Bulletins of American paleontology (Bull. Am. paleontol.) Vol 129133

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P.j-B OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY VOL XXXII 1948-49 i'al.eontolouical research institution Ithaca, New York U S A 11 MUS COMP 200L UBRARY JUN -7 I'M HARVARD UNIVERSITY CONTENTS OF VOLUME XXXII Bulletin No 129 130 l;il Brevicones from the New York Silurian By Rousseau H Flower Crinoid Studies Parts I-II By HarreU L Strimple Eocene and 01ig:ocene Foraminifera from Little Stave Creek, Clarke County, Alabama By 132 133 Orville L Bandy Plates Pages 1-2 1-14 -3-4 15-30 5-31 Holotype of Mytilarca (Plethomytiliis) knappi Hall with a note on Ezra Dabcnck Knapp By Burnett Smith 32 Crinoid Studies Parts III-VIT By Harrell L Strimple 33-39 31-210 ? 11-250 251-292 BULLETINS AUG 10 igCs OP AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY VOL XXXII NUMBER 129 1948 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York, U S A BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGl' Vol 32 No 129 EREVICONES FROM THE NEW YORK SILURIAN By Rousseau H Flower New York State Museum July 22, 194-8 Paleoiitological Research Ithaca, Institution New York BREVICONES FROM IHK NEW YORK SILLRIAN By Rousseau H Flower New York State Museiuii Except by beds for the remark;0)k' ci-plialojwxl associatiim (Clarke and Silurian of New served description for uncertain ot uihbosKiii ^'()rk structure Hall Ruedeniann, ot" the Shel- cephaloixtds 1903), the in are rare and often not well encjui^h pre- The Medinan contains and taxononu'c ])(»siti(tn ortlioceracones and Oiicdccras (1851) a species wliich Foerste (1928, There referred with doubt to Cuiitplioceras still p J2(/) remains much uiK-ertainty as to the affinities of this species wliich in form lies between the compressed Ordovician Oncoceratiche and the de- pressed bre\icones of the Silurian The prex'iously descri])ed t\])ified by Aniphicxrfoccras Clinton cei)halopods were listed In- new ones were described (Flower, 1942) To added the new species Mandaloceras chacecr and the writer and these are Goiiiphoccras occiu" the jezcrffi two Shell)) the In Lockport and overl_\ing- (kieli)h with a rich cephalrjpod assem- h(jrizons blage The o\erlyinonomic sinus and The margin of the presence of a single pair of lateral sinuses Surface markings consi.st of the aperture is faintly produced fine transverse rugose markings which reflect the course of a hvponomic sinus from thr earliest growth stage The siphuncle tion, the dorsal file lies close to the venter Discussion ; its structure has not been observed —Three specimens in the Jewett Collection of Cor- nell University, No 7075, bear the label "Oncoccras suhrectum, Clinton group, Lockport Very rare ty])e of Hall E J." These specimens consist of one small small very obese brevicone, and unidentifiable two fragment of a slightly flattened but rela- PLATE (37) 288 Bulletin 133 EXPLANATKIN OF PLATE Figure 1-7 (o?) Page Allagecrinus copani, n sp Figs 1, ;;, Posterior and suniniit views of a paratype, X6 Fig 'J, Posterior view of lower portion of crown, holotypt', X4 Figs 4-7, Left anterior, posterior, anterior, and right anterior views of liolotype, X2 21 PL 37, Vol 32 Bull Amer Paleont No 133, Pl PLATE (38) Bulletin 133 40 Explanation op Plate 2(ju (38) Page Figure 1-4 Endelocrinus petalosus, n sp Figs 1-4 Holotype viewed from posterior, summit, base, 5-8 Ulocrinus caverna, n sp Figs 5-8 Holotype viewed from anterior, base, summit, and posterior, X- -/5 except fig which is XI 3/5 24 and anterior, X2 23 Pl 38, Vol 32 Bull Amer Paleont No 133, Pl PLATE (39) Bulletin 133 42 KxPLANATION (IK I'l.ATK 29J CM)) Page Figaire 1-3 Delocrinus extraneous, Figs, l-.'l Holotype n 25 sp vii'wcil t'lnm the posterior, summit, and base, X2 4-7 Delocrinus separatus, Figs -t-7 terior, n and l)ase, X 26 sp Holotyjio viewed from the anterior, summit, jios- PL 39, Vol 32 Bull Amer Paleont No 133, PL Ov i->t>k-A-»*'^ t^US ! '6 COMP ZOOL LIBRARY -7 JUN 19^9, INDEX HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Exclusive of Note: Numbtr 11) —Numbers (generally low) in the left hand column of figures refer to the volume plate number &nd those in the right hand column refer to the volume paging A Phragmoceras accola, Actinopteria Aesiocrinus Allagecrinus Allosocrinus 245 268 17 Ampelocrinus Amphicyrtoceras 265,267 260,266 an
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