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BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY VOL LVIII 1970- 1971 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York U S A 14850 MUS COMP ZOOL LIBRARY FEB 16 1971 HARVARD UNIVSRSITY IN MEMORIAM Theron Wasson 1887-1970 SiKMON W MULLER ] E 900- 1970 Laurence Palmer 1888-1970 CONTENTS OF VOLUME LVIII Pages Bulletin No 257 a New Family of Upper Cretaceous Nessellariina (Radiolaria) from the Great Valley Sequence, California Coast Ranges The Rotaformidae, By Emile 258 A Pessagno, Jr 1-34 Storrs Cole and Esther R Applin from Core Sediments Silicoflagellates Central North Revision of the 35-80 10-17 81-120 18-20 131-213 21-30 214-284 31-35 285-304 36-39 Pacific By Hsin-Yi Ling 260 1-9 Analysis of Some American Upper Cretaceous Larger Foraminifera By W 259 Plates North American Pleurocysti- tidae (Rhombifera-Cystoidea) By Ronald 261 L Parsley Morphology and Taxonomy of Cyclonema Hall (Gastropoda) Upper Ordovician, Cincinnatian Province By Esther H Thompson 262 New Vasum Species of the Subgenus Hystri- vasum By S C Hollister INDEX No separate iiulex is inchuled in rhc \'olume Each number is indexed separately Contents of the volume are listed in the beginnnifr of the volume MUS COMP ZOOU LIBRARY JUL 1970 HARVARD BULLETINS UNlVERSITYi ^' OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY Vol 58 No 257 THE ROTAFORMIDAE, A NEW FAMILY OF UPPER CRETACEOUS NASSELLARIINA (RADIOLARLA) FROM THE GREAT VALLEY SEQUENCE, CALIFORNIA COAST RANGES By EMILE A PESSAGNO, JR 1970 Paleontological Research Inst'* Ithaca, U New York S A V PALEONTOLOGIGAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION 1969 - 1970 William President Heroy B Daniel B Sass Vice-President Rebecca Secretary Arm and Counsel AAAS Representative S Harris Katherine V W Palmer Director, Treasurer Council L Adams David Nicol Trustees Rebecca S Daniel Harris (Life) Axel A Olsson Katherine V W Palmer (Life) Storrs Cole (1964-1970) W B Sass (1965-1971) Kenneth E Caster (1966-1972) Donald W Fisher (1967-1973) (Life) William B Heroy Winkler (1969-1975) Virgil D (1968-1974) BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHICA AMERICANA Katherine V W Palmer, Editor Mrs Fay Briggs, Secretary Advisory Board Kenneth A Hans Kugler E Caster Myra Keen Jay Glenn Marks Axel A Olsson Complete and price titles of separate available list numbers may be had on application For reprint, Vols Kraus Reprint For reprint, vol I, Subscription may cana invoiced per ductible St., American Paleontology see Nev? York, N.Y 10017 U.S.A Palaeontographica Americana see Johnson Reprint Cor- poration, 111 Fifth Ave., price of $18.00 per 1-23, Bulletins of Corp., 16 East 46th New York, N Y 10003 U.S.A be entered at any time by volume or year, with average volume for issue from income Bulletins Purchases in Numbers of Palaeontographica tax For sale by Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Ameri- U.S.A for professional purposes are de- Trumansburg Road New York 14850 Ithaca, U.S.A BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) Vol 58 No 257 THE ROTAFORMIDAE, A NEW FAMILY OF UPPER CRETACEOUS NASSELLARIINA (RADIOLARIA) FROM THE GREAT VALLEY SEQUENCE, CALIFORNIA COAST RANGES By EMILE A PESSAGxNO, JR June 19, 1970 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, U New York S A Libraru of Congress Card Niimber: 72-12035A in the United States of America Arnold Printing Company Printed CONTENTS Page Abstract Introduction Acknowledgments Terminology Method of study Locality descriptions Criteria for Systematic 11 classification descriptions Family Rotaformidae, Genus Rotaforma, 11 n n Genus Saturniforma, fam 13 gen 15 n gen 17 References cited 20 Plates 23 Bulletin 262 294 — Holotype PRI 28202 — This specimen Ty^e Typ^ locality was found on the Kissimmee River spoil bank about half a mile north of where V locklini PRI 28206 was found; NE Section 24, T37S, R33 E, east side of canal, Highlands County, Florida Pinecrest, Caloosahatchee Group, late Miocene Discussion This shell is named for Mrs Howard Schriner, — whose extensive collection of Vasum deposited in the Paleontological Research Institution has made this study possible Vasum (Hystrivasum) t'asum vol olssoni E H Yokes PI 39, figs 1, (Hystrivasum) olssoni E H Vokes, 1966, Tulane Studies 5, No 1, pp 22, 23, pi fig 2; pi 6, fig in Geol., — Oiiyinal description Shell massive with approximately eight post-nuclear whorls in the adult Nucleus of IJ/2 smooth, polished whorls, ornamentation beginning gradually with about nine axial nodes on each of the first six whorls On the median whorls axial ornamentation reduced to small growth lines which, crossing the spiral cords, gi\e rise to a scabrous appearance Spiral ornamentation consisting of a series of strong cords, about 12 in number; three slightly stronger and bearing open spinelets in young individuals The most posterior of these three semispinose cord immediately adjacent to the suture, the second at the shoulder, and the third at the base of the siphoned canal In addition, two weaker ribs between the two posterior cords Occasionally smaller intercalary riblets between the spiral cords but not invariably Aperture elongate; outer lip crenulated by the spiral cords, with flaring notches corresponding to the three primary cords The posterior notch forming a large channel Inner lip with a hea\y callus formed over the parietal wall and a strong siphona! fasciole Columella bearing four plications diminishing in size from posterior to anterior, and the first very wide and the last almost obsolete Dimensions of the holotype: height 107 mm., diameter 68 mm /yo/o/>/ir— 645141 (Tulane University) 729, west side of Kissimmee Type locality River, Yz mile south of U.S Corps of Engineers Structure 65-D, (S Y2 Sec 33, T36S R33E), Highlands County, Florida Pinecrest Beds, Florida; upper Miocene (E H Vokes, 1966.) Horizon USNM — TU — Discussion — This shell has only a "waist" at the base of the body It slight constriction spiral cords, one at the shoulder, a second forming the sutural and immediately below the "waist." Below the a third more of the spirals on the The number to a has three scabrous prominent back of the canal may last, collar, one or also be scabrous smooth primary spiral cords on the body below the shoulder is usually six; and they are uniformly spaced In the broad furrow between the shoulder and the sutural collar there are two of secondary threads Vasum (Hystrivasum) olssoni kissimmense, new subspecies PI 39, figs 2, Description — Shell heavy, spirally ribbed, somewhat inflated New species Vasum: Hollister — 295 — spire about 70°, body about 50° angled shoulder at about four-tenths the height from the apex, about nine whorls, about five apical whorls missing, ribbed by smooth spiral cords on spire and body, heavy scabrous ribs on the back of the siphonal biconlc canal; a strong cord forming the sharply angulate shoulder keels; an upstanding sutural collar with an irregularly wavy edge, between and shoulder a broad concave furrow with a prominent sec- collar ondary central cord and clasping the a lesser thread preceding whorl loosely, on either revealing side; the suture primary cord below the preceding shoulder; below the shoulder, the first primary separated above and below by a groove broader than the rib, with a small secondary cord at the center; on the remainder of the convex body surface mildly constricted to a "waist" and with four a smooth cords with smooth grooves between, whose width is that of the cords; the groove at the waist broader with a prominent secondary thread at its center; four heavy, scabrous, oblique spirals across the back of the siphonal canal; the aperture suboval, within, the parietal wall glazed; three graduated smooth somewhat oblique plicae on the columella near the siphon, the posterior plica strongest; the outer lip folded at the sutural collar to form an anal groove; a second strong fold at the shoulder; crenulations at the remaining external cord terminals; the anterior border of the lip flaring to form a narrow umbilicus deeply perforated Height of incomplete shell, 91 Ty^^ Holotype PRI 28243 — Type mm, breadth 59 mm — This shell was found by Emily H Yokes, where V olssoni E H Yokes was found Pinecrest, Caloosahatchee Group, late Miocene locality Discussion — This shell has a less round-shouldered, more sharply angulate outline than V olssoni, with five rather than six primary cords below the shoulder, the first of which is set off on each side with a secondary thread The shoulder and sutural cord are scabrous on V olssoni, while on V olssoni kissimmense they are not The spaces between shoulder and sutural collar have two cords on V olssoni, while on this shell there are three, the middle one strongest Vasum (Hystrlvasum) palmerae, new Description — Shell heavy, species medium PI 38, figs 1,4 large, biconic — 80° above, 60° below, round-shouldered, heavily spirally smoothly ribbed; the Bulletin 262 296 periphery a above mid-height; about 11 whorls (gerontic) a group of three equal, heavy, ribs at the rounded shoulder outline, the central little with about five whorls missing; smooth, spiral cord at the periphery, the spaces between equal width to the in smooth rib forming the upthrust sutural collar, with a concave space between shoulder and collar ribs about twice as wide as the shoulder rib, and with a ribs, the posterior rib at the shoulder; a strong, faint single thread at its center; the suture loosel}^ clasping the pre- ceding whorl revealing the three peripheral cords on the last three whorls, showing the last four whorls to be round-shouldered; the remaining on the spire without spiral cords; below early whorls the periphery the body contracts with a slight constriction to a "waist," there being four closely spaced smooth cords on the body, smaller than the three peripheral cords, and with narrower smooth spaces between; at the "waist," a wider space with a secondary thread at its center; below the "waist," on the back of the siphonal smooth canal, five graduated, closely spaced the cords, posterior the largest, and equal in size to the peripheral cords; the aperture subovate, smooth within; the outer lip thick (gerontic), the edge missing; a heavy (gerontic) callus loosely laid on the parietal wall, leaving a face edge; three plicae, obliquely crossing the callus on the columella, graduated in size, the posterior plica the largest; the anterior fold of the siphon forming a flaring umbilicus, deeply Evidence of the gerontic stage perforated closely spaced rest periods incomplete shell 104 mm, on the last breadth 71 — Holotype PRI 28203 — Type bank, E is seen in the more quarter turn Height of the mm Ty/)^ side Kissimmee River canal, Spoil Corps of Engineers Structure 65-D, Highlands Pinecrest, Caloosahatchee Group, late Miocene locality mi SE County, of U.S Fla Discussion — This is a distinctive species, being both shouldered and devoid of scabrous cords but that shell, while superficially rounded The nearest in outline, is round- V olssnni, has a scabrous shoulder cord at the periphery and a scabrous sutural collar, with two strong secondary cords between Even the earlier whorls of that show these features The only other species Hystrivasum which has no spines is V vokesae shell which has an angulate shoulder and I take pleasure in naming of the subgenus Hollister, infra, axial ridges this species after Katherine V W New species Vasum: Hollister 297 Palmer, the distinguished director of the Paleontological Research Institution Vasum (Hystrivasum) Description vokesae, — Shell new species — heavy, biconic PI 38, figs 2, — base 60° with the angulate shoulder at four-tenths the height from the apex; about nine whorls, about the first four missing; axial sculpture of spire 90°, constricted growth hues form about 12 flat axial ribs extending from the shoulder to the anterior end, obliquely sloping downward to the right, causing undulations in the spiral cords, most prominent at the shoulder; the periphery at the shoulder; the spiral sculpture consisting of smooth cords, the first forming a sutural collar, the second the shoulder keel, with a broad concave furrow between with three secondary wavy threads; the body contracted slightly at a "waist" at the base of the body; between the shoulder and the "waist" six smooth from the shoulder some- spiral cords, the second what stronger than the others; at the "waist" a groove with a weak thread at the bottom; below the "waist" four coarse cords graduated in size, the broadest posterior; the sutures spiral rib below the shoulder; one side on the spire revealing one of the spire corroded; the aperture subovate, smooth within, the callus extending with a face edge over the columella; three graduated plicae on the columella, the stronger posterior; a fold at the top of the outer recurved anal notch; the outer margin at the base the flaring lip outward perforated Height (incomplete) 90 _ Holotype — Type PRI T-y^^ Sec Discussion H Yokes — This of form an umbilicus, deeply to mm, breadth 69 mm E side Kissimmee River canal, Pinecrest, Upper 36, Highlands County, Fla is an uncommon form, distinctive in its lack somewhat resembles V jacksonense Jackson Bluff, Choctawhatchee River, western of spines In its adult form, E forming a 28204 Spoil bank, locality T36S, R33E, Miocene lip, notched at the exterior cords; it Florida; but that species has spines at the shoulder and suture in the intermediate whorls while this does not It is a pleasure to name this shell after Mrs Emily H Yokes in recognition of her contributions to American molluscan paleontology REYIEW OF SPECIES OF HYSTRIYASUM IN SOUTHERN FLORIDA On the basis of constriction of the shell at the base of the body, one may group V vokesae, V palmerae, V olsso?ii, V schrin- Bulletin 262 298 and V locklini in one lot, all having but little constriction; and V squamosum and V horridum in a sequence having pronounced constriction erae, The order in which these forms developed is not known Taking would appear that the shells developed phylogenetically from smooth to grossly squamous On this basis, V vokesae and V falmerae would be the oldest, and V horridum the youngest V a kissimmense would appear to precede V olssoni It would seem that V schrinerae and V squamosum were contempor- the whole group together, ary, but this is it not a certainty seems possible that V jacksonense of western Florida was contemporary with V olssoni, but this is conjectural Even more It speculative is the parentage of this shell, and the point in time when this trend branched from a primary stock More specimens of this subgenus will certainly be found At some future time a better definition of the stages of its evolution will be more discernable than at present At such a time a more accurate appraisal of species definition can be made than is at present possible The new names here given may or may not survive; but the author believes that until that distant day arrives these distinctive lost to view by letting them remain unnoticed naming them makes communication possible con- forms should not be In the meantime, cerning their position REFERENCES Roding, Peter Friedrich 1798 Museum Boltonianum Pars 2, pp I-VIII, 1-199 Herrmannsen, August Nicolaus 1846-1852 Indicis gcncrum malacozoorum primordia 1846, vol I, pp I-XXVII," 1-637; 1849 vol II, pp XXVIII-XLII, 1-717 Supplemcntd et Corrigenda 1852, pp I-V, 1-140 Heilprin, Angelo 1887 Dall, Explorations on the West Coast of Florida Wagner Free Inst Sci., Trans., vol 1, 134 pp., 19 pis Reprint Paleont Amer., vol IV, No 33, pp 359-510, pis 54-74 William Healey 1890-1903 Contributions to the Tertiary fauna of Florida Trans., vol 3, pts 1-6, 1654 pp., 60 pis Wagner Free Inst Sci Wenz, Wiihelm 1944 Ilandhuch Paldozoot., Gastropoda., Leif 9, Bd 6, Teil 7, pp 1201- 1505, text-figs Oisson, Axel A., and Harbison, Anne 1953 Pliocene Mollusen of southern Florida, Acad Nat Sci Phila., Mon No 8, pp (5) 457 (65), 65 pis Oisson, Axel A., and Petit, Richard E 1964 Some Neogene Mollusca from Florida and the Carolinas Bull Am Paleont., vol 47, No 217, pp 505-574, pis Vokes, Emily H 1966 The genus Vasum in the Neiv JVorld Tulane Studies in Geol., vol 5, No 1, pp 1-36, pis PLATES Bulletin 262 300 Explanation of Plate 36 Page Figure 1.4 Vasum (Hystrivasum) horridum Heilprin, 1887 290 PRI 28205 Length 115 mm, about 10 whorls Caloosahatchee of La Belle, Fla Ventral view River, N bank, mi Dorsal view Caloosahatchee Formation W 2.3 Vasum (Hystrivasum) 291 locklini Olsson and Harbison 1953 28207 Length 95 mm, about 10 whorls Kissimmee River spoil bank, Tp S, R 33 E Sec 2 Ventral view Dorsal view Pinecrest PRI 5.6 Vasum (Hystrivasum) horridum Heilprin, 1887 290 PRI 28206 Found with PRI 28205 Length 43 mm, about ^vhorls Found with specimen in figure Apical detail showing location of sutures Plicae on columella, showing the feeble fourth plica ^vhich eN'anesces in adulthood Juvenile, Caloosahatchee Formation IJULL Amer Paleont., Vol 58 Plate 36 Plate Bull Amer Paleont., Vol 58 -.^ ^c V >•' ^ (T^ >* ts V \- ^ 37 New specifs Vasum: Explanation of Plate Hoi.i.ister 301 Page Figure 1,4 Vasum (Hystrivasum) squamosum, new 2,3 Vasum (Hystrivasum) species 292 Hoiotype PRI 28201 Length, 122 mm, about 10 whorls Kissimmee Ri\er, Fla Pinecrest Ventral view Dorsal view schrinerae, new species 293 Hoiotype PRI 28202 Length 113 mm, about 11 whorls Kissimmee River, Fla Pinecrest Ventral view Dorsal view Bulletin 262 302 Explanation of Plate 38 Page Figure 1.4 Vasum (Hystrivasum) palmerae, new 2.3 Vasum (Hystrivasum) species 296 Holotype PRI 28203 Length 104 mm, about 11 whorls KissimFla Pinecrest view mee River, Ventral view Dorsal vokesae, new species Holotype PRI 28204 Length, 90 mm, about mee Ri\er, Fla Pinecrest 297 whorls KissimVentral view Dorsal view 11 Bull Amer Paleont., Vol 58 Bull Amer Paleont., Vol 58 Plate 39 New species Vasum: Hollister 303 Explanation of Plate 39 Figure Page 1,4 Vasum (Hystrivasum) Vasum (Hystrivasum) olssoni E H Vokes 294 Hypotype PRI 28208 Length, 81 mm, about 11 whorls Kissimmee River, Fla Pinecrest Ventral view Dorsal view olssoni kisslmmense, new subspecies 294 Holotype PRI 28209 Length, 91 mm, about 10 whorls Kissitnmee Ri\er, Fla Pinecrest Ventral \iew Dorsal view INDEX Note: Light face figures refer to page numbers Bold face figures refer to the plate numbers Acline, Florida C ... in the beginnnifr of the volume MUS COMP ZOOU LIBRARY JUL 1970 HARVARD BULLETINS UNlVERSITYi ^' OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY Vol 58 No 257 THE ROTAFORMIDAE, A NEW FAMILY OF UPPER CRETACEOUS NASSELLARIINA... de- Trumansburg Road New York 14850 Ithaca, U.S.A BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) Vol 58 No 257 THE ROTAFORMIDAE, A NEW FAMILY OF UPPER CRETACEOUS NASSELLARIINA (RADIOLARIA) FROM... price titles of separate available list numbers may be had on application For reprint, Vols Kraus Reprint For reprint, vol I, Subscription may cana invoiced per ductible St., American Paleontology
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