Bulletins of American paleontology (Bull. Am. paleontol.) Vol 2181

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u BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY VOL XLVIII NUMBER 218 1965 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, U New York S A PALEONTOLOGIGAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION 1964-1965 Axel A Olsson President Donald W Fisher Vice-President Rebecca Secretary-Treasurer Katherine V Director Armand Kenneth Counsel Representative AAAS Council S Harris W Palmer Adams L E Caster Trustees Katherine V W Palmer (Life) William B Heroy (1963-1968) Kenneth E Caster (1960-1966) Donald W Fisher (1961-1967) Rebecca S Solomon Axel A Olsson (Life) Hans G Kugler (1963-1969) Harris (Life) C Hollister (1959-1965) W Storrs Cole (1964-1970) BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHIGA AMERICANA W Palmer, Katherine V Editor Mrs Fay Briggs, Secretary Advisory Board Kenneth A Jay Glenn Marks Axel A Olsson Myra Keen Complete titles and price on application For list of separate available numbers reprint, Vols 1-6, 8-15, Bulletins of Kraus Reprint For Hans Kugler E Caster reprint, vol Corp., 16 East 46th I, Subscription may New York 3, American Paleontology New York 17, N.Y., Americana Palaeontographica Corporation, 111 Fifth Ave., price of $16.00 per St., may see be had see U.S.A Johnson Reprint N.Y., U.S.A be entered at any time by volume or year, with average volume for Bulletins icana invoiced per issue Purchases in Numbers of Palaeontographica deductible from income tax For sale by Paleontological Research Institution 109 Dearborn Place Ithaca, Amer- U.S.A for professional purposes New York U.S.A are BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) 48 Vol No 218 CATALOGUE OF THE PALEOGENE AND EOGENE MOLLUSGA OF THE SOUTHERN AND EASTERN UNITED STATES PART I PELEGYPODA, AMPHINEURA, PTEROPODA, SGAPHOPODA, AND GEPHALOPODA By Katherine v W Palmer AND Doris G Paleontological June Brann Research Institution 25, 1965 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca New York U.S.A 1^-^ Library of Corigress Card Number: GS 65-2 CO MP ZOOL !V;US LIBRARY JUL >i^
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