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COOPER ORNITHOLOGICAL OF PACIFIC COAST No A BIBLIOGRAPHY CLUB CALIFORNIA AVIFAUNA OF CALIFORNIA ORNITHOLOGY BY JOSEPH A CONTRIBUTION FROM OF THE SANTA THE GRINNELL MUSEUM UNIVERSITY CLARA, PUBLISHT BY OF OF VERTEBRATE CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA THE May 15, 1909 CLUB ZOOLOGY W6688 NOTE PACIE’IC Coast AVIFAUNA by the Cooper Ornithological No Club is the fifth of a series of publications of California for whose length prohibits their appearance in THE the accomodation issued of papers CONDOR The publications of the Cooper Ornithological Club consist of two Series-THE CONDOR, which is the bi-monthly official organ, and the PACIFIC COAST AVIFAUNA Both sets of publications are sent free to honorary members, and to active members in good standing For information Managers, as to either either J Eugene Law, Santa Monica, California of the above Hollywood, series, address California, the or W Club Lee Business Chambers, CONTENTS Pages Introduction Bibliography of California Index to Authors Index to Local I,ist of Serial Index to Bird Ornithology Lists Publications Names 5, T-149 150-15,j 154,155 156 157-166 - l,.- INTRODUCTION I began the collection 1900, while opportunity a student of titles for a bibliography at Stanford to secure additions University to my list, of California Since while ornithology in then I have taken every from year to year I have tried to Nothing becomes more apparent to one engaged in this kind of an keep it up to date undertaking than the impossibility of ever attaining ideal accuracy or completeness Three years ago I thought I had a fairly comprehensive bibliography up to that But only within time a few months have I run across several important titles of As I could not but suffer early date which had been previously unknown to me no matter how long I should withhold this contribution continued uncertainty, from publication, I present the results of my work as they they will prove of value to every other working are now, believing bird student, that as they already have to me The criterion for inclusion in this bibliography is the pertaining of the article or book, either as a whole or in any part, to the birds of California I have adhered strictly to the fauna1 idea Reference to a species bearing the name “~a&formcus’ ’ or “cakzfbmianus,” unless accompanied by a definite indication of its occurrence in California as the State is now restricted geographically, does not make the article worthy of inclusion in this list Mere mention of “birds”, or “waterfowl”, or “ducks”, After or “songbirds”, accumulating is ignored a good-sized sheaf of titles from’ popular literary and fiction magazines and books, I came to the conclusion that this source is unworthy of cita- tion Such bird articles are either altogether untrustworthy (often mere frbrications or imaginative productions, of questionable value, even from the literary standpoint), or, if possessing scientific value, popularized copies of articles appearing before or afterwards they are accessible to the ornithologist anyway in modifications scientific I have, or verbatim periodicals, therefore, where included no titles from newspapers, literary magazines, or sportsman’s journals, with the single exception to the latter category, of the earlier volumes of Forest and S’tream, and to the former of Hutchings’ Calt3rnia Magazine A list of the serial publica- tions from which I have taken titles is appended to the present paper It may be asked why I have quoted icals, many of which were ephemeral egg-hunts what illiterate My reason journals from the ’ m ‘ inor ornithological’ largely of accounts and consisted is that incidentally contain these relatively records of the former other valuable data, nowhere else obtainable insignificant distribution ’ periodof boys’ and some- of species, and All such periodicals aspired to scien- PACIFIC tific accuracy, pretentious unreliable COAST even tho obviously AVIFAUNA failing in No many instances; but so have the most of our ornithological journals often unknowingly given publication to It must be borne in mind that I have tried to be consistent in articles citing all appropriate titles from every serial recognized at all, whether of evident value or not In but two or three cases and, then so stated in the annotation, In other words, every title, except the duced titles second-hand has been copied by me personally regard to preserving precise wording, In making amplify annotations Titles been transcribed with constant spelling and punctuation under each title I have kept the title where it is insufficient two objects in in itself to convey an idea of the the article, particularly as regards locality; have as to the authenticity of the article my doubt as to the identity have have I introtwo or three, view: to nature of and to give briefly any knowledge I may Question marks in the annotations show of the species named In the case of a name not now in par- in use, and where I know what species is meant, the current name is given In a few cases I have given a short analysis of the article enthesis In gathering the library the 1785 titles listed in this bibliography of Stanford University, of Sciences, to the private libraries Childs and myself, library and, during of the Academy to the former library of Mr of Natural Dr Chas W Richmond Pasadefza, CaZz;fomia, March 22, 1908 I,ee Chambers, a visit to Philadelphia Sciences there time to time in regard to certain points, K Fisher, W from Mr and Mr I have had free access to of the California in Mr January, Academy John I,ewis 1908, to the I have also obtained help W Witmer I,ee Chambers, Dr from Walter Stone JOSEPH GRINNEIL BIBUOGRAPHY OF CALIFORNIA ORNITHOI,OGY NOTE.-In this Bibliography titles are groupt according to the year of publication, from 1797 to 1907 The titles for each year are arranged alphabetically by authors Under each author, if he publisht more than one article during that year, titles are arranged chronologically by Names of periodicals are usually abbreviated; their full names are to be found in the months List at the end of this work Milet-Mureau, M I, A Voyage de la P&rouse amour du Monde, 1797 publie conformement au d&ret du 22 avril 1791, I et redige I par M I, A Milet-Mureau, I General [etc., I two lines] Tome Second (- I A Paris, I de I’Imprimerie de la Republique I A N V (1797) 4to, pp l-398 > Chap XI (pertains to Monterey) > Pp 254-25.5 (mention in the vernacular of several species of birds, mostly water-fowl) P&rouse, plates 36 (of Also folio Atlas du Voyage de I,a $ and ? of California Quail) and 37 (of California Thrasher) The “Perdrix de la Californie” is very plainly Loplzortyn cnlifornicus, and the “Promerops de la Californie Septentrionale ” is with little doubt our Toxostoma redivivum The latter was thus figured nearly fifty years before it was formally described by Gambel from I examined the copy of this work in the Academy of Natural Sciences, the same locality Philadelphia Vivarium Naturze or Naturalist’s Miscellany Shaw, G., and Nodder, F P By G Shaw M D F R S the Figures by F P Nodder, Botanic Painter to Her Majesty [Th’ is on first volume but not in full on subsequent volumes.] 1797 Vol IX, 1797, 8~0, unpaged, pll 301-348, text and index Vultur Calzyomianus, pl 301 (=Gymnozyps californianus) Description in Latin “This Vulture was brought over by Mr hlenzies, during his expedition and English with Captain Vancouver, from the coast of California, and is now in the British Museum ” Tetrao Californicus, pl 345 (=/,oplzortyx cadifornicus californicus) Description in Latin “This curious bird is a native of California, and was brought over by Mr and English Archibald Menzies, who accompanied Captain Vancouver in his late expedition The specimen from which the present figure was taken is in the British Museum ” I handled this book in the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Observations on some Species of the Genera Tetrao and Ortyx, Douglas, D 1829 natives of North America; with Descriptions of Four new Species of the < Transactions I,innean Society Lenformer, and Two of the latter Genus don XVI, Tetrao Or&x pi& Vigors, 1829 America Ornithology; by N A Vigors, Esq., Pp 13-40, pll III-XIV A M., F R S., &c Of the 100 species briefly described or commented upon, the greater part were evidently But unfortunately in many cases the locality of capture obtained on the coast of California is omitted Only the following are definitely stated to have been obtained at San Francisco B&o Vivginianus (=subs ?), Alcedo Alcyon (==CeryZe or Monterey: Falco Sparverius, alcyon), Turdus migyatoorius (==PZanesticus migratorius propinpuus), F~ingilla Canadensis ? (-&nco hyemaZis pinosus) , (=Zonotrichia bucophrys nuttaZZi ?), Fringilla hyemalis iLiaca meruloides) , Agelaius phoeniceus ( = A Fringilla meruloides n S (=Passerella gubernator californicus), Garrutus Californicus n s Pl V (-Aphelocoma californica) , Picus viZZosus ( = Dryobates villosus hyloscopus) , Picus ruber (=Sphyyrapicus varius ruder), Pi&s formicivorus (=MeZanerpes formicivorus bairdz), Cotaptes collaris n s Pl IX (=Colaptes cafer collaris), Sitta pygmcea n s Pl IV, Colum6a monilis n s Pl X (=C fasciata) , Ardea en-illis (:=Ardetta exilis) , Recurvirostra occidentalis n s PI XII (=R americana), Clang&a aZbeola (=Charitonetta albeola) , Larus Sabini (=Xema sabini), and Diomedea fuliginosa (=D nigyipes) Besides ihese, Charadrius melodus (=BgiaZitis dougzasii) are accredited to San meloda?) and Ortyx Doz6gasii n s Pl XI (=-Lophortyx Francisco and Monterey, respectively But it seems likely that the latter anyway was obtained on the Mexican coast Either San Francisco or Monterey has been subsequently fixed by elimination, for certain of the species described by Vigors but with no locality inThese include fWu.scicapa semiatra n s (-Sayornis nigricans) , Trogdodytes spidicated Zurus n s Pl IV (-= Thryomanes bewickii spidz6rus), and Fvingilla crissalis n s (-Pipilo crissadis) Several of the forms marked as n (ew) s (pecies) had been previously described in the Zoological Journal 1840-1844 Audubon, the United J J The I Birds States and their Territories I, & E Fellow [etc., 11 lines] 1- I from Drawings Made in I By John James Audubon, F R SS I Vol I [-VII] II New York: I of America, Published [The by J J Audubon seven-volume Thirty-three ity of Nuttall Philadelphia: J B Chevalier 1840 c-18441 octave edition.] species are definitely accredited to California, mostly upon the author- Nuttall, I‘.’ A Manual of the Ornithology I of the I United States and 1840 of Canada I By I Thomas Nuttall, A M., I? I, S &c I Second Edition, I- with Additions Gray, and Company I- I The I,and Birds I I MDCCCXI, 12mo, I- I Boston: I Hilliard, pp i-viii, l-832; many iigg Contains short notes on several species personally observed by the author at San Diego, Santa Barbara or Monterey; also descriptions of two alleged new species from Trochilus icterocephaZus (=CaZypte anna) and TrogGodytes pnaculosa Santa Barbara, (=I) Other species are accredited to California on authority of Audubon, Vigors or Lesson, some erroneously 1843 Gambel, Mountains Descriptions W and California of some
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