The Zoology of the Voyage of H M S Samarang Years 1843 and 1846, Edward Belcherand and Al 1850

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Ill ioll« THE ZOOLOGY OF THE VOYAGE OF H.M.S SAMARANG: UNDER THE COMMAND OF CAPTAIN SIR EDWARD BELCHER, DURING THE YEARS C.B., F.R.A.S., F.G.S., 1843-1846 BY JOHN EDWARD GRAY, E.R.S ARTHUR ADAMS, j SIR F.L.S ; JOHN RICHARDSON, LOVELL REEVE, M.D., E.B.S E.L.S AND ADAM WHITE, Edited by E.L.S ARTHUR ADAMS, ASSISTANT-SUKGEOX TO THE EXPEDITION F.L.S., % Wsran of Mtfcfeg Section^ PuSItSIjea uniter flje atitfjorttg nf tfje JLorW Comim&Sumerg of tfje &amiraltu LONDON REEVE AND BENHAM, 5, HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN 1850 PRINTED BV FREDERIC REEVE, HEATHCOCk COURT, STRAND PREFACE A HE survey the of Edward Belcher in various H.M.S coasts and islands in the Eastern Seas, made by Samarang, opportunities for adding to our the in years 1843-6, afforded many valuable knowledge of the Zoology of those parts of the world and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having been pleased publication of the materials that were collected, a liberal grant for carrying their Lordships' intentions into The following Sir to sanction the was made by the Government effect brief retrospect of the course of the Expedition will at once point out the widely-extended range of the field of our researches Erom St Jago, Cape de Verds, the Samarang passed the African coast, and, after touching at the Cape, Her The Bashee Islands were next windward anchored of Ascension along Anger Point off in Java Sarawak, Hong-Kong, Macao, and the coast course from thence was to Singapore, of China to visited, and afterwards the Sama-Sana, viewing the coral-bound shores of Formosa on the passage small island After surveying Pa-tchung-san, and other islands of the Meiacoshima group, the vessel proceeded to Kong ; she subsequently visited Manila, and, arrived in the Samboangan Roads, Hong- the Panagatan Shoals were surveyed, off the island of anchored at the Island of Tawee-Tawee coast of when of Mindanao; she shortly afterwards The Expedition then proceeded along the east Borneo to the province of Unsang, and next reached Cape Rivers, in the island b PEEFACE VI of Celebes, touching at Manado, landing on the islands of Mayo, Ternate, and Gillolo Proceeding southward, Bouru was sighted, the Boutong Passage passed, the Great Solombo and the Caramata Islands were observed, and the Samarang again arrived Sailing a second time for Sarawak, some was made stay at Manila j Ambong, Tampasook, and Dumaran the Sooloo for Manila, Island were visited Roads and Archipelago were again reached the vessel remained a short time at Maratua Island and Leegeetan in Mindanao, sailed at Singapore and once more anchored at Borneo Hong-Kong ; touched at Starting again for Batan, one of the Bashee Islands, the Samarang, proceeding northward, passed near Botel Tobago, examined Sama-Sana, and afterwards, more in little Pa-tchung-san ; visited the Hoa-pin-san and Ty-pin-san Islands, and remained some time at the Great Loo-Choo The Expedition then the detail, sailed for Corea, Quelpart, and Kiusu, and after navigating islands of the Yellow Sea, numerous almost unexplored and visiting among Nangasaki in the Japanese Empire, proceeded a second time to Loo-Choo, and eventually reached Hong- Homeward bound, Kong the vessel touched at the Keeling or Cocos Islands, remained Cargados Garajos, or off the for their St Brandon Shoals, in the Indian Ocean, a sufficient time being surveyed, touched at the Mauritius, the Cape, and arrived With in England in St Helena, and Ascension, December 1846 reference to the natural history of the Philippines, that sagacious indefatigable traveller, Hugh Cuming, Esq., had anticipated us in many points, and most and to his advice and liberality in the loan and comparison of specimens greater accuracy in the deter- mination of The new desire species has been secured shown by the Commander of pursuit of science, enabled me the Expedition to afford every facility in the to bring together numerous observations, to collect speci- mens, and make sketches and drawings of many of those more rare and evanescent forms which it is my hope may help to advance the Zoology of that part of the globe To these favourable circumstances, and the gratuitous services of the able and talented individuals who have assisted me, the public are indebted for the following work PBEFACE John Edward Gray, Museum, has Sir Professor furnished a most valuable List of the new Owen, identification of the by is imparted a peculiar his description, F.L.S., &c, has afforded his memoir on the Spirula valuable aid in F.L.S., &c, of the British the Museum, has been my description and able collaborateur Crustacea myself of the present opportunity to offer mentioned gentlemen it has, E.R.S., &c, has contributed an elaborate in the determination of the of the Plates, &c, of the Eastern Islands Mollusca Adam White, I avail F.R.S., Mammalia the British species of Fish Lovell Reeve, And F.R.S., Keeper of the Zoological Department in John Richardson, M.D., interest to the viii for this their very only necessary to Sowerby, Wing, and Hawkins, valuable assistance observe that my best thanks to the above- With respect to the execution they are the production of Messrs to assure the public of their accuracy and excellence ARTHUR ADAMS REFERENCES TO PLATES VERTEBRATA Plate I Plate V Simia satyrus Nasalis larvatus „ II „ III „ IV Herpestes brackyurus Herpestes semitorquata Ptilocercus Lowii „ VI Pteromys elegans „ VII Galidictis vittata ,, VIII Pelamis maculata FISHES Plate Fig 1-6 7-11 Plate V I Podabrus Cottoides centropornus Fig 1, Apistes leucogaster 3-5 Cirrhites areata 12-16 Batrachus quadrispinis Plate VI Fig 1-4 Balistes ringens Plate II Plate VII Fig 1-3 Choridactylus multibarbus 4, Minous Adamsii 6, Sthenopus mollis Fig 1, Tetrodon atratus Plate VIII Fig 1-3 Tetrodon naritus Plate III Plate IX Fig 1, Apistes depressifrons Fig 1, Tetrodon insignitus 3-5 Trackinoides 6, Cottoides 3, hispidus 5-8 Balistes senticosus Plate IV Fig 1, Apistes taeniauotus 3, multicolor Plate X Fig 1-3 Nemiehthys scolopacea 4, Aperioptus pictorius KEFEEENCES TO PLATES MOLLUSCA Plate I Fig Fig Loligopsis ellipsoptera Argonauta gondola Plate Fig II Argonauta gondola Plate Ovulum concinnum volva 10 subreflexum gracile 12 nubeculatum 13 bm latum III Plate VII Fig Argonauta Owenii Argonauta hians Plate IV Figures and Dissections of Spirula Fig Fusus gracillimus spectrum acus Marginella diadochus undulata Plate V Voluta abyssicola Dentalium formosum Turbinella Belcheri Kostellaria rectirostris Oniscia exquisita Shells of the Fig winged nuclei of 10 lauceolata picta Buccinum hinnulus Cyprcea annulus Cypraea caurica Plate VIII erosa Fig Conus Borneensis floridulus 10 pica 11 pigmentatus, rorifluus plorator Burnettii Ovulum acuminatum Eburna areolata Plate IX Plate VI eurypterori Fig; Murex papillaris Fig coarctatum Pleurotonia impages fagina recur vum Triton testudinarius dentatum Fieula laevigata bulla reticulata fomiosuni Terebellum subulatum verrucosum • Calyptrasa trigonalis KEFEKENCES TO PLATES Plate X Fig Calyptrsea plana eancellata Fig Pyrarnidella niagnifica CanceUaria macrospira Fissurella excelsa semipellucida Emarginula lyrata Delphinula Pleurotoma lurida clatbrata stellaris Littorina castanea Ianthina striolata planispirata albicincta leucotropis 10 Coreanica 11 Margarita bicarinata Mangelia trivittata, 12 Buccinum clatbraturn 10 Cyllene lugubris 13 11 14 Scalaria macidosa pulchella mitrella 12 Oliva fulgurata 15 negleeta 13 Terebra torquata 16 eximia 14 15 Ceritbium articulatmn longicaudatum 17 Cbemnitzia grandis 18 Buccinum filosum 16 CanceUaria pyrum 19 Columbella tseniata 17 Triton pjTiilum 20 Bissoa insignis 18 monilifer 22 Eotella conica 19 Strombus corrugatus 23 EuUma unilineata 20 Terebra serotina 24 bilineata 21 albicostata 25 Mindorensis 22 caelata 26 tortuosa 23 areolata 27 sobdula 24 roseata 28 Tripboris speciosus 25 Marginella ony china 29 suturaHs 26 Mitra rufilirata 30 alveolatus 27 Suluensis 31 dextroversus 28 semisculpta 32 verrucosus 29 dicbroa 33 grannlatus 30 rubella 34 gemmulatus 31 incisa 35 Purpura cuspidata 32 Erato callosa 36 Tripboris pyramidalis 37 Plate Fig Pileopsis astericola nodiferus XL Calyptrsea depressa Plate XII Fig Turritella bicolor REFERENCES TO PLATES Fig Turritella congelata Fig 11 Bulimus citrinus Scarabus trigonus conspersa 12 irmltilirata 13 vittulata 14 Helix tropidophora monilifera 15 Auricula subula opalina imbrium 16 Scarabus Cumingianus Eglisia tricarinata 17 Melampus leucodon Turritella fastigiata 18 Helix obscurata 10 declivis 11 caitaliculata Plate XV Fig Bulimus Adamsii Plate XIII Fig Siphonaria Coreensis Helix Tayloriana Typinsana radiata Brookei Cerithium obtusum Batanica Ranella albivaricosa Mackeusii Haliotis venusta vittata Anoillaria obtusa Cbitou formosus Columbella semipunctata Coreanicus Sigaretus acumiiiatus 10 acutirostratus Natica maorotremis 11 petasus 10 11 Sigaretus insculptus Plate XVI latifasciatus 12 Carinaria Atlantica Fig Helix antiqua Coreanica leucostoma orientalis Cyclostoma spiracellum immaculata Pupina Mindorensis caliginosa Cyclostoma decora Bulimus gregarius densa plurizonata 13 Pleurotoma Grifiitliii Plate XIV Fig leeve Meiaeosliimensis Cyclostoma tenebricosum 10 canescens Helix calliostoma 11 conoidalis Cyclostoma reticulatum Helix curvilabrum 10 Bulimus chloris Plate XVII Fig Aplysia lineolata ©m (ss t Tai^r 4-Oy W
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