Birds of Africa 03

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: THE ^rpl, BIRDS OF AFRICA, COMPRISING ALL THE SPECIES WHICH OCCUR ETHIOPIAN REGION BY G E SHELLEY, F.Z.S., F.R.G.S., &C (late gkenadier guaeds), aitthor of "a handbook to the birds of egypt,' "a monograph of the sunbirds," VOL etc III LONDON PUBLISHED FOR THE AUTHOR EY E H POETER, 7, PEINCES STEEET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, 1902 W ? liw^ i\ ... short of tip of than the length of the mantle always mottled less amount of rufous and the pattern of the wing never varies in adult birds b^ Shortest secondary falls short of Mirafra tip of wing... of only, of tarsus the Melanocobypha bastard primary being absent c'' No elongated black hornlets head ; tip of secondaries on sides of not falling short of wing by so much as the length of. .. larger ends In 1896, when I published my list of the birds of the Ethiopian Eegion, of eggs in a nest varies ALAUDIDiE I followed the arrangement of 15 the Larks proposed by Dr Bovvdler Sharpe
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