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English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran Introduce Human resources management is a difficult and complex area It covers issues such as psychological, social, moral It is a mixture of science and art - the art of human governance Is it easy to manage people in a company? Public administration is not easy making role of managers become more important than ever A good administrator needs to know to analyze and understand the environment factors that affect directly or indirectly to the work of human resource management Want to lead successful employees, like employees safe working enthusiasm, the administrator must have their own secret A good leader is someone who inspires others to their faith in leaders An outstanding leader who inspires others to their belief in themselves But to become an outstanding leader is not easy How to successfully lead their organizations to overcome the ups and downs of early stage start-up is one of the biggest challenges that a business owner can face 1.1 Create dedicated staff In order for a team to progress from a group of strangers to a single cohesive unit, the leader must understand the process and dynamics required for this transformation The leader must also know the appropriate leadership style to use during each stage of team development The leader must also understand diffirent styles of each members and how to take advantage of them at the proper time 1.2 Always be open, focus on communication The leader must have the ability to negotiate and persuade effectively when necessary in order to ensure the success of team and project Through effective communication, project leaders support individuals and team by creating specific guidelines for achieving good results and for the career development of team members 1.3 To be honest and reliable The business has its own characteristics and each leader has own personality If you are honest and reliable, you will attract the people you need for your organization, including employees and customers 1.4 Know your disadvantages Nhóm 02 Page English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran Almost managers are optimistic and sure that they are moving toward their goals But Lexington, a leader said that if you not take the time to understand your disadvantages you will become a weak leadership without vision 1.5 Trust on your staffs The business leaders must to help their staffs develop confidence, especially during the difficult period That is the belief that the staffs are partially derived from the trust in their leaders But just believes in your staffs are not enough You have to help them win 1.6 Don’t save your compliment An excellence midfielder alway know support for his defense 1.7 Be calm A business leader must know reassure staffs not overreact to certain situations This is particularly important at the present time, when the news of the difficult economic environment is spreading everywhere What qualities and skill are needed for the managers to manage people? What you think are the most important skills? What does it take to manage people efficiently and effectively and get the best out of them? 2.1 Good communication This is the main and prerequisite skill Without being able to communicate properly you can forget about the rest In all kind of management tasks, the first and most common thing you is communicating your needs, expectations and opinions to other people If you don’t like working with people, you shouldn’t become a manager Moreover, you should be able to send correct messages to others and ensure that they understand you It is also very important what kind of power you use to persuade your views 2.2 Good organization: This is the second most important skill You have to be able to schedule, organize and follow your own plan It also involves understanding the rules and processes in the company and among people, and predicting what will happen and when 2.3 Leadership Listening to other coworkers’ problems is not sufficient A good manager has to solve them and prove his commitment to the team goals It’s also his responsibility to define goals together with his team and assign the responsibility to team members in a clear Nhóm 02 Page English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran manner He has a clear vision in what direction he wants the team to grow He should “infect” others with this vision and make them follow the same direction 2.4 Domain knowledge A good manager has to understand what kind of process he is managing How his team members are working What kind of tasks they perform This skill is not as important as the others but without it, in some cases, the team and the manager will never work at full capacity, using the whole potential due to lack of mutual understanding 2.5 Confidence Managers must be extremely confident Without confidence it will be very hard for them to lead their team People will follow others who have confidence, poise and have a working knowledge of their duties and responsibilities Confidence is developed by knowing your job in and out If an associate has a sense that you are wavering with your decision making or you seem hesitant and tentative they won't put their trust in your ability to get the job done 2.6 Make tough decisions A manager must have the ability to make tough decisions They must have the ability to make decisions that are going to improve the operations of the company Even though tough decisions have to be made all avenues should be explored to accommodate employees who have other needs such as family and outside activities 2.7 Motivator Managers have to be motivators They must have the ability to motivate and inspire people to go above and beyond the call of duty People can become complacent and some times even bored when they the same job day in and day out Managers have to find a way to make things interesting and exciting This may call for a bit of creativity It is the manager job to keep employees engaged and help them avoid the tendency to just go through the motions 2.8 Coaching and mentoring A manager must coach and mentor employees so that they are prepared to take the next step An employee may be lacking the necessary educational requirements to take the next step Managers should help employees develop a plan of action that puts them on track to take on more authority and responsibility 2.9 Time management Nhóm 02 Page English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran To manage effectively managers need to be great time managers They have to be able to prioritize their time The best process for completing this is to make a list of all the things that need to be done on a given day Then prioritize those things that need to be completed immediately As a manager you will probably never be able to go through your list and complete all the things that need to be done, one after the other There will be interruptions As soon as the urgent matter has been corrected it's a good idea to get right back to the list All things that are not completed on day one need to be moved to day two 2.10 Vision Managers must have the ability to have a vision or see the big picture They must be able to communicate their vision to the staff and buy in to the goals and objectives of the organization How to improve your management skills? Well, this is the subject for another long separate blog post I think that each person has to follow his own path to reach the ultimate goal We are all different Some of us communicate very well, but in stressful situations they can lose control Others are great leaders, they motivate teams but anyhow they fail due to the lack of organizational skills and common sense The main question probably should be: Why you want to be a manager? What is the importance of good human resources management? Human Resources Management (HRM) is the strategic management of the employees, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization An organisation cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resources Human resources play an essential role in developing a company's strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization Human resources play an essential role in developing a company's strategy - Establish strategies and policies for human resource management in the enterprise - Human resources department plays an advisory role to the management of human resources in business - Recruiting talent for business - Human resources department training to improve their skills in business - Motivate employees to help them work with high productivity Nhóm 02 Page English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran - Human resource department take checks important function by monitoring other departments to ensure the implementation of policies and programs of the proposed human  It has an important role in aspects such as: 3.1 Human Capital Value For small businesses, in particular, human capital is critical because so many smaller firms have employees who perform cross-functional duties With a smaller workforce, if just one person leaves, it leaves the company with a huge gap to fill and a potential threat to the company's profitability 3.2 Budget Control Human resources curbs excessive spending through developing methods for trimming workforce management costs, which includes negotiating better rates for benefits such as health care coverage In addition, human resources ensures competitive and realistic wage-setting based on studying the labor market, employment trends and salary analysis based on job functions As some small businesses have budget constraints, this human resources function is especially helpful 3.3 Conflict Resolution Workplace conflict is inevitable, given the diversity of personalities, work styles, backgrounds and levels of experience among employees A human resources manager or a staff person specially trained to handle employee relations matters can identify and resolve conflict between two employees or a manager and employee and restore positive working relationships 3.4 Training and Development Human resources conducts needs assessments for the organization's current workforce to determine the type of skills training and employee development necessary for improving skills and qualifications Companies in the beginning or growth phases can benefit from identifying training needs for existing staff It's much less expensive than the cost to hire additional staff or more qualified candidates In addition, it's a strategy that also can reduce turnover and improve employee retention 3.5 Cost Saving The cost to hire new or replacement workers, including training and ramp-up time, can be exorbitant for employers, especially small businesses With a well-constructed recruitment and selection process, the human resources function can minimize expenses regarding advertising job postings, training new employees and enrolling new employees in benefits plans Nhóm 02 Page English 1.3 Teacher: Alex Tran 3.6 Performance Improvement Human resources develop performance management systems Without a human resources staff person to construct a plan that measures performance, employees can wind in jobs that aren't suitable for their skills and expertise Additionally, employees whose performance falls below the employer's expectations can continue on the payroll, thereby creating wasted money on low-performing employees 3.7 Sustaining Business Through succession planning that human resources develops, the company identifies employees with the promise and requisite capabilities to eventually transition into leadership roles with the company This is an important function as it can guarantee the organization's stability and future success 3.8 Corporate Image Businesses want to be known as the "employer of choice." Employers of choice are the companies that receive recognition for the way they treat employees; they are the companies for whom people want to work Becoming an employer of choice means human resources balances recruiting the most qualified applicants, selecting the most suitable candidates and retaining the most talented employees 3.9 Maintaining Work Atmosphere This is a vital aspect of HRM because the performance of an individual in an organisation is largely driven by the work atmosphere or work culture that prevails at the workplace A good working condition is one of the benefits that the employees can expect from an efficient human resource team A safe, clean and healthy environment can bring out the best in an employee A friendly atmosphere gives the staff member job satisfaction as well New challenges arise even now for the organization, and it is certain that new challenges will never cease to emerge Therefore, the use of proper Human Resources techniques is a really powerful way for organizations to overcome these challenges, and to improve not only their quantitative goals but also their organizational culture, and their qualitative, cognitive aspects Nhóm 02 Page ... kind of process he is managing How his team members are working What kind of tasks they perform This skill is not as important as the others but without it, in some cases, the team and the manager... 2.10 Vision Managers must have the ability to have a vision or see the big picture They must be able to communicate their vision to the staff and buy in to the goals and objectives of the organization... What you think are the most important skills? What does it take to manage people efficiently and effectively and get the best out of them? 2.1 Good communication This is the main and prerequisite
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