Bulletins of American paleontology (Bull. Am. paleontol.) Vol 542451968

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° / EIECD MUSEUM NATUBArHlSTOI BULLETINS* OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) Vol 54 No 245 LES PEGTINIDES DU MIOCENE DE LA GUADELOUPE (ANTILLES FRANGAISES) By Denise Mongin Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France 1968 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York 14850, U.S.A PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION 1967 1968 - Kenneth President E Caster Vice-President William B Heroy Secretary Rebecca S Harris Director, Treasurer W Palmer Katherine V Armand Counsel Representative AAAS Council L Adams David Nicol Trustees Kenneth Donald W Fisher (1967-1973) Katherine V W Palmer (Life) William B Heroy (1968-1974) Rebecca S Harris (Life) Daniel B Sass (1965-1971) Axel A Olsson (Life) Hans G Kugler (1963-1969) E Caster (1966-1972) W Storrs Cole (1964-1970) BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHICA AMERICANA Katherine W Palmer, V Editor Mrs Fay Briggs, Secretary Advisory Board Kenneth E Caster A Myra Keen Hans Kugler Jay Glenn Marks Axel A Olsson Complete titles and price of separate available list numbers may be had on application For reprint, Vols 1-23, Bulletins of American Paleontology Kraus Reprint Corp., 16 East 46th New For Palaeontographica reprint, vol I, Corporation, 111 Fifth Ave., Subscription may price of $18.00 per New St., see York, N.Y 10017, U.S.A Americana see Johnson Reprint York, N.Y 10003, U.S.A be entered at any time by volume or year, with average volume for Bulletins icana invoiced per issue Purchases in Numbers of Palaeontographica U.S.A for professional deductible from income tax For sale by Paleontological Research Institution 1259 Trumansburg Rd New York 14850 Ithaca, U.S.A Amer- purposes are BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY 54 Vol No 245 LES PECTINIDES DU MIOCENE DE LA GUADELOUPE (ANTILLES FRANCAISES) By Denise Mongin Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France December 2, 1968 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York 14850, U.S.A Library of Congress Card Number: Printed in the GS 68-139 United States of America TABLE DES MATIERES Abstract 471 Introduction 471 Bref historique sur la paleontologie de la Guadeloupe 473 Remerciements 473 Etude systematique des Pectinides 474 Conclusions 492 Conclusions paleontologiques 492 Conclusions stratigraphiques 493 Comparaison avec les faunes pacifiques tertiares et les especes actuelles 493 Bibliographic 493 Planches 497 Table 509 alphabetique LES PECTINIDES DU MIOCENE DE LA GUADELOUPE (ANTILLES FRANCAISES) Denise Mongin Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, France la ABSTRACT After a brief description of the Miocene strata of the Guadeloupe island (French Caribbean), 15 species of Pectinidae are described and illustrated This fauna has never been studied in detail; only a list of fossils was given by Duchassaing (1847-55) and Pectcn ventonensis Cooke cited by Barrabe (193436) who worked on the stratigraphy of the island The Pectinidae here identified and described were collected by A de Reynal who made the geological map of the Guadeloupe (1961) From the paleontological point of view, these scallops belong to the classical Miocene fauna of the Caribbean Province, well known by the woiks of the American f the shells are present in the Miocene of Santo paleontologists Most Domingo (Dominican Rep.) and Jamaica The affinities decrease with those of Anguilla (Anguilla Formation), Costa Rica, Panama, and Cuba Common species are scarce with the Miocene of Central America and the United States The most abundant species found are: Pectcn ventonensis Cooke (61 an interesting samples) and Plagioctenium usclmac Pilsbry and Johnson (29) (Nodipecten) guadcloupcnsis forma of fossil that I have called: Chlamys Chlamys (Nodipecten) colinensis Hodson and Harris It represents a morphological transition between Nodipecten and Gigantopectcn and could be the ancestor of the living scallop of the Caribbean Sea: Chlamys (Nodipecten) nodosa ; (L.) Lyropectcn Gigantopectcn the is Pacific Atlantic equivalent of the and Mediterranean From the stratigraphical point of view the identifications of these important fossils of the Pectinidae confirm the Miocene age of the Guadeloupe outcrops and show that the beds: ma, mb and mc of A de Reynal could belong to the Burdigalian, for some parts, and chiefly to the middle Miocene (Helvetian I, while the beds rnd represent the upper Miocene The other lamellibranchs and gastropods of this island will be studied later INTRODUCTION Ces levers ont ete trouves par A de Reynal au cours de ses fossiles de cartes sur l'etablissement Geol Fr ) II de a la de Tile carte resume la la Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe, geologique au 1/50.000 (1961, pour Carte stratigraphie des terrains tertiaires de coupe suivante (1961, pp 10-14) ma: Calcaires de base, calcaires subrecifaux de 80 metres d'epaisseur maximum, ocres, impurs, tres heterogenes, avec de nombreux moules internes de Gasteropodes, des Coraux, des Pectinides, des Algues cette ile dans la Calcaires et des Foraminiferes; mb: Sables et conglomerats marine a elements eruptijs, niveau-repnv interessant de un a sept dimensions moin variables m suivant d'epaisseur avec des conglomerats de les gisements, ou de sable plus ou grossier avec des moules internes de Gasteropodes, de Cardium, une grande quantite de Pecten, et de Foraminiferes correspond au "tuf des Abymes" de L Barrabe (1934b) Ce niveau Bulletin 245 472 mc: Calcaires environ, Algues et debris volcaniques, de 30 in depaisseur prmcipalement constitues par des Algues, LithoLithophyllum, des Polvpiers, et la meme faune mala
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