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Bufitois of MAY ILLUME 84, NUMBER 316 COMP ZOOL LIBPARY MAY W HAI UNIVFRSSTY Ostracodes of the "Winifrede Limestone" (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Region of the Proposed Pennsylvanian System Stratotype, West Virginia by I G Sohn Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Road Ithaca, New York, 14850 U.S.A 9, 1983 PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION Officers President Vice-President Bruce M Bell William A Oliver, Secretary Treasurer Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer Director Legal Counsel Philip C Robert E Jr Wakeley Terwillegar John L Cisne Peter R Hoover Henry W Theisen Trustees Bruce M Bell (to 6/30/84) Richard E Byrd (to 6/30/83) John L Cisne (to 6/30/85) Lee William A Oliver, Jr (to 6/30/83) John Pojeta, Jr (to 6/30/85) James E Sorauf (to 6/30/85) Robert E Terwillegar (to 6/30/84) Gibson (to 6/30/83) Rebecca S Harris (Life) Porter Kier (to 6/30/84) B Duane O LeRoy (to 6/30/84) Raymond Van Houtte (to 6/30/85) William (to 6/30/84) P S Philip C Ventress Wakeley 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the Paleontological Research Institution to continue its existing position as a leader in providing Resources for Paleontologic Research The Paleontological Research Institution is a non-profit, non-private corporation, and all contributions are U S income tax deductible For more information on P R I programs, memberships, or subscriptions to P R I publications, call or write: Peter R Hoover Director Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Truman sburg Road Ithaca New York 14850 U.S.A 607-273-6623 V DUWtt ^LUME 84, NUMBER 316 MAY Ostracodes of the "Winifrede Limestone" (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Region of the Proposed Pennsylvanian System Stratotype, West Virginia by I G Sohn Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Ithaca, New Road York, 14850 U.S.A 9, 1983 Library of Congress Card Number: 83-61460 Printed in the United States of America Allen Press, Inc Lawrence, KS 66044 U.S.A CONTENTS Abstract introduction Acknowledgments Age of the Ostracodes p aleoecology Stratigraphy 9 Voucher Specimens Measurements Format 11 Terminology 11 Type Repositories 11 Collection Localities 11 Philosophical Considerations 11 Qass Ostracoda 10 Superfamily Genus Amphissites Subgenus Amphissites Subgenus Amphikegelites Genus Kegelites Genus Shishaella 10 Suborder unknown Superfamily Drepanellacea Family Kirkbyellidae Genus Kirkbyella Subgenus Berdanella Superfamily Genus Plavskella Suborder Bairdiocopina Superfamily Bairdiacea Family Bairdiidae Genus Bairdia Genus Orthobairdia Genus Bairdiolites Genus Bairdiacypris 11 11 12 Family Bythocytheridae Genus Monoceratina Suborder Metacopina Superfamily Healdiacea Family Healdiidae 13 14 14 Genus Healdia Genus Pseudobythocypris 15 Order Platycopida Suborder Platycopina Superfamily Cavellinacea Family Pseudoparaparchitidae 19 19 20 20 20 22 22 22 22 23 23 24 26 26 26 27 29 29 Family Cavellimdae Genus 16 ?Order Palaeocopida Suborder unknown Superfamily Pseudoparaparchitacea 19 Suborder Cytherocopina Superfamily Cytheracea 12 Superfamily Youngiellacea Family Youngiellidae Genus Moorites 19 unknown Family Geisinidae 11 15 19 Suborder unknown Family Kirkbyidae Genus Aurikirkbya Genus Kirkbya 17 unknown Family Sansabellidae Genus Sansabella Order Podocopida Suborder Paraparchitocopa Superfamily Paraparchitacea ?Family Paraparchitidae Order Paleocopida Suborder Kirkbyocopina Superfamily Kirkbyacea Family Amphissitidae 17 Order unknown Systematic Paleontology Introduction Laboratory Techniques Genus Pseudoparaparchites Genus Microparaparchites Cavellinella 29 Appendix: Collection Localities References Cited 31 17 Plates 37 17 Index 49 32 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Page Text-figure Map showing the location of collecting localities in West Virginia Suggested correlation of Hennen's Winifrede Limestone in in West Virginia and the Magoffin Member Kentucky 31 Length-height ratios of Cavellinella ? pricei LIST OF TABLES Page Table Occurrence of Pennsylvanian ostracode species of the Breathitt Formation illustrated or recorded Stratigraphic ranges of Pennsylvanian ostracode species outside in West Virginia and Kentucky West Virginia OSTRACODES OF THE "WINIFREDE LIMESTONE" (MIDDLE PENNSYLVANIAN) IN THE REGION OF THE PROPOSED PENNSYLVANIAN SYSTEM STRATOTYPE, WEST VIRGINIA By I G SOHN U.S Geological Survey Washington, DC ABSTRACT The Winifrede Limestone of R V Hennen* occurs in the upper one-third of the Kanawha Formation in central and southern West Virginia This thin calcareous, fossiliferous shale represents one of the most widespread marine incursions into the central Appalachian basin during the Middle Pennsylvanian Collections of invertebrate fossils from this marine tongue contain 24 taxa of marine ostracodes assigned herein to 19 genera, one of which, Amphissites Girty, 1910, includes the new subgenus A (Amphikegelites) The following taxa are new: A (Amphikegelites) henryi, Bairdiolites astigmaticus, Cavellinellal pricei, Kirkbyella (Berdanella) ricei, "Microparaparchites" reductospinosus, Monoceratina winifredeana Plavskella englundi, Pseudo, bythocypris? enigmatica, and Shishaella saundersi All the new species, previously described species, and species referred to open nomenclature in this study are present also in rocks of Atokan age in one or more of the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas Except for Cavellinellal pricei n sp., Moorites minutus (Warthin, 1930)?, and Shishaella saundersi n sp., all the taxa are present in rocks of Atokan age either in the Magoffin Member of the Breathitt Formation or in shale above the Hindman coal bed of the Breathitt Formation in Eastern Kentucky On the basis of known stratigraphic ranges of the ostracode species in states other than West Virginia, the Winifrede Limestone of Hennen correlates with the Atokan Provincial Series of the Midcontinent; the ostracode data verify the age assignment of this marine tongue that is based on the macrofauna in INTRODUCTION ostracodes at this locality are not so well-preserved, The Winifrede Limestone of Hennen (1914) at its type-locality is a fossiliferous dark-gray shale with two thin interbedded limestone beds This member is 1.86 m (6 and its top is about 22.8 m (75 ft) below the base of the Winifrede coal bed at the type-locality ln southern Kanawha County, West Virginia (Henry a "d Gordon, 1979, p 102) Much of the material for this ft) thick, study (about was collected from a carbonaceous shale above the Chilton(?) coal bed at ne Harewood section (Englund, Arndt, and Henry, 1979 p Stop 18B) from an interval labelled "Winfrede(?) Limestone" (USGS [U.S Geological SurVe y] colln 1297 1-PC) This collection yielded more > 1 kg [25 lbs]) and are lower in abundance and diversity than ostracodes from the Harewood section All the newly described species have their type-localities in surface outcrops The relatively few specimens from borehole cores illustrated in this study are son Collecting localities in in Text-figure stone of Hennen cording to later y °l), this nen's P- commun., July, collection definitely is derived from HenWinifrede Limestone Henry and Gordon (1979, work by Henry '02) listed the macrofauna gested an Atokan age ^ w Two (oral in this interval collections and sug- (USGS collns 13-PC and 26774-PC) from the type-locality of the 'nrfrede also were processed for ostracodes, but the l9| in lt Krebs, C E., and Teets, D D., "a Geol Survey [County Rept.], Jr Kanawha County, p xxvi-xxviii The purpose of Virginia are this study is shown to deter- (1914) ACKNOWLEDGMENTS > for compari- mine the age and correlation of the Winifrede Lime- , nar 4,000 well-preserved ostracode specimens repre senting all the species herein described as new Ac- West shown I thank the following U.S Geological Survey col- leagues: T gated this expertise; W Henry, for the collections that insti- study and for sharing his W V Sliter, for relieving field me notes and of other com- mitments so that could complete this paper; and Mackenzie Gordon, Jr., for providing me with previI ously collected samples from the type-locality of the Winifrede Limestone of Hennen (1914) and for en- couragement and advice during the study The SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) micrographs are by Mr Walter R Brown, and the prints are by H E Mochizuki S C Bergman, T M Kehn, C L Rice, and V M Seiders, of the U.S Geological Bulletin 316 Survey, and John Beard, of the Kentucky Geological Survey, collected the samples in Kentucky Drs Alan S Horowitz, of the University of Indiana, and R H Shaver, of the Indiana Geological Survey, made available Shaver's types and identified specimens for comparison Dr L W Knox, of the Tennessee Techno- logical University, donated copies of his unpublished H H Bradfield, Dallas, Texpresented me with specimens other than types from 1935 publication, and the late Dr M F Marple (Knox, plates as, his 1975) Dr donated topotypes of Sansabella stewartae Marple, Kentucky and Oklahoma and are therefore not usable for age determination of Hennen's Morrowan of Winifrede Limestone Healdia ehlersi Bradfield, 1935, Orthobairdia oklahomaensis (Harlton, 1927), and Pseudobythocypris pediformis (Knight, 1928) have been recorded in younger Pennsylvanian rocks; consequently, they are also not usable for correlation of Hennen's Winifrede Limestone The remaining nine taxa listed in Table are restricted to rocks of Atokan age Hennen's Winifrede Limestone in West Virginia contains eight species in common with the Magoffin of the Breathitt Formation in eastern Kentucky (Table 1; USGS colln 21413-PC) and six additional species in common with collections from the Member 1952 AGE OF THE OSTRACODES shale above the The ostracodes in the Winifrede Limestone of Hennen (1914) are Atokan in age (Text-fig 2) Amphissites (Amphikegelites) henryi n sp., Aurikirkbya ex gr A triseriata Shaver, 1959, Kirkbya magna Roth sensu 17 reductospinoCooper, 1946, "Microparaparchites sus n sp., Bairdia isoscelata Shaver, 1959, and Orthobairdia oklahomaensis (Harlton, 1927) are present tucky (Table 12927-PC) 1; Hindman USGS coal bed in eastern Ken- collns 12920-PC, 12923-PC, The Hindman coal bed is about 76.2 and m (250 above the base of the Magoffin Member (Rice and Smith, 1980, fig 1, measured section 3) The Magoffin Member of the Breathitt Formation is ft) early age (Rice et ah, 1979, p F18) This about 70 m (230 ft) above the base of the Atokan member is in Atokan part of the Tradewater Formation in Butler County, Kentucky (USGS colln 12974-PC), additional evidence for an Atokan age of the Winifrede Limestone of Hennen (1914) The ostracodes, however, cannot be used to resolve which part of the Atokan is represented by Hennen's Winifrede Limestone Species illustrated in this study and their occurrence in West Virginia and Kentucky are shown in Table In this table, those taxa that are illustrated on Plates 1-1 bear an "x", those mentioned in the discussions of the taxa and documented by voucher specimens in the 1 deposited in the U.S National Museum of Natural bear an "o", and those specimens, History (USNM) not deposited in the USNM, that were identified in samples from boreholes in West Virginia and surface samples in Kentucky, bear a " + " The borehole samples in West Virginia are aggregated under a single USGS collection number for that borehole; individual collection numbers are listed in the Appendix The following species in West Virginia have not yet Kentucky: Amphissites (A.) sp aff A robertsi Morey, 1935, Amphissites {Amphikegelites) n sp A, Pseudobythocyprisl enigmatica n sp., been identified in X and Shishaella saundersi n sp Table shows the stratigraphic ranges outside of West Virginia of the new and identified ostracode species in the Winifrede Limestone of Hennen (1914) The age of Hennen's Winifrede Limestone is deduced from this table X kF n sp., are present also in the / X >•: \ \ \ X XX A* X *9 Text-figure l West I \ Plavskella englundi n sp., Cavellinellal pricei n sp., "Microparaparchites" reductospinosus n sp., and Bairdiolites astigmaticus X \ A / X • 10 — Map showing the location of collecting Virginia Localities are described in the localities Appendix Bulletin 46 16 Explanation of Plate Page Figure -23 Cavellinella? pricei 1-4 Holotype: new 30 species USNM 325156 USGS colln 12971-PC Dorsal (anterior to left), posterior, left, and ventral (anterior to right), views of carapace, probably a female, approx x60 5, Paratype: terior half, Paratype: USNM Paratype: colln 12971-PC Posterior and right views of carapace slightly crushed in the an- probably a male, approx x50 USNM USGS 325158 same view, approx x 8, USGS 325157 colln 12971-PC Left view of very young instar approx comparison with other stages of growth 325159 USGS colln 12971-PC Right and ventral (anterior USNM x60, superposed on the 120, for to right), views of carapace of a young growth stage, approx x60 10-13 Paratype: USNM 14-18 Paratype: USNM USGS 12971-PC Dorsal (anterior to views of carapace, subadult? stage, approx x60 325160 325161 colln USGS colln 12971-PC 14, 15 right), left, ventral, (anterior to left), and posterior Dorsal (anterior to right) and inside views of left valve, Outside and ventral views (anterior to left), approx x53 18 Posterior, approx x60 19-23 Paratype: USNM 325162 USGS colln 12971-PC 19-22 Dorsal (anterior to right), inside, outside, and posterior views of left valve (female), approx x50 23 Detail of posterior part to show internal septum indicative of female, approx male, approx x60 16, 17 xlOO J Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 84 Plate Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 84 Plate 10 J 47 Sohn Ostracodes: Pennsylvanian West Virginia Explanation of Plate 10 Page Figure 1,2 Kirkbyella (Berdanella) ricei Paratype: U.SNM 33 1614 15 new USGS species of broken colln 25669-PC Dorsal and outside views left valve, approx x 100 3-6 Aurikirkbya spp ex gr A triserlata Shaver, 1959 3, Figured Specimen: 5, Figured Specimen: USNM 331101 USGS USNM 331102 USGS right valve, approx x75 views of ventral and Outside 12910-PC colln of left valve, approx x75 colln 12917-PC Dorsal and outside views Orthobalrdia oklahomaensis (Harlton, 1927) x55 approx carapace, of view Right 25669-PC Figured Specimen: 331 13 USGS colln USNM 8,9 Moorites minutus (Warthin, 1930)" Figured Specimen: USNM 3311 1 USGS 10, u Kirkbya magna Roth sensu Cooper, 1946 Figured Specimen: approx xlOO USNM 331107 colln 25656-PC Right and USGS left views of crushed carapace, approx x colln 25660-PC Dorsal (anterior to right) 150 and outside views of broken left valve, 48 Bulletin 316 Explanation of Plate (Except where noted, all specimens are from the Middle Pennsylvanian of Kentucky.) Figure Page Healdia ehlersi Bradfield, 1935 USNM Figured Specimen: 26 USGS 168223 colln 12948-PC Right view of carapace, approx xl20 2-4 Moorites spp 16 Figured Specimen: 3,4 Figured Specimen: USNM 331 103 USGS colln 12927-PC Outside view of left USNM 331104 USGS colln 12920-PC Dorsal (anterior valve, approx X75 to left) and outside views of right valve, approx x 150 5, Aurikirkbya spp ex gr Figured Specimen: Figured Specimen: A triseriata Shaver, 1959 USNM USNM new 7-9 Monoceratina winifredeana Figured Specimen: USNM 331 105 331 106 USGS USGS 14 colln 12974-PC Right view of juvenile carapace, approx x 103 colln 12926-PC Right view of carapace, approx x75 species 25 USGS 325127 21413-PC Dorsal (anterior to colln left), right, and ventral (anterior to left) views of carapace, approx x30 10 Monoceratina Figured Specimen: 1, 12 13 M macoupeni sp aff USNM 168219 Scott and Borger, 1941 USGS colln 26 21413-PC Outside view of left valve, approx x30 Monoceratina ardmorensis (Harlton, 1927) Holotype: USNM 71402 Lower part of "Glenn Formation," Love County, Oklahoma Left and ventral (anterior to of carapace, approx x30 Amphissites (Amphikegelites) henryi USNM Figured Specimen: 168220 new USNM Figured Specimen: 325055 left) views species USGS 14-16 "Microparaparchites" reductospinosus 25 new USGS colln 12 21413-PC Outside view of left valve, approx x30 species colln 18 21413-PC Dorsal (anterior to right), outside, and posterior views of left valve, approx x90 17, 18 Pseudoparaparchites spp Figured Specimen: 17 USNM 168222 USGS colln 12920-PC Posterior and outside views of broken right valve showing a very long dorsoposterior spine, approx x 150 19, 20 "Microparaparchites" reductospinosus new species Figured Specimen: 168221 USGS colln 21413-PC Dorsal (anterior up) and outside views of right valve, approx x90 18 USNM 21, 22 Kirkbyella (Berdanella) ricei Holotype: USNM 33 I 108 new USGS species colln 12927-PC 15 Dorsal (anterior to right) and outside views of left valve, approx x 150 J BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY, VOLUME 84 ; • '"*^*' '•'".'* ' Plate West Virginia Pennsylvanian Ostracodes: Sohn 49 INDEX Note: Page numbers are in light face, plate numbers are in bold face type; numbers in italics indicate principal "cutilobatus, Kegelites 14 bensoni, Saipanetta Ade lphobolbina? 21 Berdanella Sohn, 1961 Bergman, South Carolina ae nigmatica, Pseudobythocypris A >nphikegelites Arnphissites robertsi r °thi cristinae Bless, 1967 n 12 subg Girty, 1910 8,11,12 Morey, 1935 Bradfield, 1935 ngosus 13 11 Bless (1967) 6,12 Girty, 1910 15 5,32 Beyrichia fastigiata (Jones and Kirkby Birdsalella Coryell and Booth, 1933 simplex Coryell and Booth, 1933 Birdsong Shale discussions , 21 867) 30 30 15 8,32 S P- Harlton, 1933 13 Bradfield, H H S P- Sohn, 1961 13 Bradfield (1935) 21,23,25-27,29 12 bradfieldi, AmPhissites (Amphikegelites) n subg henryin sp n S A S P- - 1,2,5,11 PP- S P aff 6,13 Persansabella '9 awP/a, 12,13 (Amphissites) Girty, 1910 a robertsi Morey, 1935 AmPhissitidae Knight, 1928 Monoceratina "nplectens, Sansabella "ngulata, Healdia AParchitidae Jones in a "cuata, ardni orensis, A rka:nsas Monoceratina a / (1979) "Mgmaticus, Bairdiolites At °kan 25 A urikirkbya Aunk >rkbya 23 23 27 Bythocypris Knight, 1928 pediformis Knight, 1928 27,28 11 canyonensis, Kirkbya 14 32 cara, Healdia 27 Carbon Fuels Co 31 25 6,25 30 14 14 10,11 6,14 14 Au strali a 29 air d (1850) B^alrdia 24 McCoy, 1844 7,22 cestriensis Utrich, 1891 oscelata Shaver, 1959 24 {Orthobairdia) r fctiformis Shaver, 1959 "airdiacea Sars, 1888 Croneis and Gale, 1939 ast 'gmaticus n sp 29,30 casei Bradfield, 1935 moreyi Coryell and Rozanski, 1942 Cavellinella! pricei n sp Cavellinella (Cavellinella) Polenova 31 2,5,9 and Zaspelova, 1953 6,50,31 29 22 Chernysheva(1960) 29 24 Chester Shale 22 7,22 22 7,22,23 7,29,30 Cavellinella Bradfield, 1935 I7 24 diolit es 29 Cavellinella(7) Chapman 5,7 diocopina Grundel, 1967 29 22 23 "atrdiidae Sars, 1888 29 springsurensis Crespin, 1945 Cavellinacea Egorov, 1950 I6 cf, b rectiformis (Shaver, 1959) ^arthini (Bradfield, 1935) 29 fittsi Kellett, 1935 "Centralia" Limestone 6,22 7,22,23 Bradfield, 1935 29 Cavellina Coryell, 1928 29 7,22 ""diacypris Bradfield, 1935 29-3 casei, Cavellinella Cavellinidae Egorov, 1950 22 °klahomaensis Harlton, 1927 g air Brown, Walter R Buschmina (1970) Buschmina (1975) 30 5,6,9,12-30 Shaver, 1959 Sohn, 1950b S PP- ex gr A triseriata Shaver, 1959 tn seriata Shaver, 1959 air , Bythocyproidea Stewart and Hendrix, 1945 Bythocytheridae Sars, 1926 wrigerites Roundy, 1926 D airdia 6,8 11 Washi ngton County Arn dt,H H A mdter Member Magoffin 23 23,26 11 6,8,32 brevicostatus Bairdiolites 21 Basin Breathitt Formation 11 17 1901 27 (1880) 24 26,27 Chapman, Brady Brereton Zone 12 Jonesina Ar dmore 6,/2 19 A msden Formation deloi 25 13 A >nphissites ls 6,72,13 Monoceratina 6,25 (1901) Chilton(?) coal bed 5,25,31 Chizhova [Tschigova] (1963) Chizhova [Tschigova] (1967) Chizhova [Tschigova] (1977) Coalburg coal bed compta, Monoceratina 20 conifer, Bairdiolites 23 Cooper Cooper (1941) 20 (1946) 13,15,16,24-29 20 20 32 25 bre vicostatus 23 Cordell (1952) 28 c °nifer 23 Coryell, H N 16 Coryell (1963) 25 Coryell and Billings (1932) 16 Coryell and Booth (1933) 30 Buschmina, 1970 Buschmina, 1970 ass lerand Kellett (1934) eard >John g e|e7 '/2 minute quadrangle 24,32 6,32 31 Bulletin 316 50 22 (1938) 19 Coryellina Kellett, 1935 28 Coryellites Kellett, 1936 28 firma (Kellett, 1935) 28 pediformis (Knight) 28 Glenn Formation Glyptopleurina minuta Warthin, 1930 Golconda Formation Gordon, Mackenzie, Jr Graham Formation craterigera, Jonesina 20 Gramm, M N 19 Crespin (1945) 29 Gramm(1975) 19 Adelphobolbinal Curlew Limestone Cutshin IV2 minute quadrangle 21 Gramm Gramm 29 cyclopea, Shishaella Coryell and Sohn cristinae, 32 (1982) 20 Green River, Kentucky 32 8,24 Cytherella Jones, 1849 8,29 Cytherocopina Griindel, 16,30 32 Cypris Muller, 1776 Cytheracea Baird, 1850 967 5,31 32 17 and Ivanov (1975) Grapevine Creek, Kentucky Cyprididae Baird, 1850 Cytherellacea 16 gutkei 19 (cf.), Kirkbyella 15 Kirkbyella (Berdanella) 15 29 Harewood Section 24 Harlton (1933) 5,7,9,18,20,21,23,25,28,30,31 25 harltoni, 7,21 Danielopol (1980) darwinuloides, Healdianella 29 19 Deese Formation Devils Kitchen Member 19 Ectodemites 13 Kegelites 13 Hartmann and Puri (1974) Hayden West IVi minute quadrangle Healdia Roundy, 1926 Deese(?) Formation deesensis, Jonesina 25,26 21 angulata Bradfield, 1935 deloi, Bairdiacypris 23 cara Bradfield, 1935 ehlersi Bradfield, 1935 6,19,24-28 Des Moinesian 16,20,21,23,25,26,30 Devonian Douglass, R C Drepanellacea Ulrich and Bassler, 1923 Ectodemites harltoni Cooper, 1946 Egypt, Eastern Desert Healdia Elmdale Formation ehlersi, englundi, Plavskella enigmatica, Pseudobythocyprisl 30 Cooper, 1946 15 nucleolata Knight sensu Cooper, oklahomaensis Harlton, 1927 17 21 5,9,31 20,2/ 6,26,27,30 2,11 27 6,26,27,30 27 nucleolata Knight, 1928 15 Englund, K J Englund, Arndt, and Henry (1979) 26,27 31 13 2,11 7,26 27 27 Germany East 32 nasuta Drexler, 1958 17,18 Devonian(?) fabilis 28 946 26 27 rara Griindel, 1961 27 subcarinata Morey, 1935 sulcata Cooper, 1947 27 27 IHealdia sp Marple, 1952 Healdiacea Harlton, 1933 Healdianella Posner, 1951 27 7,26,30 29 29 darwinuloides Posner, 1951 Healdiidae Harlton, 1933 26 Helms Formation Hennen(1914) 25 5-7,14,17,19-22,24,25,28-31 W Fabalicypris Cooper, 1946 warthini (Bradfield, 1936) wetumkaensis Cooper, 1946 fabilis, Healdia famensis, Plavskella fastigiata, Beyrichia Fayetteville Shale Ferdinand Limestone Ferdinand Zone firma, Coryellites fit tsi Cavellina , Flores and Arndt (1979) 23 24 24 30 20 21 " Geisinidae Sohn, 1961 /2,13 16 6,15,24,25,27,32 16 Hoxbar Formation 23 26 Hypotetragona Morey, 1935 20 28 29 27 Cooper, 1946 1,2,5,11 22 Fort Scott Limestone jollifina Horowitz, A S 5,7,9 29 28 Gattendorfia Stage Geisina Johnson, 1936 Holdenville Shale 5,9,31 Howard Limestone Fort Riley Limestone Fulda Limestone Henry, T Henry and Gordon (1979) henryi, Amphissites (Amphikeg elites) hewetti, Moorites Hindman coal bed 15,30 27 19 21 19-21 Germany Gimlet Zone 27 Gildersleeve (1972) 34 26 Illinois 6,9,24-26,28 Adams County Brown County 26 Edgar County Henry County Johnson County Lawrence County Marshall County Mercer County Montgomery County 26 Pope County 17 Indiana Spencer County 26 24 27 26 26 15 16 6,9,15 30 ^ West Virginia Pennsylvanian Ostracodes: Sohn 'soscelata, Bairdia Johns Valley Shale JoUifina, Geisina Jonesina Ulrich and Bassler, 1908 Jonesina 13 arcuata (Bean) craterigera Kloedenellacea Scott, 1961 19,20 Kloedenellocopina Scott, 1961 19,20 W (1975) 30 Knox, L 21 Knox 20 Krebs and Teets (1914) 21 20 1941 deesensis Bradfield sensu Cooper, 1946 21 Sansabella 19 Lake Murray Formation 26 laevis, Brady fide Cooper, 51 Bostwick Member 26 latidorsatus Paraparchites 18 31 lawrencevillensis Monoceratina 26 6,9,26 Lead Creek Limestone Member , Kanawha black flint Kanawha Formation Kansas 17,24,28,29 Chase County Kansas City Formation 24 kansensis, Pseudoparaparchites 17 17 Kegelites" 12 Kegelites Coryell and Booth, 1933 acutilobatus Rome, 1971 harltoni (Cooper) 13 PP- 14 6,14 5,32 K Kellett (1935) Kellett (1936) 28,29 27 kfHettae, 14 Kirkbya "Kendrick shale" 18,21,23,30,32 Kendrick Shale Member of the Breathitt Formation 6,7 Kentucky 6,12-19,21-28,30,32 B utler County 15,30 Lick Creek IVi minute quadrangle Little Vermillion cyclothem 32 "Lost Creek Limestone" Lower Mercer Limestone "Lower Mercer Limestone Member" 32 25 16, 19,24 26,27,30 14 Kehn, T 13, 12,13 S PS , 12,14,22,27,32 macoupeni (sp aff.), Monoceratina "Macoupin Formation" "Macoupin Limestone" Marble Falls Limestone Maddocks (1969) Grapevine 32 Marmaton Group Marple, M F Falls John Creek 32 Kentucky River Knott County Leslie County p ike County Raccoon Creek Kockhouse Creek 32 McKenzie 12,14-18,21-28,32 18,21,30,32 32 7 10 15 15 21,28,32 31 13 ,30 19 Limestone Marple (1952) Marple (1957) 17-19,21,24,25,32 19 Mansfield Formation Marble 32 26 "Magoffin beds" Mammoth IVx minute quadrangle 32 13,15 26 Maddocks (1972) magna, Kirkbya magnum, Kirkbya Camp Creek Hancock County Hurricane Creek 25,26 6,11 26 3,15,24,26,30 19 26 (1967) Metacopina Sylvester-Bradley, 1961 Microparaparchites Croneis and Gale, 1939 spinosus Croneis and Gale, 1939 17,18 "Microparaparchites " 17,18 17 6,8,17,75 3,11 sp 32 reductospinosus Sandlick Branch 32 Trace Branch 32 minax, Paraparchites Mining City coal bed 32 20 minuta, Glyptopleurina 16 25 minutus, Moorites 14 Missouri Kesling and Chilman (1978) Khivintseva (1969) Kirkbya Jones in Kirkby, 1859 canyonensis Harlton, 1929 14 kellettae Harlton, 1929 m agna Roth sensu Cooper, 1946 wordensis Hamilton, 1942 nymeni 14 10 14 .' 14 Kellett, 1933 Kirkbyacea Ulrich and Bassler, 1906 kirkbyan" pit 8,11 Perplexa Wilson, 1935 Kirkbyella (Berdanella) Sohn, 1961 Sutkei (Croneis and Bristol, 1939) ricein sp 10,11 Callaway County Mochizuki, H E Monoceratina Roth, 1928 25 11 n sp Bradfield, 15 ventrale Roth, 1928 6,75 ventrale var 15 winifredeana Klr kbyocopina n 25 26 25,26 1941 6,11 6,25,26 25 1935 magnum 25 25 ^kbyellidae Sohn, 1961 Kirkbyidae Ulrich and Bassler, 1906 mdet Griindel, 1969 7,24,25 ardmorensis (Harlton, 1927) bradfieldi Cooper, 1946 ventralis Roth, 1928 1966 ampla Khivintseva, 1969 15 Omara and Gramann, 6,27 ,28 27 15 15 1,16 10 15 15 - 19 compta Khivintseva, 1969 lawrencevillensis Scott and Borger, 94 macoupeni Scott and Borger, 1941 sp aff M macoupeni Scott and Borger, 14 Kirkbyella Coryell and Booth, 1933 cf « gutkei Croneis and Bristol, 1939 S P- 6,15 n 24 24 Roth, 1928 sp 24,25 6,11 6,25,26 Montgomery IVi minute quadrangle Moore (1961) 15,16,24,26 " Moorites Coryell and Billings, 1932 16 14 31 Bulletin 316 52 Pottsville Moorites hewetti Coryell and Billings, 1932 16 10 mikutus (Warthin, 1930) spp Morey 6,7,16 6,16 11 12 (1935) , moreyi 31 32 Morgantown IVi minute quadrangle Morrow Group 30 nasuta, Healdia 27 Neokloedenella Croneis and Funkhouser, 1939 prima Croneis and Funkhouser, 1939 20 nicklesi var 20 o 20 26,27 nucleolata, Healdia Ohio 6,9,13,15,16,24,26,27 Muskingum County 16,24,26,27 Perry County 19,24,27 Vinton County 30 Oklahoma Ardmore Basin 6,9,15,16,19,21,24-27,29,31 Lowellville Price, 13,27,30 Member 13 30 W Armstrong pricei, Cavellinellal 21,27,29 7,27-29 pediformis (Knight, 1928) Pseudobythocyprisl enigmatica n sp Pseudoparaparchitacea n superfam 17 PseudoparaparchitesKellett, 1933 7,17 17 kansensis Kellett, 1933 spp Pseudoparaparchitidae 3,11 n fam 6,77 17 30 Punctomosea Stover, 1956 Quaternary-O Quasigeisina 6,28 6,28,29 9,10 Rome, 21 973 Quick IVi minute quadrangle 31 24 rectiformis, Bairdia rectiformis (cf ) Bairdiacypris 31 19 15,16,24 22 27 Healdia Orthobairdia 10 Omara and Gramann ( 6,22 15 966) 28 Oread Limestone Orthobairdia Sohn, 1960 Orthobairdia oklahomaensis (Harlton, 1927) Otterville Limestone 22 10 6,22 21 Palaeocopida Henningsmoen, 1953 11,17,20 17,19 Paraparchitacea Scott, 1959 Paraparchites latidorsatus Warthin, 1930 18 minax Ivanov, 1975 19 nicklesi var cyclopea Girty, 1910 20 19 Paraparchitidae Scott, 1959 Gramm, 19 1975 pediformis, Bythocypris 28 Coryellites 28 Pseudobythocypris 6,25 reductospinosus , "Microparaparchites" Rice (1980) Rice and Smith (1980) Rice etal (1979) ricei, Kirkbyella (Berdanella) robertsi, robertsi (sp aff.), Amphissiles 29 Plavskella Samoilova, 1951 7,20,21 ^Plavskella 21 Plavskella englundi n sp famensis Samoilova, 1951 '.,'« schica Chizhova, 1963 volgogradensis Chizhova, 1977 Pleasanton Formation Podocopida Sars, 1866 Polenova (1953) Polenova in Chernysheva ( 960) Polenova and Zaspelova in Polenova (1953) 6,20,2/ 6,/2 15 rothi, ''.Amphissites 13 Roundy II (1926) Rozhdestvenskaja (1959) rugosus, Amphissites 29 Russian Platform 20 11 Saipanella cloudi McKenzie, 1968 Saipanetta McKenzie, 1968 7 Saipanetta bensoni Maddocks, 1972 Saipanettidae McKenzie, 1968 7 Samoilova (1951) Sanchez de Posada (1977) Sansabella Roundy, 1926 amplectens Roundy, 1926 stewartae Marple, 1952 Platycopina Sars, 1866 6,12 24,25 19 7,29,31 15 21 laevis (Warthin, 1930) Platycopida Sars, 1866 10,11 Robinson (1978) Roth (1928) Roth (1929) 19 13 6,8 Amphissites Persansabella Coryell and Sohn, 1938 Shleesha 6,8, 17, 18 3,11 5,15,32 15 and Sohn, 1938 24 L Rice, C perplexa, Kirkbyella bradfieldi Coryell 5,7 , oklahomaensis, Bairdia , 20 prima, Neokloedenella Pseudobythocypris Shaver, 1958 23 ,26 Cherokee County Love County Pontotoc County pinguis 6,50,31 2,5,9 2/ Carter County Paraparchitocopa Formation 20 28 8,19 19 19 6,19 Sansabellidae Sohn, 1961 19 Saunders, Harold, 20 saundersi, Shishaella Scanning Electron Microscope [SEM] Scott in Moore Seiders, V (1961) 1,5 6,20 9,10 17 M 5,32 20 Seville Limestone 13,15 20 Seville Zone 14,28 20 Shaver, R 28 Shaver (1958) Shaver (1959) Shaver in Moore, 1961 Shaver in Thompson, Shaver, and Riggs (1959) Shaverand Smith (1974) 19,20,21 29 17 29 H 28 22,24 29 22 13-15 West Virginia Pennsylvanian Ostracodes: Sohn Shishaella Sohn, 1971 :,19 cyclopea (Girty, 1910) saundersi n sp Shleesha Sohn, 1961 20 1,5 ,20 13 Pinguisl (Ulrich and Bassler 1906) 28 simplex, Birdsallella 30 Sohn Sohn Sohn Sohn Sohn Sohn W V G s °hn Triceratina Upson 6,15,27,32 10,11 14 24 (1933) tschekmaguschica, Plavskella 20 Union Dairy Limestone Member Upper Fort Scott Limestone 23 Monoceratina 24 28 31 ventrale, 25 ventrale var 14 v entralis, ( 950a) ( 950b) ( 954) 14 ( 960) 22* 24 ( 961) 8,12 15 Sohn( 965) Sohn( 968) Sohn ( 970) Sohn ( 971) Sohn ( 975) Sohn ( 977a) Sohn ( 977b) Sohn( 977c) Tradewater Formation triseriata (spp ex gr.), Aurikirkby a 13 Shurnway Zone Sliter, 53 magnum, Monoceratina 24 Monoceratina Victor, Dance, and Hynes (1981) 25 Virgilian volgogradensis, Plavskella 20 voucher specimens 10 19 29 11 Wapanucka Limestone 15,24,25 ,20 warthini, Bairdiacypris 24 12 11 12 Wayland Shale West Pakistan Salt Range West Virginia 16,30 11 11 5-7,9,12-28,30-32 Alta 32 Beech Glen 32 Belva 32 29 Buck Run 32 19 Campbells Creek Healdia sulcata, Healdia 27 Fayette County 27 Summum Zone 26 Gauley Mountain Kanawha County Schoolhouse Branch in Moore Sohn and Jones 15,16,19 ,20 (1961) 21 (in press) sPinosus, 17 ,18 Microparaparchites s Pnngsurensis, Cavellina Mewartae, Sansabella su bcarinata, Sylvester-Bradley/;? Moore 26 (1961) Sylvester-Bradley and Kesling in Moore Tennessee Te *as (1961) 24 15 9,14,16,19,30 12,18,20-22,24-27,31,32 32 12-19,21,23-28,30-32 32 wetumkaensis, Fabalicypris 24 White (1891) 31 Winifrede coal Winifrede Limestone Eastland County 16 winifredeana, Monoceratina G 'ass I4 wordensis, Kirkbya 19 wymeni, Kirkbya Wy omi ng Fremont County Mountains s an Saba County 31,32 5-7,9,12,14,17,19-22,24,25,28-31 6,11 25,26 " '4 12 Young County Thompson and Riggs (1959) Inompson and Shaver (1964) 30 Thompson, Shaver, and Riggs (1959) 32 Yochelson, E Jhuringia Tlk sinian 27 Youngiellacea Kellett, 1933 16 23 Youngiellidae Kellett, 1933 16 Suite 32 • 30 L 31 J PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS American Paleontology usually comprises two or more separate monographs in two volumes each year This series is a publication outlet for significant longer paleontological monographs for which high quality photographic illustrations and the large quarto format are a requisite Bulletins of Manuscripts submitted for publication in this monograph series must be typewritten, and double-spaced throughout (including direct quotations and references) All manuscripts should contain a table of contents, lists of text-figures and (or) tables, and a short, informative abstract that includes names of all new taxa Format should follow that of recent numbers in the series All measurements must be stated in the metric system, alone or in addition to the English system X equivalent The maximum dimensions for photographic plates are 178 (7" X 9"; outlined on this page) Single-page text-figures should be drafted 229 for reproduction as single column (82 mm; 3'A") or full page (178 mm; 7") width, but arrangements can be made to publish text-figures that must be larger Any lettering in illustrations should follow the recommendations of Collinson (1962) mm mm Authors must provide three (3) copies of the text and accompanying illustrative material The text and line-drawings may be reproduced xerographically, but glossy prints at publication scale must be supplied for all half-tone illustrations and photographic plates These prints should be identified clearly on the back All dated text-citations must be referenced, except those that appear only within long-form synonymies Additional references may be listed separately if their importance can be demonstrated by a short general comment, or individual annotations Referenced publication titles must be spelled out in their entirety Citations of illustrations within the monograph bear initial capitals (e.g., Plate, Text-figure), but citations of illustrations in other articles appear in lower-case letters (e.g., plate, text-figure) Original plate photomounts should have oversize cardboard backing and strong tracing paper overlays These photomounts should be retained by the author until the manuscript has been formally accepted for publication Explanations of be interleaved on separate numbered pages within the text, and the approximate position of the text-figure in the text should be indicated Explanations of plates follow the Bibliography text-figures should Authors are requested to enclose $10 with each manuscript submitted, to cover costs of postage during the review process Collinson, J 1962 Size of lettering for text-figures Journal of Paleontology, vol 36 p 1402 Gilbert Dennison Harris (1864- 1952) Founder of the Bulletins of American Paleontology (1895) ISBN 0-87710-391 ... numbers and volumes may be had on request Volumes 1-23 of Bulletins of American Paleontology have been reprinted by Kraus Reprint Corporation, Route 100, Millwood, New York 10546 USA Volume of Palaeontographica... important sources of funding, and allow programs and services The P R I publishes two series of respected paleontological monographs, Bulletins ofAmerican Paleontology and Palaeontographica Americana,... Palaeontographica Americana has been reprinted by Johnson Reprint Corporation, 1 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10003 USA list of titles in Subscriptions to Bulletins of American Paleontology may be
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