 131 Wings 144 Steering organs 161 Legs 165 220 Instinct in general XIX Functions and Instincts Arachnidans,Pseu- darachnidans, and Acaridan Condylopes XX 281 Insect Condylopes 310 XXI Fishes 371 XXII Reptiles 409 XXIII Birds 435 XXIV Mammalians 475 Man 518 XXV CoNCLusiox VOL II 525 EXPLANATION OF THE PLATES VOLUME II Pasre PLATE Fig — 8tdLtes of Adheres Percarum further developed Larve Pupe? a Antennee b Unguiculate thoracic legs c Natatory, sub-abdominal ditto d e Cast skin Imago a a Maxillary legs b b Antennae c c Two posterior pair of thoracic legs confluent, so as to form one organ, the sucker {d) fixes itself e is a Egg and to each of which hooked, by which the animal immoveably, Abdomen, shewing /• /• the eggs in the ovaries pouches Natural size of the animal PLATE Fig 25 FcBtus in Egg Entomostracans IX X Crustaceans Birgus Latro 48 Pagiirus clibanarius 45 a, a a Adhesive organs at the taii EXPLANATION OF THE PLATES Vll Page Two b, b c c which d d e e it Egg pairs of thoracic last also adheres to the shell it legs, by inhabits bearers Forceps, in this species both of the same size Phyllosoma brevicorne PLATE Fig Arachnidan and Insect Condylopes Mormolyce phyllodes Aranea notacantha Portion of an honey-comb, to shew that every XI cell stands, as PLATE Fig it were, upon three AuACHNiDAN Condylopes XI B 287 Lid or trap-door Cteniza nidulans Nest of Trap-door a PLATE — b 340 Kirbii XII Fishes Callkthys 142 Pectoral bony ray of a Silurus, found in digging Blakenham parva Rectory, PLATE Insect Condylopes Nest of at Fig Tube Tube XI C Myrmica b 292 PLATE 337 Nest and tube of a Fig 359 299 Cteniza fodiens Fig 59 Maltha XIII in Suffolk 140 Fishes (continued) 137 Vespertilio Lateral view of the head of A species o^ fishing frog from China 138 EXPLANATION OF THE PLATES Vlll Pao- PLATE Fig XIV Proteus anguinus, vol Reptiles i 415 35 a Gills Anterior leg of the CharncBleon Posterior PLATE XV Fig }, Birds 46? Sylvia cisticola Nest of Portion of to shew the stitching of the leaves PLATE XVL Chlamyphorus truncatus Quadrupeds 207 PhxU IX '>^-^^ C M Urt.^ M,^.r Uk C J^ Cu/rt>^' cUl tLyir M PlauXI f / ^fifrmcca Kurhv Sijkt^ ''567 I S'^xlt C- -M CuTti^ del of I I fc I InJit^ Mui(/r lltK C M Ciortu iJ_, Atufvr Utk Piuu y.m % C^ Co^.^ dd ~M^t,r lutA C Ji CuMi^ ^^jLi^t/r izi liih
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