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UU9:) BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY VOL LIX - * 1971 -^ BULLETINS OF ' "^^^^^^^'^^^ m AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY 11971 u.>.v '* (Founded 1895) Vor 59 No 263 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF GENOZOIG EGHINOIDEA INGLUDING SOME MESOZOIG AND PALEOZOIG TITLES By Norman E Weisbord 1971 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York 14850, U.S.A PALEONTOLOGIGAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION 1970 71 - President William - B Heroy Daniel B Vice-President Secretary Rebecca „ S Sass Harris Katherine V W Palmer Director, Treasurer Armand Counsel AAAS Representative L Adams David Nicol Council Trustees Donald W Fisher (1967-1973) W Haas (1970-1973) Harris (Life) Axel A Olsson (Life) Rebecca S Merrill Katherine V.W Palmer (Life) Daniel B Sass (1965-1971) Kenneth (1970-1973) Heroy (1968-1974) Virgil D Winkler (1969-1975) William Caster (1966-1972) E Wakeley Phillp C B BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHICA AMERICANA Katherine V W Palmer, Editor Mrs Fay Briggs, Secretary Advisory Board Kenneth A Hans Kugler E Caster Jay Glenn Marks Myra Keen Axel A Olsson Complete titles and price list of separate available numbers may be had on application For reprint, Vols 1-23, Bulletins of Kraus Reprint For reprint, vol Corp., 16 East 46th I, St., American Paleontology New see York, N.Y 10017 U.S.A Palaeontographica Americana see Johnson Reprint CorNew York, N Y 10003 U.S.A poration, 111 Fifth Ave., Subscription may price of $18.00 per be entered at any time by volume or year, with average volume for Bulletins cana invoiced per issue Purchases ductible from income tax in Numbers of Palaeontographica For sale by Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Ameri- U.S.A for professional purposes are de- Trumansburg Road New York 14850 Ithaca, U.S.A BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) Vol 59 No 263 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CENOZOIC ECHINOIDEA INCLUDING SOME MESOZOIC AND PALEOZOIC TITLES By Norman E February Weisbord 18, 1971 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York 14850, U.S.A Library of Congress Card Number: 70-H3026 Printed in the United States of America Arnold Printing Corporation BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CENOZOIC ECHINOIDEA INCLUDING SOME MESOZOIC AND PALEOZOIC TITLES Norman E Department Weisbord* of Geology Florida State University FOREWORD This Bibliography was compiled originally for mclusion in the "Some Late Cenozoic Echinoidea from Cabo Blanco, Venezuela." As the work on that paper progressed, it became evident that the number of citations I wished to include writer's 1969 paper titled, were so numerous that they overwhelmed the main contents It was in the Venezuelan thought advisable, therefore, to limit the references contribution to those cited in the text only, and to prepare a separate bibliography Bibliography is which would be world-wide in scope The is listed, through the present the result of that endeavor In the volume presented herewith there and authors of literature dealing with 1) taxonomy; 2) skeletal morphology; 3) stratigraphy; 4) geological and geographical distribution; 5) paleoecology and ecology; and 6) year 1966, the titles, dates, such geological miscellany that pertain to the Echinoidea of the Cenozoic era, or Paleocene to Recent epochs In addition to the Cenozoic, there are a number of Mesozoic and Paleozoic entries, Lambert and Thiery's, "Essai de nomen- especially those recorded in clature raisonnee des echinides" (1900-1925) In that classic there numerous references to Mesozoic Echinoidea and a few to Paleozoic ones, and these publications on pre-Tertiary Echinoidea are so important or little-known, that I have included them in this work, correcting some of the dates and fleshing out the often abare breviated citations Many of the older books and periodicals referred to Bibliography have not been consulted in the original though have been checked and re-checked the many in in this all titles one source or another Among sources are the following: Catalogue of the Library of the British Museum (Natural History), vols I-VIII Bibliotheca Zoologica, ser 1, vols 1,2; ser 2, vols 1-7 Bibliography of North American Geology, 1732-1965, U.S Geological Survey Bulletins * Research Associate Paleontological Research Institution Bulletin 263 Royal Society Catalogue of I-XIX Papers, vols Scientific (1800-1900) The Zoological Record, vols 1-103 (1864-1966) Monograph of the Echinoidea, by Mortensen, 1928-1951 and Bibliography America, Index of Geology 1-30 (1933-1965) vols logical Society of exclusive North of Published by the Geo- America Catalogue of the United States Geological Survey Library, vols 1-25, 1964 Published by the U.S Department of the Interior Catalogue of the Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, vols 1-8, 1968 The Bibliography by some 2,600 consists of about 5,900 titles authors, written in 22 different languages Titles in English comprise 40.4 per cent of the total; French 28.4 per cent; cent; Italian per cent; Spanish 2.3 German per cent; [Danish, Norwegian, Swedish] 2.2 per cent; Latin Portuguese 1.2 Hungarian 0.5 per cent All of the foregoing account for 99.5 per The remaining written in Dutch, "Slavic" slavian, per cent; 1.3 per cent; Russian [and Polish] 0.9 per cent; and cent of the citations is 14.5 per "Scandinavian" 0.5 per cent of the literature [Croatian, Czechoslovakian, Yugo- "Balkan" [Bulgarian, Rumanian, Serbian], Japanese, and Turkish ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to express Foundation graphy I my appreciation to the National Science for defraying part of the cost of publishing this Biblio- again thank Dr Katherine V W Palmer of the Paleon- tological Research Institution for editing and attending to all mat- ters that made am very much issuance of the publication possible And, I indebted to Doris C Brann, also of the Paleontological Re- search Institution, for her critical library research and verification of references BIBLIOGRAPHY Abendanon, Edward Cornelius 1915-1918 Midden-Cclebes-Expeditie Geologische en geograph'tsche doorkruisingen 'van Midden Celebes (1909-1910) door E C Abendanon Leiden, vols., atlas of 17 pis Vol 3, Paleontology by G F Dollfus Bibliography Cenozoic Echinoidea: Weisbord Aberson, Thea, and Engel, H 1960 Vber einigc EchinoJcrmen von El Salvador (C-Amcrlka) und von den Farallon-Inscln (Kalifornicn) Senck 363-366, pp Abich, pis 54,55, text-figs Biol., vol 41, Nos 5,6 1-5 Hermann 1S59 Ucbcr das Strinsalz und srine gcologisclic Stcllung Armcnicn Acad Imp Sci St Petersburg, Mem., pp 59-151, ini ser russischen 6, vol 1, 10 pis Abildgaard, Peder Christian 1789-1806 Zoologia Danica scu Animalium Daniac ft Norveglae rariorum ac minus notorum, Descriptiones ct Histor'ta Volumcn ierticn (-guarfum) dcs crips it et tabulas addidit P C Abildgaard Hav- niae Abrard, Rene 1924 Note sur les depots eocenes dcs environs de Royan, Soc Geol France, Bull., ser 4, vol 23, pp 377-380 1925 Le Lutetien du Bassin de Paris Essai de monographie stratigraphique Angers, 388 pp., pis., 32 text-figs., maps [Echinoderma A 218] 203, pp 1927 presence d'une Praescutella dans le lutetien du Hist nat Paris, Bull., No 4, p 311 Lcs provinces zoologiques du Callovien au Tertiaire, dans le bassin d'Aquitainc Assoc Frangaise Avancem Sci., vol 52, pp propos de la bassin Parisicn 1928 Mus Nat 635-637 1939 Invertebres Quatcrnaire de la cote Francaisc dcs Somales, recueillis par E Aubert de La Riie Mus Nat Hist nat Paris, Bull., ser 2, vol 11, pp 338-341, fig Acloque, Alexandre 1899 Faune de France taces, Thysanoures, Myriopodes, Arachnides, CrusNematelminthes, Lophostomes, Vers, Mollusques, Polypes, 1909 Spongiaires, Protozoaires Paris, Bailliere, 500 pp., 1664 text-figs [Echinodermes, pp 454-466.] Le developpement des Echinodermes Cosmos, Paris, vol 60, pp 1912 Les metamorphoses des Oursins Cosmos, Paris, 569-571, Addlcott, W 1965 figs vol 64, pp 96-98, figs O Miocene macrofossils of the southeastern San Joaquin Valley, California U.S Geol Sur., Prof Paper 525-C, pp 101-109, figs Adkins, Walter Scott 1928 Handbook of Texas Cretaceous fossils Univ Texas, Bull., No [Echinoderma, pp 265-300.] Texas Comanchean echinoids of the genus Macraster Univ Texas, Bull., No 3001, pp 101-120, pis 10,11 2838 1930 Agassiz, Alexander 1863 List of the echinoderms sent to different institutions in exchange for other specimens, ivith annotations Mus Comp Zoo!., vol 1, No 2, pp 17-28 1864a Synopsis of the echinoids collected by Dr W Stimpson on the North Pacific Exploring Expedition under the command of Captains Ringgold and Rodgers Acad Nat Sci Philadelphia, Proc 1863, vol 15, pp 352-361 1864b On the embryology of echinoderms Amer Acad Arts and Sci., 1865a Mem., n s., vol 9, pp 1-30, pis Remarks about the geographical distribution of the sea urchin of Massachusetts Bay, the Echinus granularis Say Boston Soc Nat Hist, Proc, vol 9, pp 191-193 Bulletin 263 le embryolog'te des Echinides, des Ophiurcs, des des Asteries Ann Sci Nat Paris, Zoologie, ser 5, vol 3, pp 367-377 1869a On the young stages of Echini Mus Comp Zool., Bull., vol 1, No 9, pp 279-296 lS69h Preliminary report on the Echini and Starfishes dredged in deep luater betiueen Cuba and the Florida Reef, by L F de Pouriales, Assist U.S Coast Survey Mus Comp Zool., Bull., vol 1, No 9, pp 253-308 1869c On the habits of a few echinoderms Boston Soc Nat Hist., Proc, vol 13, pp 104-107 liTQa.Note on Loven's article on "Leskia mirabilis Gray." Lye Nat Hist New York, Ann., vol 9, pp 242-245 1870b Ueber die Jugendzustdnde der Seeigel Arch f Naturgesch., Jahrg 36, No 1, pp 127-149 1870c The development of Echini Monthly Microsc Jour., vol 3, pp sur lS65h Rccherc/ifs Holothuries et 251,252 1871 Appendix to the preliminary L F Pourtales Mus Comp report on the Echini collected by Zool., Bull., vol 2, pp 455-457 Preliminary notice of a fenv species of Echini Mus Comp Zool., Bull., vol 3, No 4, pp 55-58 1872-74 Revision of the Echini Mus Comp Zool., Mem., vol 3, pts 1-4, 762 pp., 94 pis., 69 text-figs Pts 1,2, 1872, pp i-xii, 1-378, 49 pis.; 1872 pt 3, 1873, pp 379-628 +1, 28 1874, pp 629-762, Amer Natural., vol 7, pis.; pt 4, 17 pis 1873a The homologies of pedicellariae 398- pp 406 1873b The Echini Bull., vol collected on the Hassler Expedition No 8, pp 187-190, pi Mus Comp Zool., 3, 1873-74 Revision des Echinides Arch Sci Phys et Nat Geneve, n.s., vol 48, pts 1,2, (1873), pp 19-30; vol 50, pts 3,4 (1874), pp 401-411 1873,1875 Revision des Echinides Jour Zool., vol (1873), pts 1,2, pp 216-221, pi.; vol (1875), pts 3,4, pp 255,256 1876a On viviparous Echini from the Kerguclen Islands Amer Acad Arts and Sci., Proc, vol 11, pp 231-236, figs 1-6 1877 Observations sur les Echinides vivipares provenant des ties Kerguclen Ann Sci Nat Paris, Zoologie, ser 6, vol 5, No 6, pp 1-5, pi IIB 1878 Reports on the results of dredging, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico, by the United States Coast Survey Steamer "Blake," Lieutenant-Commander C D Sigsbee, U.S.N , Commanding Report on the Echini Mus Comp Zool., Bull., vol 5, No 9, pp 181-195, pis 1-5 1879 Preliminary report on the Echini of the Exploring Expedition of H.M.S "Challenger." Amer Acad Arts and 6, Sci., Proc, n.s., vol pp 190-212 On the dredging operations of the U.S Coast Survey Steamer "Blake" during January 1879 - July 1880 Mus Comp Zool., Bull., vol 5, No 8, 1879, pp 1-9; 55-64, 289-302; vol 6, 1881, pp 147- 1879,1881 154 \%%Oa.Note on some points in the history of the synonymy of Echini Zool Soc London, Proc, pp 33-38 ISSOh Preliminary report on the Echini Reports on the results of dredging, under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Caribbean Sea in 1878-79, and along the Atlantic Coast of the United States Bibliography Cenozoic Echinoidea: Weisbord Weber, Jon 1968 305 N., and Raup, David M Comparison of C13/C12 and 0181016 in the skeletal Recent and fossil echinoids Jour Paleont., vol 42, No 1, calcite of pp 37-50, figs 1-5 Wegner, Richard Nikolaus 1913 Tertidr und umgclargete Kreide bei Oppeln (Oberschlesien) eontographica, vol 60, pp 175-274, pis Pala- Wegner, Theodor Hubert 1908 Fii/irer Miinster zu den Exkursionen der ziveiten Hauptversammlung zu i JV 22-25 Mai 1908 Naturhist Verein Bonn, Sitzungsber., pp 41-67, 18 pis Weisbord, Norman Edward 1934 Some Cretaceous and 1969 Paleont., vol 20, No 70C, pp 165-268, pis 20-28 Some late Cenozoic Echinoidea from Cabo Blanco, Venezuela Op cit., vol 56, No 252, pp 275-371, pis 14-22 We Her, Tertiary echinoids from Cuba Bull Amer Stuart 1907 A report on the Cretaceous paleontology of Neiv Jersey, based upon the stratigraphic studies of George N Knapp Geol Sur New Jersey, Paleontology ser., vol 4, 1106 pp., pis [Echinodermata, pp 275-305, pis 6-18.] Weliman, H W., and Brodie, 1954 Wells, Harry 1961 J W A note on the geology of New Zealand Jour Sci Paliser, New Zealand (sheet N 168) Tech., vol 35B, pp 440-450, figs Cape W A study of oyster beds, ivith special reference to the salinity factor Ecol Monogr., vol 31, pp 239-266, figs., 10 tables Wells, H W., and Richards, Horace Gardiner 1962 Invertebrate fauna from the Cape Hatteras region Jour Paleont., vol 36, No 3, pp 586-591, fig., i table Wells, M J 1965 Learning by marine invertebrates Advances in Marine Biol., vol 3, pp 1-62, 25 figs [Echinoderms, pp 44-47.] Welsch, Jules [Augustin] 1895 Etudes sur les subdivisions du Miocene de I'Algerie Soc Geol France, Bull., ser 3, vol 23, No 4, pp 271-287 1918 Sur deux points particuliers de la geologic des environs de Biarritz (Basses-Pyrenees) Soc Geol France, C R., No 2, pp 29-32 Werth, Emil 1901 Zur Kenntniss der jiingeren Ablagerungen Afrika Deutsche Geol Gesell, vol West, Cutler Delong 1937 Note on the crystallography Paleont, vol 11, No 5, 53, pp of the pp 458,459 im tropischen Ost- 287-304 echinoderm skeleton Jour Westergren, A Magnus 1911 Reports on the scientific results of the expcdtions to the tropical Pacific, in charge of Alexander Agassiz, by the U S Fish Commission steamer "Albatross" XV Echini Echinoneus and Micropetalon Mus Comp Zool Mem., vol 39, No 2, pp 41-68, pis 1-31 Westermann, Jan Hugo, and Kiel, H 1961 The geology of Saba and St Eustatius 'with notes on the geology of St Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat (Lesser Antilles) Naturwetenschappelijke Studierkring Suriname en Nederlandse Antillen, No 24, pp i-xiii, 1-175, pis 1-33, text-figs 1-11, tables 1-10, (Appendix) maps I-VI Bulletin 263 306 Wetzel, Walter 1927 Beitrage zur Erforschung des kretazischen und trrtidrcn Untergrundes dc Baltikums Naturwissensch Vereins Schleswig-Holstein, Schr., vol 18, pp 1-24 White, Charles Abiathar 1883 Contributions to in-vcrtcbrate paleontology, Nos 2-8 U S Geol and Geogr Sur of the Territories for 1878, Twelfth Ann Rept., pt 1888 1, pp 1-172, pis 11-42 Contributions to the paleontology of Brazil; 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