Bulletins of American paleontology (Bull. Am. paleontol.) Vol 542431968

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7./ eiei:d museum OF JNATURAL HISTORY -BULLEXINS^ OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) Vol No MORE ON VARIATION IN 54 243 THE GENUS LEPIDOCYCLINA (LARGER FORANINIFERA) By W Storks Cole 1968 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York, 14850, U.S.A PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION 1967-1968 President Vice-President Kenneth E William B Heroy S Harris Rebecca Secretary-Treasurbr Caster Katherine V W Palmer Director Armand L Adams Kenneth E Caster Counsel Representative AAAS Counql Trustees Katherine V W Palmer (Life) William B Heroy (1963-1968) Harris (Life) Axel A Olsson (Life) Hans G Kugler (1963-1969) Sass (1965-1971) W Storrs Cole (1964-1970) Kenneth E Caster (1966-1972) Donald W Fisher (1961-1967) Rebecca S Daniel B BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY and PALAEONTOGRAPHICA AMERICANA Katherine V W Palmer, Editor Mrs, Fay Briggs, Secretary Advisory Board Kenneth E Caster A Myra Keen Hans Kugler Glenn Marks Jay Axel A Olsson Complete titles and price list of separate available numbers may be had on application For reprint Vols 1-23, Bulletins of American Paleontology see Kraus Reprint Corp., 16 East 46th St., New York, N Y., 10017 U.S.A For tion, reprint, vol 111 Fifth Ave., Subscription I, Palaeontographica Americana see Johnson Reprint Corpora- New may be York, N Y 10003 U.S.A entered at any time by volume or year, with average price of $16.00 per volume for Bulletins voiced per issue income Numbers of Palaeontographica Americana inPurchases in U.S.A for professional purposes are deductible from tax For sale by Paleontological Research Institution 109 Dearborn Place Ithaca, New York U.S.A 14850 BULLETINS OF AMERICAN PALEONTOLOGY (Founded 1895) 54 Vol No 243 THE GENUS LEPIDOCYCLINA (LARGER FORAMINIFERA) MORE ON VARIATION IN By W Storrs Cole June 21, 1968 Paleontological Research Institution Ithaca, New York 14850, U.S.A Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: G5 68-136 Printed in the United States of America CONTENTS Page Abstract 295 Introduction 295 Localities of figured specimens 296 Examples of variation Shape and in species of size of the LepidocycUiia embryonic chambers of Lepidocyclina Subgenera of Lepidocylnia 301 History of specific names which have been applied to L vaughani a Type synonym localities Vaughan 297 299 Multilocular embry'onic chambers Lepidocyclina tonrnnueri 297 303 not Lemoine and R Douville, 1904, of L vaughani Cusiiman of certain American larger Foraminifera 306 307 Stratigraphic implications 313 References cited 314 Plates 319 Index 326 MORE ON VARIATION IN THE GENUS LEPIDOCYCLINA (LARGER FORAMINIFERA) W Storrs Cole Cornell University, Ithaca, New York ABSTRACT study of the variation which may occur in (1919^/), additional data are presented to demonstrate the development of multilocular embryonic chambers in Lepidocyclina, and Lepidocyclina is subdivided the subgeneric classification of this genus is revised into the subgenera Polylepidinj and Lepidocyclina s s as Eulepidina is considered to Synonyms of L vaughai are: Lepidocyclina be a synonym of Lepidocycliihi s s tournoiieri Vaughan, not Lemoine and R Douville, L dartoni Vaughan, L lempanii Vaughan and Cole, and L crassinhirgo Vaughan The type localities of certain Oligocene species of larger Foraminifera are reviewed and the associations of species at these localities are analyzed to demonstrate that these faunal associations are widespread in the Caribbean region Although this article is primarily a LepJdocyclina vaughani Cushman INTRODUCTION When Vaughan and Cole started their collaboration in the study of larger Foraminifera in 19.^1, generic definitions and specific descriptions were often based on insufficient were being erected specific, New data an astounding at names were not understood, and in part names, both generic and rate, in part because older because variation was neither appreciated or understood Vaughan (1933
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