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THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON VOLUME XXI LONDON: PRINTED BY TAYLOR AND FRANCIS, RED LION COURT, FLEET STREET SOLD AT THE SOCIETY'S HOUSE, SOHO - SQUARE : ; AND BY LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN, AND LONGMANS, PATERNOSTER- ROW /£$ I ~- M.DCCC.LV CONTENTS, PART I.—1852 I On II Genus Atamisquea, belonging Miers, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc the On the to the Family of the Capparidacese By John page Development of the Ovule in Orchis Morio, Linn By Arthur Henfrey, Esq., F.L.S fyc III On the Australian Species of the Coleopterous Westwood, Genus Bolboceras, Kirby By J O 11 Esq., F.L.S fyc IV Descriptions of some new or imperfectly known Species of Bolboceras, Kirby J O Westwood, Esq., F.L.S fyc By V Experiments and Observations on the Poison of Animals of the Order Araneidea John Black-wall, Esq., F.L.S fyc By VI VII On the On (Economy of a new Species of Saw-fly the Family of Triuriacese By John By John Curtis, Esq., F.L.S Miers, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc 19 31 fyc 39 43 VIII The Anatomy and Development of certain Chalcididse and Ickneumonidse, compared with their special (Economy and Instincts ; with Descriptions of a new Genus and Species of Bee-Parasites By George Newport, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc 61 IX Further Observations on the Genus Anthophorabia F.B.S., F.L.S fyc By George Newport, Esq., 79 CONTENTS vi PART X II.—1853 The Anatomy and Development of certain Chalcididse and Ichneumonidse (conpage 85 By George Newport, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc tinued) XI Further Observations on the Habits of Monodontomerus with some Account of a the Nests of Anthophora new Acarus (Heteropus ventricosus), a Parasite 95 retusa By George Newport, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc ; m XII On the Development of the Spores and Maters of Marchantia polymorpha By 103 Arthur Henfrey, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc By Captain Champion, XIII The Ternstrcemiaceous Plants of Song Kong Communicated by the President XIV On the Development of Ferns from 95th Beg Ill By Arthur Henfrey, their Spores Esq., 117 F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc XV On Two Genera of Plants from Chile XVI On Two New Genera of Fungi By By John Miers, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc the Bev M J Berkeley, M.A., F.L.S 8fc and Structure of the Great Bustard (Otis tarda of Linnceus) William Yarrell, Esq., V.P and Treas Linn Soc 8fc XVII On the BZabits XVIII On the Ocelli in the Genus Anthophorabia By George Newport, PART XXI On with the By 155 161 XIX The Natural Sistory, Anatomy, and Development of Meloe George Newport, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc (continued) Vegetation of Buenos Ayres and the neighbouring districts James Pox Bunbury, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc Genus Aquilaria Bemarks by the late By 167 III.—1854 the Charles 149 Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc XX Notes on 141 By 185 By the late William Roxburgh, M.D., F.L.S 8fc ; Henry Thomas Colebrooke, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc Communicated by Robert Brown, Esq., D.C.L., F.B.S., President of the Linnean 199 Society ' XXII On Acradenia, a new Genus of Diosmese ify Richard Kippist, Esq., Libr.L.S 207 CONTENTS XXIII On the Vll Genus Myrmica, and other indigenous Ants By John F.L.S fyc Curtis, Esq., P age 211 221 XXIV Note on the Maters of Trichia ByARTHVTL~H.wm,VY,Esq.,FR.S., F.L.S 8fc on the Genus Ancistrocladus of Wallich By G H K Thwaites, Esq., 225 F.L.S fyc, Superintendent of the Botanic Garden of Peradenia, Ceylon XXV Note XXVI Remarks relative to the affinities and analogies of natural cularly of Hypocephalus, a Genus of Coleoptera By John 8rc XXVII On objects, more parti- Curtis, Esq., F.L.S 227 among a few Species of the Bovine Communicated by Robert Brown, Esq., the Osteological relations observable Family By V.P.L.S 8fC Walter Adam, M.D 237 PART IV.—1855 XXVIII m Observations on the Structure of the Seed and Peculiar the Clusiacese By John Miers, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc Form of the Embryo 243 XXIX Extract from a Memoir on the Origin and Development of Vessels in Monocotyledonous and Dicotyledonous Plants By Dr Francisco Preire Allemao, of Bio de Janeiro Translated and communicated by John Miers, Esq., F.B.S., 259 F.L.S 8rc XXX Description of Peachia hastata, a new genus and species of the Class Zoophtta ; with observations on the Family Actiniadae By Philip Henry Gosse, Esq., A.L.S 267 §rc A XXXI Horse Carcinologicse, or Notices of Crustacea I Monograph of the Leucosiadae, with observations on the relations, structure, habits and distribution of the family ; species XXXII a revision of the generic characters ; and descriptions of new genera and 277 By Thomas Bell, Esq., V.P.B.S., Pres L.S 8fc Extracts from the Minute-Books of the Lmnean Catalogue of the Library of the Linnean Society Donations to the Museum of the Linnean Society Society of London 315 317 347 THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY OF LONDON VOLUME PART THE XXI FIRST LONDON: PRINTED BY RICHARD TAYLOR, RED LION COURT, TLEET STREET: SOLD AT THE SOCIETY'S HOUSE, SOHO-SQUARE ; AND BY LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN, AND LONGMANS, PATERNOSTER- ROW AND WILLIAM WOOD, TAVISTOCK -STREET, COVENT-GARDEN M.DCCC.L1I ; CONTENTS I On II Genus Atamisquea, belonging Miers, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S fyc the On the Development of the Ovule F.L.S III On to the Family of the Capparidaceae By John page m Orchis Morio, Limn By Arthur Henfrey, Esq., fyc the Australian Species of the Coleopterous Westwood, Genus Bolboceras, Kirby By J O 11 Esq., F.L.S fyc IV Descriptions of some new or imperfectly known Species of Bolboceras, Kirby J Westwood, Esq., F.L.S fyc By V Experiments and Observations on the Poison of Animals of the Order Araneidea John Blackwall, Esq., F.L.S fyc By VI VII On the (Economy of anew Species of Saw -fly On the Family of Triuriacese By John By John Miers, Curtis, Esq., F.L.S Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc 19 31 39 fyc 43 VIII The Anatomy and Development of certain Chalcididse and Ichneumonidse, compared with their special (Economy and Instincts ; with Descriptions of a new Genus and Species of Bee- Parasites By George Newport, Esq., F.B.S., F.L.S IX Further Observations on the Genus Anthophorabia F.B.S., F.L.S 8fc fyc By George Newport, 61 Esq., 79 CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 340 Donors Titles Address read Anniversary Meeting of the Royal 8vo London, 1848, Northampton (Marquis of) Society, June 9, 1848 Norton at the New (C B.) Literary Register for 1853 Nylander — Additamentum Society The Author York, 1853, 12mo (W.) Conspectus Florae Helsingforsiensis The (1850,) 4to 1851, 4to Observationes nonnullae ad Synopsin Lichenum Holmiensium Holmiae, 1853, 8vo Osculati (G.) Coleopteri raccolti nella Persia, Indostan, ed Egitto Monza, 844, 8vo Viaggio Owen (R.) Description of the Skeleton of bustus, Owen) On London, 1842, Parthenogenesis viduals from a single Paravey Sur divers ) ( Cavolo-arboreo Note del On (J.) an extinct Gigantic Sloth (Mylodon ro- a l'histoire des Vegetaux Cyclostomes specie d' Insetti, nocivi, uno J.Curtis,Esq.,F.L.S alia Vite, e 1' altro the Importance of special Scientific Knowledge to the Practical The Author SirH.T.delaBeche 1852, 8vo the Ceylon Cardamom Some Observations on 3rtf edition, Vols The Author lb 1842, 8vo Potato- Starch lb 1843, 8vo the Chinese Gall, and the Gall of Bokhara Notices of some rare kinds of Rhubarb On JosephWoods,Esq., F.L.S London, Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, London, 1849-53, 8vo On Grains of Paradise lb 1843, 8vo On The Author The Author? 8vo Toulouse, 1848, 8vo (J.) On The Royal College of Surgeons 4to 8vo Metallurgist Pereira Murchison, F.L.S Notizie relative ad Insetti Coleotteri dannosi, ed alcuni ospitanti, della pianta del Fico (Ficus Carica) Firenze, 1851, 8vo Percy Sir R.I lb 1849, 8vo Memoria sopra due Passerini (C.) al les e or the successive reproduction of procreating indi- sujets relatifs Memoire sur Partiot (L.) ; ovum : lb lb 1844, 8vo 1845, 8vo the Circular Polarization of several Terebinthinate Substances lb 1845, 8vo Historical Notice of the Chloride of Formyle The On On varieties of the Almond Xyloidine, or Gun-Cotton the Fruit of lb 1846, 8vo lb 1846, 8vo lb 1846, 8vo Amomum Melegueta, Rose lb 1847, 8vo Notices of several Pharmaceutical Substances recently received from St Petersburgh lb 1848, 8vo On the light and heavy varieties of Carbonated and Calcined Magnesia lb 1848, 8vo On Cod-liver Oil lb 1849, 8vo Pettenkofer (D M.) Die Chemie in ihrem Verhaltnisse zur Physiologie und Festrede vorgetragen am 28 Marz, 1848 Miinchen, 1848, Pathologic 4to Pittard (S R.) from the Playfair (L.) The " " Symmetry" and Tempero-Maxillary Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology 8vo On Articles Articulation," the National Importance of Studying Abstract Science Industrial Institutions on the Continent London, The Museum of Practical Geology 1851, 8vo lb 1852, 8vo CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY Titles Donors Chemische Untersuchung des Wachsiihnlichen Bestandtheiles der Polleck (T.) 341 Balanophora elongata, Bl 4to Quekett (J.) Practical Treatise on the Use of the Microscope Raddi (G.) Crittogame Brasiliane Modena, 1822, 4to Professor Goppert, F.M.L.S London, 1848, 8vo Agrostographia Brasiliensis Lucca, f823, 8vo Descrizione di una nuova Orchidea Brasiliana Modena, 1823, 4to Continuazione della descrizione dei Rettili Brasiliani, &c lb 1822, 4to Rainey (G.) On the Structure of the Sudoriparous Glands 1849, 8vo Ralfs (J.) & Jenner (E.) British Desmidieee London, 1848, 8vo T C Janson, Esq J.Woods, Esq., F.L.S — Ralph Icones Carpologicae (T S.) Seeds, part Ramsay (A C.) ; or Figures and Descriptions of Fruits and London, 1849, On the Science of Geology and T S Ralph, A.L.S T.C.Janson,F.L.S The Author 4to its London, 1852, applications SirH.T.DelaBeche 8vo Rand Short Statement relating to the Mic-mac tribe of Indians in Scotia and Prince Edward Island Halifax (N.S.), 1850, 8vo (S T.) Reeve Initiamenta Conchologica ; or Elements of Conchology, parts 8vo London, 1849, (L.) Conchologia Iconica, vols 5-7, and Hinnites, Mactra, Nassa, and Pecten Rengger (J R.) Charles & The Author 10 1849-54, 4to Basel, 1830, Nat.Hist.Soc.,Basle , Proposition sur l'etude des moyens propres a detruire les Insectes nuisibles a 1' Agriculture Paris, 1849, Svo ( Roffavier Cogswell, F.L.S M.D., Monographs of Amphidesma, Naturgeschichte der Saiigethiere von Paraguay Svo Richard vol 8, lb Nova ) ( ) Notice sur M Champagneux Rogers (H D.) Address delivered Geologists, Rogers (R E &c, held & W B.) in On M Lyon, 1846, 8vo Meeting of the Association of American at the May Washington, 1844 New Haven, the Absorption of Carbonic Acid M.Guerin-Meneville Mulsant Prof Rogers 1844, 8vo Gas by Liquids lb 1848, Svo On a new Svo process for obtaining Chlorine Gas Contributions to the of the D.) Tertiary Formations Geology of Virginia, Series & 1835-39, 4to Rogers (W B & H Account of two remarkable Massachusetts trains of angular Erratic Blocks, in Berkshire, 1846, Svo Rosse (Earl of) Address read at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society, Nov 30, 1849 London, Report on the progress of the culture of the China Tea Plant in the Himalayas, from 1835 to 1847 Svo Royle The Society 1850, Svo (J F.) Ryckholt (Baron de) Resume Geologique sur le genre Chiton, L 8vo Salm-Dyck (Jos Princeps de) Caclea in Horto Dyckensi cultae, anno 1849 Bonnae, The Author Sir C.Lyell, F.L.S The Author 1850, Svo Salmon (J D.) Flora of Surrey, fasc London, 1852, 8vo Salvianus (H.) Aquatilium Animalium Historia Romse, 1554, fol Schaerer (L E.) Enumeratio critica Lichenum Europaeorum Bernae, 1850, 8vo Schimper (W P.) Recherches anatomiques et morphologiques sur les Nat Hist Soc, Basle R.J.Shuttleworth,Esq The Author Mousses Strasbourg, 1S48, 4to Thedenia ; ett nytt Vaxtslagte ; Ofversattning af K F Thedenius The Translator Stockholm, 1853, 8vo y2 CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 342 Titles Schiodte (Translated from the Danish by Specimen Faunae Subterranean (J C.) N Wallich, M.D., V.P.L.S.) 1851, 8vo Schlagintweit (H & Coniferen Leipzig, to A.) Einfluss der Ueber Donors The Translator Hohe auf die Dicke der Jahresrringe bei den Oberen Mollgebietes die Vegetations- verhaltnisse des lb The Authors 1850, 4to Schlechtendal (Dr F L von) Hortus Haleneis, tam vivus Halis Saxonum, quam siccus, fasc 1-3 The Author (1841-53,) 4to Betrachtungen Zwergmandeln, und iiber die die Gattung Amygdalus 4to iiberhaupt Schleiden (M.J.) Grundziige der Wissenschaftlichen Botanik, 3te Auflage, 2TheiIe Leipzig, 1849-50, 8vo Schoolcraft (H R.) History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States, vols 1-3 Philadelphia, 1851-3, 4to Schreber (J C D von) & X von Wulfen Original Letters to Dr A — of Indian Affairs W Roth Prof Treviranus, F.M.L.S 4to (MS.) Seemann The Commissioners Herald,' under the command of Capt Henry the during years 1845-51, parts 1-6 London, 1852-4, 4to S D.) Address to the Members of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, Botany of H.M.S (B.) ' The Author Kellett, R.N., C.B., Selby (J at the Anniversary Meeting, Sept 13, 1848 8vo Sendtner (O.) Ueber die klimatische Verbreitung der Laubmoose durch das GSsterreichische Kustenland und Dalmatien 1848, 8vo " Severinus (M A.) Antiperipatias :" h e., adversus Aristoteleos de Respiratione Piscium diatriba Amstelodami, 1661, fol Sidney (E.) Blights of Wheat, and their Remedies London, 1846, 12mo Signoret (V.) Revue critique du groupe des Tettigonides et de la tribu des Cerco- The Club The Author The Natural History Society of Basle The Author 1853, 8vo pides Smith (W.) Synopsis of the British Diatomacece ; 'the plates by T West; vol London, 1853, 8vo Smyth (W W.) On the value of an extended knowledge of Mineralogy and the processes of Mining London, 1852, 8vo Solander (D C.) Descriptiones Conchyliorum (copy of the original MS by the late George Humphrey), vols (MS.) 8vo London, Solly (E.) Syllabus of a complete Course of Lectures on Chemistry Sir Henry T De la Beche The Author 1849, 8vo Sommering (S Ueber die ktirperliche Verschiedenheit vom The Natural History London, 1848-53, The late G B Sow- des Negers Society of Basle Frankfurt, 1785, 8vo Europiier Sowerby (G T.) B.) Thesaurus Conchyliorum, parts 9, 12 & 14 8vo erby, Esq ,F.L.S Parts 10, 11, 13 Sowerby (J.) Sowerby (J & 15 1849-54, 8vo Exotic Mineralogy, nos 13, 16, 18 & 20 D C.) Supplement Purchased lb London, 1817-18, 8vo to English Botany, nos 74-6 London, 1848, 8vo E.) Ferns of Great Britain, illustrated by J E Sowerby: the descriptions, &c by Charles Johnson, Esq.; parts 1-8 London, 1854-5, 8vo Sowerby (J Spcnce (W.) Address delivered Society, Jan 22, 1849 at the Anniversary Meeting of the Entomological London, 1849, 8vo The J late G B Sow- erby,Esq.,F.L.S W Salter, A.L.S J E Sowerby, Esq The Author CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY Titles Spence (W.) Memoir Spix (J of the Rev William Kirby, M.A., F.L.S 1850, 8vo B de) Species novae Testudinum et Ranarum, quas in itinere per Brasi- liam, annis 1817-20, collegit et descripsit Monachii, 1824, lb descripsit 1825, collegit et fol Stainton (H T.) Insecta Britannica Vol 3, Lepidoptera Tineina London, 1854, 8vo Entomologist's Companion, 2nd edition London, 1854, 12mo Stainton (H T.) Ed Entomologist's Annual for 1855 London, 1855, 12mo — 2nd edition T C Janson, Esq., F.L.S The Author The Editor 12mo lb, 1855, Ornamental Trees London, Mr Standish Stanley (E.) Heads for the arrangement of local information, 2nd edition 1848, 8vo London, The Author Standish and Noble Esq., Pres L.S fol Species novas Lacertarum, quas in itinere per Brasiliam Donors The Author Thomas Bell, 343 Practical Hints on planting 1852, 12mo Stannius (H.) Das peripherische Nervensystem der Fische Rostock, 1849, 4to Steenstrup (J J S.) Reclamation contre la Generation alternante et la Digenese Copenhague, 1854, 8vo Steetz (J E.) Die Familie der Tremandreen der Lasiopetaleen Hamburg, 1853, und ihre Verwandschaft zu der Familie 8vo Storer (D H.) History of the Fishes of Massachusetts Cambridge (U S.), 1853, 4to Stover (D H.) Leben des Ritters Carl von Linne; nebst den biographischen merkwiirdigkeiten seines Sohnes, des Prof Carl von Linne; Theile Hamburgh, Dr J van der Hoeven 792, 8vo Sullivant rica, (W part S.) Contributions to the Bryology and Hepaticology of North Ame- The Author 1849, 4to Account of undescribed Plants of Central Ohio Swete (E H.) Flora Bristoliensis Dr Asa Gray The Author 8vo London, 1854, 8vo Tassi (A.) Discorso letto nella Sala del Museo Universita di Pisa Pisa, 1848, dell' 8vo Osservazioni nuove sui Cirri delle Cucurbitacee 8vo Taunton (W D.) Remarks on the Sea-Serpent, Dragon, and Leviathan of the Hertford, 1853, 8vo Scriptures Temminck (C J.) Coup d'oeil general sur les possessions l'Inde Archipelagique, tomes & Neerlandaises dans F.L.S Leide, 1845-7, 8vo Tenore (M.) Delia Zurloa, nuovo genere nella Famiglia delle Meliacee (1840,) 4to Descrizione di due Alberi lattiflui exotici Delia Macria, nuove genere di piante Dell' Erba Baccara Index Seminum mutua commutatione Thedenius (C F.) De del genere Ficus Modena, 1847, (1840,) 4to 4to degli Antichi Napoli, 1852, 4to quae anno 1854, in horto R Botanico Neapolitano pro offeruntur (1 sheet.) enervibus Scandinavia? speciebus generis Andrcim Holmiae, 1849, 8vo Stockholmstraktens Phanerogamer och Ormbunkar lb 1850, 8vo Bidrag till Kiinnedomen om Stockholmstraktens Laf- vegetation (1852,) 8vo G R Gray, Esq., The Author CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 344 Donors Titles a Narrative of a Journey through the (T.) Western Himalaya and Tibet Mountains of N India, in 1847-8 London, 1852, 8vo Thomson (W.) Remarks on the Dentition of British Puhnonifera 1851, 8vo Thomson ; L Reeve, Esq., F.L.S The Author (C P.) Voyage en Afrique et en Asie, principalement au Japon, pendant R Kippist,Libr.L.S annees 1770-79 (Traduit du Suedois.) Paris, 1794, 8vo Thurman (J.) Essai de Phytostatique, applique a la Chaine du Jura, et aux con- The Author Thunberg les trees voisines tomes De Treviranus (L C.) Berne, 1849, 8vo compositione fructus in Cactearum atque Cucurbitacearum Bonnae, 1851, 4to ordinibus On Turner (H N., jun.) the Evidences of Affinity afforded Ungulate Mammalia by the Skull in the 1850, Svo Valentia (George, Viscount) Voyages and Travels in India, Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt vols London, 1811, Svo (with Atlas, 4to) Varley On Chara London, vulgaris Serpentum Brasiliensium species (C.) , (J.) Walker (F.) Insecta Saundersiana novae Monachii, 1824, late G B Sow- erby, Esq., F.L.S The Author Thomas Bell, Esq., 1845, 8vo Wagler The fol Pres L.S : or Characters of undescribed Insects in the Collection of W.W Saunders, Esq Diptera, pts 1, & London, 1850-3, Svo Insecta Britannica Diptera, vols & lb 1851-3, Svo Wallace (A R.) Palm Trees of the Amazon, and their uses London, 1853, 8vo Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro lb 1853, 8vo T.C.Janson,F.L.S L Reeve, Esq., F.L.S The Author London, 1S53, 8vo Attempt Wallman Saunders, Esq., F.L.S The Author Wallich (N.) Brief notice concerning the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India W W to define the Species of (J.) Lefnads-Teckning ofver Dr Hedychium lb 1853, 8vo Georg Wahlenberg Stockholm, 1853, J E Wikstrom 8vo Forsok till en systematisk Uppstallning of Vaxtfamiljen Characece lb 1853, 8vo Walpers (G G.) Annales Botanices Systematica;, tomi 1-3 Lipsiae, 1848-53, 8vo Ward (S H.) On Wardian Cases for Plants, and their applications London, W.Pamplin,A.L.S The Author 1854, 8vo Warington On (R.) a New Medium for Mounting Microscopic Objects London, 1848, 4to On the Adjustment of the Relations between the Animal and Vegetable lb 1850, Svo Observations on the Natural History of the Water-Snail and Fish, kept in a limited portion of water 1852, 8vo Kingdoms On preserving the Balance between Animal and Vegetable Organisms in Sea- water 1853, 8vo Webb (P B.) partie 2, Webb & Berthelot and tome (S.) Histoire Naturelle des lies Canaries, 3, partie 2, sect (P B.) Observations sur especes le & tome 1, tome 2, P B Webb Paris, 1839-50, 4to groupe des Ulicinees; et enumeration de ses 8vo Otia Hispanica; s Delectus Plantarum rariorum perHispanias sponte nascentium lb 1853, 4to Fragmenta Florulae ^Ethiopico-iEgyptiacae, ex plantis praecipue ab A M.D., Musaeo I R Florentino missis Parisiis, 1854, 8vo Figari, M The Author CATALOGUE OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 345 Donors The Author Titles Weddell (H A.) Revue du genre Cinchona Paris, 1848, 8vo - Description d'un cas remarquable d'Hybridite entre des Orchide'es de —— genres differents 8vo Notice sur quelques Rubiacees de l'Amerique tropicale Revue de la famille des Urticees 8vo Wendland (H.) Index Palmarum, Cyclanthearum, Pandanearum, Cycadearum, quae in hortis Europaeis coluntur Westwood (J Hannoverae, 1854, 8vo O.) Addresses delivered at the Anniversary Meetings of the Ento- mological Society Wight 8vo London, 1851-53, 8vo Illustrations of Indian Botany, vol Madras, 1849-50, 4to Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis, vol 3, part 4, and vols 4-6 (R.) lb 4to Wild 1848-53, (I J.) Letter to Lord Brougham, containing Proposals for a Scientific Ex- ploration of Egypt and Ethiopia London, 1850, 8vo London, 1849, 12mo Williams (C.) Curiosities of Animal Life Wirtgen (Ph.) Ueber Scrofularia Neesii, Wtg ; nebst einer iibersichtlichen menstellung der Scrofularien der Rhein-Flora Zusam- Wittwer (W C.) Geschichtliche Darstellung der verschiedenen Lehren iiber die Respiration der Pflanzen Miinchen, 1850, 8vo Woodhouse (S W.) Report of an Expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers, under the command of Captain L Sitgreaves, in 1851 Washington, 1853, 8vo Worm (O.) Museum Wormianum JosephWoods, Esq., F.L.S 8vo Dr von Martius, F.M.L.S The Author Nat Hist Soc, Basle Lugduni-Batavorum, 1655, fol House of Lords, on the 26th of April 1853, The Author Improving Navigation 2nd edition London, in the Wrottesley (John, Lord) Speech on Lieut Maury's Plan for 1853, 8vo (H.) Die Knospenlage der Blatter Wydler Berne, 1850, 8vo 2nd edition, vols London, 1841, 8vo of British 2nd lb 1845, 8vo Birds, edition, vols History On the French System of Measures, Weights, and Coins; and its Yarrell (W.) History of British Fishes, Yates (J.) adaptation to general use London, 1854, 8vo Zannichelli (G G.) Istoria delle piante che nascono ne' Venezia, 1835, Zanoni (J.) fol lidi intorno a Venezia Society of Basle fol Rariorum Stirpium Historia: The Natural History ed Cajetanus Montius Bononiae, 1742, , [ 347 ] DONATIONS TO Til I MUSEUM OF THE L1NNEAN SOCIETY, Exclusive of Presents of single Specimens of Animals, Plants, &c Continued from Page 508 of Vol XX of the Society's Transactions Donations Donors .DRIED Specimens of Plants from Assam and Bootan; forming part of the Herbarium of the late William Griffith, Esq., F.L.S An extensive Collection of Dried Plants, formed principally in the neighbourhood of Adelaide, S Australia ; but partly also at Swan River and King George's Sound, W Australia ; by Sir The Hon India Company The Committee of the WellingtonAthenaeum, New George and Lady Grey East Zealand Specimens of Animal and Vegetable Productions of Van Diemen's Land, from the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations Presented through Joseph Milligan, Esq., F.L.S., Secretary of the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land A Two Necklaces, Case, containing stuffed specimens of twelve species of Tasmanian Birds, collected by Mr Bonney as composed of the cuticle has Joseph Milligan, Esq from which the after- friction Specimen of the Native Bread of Tasmania (Mylitta obtained at Glenorchy, Van Diemen's Land australis), Gum of Acacia mucronata, from Flinders' Island, Bass's Straits " Blood Juice," obtained from a tree on Norfolk Island " Gum Kino," from the Blue Gum-tree and other Eucalypti T Y Lowes, Esq Joseph Milligan, Esq Sir W Denison Joseph Milligan, Esq Cross section of the trunk of a tree (the largest ever met with) of " of Tasmania the " Iron- wood," or " Lignum-Vitae (Notelaa ligustrina), shells of a species of Elenchus, been removed, by soaking them in vinegar, and wards using worn by the Aborigines of Van Diemen's Land, Mr Bonney Two from Macquarie Harbour Slabs of the "Musk-wood" — Brownrigg, Esq (Eurybia argophylla) Specimens of the "Pink-wood" (Carpodontos quarie Harbour lucida), from Mac- Joseph Milligan, Esq 2z DONATIONS TO THE MUSEUM OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 348 Donations Donors Specimens of "White-oak" Timber of Norfolk Island (Lagunea 10 Sir Wm Denison or Hibiscus Patersonii) Specimen of the Timber of the Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria 11 excelsa) 12 Section of ditto at a knotty point 13 Specimen of the "Iron-wood" of Norfolk Island (Olea 14 Specimen of the Timber of the Oyster stralis) 15 ; Joseph Milligan, Esq central vertical section Veneers of the "Native Cherry-tree" of Tasmania (Exocarpus cupressiformis) Rev E Freeman 16 Ditto of the "He-oak" 17 Ditto of the "She-oak" [Casuarina 18 Ditto of the Tasmanian "Honeysuckle-tree" (Banksia 19 apetald) Bay Pine (Callitris au- (Casuarina stricta) quadrivalvis) australis) Piece of a knot of the Myrtle-tree of Tasmania (Fagus Cunninghamii) 20 Section of a small stem of Richea pandanifolia from Macquarie Joseph Milligan, Esq Harbour Dried Specimens of about 300 species of Plants from the Cape of Good Hope ; also the Nest of a Spider from Jamaica Microscopic Sections of 100 kinds of An Woods from Van Diemen's Land extensive Collection of Dried Specimens of North American Plants The Herbarium of British Plants, formed M.D., F.L.S., Author of the ' by the late William Withering, Botanical Arrangement of British Plants.' R C Alexander, M.D., F.L.S J.E.Bicheno,Esq.,F.L.S F Boott, M.D., F.L.S Beriah F.L.S Botfield, Esq., (Grandson of Dr W.) Seventy species of Portuguese Plants, collected by Count Hoffmansegg Specimens of six species of Plants, neighbourhood of Perth, W new to the Society's Collection, from the Australia pool Mr F Y Brocas Specimens of about sixty species of British Mosses Calabash (fruit of the Crescentia Cujete), from F Brent, Esq., of Liver- Bermuda; and portion of a C.Cogswell,M.D.,F.L.S sheet of Arrowroot Fibre, as prepared for manufacture into paper Specimens of Marine Alga, &c from Norfolk Island Dried Specimens of Melilotus arvensis and Filago bourhood of Saffron alden, Essex Jon Couch, Esq., F.L.S Jussieei, W Specimens of Kino, and of three Nyami, Upper Gambia ; varieties of Rice from the neigh- from the Kingdom of together with the fruits of Amomum Danielli, J Clarke, Esq., F.L.S W F Daniell, M.D., F.L.S A cereum, A latifolium, A exscapum, and A Granum Paradisi; from Western Africa Dried Specimens of 148 species of Plants, described either in the ' Flora Graeca,' or the 'Florae Graecae Prodromus;' from Dr Sibthorp's Her- C.Daubeny,M.D., F.L.S barium Specimens of a remarkable prostrate variety of Brornus flavicornis, from the neighbourhood of Lowestoft mollis, and of Viola F.K.Eagle, Esq., F.L.S DONATIONS TO THE MUSEUM OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 349 Donors Donations Dried Specimens of Ferns, collected in Northern India by M P Edgeworth, The Rev R Ewing Esq., F.L.S The Herbarium of ' of the the late Thomas Walter, Esq., of South Carolina, Author Dried Specimens of Australian Plants, collected partly in the neighbourhood of Victoria, Port Essington, and partly in Western Australiaj by the late Mr John Fraser, Esq., A.L.S Flora Caroliniana.' John Gould, Esq., F.L.S Gilbert Specimens of Alsophila pruinata, Hymenophyllum chiloense, H Wilsoni, and Cheilanthes sp ?, collected on the Island of Chiloe, by Mr William R J Gray, Esq., of Exe- ter Lobb Capsule of a species of Martynia [M lutea}), from the ' Jardin des Plantes, Daniel Hanbury, Jun., Esq Montpelier.' Dried Specimens of Eichhornia speciosa, from the neighbourhood of Santarem, Para, Brazil Specimens of the Fruit of a new species of Amomum from Liberia, and of a Cardamom, apparently undescribed, from Sierra Leone Specimens of the Fruits of four species of Cardamom, two species of Gardenia, one of Melia, and of Quisqualis indica ?, all from China Pods of Wistaria pinia, known from Shanghae, and those of a species of C
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