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'Bu(Qtins of rican )LUME 104, NUMBER 342 APRIL 14, 1993 Late Wenlock and Ludlow (Silurian) Plectograptinae (Retiolitid Graptolites), Cape Phillips Formation, Arctic Canada by Alfred C Lenz Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Road New York, 14850 U.S.A Ithaca, J PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION Officers President Vice-President J Thomas Dutro, John Jr C Steinmetz Henry W Theisen Aniello M Massa Roger J Howley Warren D Allmon Henry W Theisen Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Director Legal Counsel Trustees Tucker Abbott (to 6/30/93) Bruce M Bell (to 6/30/93) Carlton E Brett (to 6/30/95) Aniello M Massa (to 6/30/93) Peter McLaughlin (to 6/30/95) R Samuel T Pees (to 6/30/95) Richard E Petit (to 6/30/93) James E Sorauf (to 6/30/94) John Steinmetz (to 6/30/94) J Thomas Dutro, Jr (to 6/30/93) Robert M Linsley (to 6/30/95) Henry W Theisen (to 6/30/92) Raymond Van Houtte (to 6/30/94) Ann Budd 6/30/94) William L Crepet (to 6/30/94) F (to BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHICA AMERICANA Warren D Allmon Editor Reviewers for this issue Charles A E Claire Carter Mitchell both series, and available numbers and volumes may be had on request Volumes 1-23 of Bulletins oj American Paleontology' have been reprinted by Kraus Reprint Corporation, Route 100, Millwood, New York 10546 list of titles in USA Volume of Palaeontographica Americana has been reprinted by Johnson Reprint Corporation, Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10003 USA i Subscriptions to Bulletins of American Paleontology may be started at any volume or year Current price is US $45.00 per volume Numbers of time, by Palaeontographica Americana are priced individually, and are invoiced separately on request for additional information, write or call: Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Road Ithaca, NY 14850 USA (607) 273-6623 FAX (607) 273-6620 MCZ LIBRARY MAY 1993 HARVARD IVERSITY The Paleontological Research Institution acknowledges with special thanks the contributions of the following individuals and institutions PATRONS ($1000 or more E Allen American Oil Company Atlantic Richreld Company Christina L Balk Hans M Bolli James Ruth G Browne Mr & Mrs Kenneth E Caster Chevron Oil Company Exxon Corporation Lois S Fogelsanger Gulf Oil Corporation Merrill W Haas at the discretion of the contributor) Robert C Hoerle Richard I Johnson J M McDonald Foundation Mobil Oil Corporation Samuel T Pees Richard E Petit Robert A Pohowsky Texaco Inc Union Oil of Californl^ United States Steel Foundation Charles G Ventress Christine C Wakeley UFE MEMBERS ($400) Tucker Abbott James E Allen R Elizabeth Christina JiRJ Kriz Ralph Langenheim Anne Balcells-Baldwin Harry Egbert G Leigh, L Balk Bruce M Bell Robert A Black Richard S Boardman Hans M Bolli David John Bottjer Gerard A Jr Lenhard Louie Marincovich, Donald G Moore I HiROSHI NODA Sakae O'Hara William A Oliver, Burger Lyle D Campbell John L Carter Anneuese S Caster John E DuPont J Thomas Dlitro, Jr Samuel T F^es Richard E Petit Sybil B Mark Jr Shu J NiKO Ruth G Browne J David Bukry J Jr A Leffinowell Edward Jr B Picou, Jr Robert A Pohowsky John Pojeta Jr John K Pope Anthony Reso Arthur W Rocker Erickson Richard J Erickson Lois Fogelsanger A Eugene Fritsche Christopher L Garvie Ernest H Gilmour Merrill Haas Anita G Harris Steven M Herrick Carole S Hickman Robert C Hoerle P D Holland Jr Arnold Ross Walter E Sage, John B III Saunders Ann Schiebout Edward S Slagle Judith Frederick H C Hotchkiss David Jablonski Richard I Johnson David B Jones Peter Jung ToMOKi Kase Patricia H Kelley David Garrett Kerr Cecil H Kindle William F Klose Jr Robert E Sloan Richard L Squires David H Stansbery Jorge P Valdes Raymond Van Houtte William P S Ventress Emily H Vokes Harold E Vokes Christine C Wakeley Thomas R Waller Albert D Warren, Jr Gary D Webster Ralph H Willoughby Victor A Zullo Armour C Thomas E Winslow Yancey 3u((ctms of "tApicrxcan tvwqs) )LUME 104, NUMBER 342 APRIL Late Wenlock and Ludlow (Silurian) Plectograptinae (Retiolitid Graptolites), Cape Phillips Formation, Arctic Canada by Alfred C Lenz Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Road New York, 14850 U.S.A Ithaca, 14, 1993 Library of Congress Card Number: 93-083904 Printed in the United States of America Allen Press, Inc Lawrence, KS 66044 U.S.A CONTENTS Page Abstract Introduction Acknowledgements Previous Studies Techniques for Recovery of Graptolites from Nodules Biostratigraphy 10 Phytogeny and Phylogenetic Classification Systematic Paleontology 10 Introduction Morphology and Morphological Terminology 12 Abbreviations of Repository Institutions 13 13 Systematics Appendix— Collecting References Cited Index Localities and their Contained Faunas 24 26 50 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Page Text-figure Index map showing localities SnowbHnd Creek Portion of the Separation Point Mapsheet 58, showing the Wenlock and Ludlow graptolite biozonations of the Arctic Islands Diagrammatic composite sketches of morphological components of plectograptines LIST Table Matrix of morphologic features of plectograptines area 11 OF TABLES Page 24 LATE WENLOCK AND LUDLOW (SILURIAN) PLECTOGRAPTINAE (RETIOLITID GRAPTOLITES), CAPE PHILLIPS FORMATION, ARCTIC CANADA by A C Lenz Department of Geology University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, N6A 5B7 CANADA ABSTRACT A nch fauna of beautifully preserved, isolated and uncompressed late Wenlock and Plectograptinac were recovered through acid dissolution of limestone nodules in the Islands The fauna ranges in age from the late early Cape Ludlow retiolitids of the Subfamily Phillips Formation, central Arctic Wenlock Cyrtograplus lundgreni-Monograptus lesus Zone to the mid-Ludlow Saetograplus fnlschi linearis Zone The fauna consists of seven genera/subgenera, Agaslograplus, Golhograplus Holoretwlites, Parapleclograplus Plectograplus (Plectograptus) Plectograplus (Sokolovograptus) Agaslograplus quadrants, n sp., and Spmograplus; and sixteen species: Agaslograplus clalhrospinosus (Eisenack), Golhograplus nassa (Holm)', Golhograplus chainos, Sobolevskaya)', Golhograplus inarsupium, n sp., Golhograplus"! sp., Holoreltoliles n sp., Golhograplus eisenacki (Obut and mancki (Miinch), Parapleclograplus eiseli (Manck)\ Parapleclograplus praemacilenlus {Boucek and Miinch), Parapleclograplus sagenus, n sp., Plectograplus (Plectograplus) macilentus (T6mquist)\ Plectograplus (Sokolovograptus) texlor Boucek and Miinch, Plectograplus (Sokolovograptus?) sp., Spinograptus apoxys, n sp., and Spmograplus nevadensis (Berry and Murphy) Spmograplus spinosus (Wood) and Balticograptus are recognized in only flattened form, are rare and poorly preserved, and are not described Biostratigraphic ranges of the laxa, as known from the Arctic occurrences, are as follows: Plectograptus (Sokolovograptus) and Parapleclograplus begin in the late Llandovery and range to the end of the Cyrtograplus lundgreni- Monograptus testis Zone; Spinograplus nevadensis ranges through the Cyrtograplus perneri-Monograptus opimus and the Cyrtograplus lundgreni-Monograptus testis zones; Golhograplus eisenacki Golhograplus marsupium, and Golhograplus? sp appear in, and are confined to, the Cyrtograplus lundgreni-Monograptus testis Zone, while Golhograplus nassa and Golhograplus chainos are restricted to the latest Wenlock " Prisliograptus" ludensis Zone; Agaslograplus clalhrospinosus begins slightly below the Cyrtograplus lundgreniMonograptus testis Zone and extends into the Lohograptus progenitor Zone; Spmograplus spmosus- ranges from the "Prisliograptus" ludensis Zone through the early Ludlow Lohograptus progenitor Zone; Agaslograplus quadralus n sp is confined to the Lohograptus progenitor Zone; and Holoreliolilies mancki and Plectograplus (Plectograplus) macilentus range through the Lohograptus progenitor and Saetograplus fritschi linearis zones Morphological characteristics of the long-ranging taxa Parapleclograplus and Plectograptus (Sokolovograptus) suggest they are the progenitors of two late Wenlock and early Ludlow subgroups: the first being those in which the virgula is attached throughout, or to some distal part of the rhabdosome; the second being those in which the virgula is free distally Representatives of both groups ranged through to the early or mid-Ludlow prior to the final extinction of the plectograptines INTRODUCTION Retiolitids, including the plectograptines, by virtue of the reduction of their skeletal elements to a series of narrow lists, are among the most beautiful groups of graptolites Because of this much-reduced skeleton, and the small size and fragility of many of the taxa, they are relatively rarely preserved, even as flattened on shale They have, therefore, been among the understood groups of graptolites The recovery of isolated, uncompressed specimens, particularly from the Arctic, has recently contributed much to the understanding of the overall morphology, growth, and films least ' Uncommon and - Abundant ' Rare * Rare ' Found only found only in flattened in flattened form form and not described development and, to some extent, the evolutionary development of the retiolitids (Lenz and Melchin, 1987a, 1987b) The Cape Phillips Formation of the Canadian Arctic Islands has long been recognized for its superb pres- ervation of graptolites, including retiolitids, in lime- My stone nodules (Thorsteinsson, 1958) recent work on these upper Wenlock and Ludlow shales and their enclosed nodules led to the recovery of sixteen species of plectograptine retiolitids, all uncompressed The collecting localities from which these specimens were recovered are shown in Text-figures and The late Wenlock and Ludlow forms are specifically focussed on because plectograptines in that part of the stratigraphic column are much less known or understood than those of the late Llandovery During the late Wenlock and Ludlow, an unprecedented evolutionary diI versification occurred among the plectograptines, prior Bulletin 342 of plectograptine graptolites were carried out while I was on sabbatical leave at Trinity College, Dublin The support of the Department of Geology at that institution, and particularly of C H Holland, is particularly acknowledged Appreciation is also expressed to the faculty and technical staff of that Department, as well as to D John and C Reid of the Trinity College Electron Microscopy Unit, for the many kindnesses and assistances while at Trinity A Pratt operated the Scanning Electron Microscope at Surface Science Western, University of Western Ontario, and his fine services were much appreciated H Jaeger, Berlin, generously shared some of his knowledge and information on plectograptines in his collections, and provided a photograph and line drawings of some; T Koren, St Petersburg, supplied range charts of late Wenlock graptolites including plectograptines, in her collec- and A Kozlowska-Dawidziuk, Warsaw, provided an SEM photograph of a long specimen of Gothograptus eisenacki Obut and Sobolevskaya, 1965 N H K_irk and D E B Bates readily shared their undertions; standing of the retiolitids during my visit to Aberystwyth in 1990 Finally, the assistance of V Jaanusson in obtaining a loan of retiolitid specimens from the Riksmuseum, Stockholm, is acknowledged The manuscript was reviewed by C Carter and C E Mitchell, both of whom offered valuable comments and suggestions In particular, I am indebted to Mitchell for pointing out some inconsistencies in the interpretation of thecal apertural structures To both I give my thanks Financial support has been through a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) operating grant, and logistical support in Arctic Canada has been through the Polar Continental Shelf Project PREVIOUS STUDIES Text-figure I — Index map showing collecting localities The shows details of sections from which samples were collected Snowblind Creek area (loc 1) during the 1990 field season to their extinction in mid-Ludlow in monograptid Ludlow coincided with in the Formation of Comwallis Island by Thorsteinsson (1958); none, however, was illustrated A small fauna of flattened Wenlock and Ludlow plectograptine field assis- from the same general region was described Lenz (1978), and a single Ludlow species was illustrated in Jackson, Lenz, and Pedder (1978) Subsequently, all genera of isolated and uncompressed Silurian retiolitids recognized at that time were discussed and illustrated in Lenz and Melchin (1987a), and to a minor extent in Lenz and Melchin number of (1987b) Finally, a few taxa of Arctic Silurian Wen- a distinct drop ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS individuals, among them Dewing, Senior, and B Chatterton, K J A McCracken, D Perry, S J Shaw Special thanks go to M Melchin who acted as assistant on a number of occasions and who subsequently independently collected, and generously donated, graptolite-bearing nodules Most of the studies Hill, J Jin, the graptolite faunas recovered from limestone nodules in the Cape Phillips diversity This study was greatly facilitated by the tance and support through the years of a among inset time This diversi- fication of the plectograptines during the latest lock and earliest Silurian retiolitids were noted I graptolites and illustrated in retioli- most commonly of the Retio/ites geinitzianus type, have been illustrated in papers devoted to growth and development, or the nature of the skeletal elements of the retiolitids (Kirk, 1973; Bates and Kirk 1978, 1984, 1986; Crowther, 1981) Although it does not illustrate Arctic retiolitids, the paper of Berry and Murphy (1975) tids, 44 Bulletin 342 Explanation of Plate Figure 1-9 Parapleclograptus sagenus, \ Page 22 species 1, section SBCIOD; GSC104046 x24 SBCIOA x 16 locality 1, section SBCIOA x 16 locality 1, section SBCIOA; GSC104047, x25 Large, mature specimen; locality GSC99158; GSC99155; Stereopair; new locality section of GSC99 155, x30 Enlargement of Stereopair of Stereopair enlargement of proximal end of holotype; locality Stereopair; locality Stereopair of holotype; lists GSC99155, showing section details of thecal walls x48 SBCIOB; GSC99157, x28 GSC 104048 xl2 1, section SBCIOB; GSC104048, x20 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 104 Plate 15 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 04 Plate 16 Silurian Plectograptine Graptolites: Lenz Explanation of Plate Page Figure 1-8 Paraplectograptus sagenus, 45 new 22 species Stereopair of immature specimen; locality section 1, section SBC! OB; GSC99 154, Stereopair; locality Stereopair of immature specimen; locality Stereopair of mature specimen; locality 1, section Stereopair of mature specimen; locality 1, section Proximal end of immature specimen; locality Thecal wall lists of GSC 04050, x200 Stereopair of immature specimen; locality 1, 1, section I, SBCIOA; GSC104049, x35 x 24 SBCIOA; GSC 104050, SBC SBC I OB; I OB; section GSC 10405 1, GSC 104052, x 28 x20 x 22 SBCIOB; GSC104053, x22 1, section SBCIOA; GSCI04054, x27 46 Bulletin 342 Explanation of Plate Figure P3gg 1-7 Spinograptus apoxys, new species 23 Holotype specimen; locality 1, section SBCIOC; GSC104055 x 18 Enlargement of thecal wall and inner connecting list of holotype; GSC104055, x88 SBCIOD; GSC99I65 Stereopair; locality Distal region of fragment showing attachment of virgula to clathrium; locality Stereopair enlargement of thecal walls and inner connecting lists of Stereopair enlargement of stomata of holotype; GSC 04055 x80 Stereopair of section x 15 GSC99 64; locality section SBCIOD, x 20 I, section GSC99I65, x80 SBCIOD; GSC104056, x40 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 04 Plate 17 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 04 Plate li Silurian Plectograptine Graptolites: Lenz Explanation of Plate Page Figure 1-7 Spinograptus apoxys, new T-5 species Large specimen; locality section SB F3; GSC104057, Enlargement of distal end of GSC104057, showing attachment of virgula to clathrium x 38 Nearly complete specimen; locality I, section SB F3; GSC 104058, x x55 Stereopair enlargement of thecal region of GSC99166, showing inner connecting list and sigmoidal processes, Stereopair enlargement of GSC104057, showing sigmoidal processes, x 100 Enlargement of aperture of GSC99166, showing sigmoidal processes and inner connecting list, x55 Mature specimen; 47 x 12 locality 1, section SBCIOD; GSC99166, x 15 48 Bulletin 342 Explanation of Plate Figure 1-6 Spinograptus nevadensis (Berry and Murphy) Stereopair of well preserved specimen with long virgula; locality 1, section SBCIOE; GSC99161, x22 Stereopair of mid-region of rhabdosome, locality 1, section SBC3; GSC 104059, xl8 Stereopair enlargement of thecal wall of GSC99 161, x 40 Stereopair of mid-region of rhabdosome; locality section SBC3; GSC104060, x20 Stereopairof immature specimen, locality 1, section SBCIOE; GSC99 159, x25 Enlargement of thecal list and spine of GSC 04060, x56 p^gg 23 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 104 Plate 19 Bulletins of American Paleontology, Volume 104 Plate 20 49 Silurian Plectograptine Graptolites: Lenz Explanation of Plate 20 ^^ Figure 1-7 Spinograptus nevadensis (Berry and Murphy) Stereopair of mid-region with well preserved thecal walls and spines; locality Enlargement of thecal wall and apertures of GSC99 162, x56 Stereopair of mid-region; locality 1, section SBC3; GSC99 160, x 20 Enlargement of thecal "hood" and spine base of GSC99 162, x380 Enlargement of thecal wall of GSC 104059 x 80 Stereopairof thecal walls of GSC 104061 x45 Mid-region of rhabdosome; locality 1, section SBC IOC; GSC 104061, x24 1, section SBCIOE; GSC99162, x 18 Bulletin 342 50 INDEX -4ga«o^rap?M5 0but and Zaslavskaya, 1983 dathrospinosus 7,8,11 8,15,25,26,32,33 Quadratus eisenacki Gothograptus 18 16,26,34 Eisenack, 1935 7,20,27 Agaslograptus balticus (Eisenack, 1951) 16 Agaslograplus munchi Obut and Zaslavskaya, \98i 19 Agaslograptus nevadensis (Berry and Murphy, 1975), Obut and Zaslavskaya, 1986 23 Agaslograptus quadratus Ti sp 16,26,34 Agaslograptus robuslus Obul and 7^s\a\%kzya, 19^ 15,16 ancora 10,14-16 Eisenack, 1951 8,11,12,15.16,20,21,25-27 geinilzianus Retiolites apoxys, Germany Spinograptus Baillie 23 Hamilton Island 24,26 Baily, 1861 ,25,26 Balticograptus Boucek and Miinch, 1952 Barrande, 1985 ,12,26 8,11 Bates and Kirk, 1978 6,26 Bates and Kirk, 1984 ,10,26 Bates and Kirk, 1986 6,26 Bathurst Island 15 Berry and Murphy, 1975 6,15-17,23, 25,26 Bohemograptus bohemicus bohemicus (Barrande, 1850) Boheinograptus bohemicus tenuis (Boucek, 1936) Bohemograptus bohemicus tenuis Zone Bohemograptus Pribyl, 1967 25,26 25,26 Boucek, 1931 22,26 Boucek, 1936 8, 25,26 Boucek and Munch, 1944 Boucek and Munch, 1952 7,12, 23,27 8,10-15,17,19-23 25.27 Elles Elles 1900 8.27 and Wood, 1908 17,24,27 Freeh, 1897 12,16,18.19,27 7^20 Gortani, 1922 8,27 Gothograptus Freeh 1897 chainos eisenacki 12,16,19,20 8,17,36 6-8,12,18,19,25,26,37,38 marsupium 8,18,19,25,26,39,40 nassa 7,8,,37.38 sp 19 Gothograptus intermedius Boncek and Munch, \9i2 Gothograptus kozlowskii Kozlowska-Dawidziuk, 990 19 21 Gothograptus"} sp Gotland, Sweden 19,35 16,17 Gotland Great Britain Holm, 1890 7,16,17,19,26,27 Hoioretiolites (Holoretiolites) Eisenack, 1951 mancki 8,11,1 2,20,2 8,20,25,26.41 25,27 Holoretiolites {Holoretiolites) simplex (Eisenack, 1935) Bulman, 1938 Bulman, 1970 12,27 Hopkinson and Lapworth 1875 Hundt 1924 Cape Manning Cape Phillips Cape Sir John Franklin 24,26 inner connecting 5,6,14,21,24,26 inter pleural lists lists 20 13.27 21,27 1,12,23 11,12,23 24,26 chamos Jackson, Lenz and Pedder, 1978 Gothograptus clathria 19 Gothograptus pseudospmosus (Eisenack \95\) Gothograptus tenuis Obut and Sobolevskaya, 1965 Bronn, 1835 10,27 19 6,14,27 17 Jaeger, 1986 8,9,27 11,13,14,16-18.20,22-24 Jaeger 1990 8,27 dathrospinosus Agaslograptus 8,15,25,26,32,33 Kirk, 1973 26 Kirk 1990 13,27 Kozlowska-Dawidziuk 1990 18,27 Colonograplus colonus (Barrande, 1850) Comwallis Island corona Crowther, 1981 6,24 6,27 10,13-16,18-20,22,23 Cyrtograptus centrifugus- Cyrtograptus insectus Zone Cyrtograptus c{ gracilis Boucek 1931 Cyrtograptus hamalus {Bai\y 1861) Cyrtograptus kolobus Lenz and MeXchin, 1991 Cyrtograptus lundgreni TullbsTg 1883 6,27 Lapworth 1873 26 Lenz 1998a 8,25 Unz 1988b 13,27 Lenz, 1978 6,16,17,21 ,23,27 8,,25-27 8,27 Lenz 1990 8,9,27 Cyrtograptus lundgreni- Monograptus testis Zone Cyrtograptus multiramis TomquisU 1910 Cyrtograptus perneri- Monograptus opimus Zone Cyrtograptus predarus \jenz, 1988b Lenz Lenz Lenz Lenz Lobograptus"} sp Cyrtograptus pseudomancki Lenz and Melchin, 1991 Cyrtograptus radians Tornqnisx, 1887 Lobograptus progenitor Urbanek, 1966 25,26 Lobograptids progenitor 25 Cyrtograptus sp 25 Czechoslovakia 8,14 and and and and Melchin, 1987a 5.6.10 13.18 23.27 Melchin, 1987b 20.27 Melchin 1990 8,24 26,27 Melchin, 1991 8,9, 25-27 Zone macilentus Plectograptus (Plectograptus) eiseli Paraplectograptus 26 13 mancki, 21 Holoretiolites (Holoretiolites) 20 ' Silurian Plectograptine Graptolites: Lenz 51 10,12,13,15,18,21-23 post-coronal orifice marsupium praetnacilentus '^ Golhograptus 21 Parapleclograptus 12,20,21,26,27 Manck, 1917 8,10-12,23,28 1948 Melchin, 1989 24,27 Pribyl, Melchin and Mitchell, 1991 Mitchell 1987 Moberg and Tornquist, 1909 Monograpt us ceratiis henz 1988a 10,27 Pribyl 1967 8,28 10.27 Pribyl 1983 8,9,28 11-13,15,20,27 8,25,26 flexilis (EWes 1900) Monograplus cf Monograpius firmns festinolatus Lenz and Me\chm, 1991 8,25,26 Monograptus instrenuus- Cyrtograptus kolobus Zone Monograptus opimus Lenz and Melchin, 1991 26 25 Monograplus pnodon (Bronn, 1835) Monograptus testis TuWberg, 1883 25,26 8,20,25-27 15 Neolohograptus"? sp 25 rtevadensis, Nevada ' 5,7,10,11,24 nodules 7,12,18.19.21,25,27 Sobolevskaya 1965 Zaslavskaya 1976 7,10,11,13-15,20,23,28 Zaslavskaya 1983 16,21,24,28 Zaslavskaya 1986 16,23,24,28 10 Or//iograp/i«"o/)M?/ Rickardsand Koren 1974 8,10-13,16,21,42 Parapleclograptus ?nhy\, 1948, Zone 8,25,26 "Pristiograptus" sherrardae (Shetvfin, 1975) 21 prosicula 8,25 Pseudomonoclimacis dalejensis (Boucek, 1936) fjew(/op/ec/o^a/)/ui Obut and Zaslavskaya, 1983 Pseudoplegmalograptus Phby\, 1948 Pseudoretiolites Boucek and Miinch, 9944 21 12,13,23 7,23 15 Agaslograptus 13,15 Retiolites (Golhograptus) spinosus 22 6,7, 10,13 Manck 1917 mancki Miinch, 1931 nevadensis Berry and Mnrphy, 1975 Retiolites Retiolites Retiolites 20 20 15,23 21,22 Retiolites tenuis Eisenack, 1951 wimani Eisenack, 1951 16 Rickards 1967 10 ,14.28 Rickards 1976 8.9.28 Rickards Hutt and Berry, 1977 10,28 Rickards and Koren, 1974 10,28 10,28 praemacilenlus 12,21.22,25,43 Rigby and Rickards, 1990 Rookery Creek 12,21,22,25,26,44,45 20,21 Retiolites eiseli Rigby, 1986 sagenus -li Wood, 1900 Relwliles Barrande, 1850 12,21,22,25,26 13,28 18 24,26 22 A 12,21,22,25,26 (Manck 1917) Parapleclograptus praemacilenlus Boucek and Miinch 1952 Parapleclograptus eiseli Parapleclograptus sagenus Parapleclograptus sp n 12,21,22,25,26,44,45 sp A 22 17.28 Paskevicius, 1974 petalograptids '0 Plectograptinae Boucek and Miinch, 1952 13 Pleclograptus Mdbevg and J'6mcia\%X, 1909 Plectograplus lejskoviensis Boucek, 1931 Pleclograptus (Plectograptus) 11-13,20,22 22 Moherg and Tomquisl, 1909 13 8,13,16,26,30 rnacilentus Plectograplus (Plectograplus) macilentus (Tomquist, 1887) 8,13,16,26,30 Plectograplus (Sokolovograplus) 8,10,15.25 sp Plectograplus (Sokolovograplus) parens (Obut 14.15,25,26,31 14 and Zaslavskaya, 1976) 13 Plectograplus (Sokolovograplus) sp lists cf 10.14 18 26 chimaera (Barrande, 1850) 8,25,26 Saetograplus fritschi linearis (Boucek, 1936) Saelograptus frilschi linearis Zone 26 Saetograplus roemeri (Barrande, 1850) sagenus, 22 Parapleclograptus Salter, 8,28 1852 Sherwin 1975 25,26,28 Siberia 11,23 sigmoidal structure Snowbhnd Creek 5o/to/ovogra/7;!tf Obut and Zaslavskaya, 1976 6,7,17,24,25 7,13,14,20 23 spines Boucek and Miinch 1952 apoxvs nevadensis Spinograplus apoxvs n sp Spinograplus cf spinosus Wood 8,11.15,22 12,23-26,46.47 15,24,25,48,49 12,23-26,46,47 16 Spinograplus nevadensis (Berry and Murphy, 1975) 15,24,25,48,49 14,30 Plectograplus (Sokolovograplus) textor Boucek and Miinch, 1952 14,15,25,26.31 Pledograptusl bouceki Rickards, 1967 Saetograplus 5p/>!og^rap;i« Obut and Zaslavskaya, 1976 textor.' Poland "Pristiograptus" praedeubeli (Jaeger, 1990) eiseli pleural 1900]) 8,25,26 "Pristiograptus" ludensis reticulum 23 Spinograplus sp Wood, quadralus, 7,8,16,17,19,26,35,37,38 Neodiversograptus nilssoni Zone and and and and "Pristiograptus" ludensis (M\irch\%on [sensu 1^ Golhograptus nassa Golhograptus Obut Obut Obut Obut Pristiograptus meneghini (Gonan\, 1922) 26 MonograplusfIemingii(Sa\ler, 1852) Monograptus instrenuus Lenz and Melchin, 1991 Munch, 1931 25,26 Phstiograptus duhius (Suess, 1851) Spinograplus spinosus (Wood, 1900) spinoreticuli stomata Stomatograplus Tullberg, 1883 Suess, 1851 8,16,23,24,26 1,15,16 23 7,12,13,23 25,26,28 52 Taimyr, Russia Bulletin 342 18 virgula 14 Wiman, 1896 Wood, 1900 11.13.16,17-22 textor, Plectograptus {Sokolovograptus) Thorsteinsson, 1958 Tomquist, 1887 Tomquist, 1910 Tullberg, 1883 Twilight Creek United Kingdom Urbanek, 1966 5,21,24,28 7,28 8.24-26,28 8,13,16,25,26,28 8.28 7,12,23,25,26,28 26 22 8,26.28 zonal names ... request Volumes 1-23 of Bulletins oj American Paleontology' have been reprinted by Kraus Reprint Corporation, Route 100, Millwood, New York 10546 list of titles in USA Volume of Palaeontographica Americana... USA i Subscriptions to Bulletins of American Paleontology may be started at any volume or year Current price is US $45.00 per volume Numbers of time, by Palaeontographica Americana are priced individually,... Zeitschrift vol 17, pp 73-90 1951 Retiolitcn aus ca, vol 100 pp 129-163 C, and Melchin, M Lenz, A of the Wenlock shale of the Welsh Borderland Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, vol
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